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Thomas M.
"The job went very well.
and Jode both came out to estimate the job. As soon as the tile was delivered, they got started on the work. They did a good job keeping" the dust down while removing the old tile, and were great with overall cleanup. They were also very accommodating to us living in the house while the work was going on, so as not to leave us without a toilet, and getting the kitchen done as quickly as possible. The tile and grout work turned out great. We had the tile laid in a diagonal pattern, so there were lots of fancy cuts, but minimal waste. We also had some small border tiles installed in certain places, (around fireplace hearth, doorways) which looks great too! We are very satisfied with the work that was done!
Rated by
Mariann J D.
"My husband and I hired
's Construction at a big premium ( 21% overhead in addition to 10% state taxes on all time, materials, subcontractors and sales taxes," as well as $85/hour for the supervisor who poorly orchestrated the job) for efficient, quality work that was promised and subsequently not delivered.
's Construction not only failed to provide the commitment to quality service, but they demonstrated substandard and negligent work as follows: 1 Disregard for our time and money/Incompetency:
's unleashed a brand new employee who had previously been a painter to install a heavy double-wide barn door between the foyer and the office in a high quality home. This job was at minimum an experienced two-person job. The carpenter admitted to me that he had never installed such a barn door. He took twice as much time to complete the work, wasted time while on the job, standing there thinking what he would do next, running back and forth to the hardware store to get screws, paint, and other odds and ends, as well as taking long lunch hours, while arriving late and leaving early. He was abandoned by his company, without apparent supervision. 2 Poor planning: The doorway was to be prepared during a 2 week period and the "the door was to be completely ready to hang when it arrived a week or two later." Two unfinished doors arrived, and while I was at work, the carpenter, proceded unbeknownst to me, to sand and drill the doors in our garage, leaving fine dust and shavings all over the garage still filled with personal items/photos/clothes/electric piano etc. The doors were attached, then hung on site, and days later the painter arrived to paint the doors. The painter refuted painting on site, and the doors had to be removed. In moving the door in and out, the men dinged several areas on the ceilings and entry door and jam. ~~The project was supposed to be completed by May 25th, but was not completed until June 25th.
's also installed a pre-hung hollow-core door, then needed to take it out and order a new solid core door as was originally specified, and they charged us for the time to correct this mistake, amongst several other mistakes. ~~
cut corners for repairs of a beautiful ceiling in the office, tried to paint it themselves with the incorrect paint, leaving larges scabs on the ceiling and around door jams. I demanded that painters come repair the poor workmanship, and they said that they would have to repaint the entire ceiling. The door also had defects, and the painters said that this repair could only be achieved by repainting the entire door, once again at a time delay and further removal of the door. The painters professionally acknowledged the botched paint repair by
's. 3 Employees and the supervisor routinely scrambled and reacted to problems. 4 We were billed for work caused by egregious mistakes. 5 Obfuscated and evasive invoices, such that even the supervisor couldn't explain them. 6 When asked for accountability and transparency on invoices, the accountant only sent a re-worked statement that was even more confusing. She aggressively asked if I was accusing them of cheating, when I only wanted to understand how they arrived at their numbers. 7
's initially charged me for materials (as well as overhead and taxes upon taxes) not delivered nor paid for by them----eg. door hardware, a Honey Bucket 8 Door still has obvious paint defects and does not function/glide without clicks and catches. The handles were hung with a 4 inch discrepancy, not to specification. 9
's failed to recognize as well as to inform us of the possible need for a permit --- Per Seattle Department of Planning and Development---- "It sounds as if a permit would be required for this project and I would suggest reading our Tip 316 for a possible Subject to Field Inspection (STFI) permit. Wiring would require a separate electrical permit. Either the contractor or the property owner may request a permit. Usually this is decided between the two parties." 10
's threatened us with a
on our property if we didn't pay in full the inflated charges. 11
's threatened us with a defamation lawsuit if we pursue review and resolution with Angie's List, the Better Business Bureau or other review sites. 12 Our experience was similar to a contemporary (September 2014) Yelp review and other prior reviews on Yelp. READ AND BELIEVE YELP REVIEWS. THESE PROVIDE A MORE ACCURATE PICTURE OF THE COMPANY. 13
's has left us exhausted and demoralized by this project.
Rated by
Kim T.
and his crew did an amazing job on our kitchen. We wanted a more open concept living area and
provided this for us. They were honest" with what could and could not be done. Our questions and concerns when we had them were answered promptly and with professionalism. The kitchen is everything we wanted. The crew did a good job and was respectful of our space. We would definitely use them again.

Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors

Goose Creek, SC

Remodeling Contractorsare in Goose Creek

Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors are TOP RATED

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We contracted
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
to renovate our kitchen to specifications created by our architect, Hundred Acre Design of
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
(Owner) asked for a copy of the architect's plans ahead and arrived at our first meeting with a very detailed quote sheet.
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
brought in his subcontractors (electrical/plumbing/carpentry) a few days after our initial meeting to firm up his quote and impressed our architect so much with his detail and knowledge that we hired him a week later.

Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
's crew was very conscientious about dust mitigation, setting up double dust barriers in the stairwell leading to the bedrooms, and they even moved our refrigerator (which was to remain after the renovation) to the dining room so we could continue to "live" during the construction. Demolition was completed in one day!!! Carpenters arrived the following week and started framing-out the new foyer wall to create the half bath/wet bar space and the new kitchen layout took shape immediately!!!

We had spec'd out cabinets with a local manufacturer but
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
recommended using
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
Cabinets in Southborough
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
, which he used frequently, and they turned out beautiful!!
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
worked very well with our architect and her design of the kitchen, he was also able to order cabinets to form a sitting bench in the back entry to the kitchen, and he had sources for the half bath vanity which fit perfectly to our architects specifications! He even waited to see where a new wall was going to end up before ordering and installing a broom closet cabinet which fit perfectly!
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
utilized Cabico Cabinets of Canada to construct the cherry cabinetry and they are amazing!!!

Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
also recommended
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
Granite and Marble of Mendon
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
for our counter tops and they turned out fantastic!!! Their templater noticed during his laser measuring that the flange of the copper sink in the wet bar was going to be too wide for the depth of the counter and that we had forgotten to include the wraparound back splash of the wet bar in our calculation for back splash tile, so we were able to re-order both in time so that there were no delays in installation!

Part of the construction was also to correct a stair hand railing leading up to the second floor and
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
had a great idea to move it to the opposite wall so that it was a continuous railing from top to bottom!
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
's carpenter also noticed that the top of the existing wainscoting in the stairwell was going to overlap the new hand railing and recommended redoing the upper half of the wainscoting so that no pinching would occur at the overlap point.

We appreciated that
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
utilized email in most of our later discussions (as we were at work during the day) and that he was able to communicate with his subcontractors via text/email/photos when issues arrived.

All in all, we are very pleased with the renovation and enjoy the kitchen space so much that we eat most of our meals at the peninsula in the kitchen!!

- Marc J.

Superiors Contractors is truly superior. The remodeling of our house required a high level of skill. I am a perfectionist and even though I did not expect perfection I did expect excellence. And
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
is the quintessential contractor. Highly competent and highly professional. And a good guy to boot.
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
focused on the remodeling until completion. With the exception of uncooperative weather days or delay in materials which were out of his control,
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his team could not have been more focused. Their focus was only exceeded by their crafmanship. I would highly recommend him.

- Carlos G.

Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
was very quick to come look at the job and to provide us with a competitive quote.
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his team were very professional and detail oriented (
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
were great!). I appreciated that
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
treated our house like it was his own. He covered every inch of the floor in order not to scratch our hardwood floors (that did not need to be replaced). Our kitchen is small and we did not have many options but
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
presented us with different ideas -
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
is very creative. Issues are always going to arise with any home project, especially with older houses, but
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew always had suggestions on how to fix any issue that arose. Our project ended up taking a bit longer than we anticipated but
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
was very apologetic (the delay was because we were waiting for subs to come back and finish their work - because of unexpected issues that took longer to work through).
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
runs a very tight ship and project manages his team and subs very well. We are extremely pleased with the final project and will use
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew again.
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
is a very nice guy and is very easy to work with. We really enjoyed getting to know
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
. I have contacted
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
a few times since he completed this project and he always responds to my questions very quickly. We thank
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his team for our awesome new kitchen! We love it!
- Gabrielle P.

Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
was professional and polite. He was always calm and worked very well with my insurance company. His employees went above and beyond working on my house and even helped me move some things back in on their day off. They had great things to say about
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
and he praised them as well. He is a Christian man and I am extremely glad that I found him. He was referred to me. The quality of work is exceptional. His patience and calm demeanor were greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend him.
- marla V.

I needed to install walkway pavers infront of my house, and have some pool deck pavers reinstalled. Also I needed all the exterior of my house re-painted and some wall cracks in the stucco repaired and some exterior stone removed. I called the general contractor and he came out and we discussed options. He said he would send out his subcontractors about doing the paver job and a painter /stucco man to do stucco and paint. The subs for each project came out in a matter of a few days. The sub for the paver job said that the front walkway part of the job would have to be done after another task I had planned of putting fill dirt in my side yard. He thought it was not wise to be pushing wheelbarrows of fill dirt over freshly installed pavers, which I didn't see why the pavers couldn't handle that kind of a load but I took his word for it and put that part of the job off til the fill dirt job was done. He then looked at the other part of the paver job which was to re-install some pavers on my pool deck. After looking at the pavers he said he would be sending out one of his guys to look at that part of the job since he would be the one doing the work, then he left. I've been waiting for about 2 months for him to show to do the repair job but he never called or showed up at all. So, apparently the repair part of the paver job was not worth a call or a show, so I gave up on them. In the mean time the general contractor called and said that he didn't forget about me and my paint and stucco issue, and that he and the pain/stucco subcontractor were discussing the type paint to be used. Since they finished deciding on the correct product which to be a thick and elastic paint, the sub would be out to see me and discuss it with me. A few days later, the sub showed up and walked around the house with me as I pointed out the repair that needed to be done and the area to be painted. After we discussed some solutions to the stucco repair and the type of paint he recommended, he said he would be back with some color swatches. That was the last contact I had with any of the subs or the contractor. So not a thing was accomplished which turned out fine with me since now I know what kind of dependability I could have expected. Now I know not to use the contractor nor the subs. I am finding that the Angies list folks are no better or worse than anyothers aparently. I even found a company called Champion Foundation Repair on the list. They did a $25,000 job for my Mother's home which is now our home to lift the foundation. Well they lifted the outside bearing walls and underpinned them but never lifted the slab which was poured inside the walls and not actually attached to them. I would have expected that their engineer would have known that and informed my Mother before attempting to raise the foundation, but they didn't. They just claimed to have pinned the outer walls and left the house with a slab that had dropped nearly 4" in the back corner of the house. Almost 10 years later, once I took over ownership after my Mother passed away, I read their warranty and found that they specifically will not correct the slab. So apparently, a company that performs substandard work and charges high dollars for that work and will not make good on their work and in the end did not resolve the problem can still be on Angie's list. To me that makes the list meaningless.
- David M.

This project was only the most recent one that
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his employees have performed for my real-estate clients, my family, and myself. The final cost came in under their estimate, so they were able to save my client, the home owner, some money. It only took one day to replace the roof, and there was no trash left behind or damage to the yard or the exterior of the home. In addition,
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
repaired a broken support on the covered patio at no extra charge.
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
recently replaced the badly leaking roof of a historic condo building that I manage on the River Walk . It was installed to the specifications of the architect, who wanted an energy-efficient flat roof, and was done quickly and with minimal disruption to the residents.
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his team do more than roofing jobs (for which they offer a warranty); they also design and carry out kitchen and bathroom remodel projects, such as the complete remodeling of my aunt's home. Last year,
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
bumped out a wall to add a breakfast room; moved a wall to carve out a walk-in pantry from part of the laundry room, and installed new flooring, granite counter tops, custom cabinets, lighting, appliances, and fixtures.
They also do repairs and installation of gutters, decks, and balconies. Earlier this year, they constructed a covered patio at a rental property, and it blends into the original exterior of the home. He and his employees have repaired a leak on my roof, installed a vent-fan in my kitchen, and cleaned and repaired my roof gutters.
As a general contractor,
Goose Creek Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
can call on his subs to accomplish all types of projects large and small. Plus, he and his team always go the extra mile for their customers. I wholeheartedly recommend his company.
- Robin R.

Everything went very well. Some weather delays, but those couldn't be helped. Always here unless we knew ahead of time and he worked all day. We felt very comfortable with him from day 1, professional and easygoing. He absolutely knew what he was doing. We did have a couple of pitfalls (surprises). Termites was the big one. Living in construction really wasn't all that bad. Any questions or concerns we had were answered clearly and completely.
- Rachel M.
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Lowcountry Home Renewal

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PO BOX 50170
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P.O.B. 1067, 189 Taylor Way
Blue Lake, CA

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Goose Creek, SC


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Mr. Bid

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Goose Creek, SC


Goose Creek, SC


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Goose Creek, SC

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Potter's Maintenance & Installation,LLC

4426 Hardwood St
Ladson, SC


216 Woodland Shores
Charleston, SC

Praying Hands Demolition

Johns Island, SC


PO Box 60040
North Charleston, SC

Prince Payne Enterprises

445 Gahagan Rd
Summerville, SC

Pulliam Home Remodeling Inc

200 Miles Rd
Summerville, SC

Pure Pressure LLC

236 sweet alyssum dr
Ladson, SC

Quality Tile and Flooring

1318 Ptarmigan
Charleston, SC

R & R Remodeling and Restoration

909 Trailmore Cir
Sumter, SC

Rain Or Shine Roofing Contractor

1348 Omarest Dr
Columbia, SC

RB's Trim, Inc.

214 Windwood Ln
Moncks Corner, SC

Realistic Builders

10 Wharfside Street
Charleston, SC

Reality Construction Homes

110 A West 9th North St
Summerville, SC

Remodeling Second Opinion

106 W Sunnybrook Dr
Royal Oak, MI

Residential Contracting LLC

1410 Wannamaker Ave
Summerville, SC

Restore Management

1267 Wespanee Place Court
Charleston, SC

Revels & Son

6216 Murray Drive
Hanahan, SC

Riverland Builders, LLC

P.O. Box 14516
Charleston, SC

RM Renovation

108 Wells Rd
Goose Creek, SC

RNC Constructon

1653 Wading Heron Road
Charleston, SC


2916 Doncaster Dr
Charleston, SC

Robert Sparrow Residential

4460 Betsy Kerrison Pkwy
Johns Island, SC

Rogers Construction Co Inc

756 Brown Dr
Charleston, SC

Rogers Construction Co., Inc.

765 Brown Dr
Charleston, SC

Sawgrass Home Solutions, LLC

1504 West Palmetto Fort Drive
Mount Pleasant, SC

Schnarr's Waterproofing

9150 Wagon Trail Rd
Ladson, SC

See It N 3D Design & Technical Illustrations

500 Los Faroles , Carr 861
Miami, FL

Seneca Construction, LLC

1121 Park West Blvd.
Mount Pleasant, SC

Sepol Renovation Services LLC

1800 Sundancer Lane
Goose Creek, SC

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston/Mt Pleasant

1032 Legrand Blvd
Charleston, SC


405 N Maple St Ste A7
Summerville, SC


Charleston, SC

Sidney the Artist

2876 Clydesdale drive
Midland, NC

Simmons Construction And Handyman Service

1409 River Front Dr.
Charleston, SC

SJM Enterprises, LLC

3022 S. Morgans Pt. Rd.
Mount Pleasant, SC

sondles builders llc

2951 Blackfish Road
Johns Island, SC


Summerville, SC

Southeast Coastal Cabinets

2357 N. Hwy. 17, Suite B
Mount Pleasant, SC


Charleston, SC

SouthEnd Home Improvement

101 Freeland Drive
Charlotte, NC

Southern Carolina Builders

9886 Hwy 78
Ladson, SC

Southern Home Remodeling $ Airconditioning

118 Johnny Reb DR
Moncks Corner, SC

Southern Shores Real Estate Group

1050 St Andrews Blvd
Charleston, SC


Charleston, SC

Sova Builders

977 Mt Vernon Rd
Charleston, SC

Spann Home Improvement

7872 High Maple Circle
North Charleston, SC

Spivey & Sparks Construction

P.O. 12247
Charleston, SC

St. John's Building Consultants

2963 Blackfish Road
Johns Island, SC

Stanton Construction Company

1042 5th Ave #22
Charleston, SC

Steve's Service

7679 N Hwy 17
Awendaw, SC

Steven Fish Designs

944 College Park Rd
Summerville, SC

Stone Interiors - South Carolina

131 Palmetto Ct
Gaston, SC

Storm Team Construction, Inc.

4000 S. Faber Place Drive
Charleston, OH


North Charleston, SC

Sunview General Contracting Inc

760 Travelers Blvd
Summerville, SC

Tadan Construction LLC

135 Northpark Ave
Summerville, SC


266 Summer Ln
Moncks Corner, SC


509 W 2nd S St
Summerville, SC

TCF Construction Co

2225 Greenridge Rd #811
Charleston, SC


PO BOX 21323
Charleston, SC


Ridgeville, SC

The Renovators Inc

P.O. Box 108
Isle Of Palms, SC

The Repair Guys

7523 Whispering Oak Dr
Hanahan, SC

The Student Handyman

134 Oakside Dr
Goose Creek, SC

The Tile Guys

Charleston, SC

Thomas Evans Custom Building and Renovations, Inc.

2584 John Boone Ct
Mount Pleasant, SC

Tim Arnold

3305 Hopkinson Plantation Rd
Johns Island, SC

trouble free home improvements

118 sellars circle
Summerville, SC

TruRoof Solutions LLC

4225 Scott Street
Charleston, SC

Tupperway Construction

141 White Fence Ln
Summerville, SC

Turnkey Roofing

626 N Main St
Noble, OK

Units Portable Storage of Charleston

680 Bear Swamp Rd
Johns Island, SC


Summerville, SC

Votra's Custom Construction LLC

8421 Dorchester Rd
North Charleston, SC

W.Rick Construction

85 Munson road
Groton, NY

Wallake Construction and Restoration

5624 Gender Rd
Canal Winchester, OH


12637 S 265 W Suite 100
Draper, UT

We Can Fix It Services

4900 Chartwell Dr.
North Charleston, sc

Weavercooke General Contractor

8401 Key Blvd
Greensboro, NC

White House Builders, LLC

301 Simmons Ave.
Summerville, SC

William Rogers Construction

123 Soaring Way
Summerville, SC

William The Handyman

114 Timberlane Dr
Summerville, SC

Windsor Log Home Restorations

PO Box 1963
Ellijay, GA

Windy City Construction

1959 Ranger Dr
Cross, SC

WL Construction

123 Round Table Lane
Goose Creek, SC

Woodpeckers Carpentry LLC

2726 Starfish Dr.
Johns Island, SC

Wyatt Building Company

357 Evian Way
Mount Pleasant, SC

Yeargin Construction

1211 Thistle St
Edisto Island, SC

Yonce Construction

1104 Ryan Point
Moncks Corner, SC

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