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Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
were extremely professional.
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
was on-time for the estimate appointment and very professional. He explained everything that needed to be done.
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
, who worked in the office was always very professional and helpful on the phone and always returned my calls and/or emails in a very timely manner. I was given the opportunity to schedule the work to be completed the week after the estimate. I can't comment on the completed job, due to personal reasons I had to cancel the job for the scheduled date. I spoke to
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
and explained to her what was happening and she was very understanding and wasted no time to tell me my deposit would be returned and put in the mail immediately.
I would definitely contact them when I am ready to have the work done. Based on my interaction with
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
I would definitely recommend their company and feel very strongly that due their professionalism and integrity shown this company does a great job.
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked


I was finishing a basement and had the ceilings professionally plastered, but was doing the walls myself. I had completed the installation of drywall and had put a good first coat of mud on the walls. I thought having
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
come in to do a finish coat made sense given the Big Deal. I figured he could do that piece quickly, in the first two hours. In the second two hours (while the mud would be drying) I asked him to help me install 3/8" drywall over pink insulation board in three closets. I sent him photos of the work area, and we spoke about the work to be done and how he would attach the strapping and drywall. He came on 9/21/2013 and finished putting on the final coat within the first two hours (as expected). I had asked him to be sure to bring a hammer-drill to attach the strapping, but he didn't have one with him. He then discussed the work to be done in the closets, saying he'd be back to finish that work and to complete the full 4 hours. I followed up with him two months later, asking when he would return. He said probably mid December. We talked again in late 2013, and he said first of the year... I've not heard back from him, and it's now 9 months later.
I really wanted to give
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
an A rating and offer him a strong recommendation. I liked the work he did and his friendly manner. I have delayed adding this review as I had hoped he would fulfill his commitment and his promise to return. Sadly he did not.

Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
was exceptional. He was punctual, pleasant, and extremely vigilant in keeping the work area clean.
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
provided exceptional workmanship. I was extremely pleased with his services and will be utiliing him again in the near future.
- Kristine P.

The owner gave an estimate and promised he did the work personally because he had previously experienced when using sub-contractors or employees the work got sloppy. He did not do the work though, he subbed the job out to employees he found on
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
's list, therefore had no idea of the quality of their work. Paint was spilled on carpet, a sofa, fabric shades and drapery. Outlets were painted over and hardwood base molding was covered in paint. No plastic sheeting was hung during sanding of drywall so areas of the home were covered in dust and not cleaned. Some spackle was painted over without being sanded and one room was painted the wrong color.

- Rebecca R.

Very professional service. The job was completed quickly, with good quality, and at a great price. Would definitely recommend this contractor.
- Carly D.

It went great. We met
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
to review the work and received an estimate shortly there after. His pricing was fair and in the ballpark of what we were willing to spend. We schedule the work in two phases. Three rooms one week and the other two the following week. Each phase took two days.
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
scrapped the old popcorn off the ceilings, taped where need, mudded all imperfections (nail pops/seams) and sanded during the morning. He applied the prime coat of paint later in the afternoon. The next day, he applied two coats of ceiling paint and was done. All work was preceded by preparing the areas for work (sealing off areas, hanging plastic around bookcases, laying out drop cloths). Clean up entailed sweeping/vacuuming and moping. While his clean up was very good, it would be
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
to go behind him and do a more detail cleaning, as popcorn ceiling removal is pretty nasty.
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
was very personable and easy to work with. The work went quickly and he kept us informed at each stage. He even repaired some small sheet rock damage in another room in between the different stages. I would not hesitate using
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
again for any
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked

- Mark S.

It went very well. Having a furnished house painted is an ordeal, but
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
and crew made it go as smoothly as we could have hoped for.
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
kept us posted on scheduling and even came on a Sunday to finish up. He was totally responsive to questions and concerns and came back promptly to take care of a small punch list. Removing the texture from the ceilings was extremely messy and they did a good job of containment and clean-up. We are delighted with the end result. Thanks,
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
- Nathaniel A.

We have always had good experiences and have given high ratings with workers in the past from Angie's List, but this overall experience was so horrible to the point we had to stop work. I'm sorry this review is so long, but you'll want to read it to the end to get the full picture. We hired licensed Contractor
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
Porcella of
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
to complete work at our home and he was present the first day and a half to scrape, retexture & paint ceilings. After that, Contractor
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
sent three guys who spoke some English, were careless, sloppy, left a dirty mess, damaged many things, did not appear to be qualified to complete the job, did not respect our home and Contractor
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
refused to supervise their work. When we asked him to please supervise their work to make sure everything was being done correctly on at least two occasions by text and one by telephone, he ignored that and allowed negligent and incompetent workers to continue without supervision. We wanted to add some recessed lighting and so Contractor
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
suggested his brother who is an electrician. His brother provided a bid right away, was prompt, professional and installed the electricity, made the holes and installed the light casings for 4 lights in the living room, replaced 4 in the kitchen, replaced 1 in entry and 2 in hall that were square to round and added 4 in office. Since the ceilings needed to be scraped and painted, his bother said
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
would finish the job and install the lights. He left the lights to be installed and went on his way. On two occasions I let
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
know the lights were accessible in the garage. Finally, I let
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
know they were still not installed and brought the lights in the house in hopes they would install them. After the ceilings were complete, the men did not install all of the lights or even right away. We asked them to please install them especially since they were painting with no lights on late into the afternoon. As of today, one light doesn't work in the kitchen and all four lights are still not installed in the home office. Initially, Contractor
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
said that it would be best if our home office was empty because they needed to remove the wallpaper and didn’t know how it would look under the wallpaper so they might have to do further work on it. Also, they needed to remove the wood chair rail as well and they needed the space to move around as it is a small room. The next thing we know, every item they brought to complete almost the entire job was thrown into the home office in a 3-4-foot high pile with no form of organization ranging from sand paper, caulking guns, several buckets of liquids, paint cans, trash to large saw cutter machine, two metal stands, a
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
tool, air compressor and more. All of these items were placed on top of plastic that was covered with retexturing material and sawdust and they did not clean up after their work completing scraping and retexturing of the walls, so it stayed that way while they walked on it and made holes in the plastic which then left a mess on the carpet underneath and paint/retexture stains. The mess and pile of various tools stayed there while they painted in the room as well. They knew we were keeping our carpet. Also, in the office, after they took off the chair rail, there was a horizontal indentation about midway all the way around the room and also you could also see where they did not sand properly a patch they made and it was very bumpy and they just painted over it all on one wall. We contacted Contractor
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
and he asked the crew to retexture the wall. There are paint/retexturing stains on the carpet in every room they worked in. Further, in our home office there is a cable that goes under the baseboard. They placed the baseboard but left the cable out. We have to figure out what to do to hide the cable. We might have to pull out the carpet, shove the cable in and then try to put the carpet back or replace the entire baseboard?? Further, in the home office they were to replace the closet door with a sliding bypass door per Contractor
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
's suggestion. Per my new licensed finish contractor who has been in business since 1981, the order of assembly is incorrect in preparation for the installation of the baseboards of the closet bypass doors so a new small baseboard piece had to be glued in on the right side because it wasn't plumb and on the left the baseboard piece has to be taken out completely and a new piece added so the baseboard goes around the corner properly.
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
's crew also painted too far into the closet of the office with a yellow color, so now a portion of the inside of the closet has to be repainted white over the yellow color inside the closet to match the rest of the closet. My finish contractor also noted that
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
's crew did not glue inside and outside corners of baseboards so there is potential for there to be separation later. Also,
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s crew appeared to do things out of order. For example, in our entryway just inside the house, they painted the ceiling, painted the wall and then caulked where the ceiling and wall meet so there is a white line of caulking which should have been painted. They painted the wall and then caulked the baseboards so there is a white line above the baseboards intruding on the painted wall. Also, they didn't properly prepare the area before painting the baseboards and now there is a line of paint on the carpet in the few areas that the painted and/or chunks of paint as well along the baseboard that was never there before. Further, the crew damaged our front walkway because their wood saw cutting machine was not properly used and no base was put under it, so it vibrated holes into our concrete walkway.
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
's crew painted the living room, kitchen and entry and then proceeded to run into the walls with baseboard material or other items and cause over 30 chips/gouges in the newly painted wall edges. Also, they threw a stack of 14-foot baseboard wood to be used later on freshly painted baseboards. After we asked that the baseboards not be thrown on the freshly painted baseboards in the kitchen, then they threw them on that 4-foot-high pile in the office where the baseboards were left bowed over everything and other things piled on top of the baseboards with the ends butted up on freshly painted walls. They broke the handle on the vent in our kitchen and now it is painted and we can't open it. After they textured the ceilings, they left the plastic up and only removed it from the master bedroom overnight. They closed the vents in case we wanted to run the air in the master bedroom which we never did. Then they forgot they closed the vent, broke the handle off of it in the kitchen and then painted it over. In addition,
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s crew did not properly tack down the carpet under the baseboard in BDR #1 and now it is bumped up and not tucked under the baseboard in the right corner. They took off the ceiling fan paddles in the kitchen and after they put them back on, the ceiling fan is now out of balance and it wobbles and it never did that before. They were careless and put tools, light switch plates with screws, ceiling fan blades on our wood furniture/wood entryway without putting anything under them.
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
's crew didn't cover furniture in our master bedroom and got paint on the comforter and plaster on several pieces of our solid wood furniture and a scratch on the left side of the end of the wood in the master bed frame. They did use something to clean the paint off of the comforter after it was noted to them. Also, sloppy paint lines, dirty hand prints on newly painted ceiling and crown molding, nails in crown molding not sanded properly. Further, without our permission
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s crew took our kitchen towel and tore it apart and used it for a paint rag as well as our computer dusting cloth was used as a paint rag. They also used our step stool which now has paint/plaster on the steps of it. They knew these items did not belong to them and did not have our permission to use them. They also used our toilet paper every day to wipe paint, removed our smoke/carbon monoxide detector and lost the battery cover. Over 25 spots of paint spots spilled on the concrete of the left side yard. We sent Contractor
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
a very professional text about several of these items, we did not hear back from him. Later, he said he talked to his crew but did not respond to us. Then when we got home, we noticed they were just painting over the gouges down to the bare wood that they had gouged without preparing/sanding the casing on the entry of the office. We realized our home looks worse every day than it did before the work began and it was continuing to be damaged more and more every day and we decided we could no longer trust Contractor
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
Porcella's word or work and we put a stop to it. We put all of
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s tools on our side yard behind a gate for him to pick them up.
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
did ask for the opportunity to make repairs or fix the damage; however, we felt we would then incur more damage and couldn’t take the risk at more poor workmanship. Remember the office, well, the carpet was so corroded under the plastic, we had to use a shop vac and then vacuum to get it up, but we will also have to try to get the carpet cleaned or worst case replaced. Finally, after we pulled up the plastic, we found they cut our telephone landline wires and spliced them all together without our knowledge. We now have had to hire a new contractor to fix all of the damage and defective work. We have over 200 photographs documenting all of the above items that we have discussed.

- Nancy M.

D came out, gave me an estimate which was very fair. Arrived on time each day, let me know what he was doing, and cleaned up after finishing each step. Made sure to ask me if I was satisfied at each stage (I was) and was very professional throughout the project. The helpers he brought on site were also very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient.
I would and will use
Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
again and will recommend them to anyone needing construction help.

Quarryville Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
scraped off the old acoustic from the ceiling in my computer room (there had ceiling damage from a roof leak last September). He blew new acoustic and had the ceiling painted when the old yellowish part of the ceiling bled through. It was an intrinsically messy operation, but he cleaned everything up before leaving. He even honored an estimate made about 9 months ago.
- Marilyn W.
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handyman specialist

292 n muddycreek rd
Most jobs are payed when completed.unless material is involve.then advance payment is ask to...

Harvey Contractors LLC

210 Hunter Creek Dr
York, PA
We are a family owned and operated home improvements and handyman service company. we pride...

Hess Home Enhancements, llc

Elizabethtown, PA

Hollander Builders Remodeling & Design LLC

241 Northview Dr
Lancaster, PA
We are a small remodeling business servicing mainly lancaster county, pa. we will consider...

Home 2 Home Renovations & Property Maintenance

114 East Ross St
Lancaster, Pa
We have the skills, tools and the time to improve your home and property. with 15+ years of...


Lancaster, PA
Your home is your most valuable financial investment. at home one, we believe in taking care...

Home Remedies Inc.

428 N. George Street
York, PA
Remodeling/restoration/home repair. residential and commercial. family owned and operated. ...


Conestoga, PA

Imes Construction LLC

8980 Carlisle Rd
Wellsville, PA
I am a general contractor that does most of his own work and uses a handful of subs for bigger...

Inch by Inch Construction, Inc.

2403 S 5th Ave
Lebanon, PA
Our mission is to reduce your stress by providing an easy and enjoyable experience. we will...

Inside-Out Building & Remdlng

662 White Bear Rd
Birdsboro, PA
A berks leader in construction and framing for 27 years!


Felton, PA
Hic #: 001615

Integrity Renovation

606 Auction Rd
Manheim, PA
We are a small company based in manheim pa tailored specifically to address the smaller...


Lititz, PA
Owner-operated. occasionally uses subs. cost is determined by the job. no additional travel...

J-ME'S Home Improvements

Hanover, PA
Construction/remodeling for 20 years commercial/residential reliable quality work...

J. Hess Remodeling & Renovations

1957 Sterling Place
Lancaster, PA
At j. hess remodeling and renovations we offer wide assortmwent of services. we have 40 plus...

J.C. & R. Custom Painting & General HI

York, PA
Hello we are a small company of 9 employees based out of the york county area. with all...

Jacobs Painting Company

1390 Columbia Ave
Lancaster, PA
We are a lancaster county locally owned painting company

James Robert Development Corp.

930 Red Rose Ct
Lancaster, PA
We are james robert development corp. james robert development corp. is dedicated to...


Newville, PA
Restorations, preservation and painting contractor. with our technical know-how,...


Leesport, PA
General interior and exterior home remodeling and repair. free estimates.

Jean's Way

Elizabethtown, PA
Payment due upon completion of work.

Jim's Home Improvments

297 Hill Rd
Robesonia, PA
I do general construction and maintenance as well as remodeling and shed, deck and garage...

JMF Contracting

Po Box 192
Windsor, PA
Jmf contracting is a full-service home improvement and remodeling contracting company with a...

JnD Construction

438 Barlow Greenmount Rd
Gettysburg, PA
General and sub-contractor, payment options: cash, check (personal or business), and credit...

Joe Minjock & Son Home Improvements Inc

103 New Haven Drive
Lititz, PA
Minjock and son are a father and son team of contractors. we can do anything to help you...

John L Ness Home Improvements

2747 Lewisberry Rd
York, PA
Remodeling contractor.

Jorich Construction

Saint Johns road
Camp Hill, PA
~quality~integrity~dependability~ this is our goal with our business. you will get personal...

Joshua K Vanderpoel

1041 Tom Paine Dr
Lancaster, PA
No credit cards accepted! cash or check only. cost of materials is paid in advance. hourly...

JPS Electrical Services LLC

9 S Hickory Avenue
Bel Air, MD
Jps electrical services llc is committed to providing exceptional service in maryland,...

Kane Finishing

57 Sunset Dr
Mechanicsburg, PA
We specialize in custom built in cabinetry, book cases, crown molding, wainscotting, and...

Kauffman Construction & Home Improvement

138 Hellam St.
Wrightsville, Pa
Licensed and insured , also a proud member of the bbb.

Kauffman Property Services

136 Nicholas Rd
Lancaster, PA

King & Queen Moving and Cleaning

Ephrata, Pa
King & queen moving and cleaning are one of the best service providers in the business , we...


9 Oakglade Plaza
Hummelstown, PA
We are a full service remodeling and home renovation business. with 28 years of experience in...

Kohlers Painting & Pressure Washing

PO Box 121
New Providence, PA
We are a family owned business with 3 employees that has been in the business for 5 years and...


Middletown, PA
Full service painting and deck refinishing contractor

Kubin Construction

5 hunt run dr
New Freedom, PA
Kubin construction is a total home improvment company. we offer top quality workmanship with...

Kuhns Enterprises

Ephrata, pa
Handyman can do many projects, please call with your needs , no job to big or small, also...

L.A.S. Contracting

65 G Walnut Ridge
Dallastown, PA
L.a.s. contracting is a christian company that has hardworking "handymen" ready to work. no...

Lancaster Painting Company

311 Albright Ave.
Lancaster, PA
Lancaster painting company (lpc) is a small company consisting of 2 partners and two...

Lancaster's Handyman

1102 Louise Ave
Lancaster, PA
Welcome to lancaster’s handyman! our handyman company serves all of lancaster county and...


Elizabethtown, PA
Home remodeling we do all things residential

Lee Strickler Painting

24 Aspen Drive
Leola, PA
Lee strickler painting provides high quality painting in lancaster county and surrounding...

Leed Brothers Handy Repair Service

Reinholds, PA
Contact us via email at or phone (484)-269-6992 travis (owner) or ...

Leeper Construction

13 South 4th Street
Halifax, PA
Leeper construction is independently owned by lewis leeper jr. and has sub-contractors.

Lewis Contracting LLC

PO Box 5
Etters, PA
With over 100 years of combined experience, lewis contracting llc can do it all. we specialize...

Lukens Construction

607 Lucknow Road
Harrisburg, PA
We offer the best quality work for the lowest price and take great pride in the fact we don't...

M&M Restoration

Harrisburg, PA
We do all types of work no job to big or to small

M.A. Rullo Carpentry

885 S. Spruce Street
Annville, PA
Lebanon based general contractor working only the most reputable sub-contractors to provide...

MBC Building & Remodeling, LLC

P.O. Box 53
Millersville, PA
Mbc building & remodeling, llc was started in 1999 (15 years!!) by mike blank, cgr caps, to...

MC Designs L.L.C.

420 Candlewyck Road
Camp Hill, PA
Mc designs l.l.c. is a full service construction company. cody & mike are the co-owners of...

Michael Claffy

4319 South Victoria Way
Harrisburg, PA
352.875.4477 please call for quality service. owner operated full service remodeling and/or...

Morgan Basement Waterproofing & Mold Repair

625 N Speakman Ln
West Chester, PA
Morgan basement waterproofing offers a wide variety of basement flood prevention and mold &...

morret construction

2 albert lane
Dillsburg, pa

Mr Fix It Network

3000 Greenwood St
Harrisburg, PA
At mr fix-it network, we are a group of qualified, trusted general home improvement...

Myers Construction

28 Gwen Cir
Marietta, PA
Billing by the hour or complete projects.


215 7th St
New Cumberland, PA
Over 25 years of experience, second generation. drywall and plaster work. offering unique...


Honey Brook, PA
2 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service fees. extra...

O'shea and Brubaker Home Renovations

1716 S Forge Rd
Palmyra, PA
Established in 1996, we are a residential and light commerical contractor capable of all...

Omega Building Group, LLC

New Cumberland, PA
Design building group that specializes in custom residential / light commercial from ground...

Painting by Eric

Harrisburg, pa
All work dome by owner. no subcontractors. free estimates.

Par One Construction Inc

98 Hoffman Rd
East Berlin, PA
As one of only three roofers in york pa to be certified as a gaf master elite roofer you can...

Paramount Painting Company

257 Filbert Avenue
Wilmington, DE
Paramount painting company provides numerous services to meet our client's needs. we are...

Pat Smith Remodeling

PO Box 585
Hershey, PA
1-3 employees. reputable subcontractors used. jobs are individually priced. fully insured


Lebanon, PA


420 Adamstown Road
Reinholds, PA
Kitchens, bathrooms, closets, four seasons rooms, finished basements, mouldings, trim work,...

Paul Gross Construction

24 Hickory Blvd
Lebanon, PA
I have over 35 years experience building and remodeling, decks, fences, additions, painting,...

Penn State Painting

2107 S View Rd
Lancaster, PA
Penn state painting is a group of professional painters who understand preparation is key to...

Petru Weaver Enterprises

New Holland, pa
Petru weaver enterprises is general contractor also a sub-contractor. serving lancaster area...

Phillips Construction Services

301 E. Coover Street
Mechanicsburg, PA
Seven employees, 40 years of experience, insurance work, subcontracting work for services not...

Pine Ridge Custom Building & Renovation Inc

16 Mt Laurel Ln
Grantville, PA
Owner operated. uses subs for larger jobs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges....

Premier Siding & Roofing

152 South Hanover Street
Carlisle, PA
***attention property owners***call today to see if your home has hail damage! insurance...

Project Dragonfly

307 W Main St
Mechanicsburg, PA
(pa contractor id # 029405) project dragonfly is a multifaceted contracting business. we can...


601 Bucks Valley Rd
Newport, PA
Additional dba - pro lawn.

Property Service

116 reo ave
Lancaster, PA
This is a small family business, very professional, we do sub contracting and residential,...

Quality Home Remodeling LLC

5 hunt run dr
New Freedom, PA
Formerly kubin construction we have been serving our area with 100% customer satisfaction...

R-Welcome Homes LLC

400 Conestoga Blvd
Lancaster, PA
Quality workmanship with attention to details. complete home renovations. recycled hardwood...


545 estelle dr
Lancaster, PA offers high quality work for all of our customers. we specialize in kitchen...

Randall Givler

1391 Sheep Hill Rd
East Earl, PA
Owner operator. uses subs. cost determined by job. no travel charges.

Rapid Repair Home Maintenance Specialist

134 Jackson School Rd
Oxford, PA
Rapid repair is a home improvement, maintenance, and remodeling company. we do it all! hvac...

Ray Williams Remodeling

205 N Walnut St
Hummelstown, PA
Local remodeler w/ 20+ yrs experience, specializing in decks, windows & doors, basement...

Raymond L. Varner

412 S Plum St
Mount Joy, PA
I am a self-employed contractor specializing in home improvements. i am registered in pa and...

Reasonable Remodeling & Home Repair

30 W Fulton St
Ephrata, PA
We are certified and licensed in pa, with 30 years of combined experience in all areas of...

Reichardt Remodeling

112 Serendipity Dr
Birdsboro, PA
Free estimates. self employed remodeler work alone. i do small jobs up to additions. i have...

Remodels by Shay

1101 Stoney Creek Rd
Dauphin, PA
Remodels by shay uses teams of highly trained employees and sub-contractors who are qualified...


1103 Bridge St
New Cumberland, PA

RestoreCore, Inc.

2322 N 7th St
Harrisburg, PA
We work directly with you and the insurance companies involved to provide quick, upfront, and...


1851 Lakeside Dr
Middletown, PA
General contractor on residential property. owner operated with use of subcontractors. no...

Richard S Lapp Drywall

187 Wecaf Rd
New Holland, PA
Providing homeowners and general contractors quality drywall and plaster installation and...

rick boyd drywall services

71 Penn Dr
Conestoga, PA
I have been doing drywall for 25+ years. i do residential & commercial construction. i work...

RightMan Handyman

Red Lion, PA
All aspects of home improvement, inside and outside. bachelors in graphic design - print...

Rineer Contracting

15 Wilson Ave
Leola, pa
We are a 2 man crew that can provide plenty of help around your house. everything can be...


Quarryville, PA

Ronald Paskowski Quality Carpentry Work

225 Vinemont Road
Reinholds, PA
Experienced carpenter specializing in interior construction and remodeling including...

S & R Painting Plus

6610 Leader Dr
York, PA
Since 1995 s&r painting plus has been proud to call the southern pennsylvania area home, and...

S & S Carpentry

P.O. Box 59
Rehrersburg, PA
We are a small family business that puts an emphasis on quality over quantity. from custom...

S J Smith Remodeling

156 E Walnut St
Ephrata, PA
I am a self employed remodeling contractor and have been in business for 20 years. i have no...

Sam's Painting & Drywall Repairs LLC

3204 Jessica Rd
Dover, PA
Company was established in 1997. we specialize in residential and commercial work while paying...

Satz Improvements

Lancaster, PA
We provide top quality home improvements. we strive for excellence at an affordable price. we...

Servpro of Hershey/Swatara

7921 Grayson Road
Harrisburg, PA
Additional dba - servpro intellectual property inc. independently owned & operated.

Shane's Handy srevice

Dallastown, Pa
I have been in business over 17 years now, i use subcontractors as i need them, i do must of...

Shea-Kat Inc

PO Box 28
Enola, PA
Commercial, government, and residential contractor


605 E Butter Rd
York, PA
General contracting . employee owned , sub contracting , 30 day billing on approved credit .

SM Johns & Son Construction

1021 Anderson Ferry Rd
Mount Joy, PA
Sm johns & son construction is a small business located in mount joy, pa. owned by steven m....

Spoutco Home Improvements

1130 W King St
York, PA
We except cash, check and credit cards. we offer many different payment options to accomodate...

Spraut Interiors & Exteriors

922 Pleasantview Rd
Ephrata, PA
Spraut interiors & exteriors is a family owned, christian business serving south-eastern...

Stone Creek Custom Kitchen & Design

708 S York St
Mechanicsburg, PA
Stone creek is built on honesty, quality & integrity; that's how each one of our customers is...

T C McAllister Construction Inc

423 Valley Rd
Etters, PA
Family owned.

T.J. Wilcox Painting

338 Churchtown Rd.
Narvon, PA
T. j. wilcox painting is a full service painting and restoration company. we are fully...

TAFcon Construction Incorporated

822 Hill Church Rd
Hummelstown, PA
General contractor specializing in senior living, renovations, custom millwork, counter tops...

tate services

Lancaster, PA
We have over 30 yrs of experience. no job is to small. we don't cut corners,on work or...

Taylor Contracting

19 Burns RD
Spring Grove, PA
Taylor contracting is a small company that focuses on customer satisfaction and a high quality...

The Master's Hand

Lancaster, PA
Family-owned and operated business.

The Repair Ranger

1510 Kathryne Street
New Cumberland, PA
The repair ranger is a handyman business located in central pennsylvania. we provide great...

The Tuckey Companies

170 Stover Dr
Carlisle, PA
One of the largest privately-owned employers in south central pennsylvania, the tuckey...

TNT Dynomite Painting & Renovations Inc

PO Box 32
Millersville, PA
Tnt dynomite painting and renovations is a painting and renovations company. we insure your...

TNT Enterprises

303 Oakridge Dr
Mountville, PA
Handywoman. feel secure with your handywoman-retired law officer. i take pride in my work &...

Tomlinson Construction

31 3rd Street
Akron, pa
Small to midsized residential and commercial remodeling and new construction company.

Total Home Care & Restoration

1024 Herr St
Harrisburg, PA
Total home care is a full service home improvement company. we've been in business for over...

Tyson's Landscaping & Maintenance

10919 Oak Ridge Ave
Red Lion, PA
2-3 people to help out licenced and insured free estimates emergancy calls if...

University Painters

Landis Ave
Millersville, PA
My name is jonathan frank and i own and operate the university painters location in...

USA Gypsum

1802 Texter Mountain Rd
Reinholds, PA
Usa gypsum provides scrap drywall recycling services to the manufactured housing, construction...


Mechanicsburg, PA
Vara, inc. designs and executes interior remodeling as well as home additions. we have one...


Lancaster, PA
Additional email: additional contact:...


Harrisburg, PA
The work that i do is done by myself and perhaps a laboror,helper. i perform all of the...

Walter's Construction

57 W Kings St
Shippensburg, PA


10 W 4TH ST
Quarryville, PA
Owner operated. uses subs for extra labor. cost is determined by the job. travel charge may...

Wesco Home Services LLC

Manheim, PA
Owner operated home services business specializing in wall & ceiling services.

Western Reserve Exteriors

516 E. Lancaster
Downingtown, PA
Professional service, quality craftsmanship based in ohio, western reserve exteriors is an...

William Ferguson & Co., LLC

3633 Roundtop Rd
Elizabethtown, PA
Registered with the state of pennsylvania and fully insured.

Williams Contracting Group

75 W. Granada Avenue
Hershey, PA
Williams contracting group is a general contractor and sub-contractor.

winblood construction

14 Pine St
Harrisburg, PA
We are a family run buissness and this is why we can beat most bid's

Winning Colors

Denver, PA
I am a small business that provides many services related to the painting trade. i am the...

Xtreme Home Improvement

34 Valley Dr
Annville, PA
We are a company that has a number of employees with many years of experiance of the highest...

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