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Came in after we lost confidence in another contractor.
is very responsive. He also responded well to our requests for things to be as close to perfect as possible. We were on a very tight schedule, which he met as promised.
- Heidi S.

I hired
on 2 separate occasions. Once to repair deteriorated brick on the side of the house and once for work needed to acquire a U&O to sell my house for part of the sidewalk to be replaced and to fix a set of concrete steps on the front of the house.
was prompt and professional and gave me a very competitive price. The code enforcement officer gave me a hard time from something that was my fault (not
) the day before settlement.
went above and beyond on very short notice to make things right with code enforcement at no additional cost to me.
I would definitely hire him again!
- Joseph V.

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Masonry reviews in Norristown


When I called
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
to bid on the job he came out within in an hour. He said that the job would not take more than 4 days to complete and that he wanted 1/2 the money up front. I agreed and he wrote up a contract on March 1st with a scheduled start date of March 12th.

Work took a month longer than agreed, and the work was very poor almost like a third grader had done it. They left a huge mess and damaged my yard.

On the day he was to start the job he called me and said that he couldn't make it because he was bit by his dog. He told me that he would be here the next day.

He showed up early the following day with his crew (his son and another helper) and started work around 9:00am. They started on removing the damaged tile and on the brickwork. Bill never did much of the work, he sat around most of the time.

The job they did on the tile was terrible, the gaps between the grout were crooked and inconsistent. One tile in front of the fire place wasn't seated properly and popped off the next day. Also, they never wiped up the excess grout on the tile in the entryway while it was wet so it dried on the tiles exemplifying the epitome of shoddy work. Bill told my wife that he would clean the dried grout off the tile before they left that day.

He had his son do the brick pointing work on my raised bed. The mortar is all over the place, on the front of the bricks and oozing out of the back in to the raised bed. The bricks weren't clean, the excess mortar was not removed from the face of the bricks as they were set and there was way too much mortar between the bricks. It was a very sloppy job done with no care or skill. I was disappointed when I saw the work but I decided not to complain to because I didn't want to risk a bigger mess on my hands with a redo.

They started to work on the driveway with a jackhammer they rented from Home Depot. They spent half their time relaxing on my patio furniture instead of using the jackhammer they rented and then shortly after lunch they decided to call it quits. They stored the jackhammer in my garage and left. When they came back the next day it was more of the same, except they left even earlier, I don't think that they were here for more than 4 hours that day.

The following day was the best day of the week weather wise, it was in the mid 70's and sunny. Bill called me and told me that one of his guys called out and that he wasn't going to make it. In the mean time the jackhammer they were renting was sitting in my garage.

The next day it rained and Bill showed up in the morning to take the jackhammer back to home depot, but the demolition part of the job was no where near done. No work was done that day either.

They returned the following week and started to work on removing the tree root that was causing the driveway to buckle. They complained the entire time of how big of a root it was and how they were having a terrible time trying to remove it. They didn't even have the proper tools needed to remove the root and had to borrow some of my tools. They still never worked a full day, and spent more time sitting than working. Then, Bill told me that he would have to rework the estimate he gave me because he wanted to rent bigger equipment. He then tried to shake my hand as if I agreed to his proposal. I told him to call me before he rents anything. I never got a call and I didn't see him for a couple of days after that.

The following week they returned to continue the work and did not bring bigger equipment with them. It took them a couple more days (or half days I should say) but they had finally removed the root and stacked it up in front of my garage and left it there. I told Bill that I didn't want the root to remain on my driveway. He assured me that he would haul it away.

Then Bill came to me again and asked me for more money. He wanted $500 more. I told him that I didn't have it to give to him. I went on to tell him that I wasn't going to pay for him leaving his rented jackhammer in my garage for a full day unused because he didn't show up, not to mention all the 1/2 days that it sat not being used because he left early. Before I could even finish he interrupted me and told me that it's not that but that he had to pay his helper extra because it took longer than expected to remove the root. I didn't want to hear it and told him that I just didn't have it. He told me that he would still finish the job but he tried to gain my sympathy and practically begged me to pay him more. I told him that I wasn't satisfied with the tile work and that before I would pay him what we originally agreed on he would have to make that right. He agreed and said it would only take him a few minutes to "clean it up". After that day, it was hard to get a hold of Bill and he didn't show up for a couple of days.

At this point it was the end of March and they were ready to pour the concrete. Bill told me that he needed to get a permit from the township before he could pour the concrete. He said it would take 24 hours. Another week came and went. I had left messages but didn't hear from him. I called the township to ask them about the permit, they told me that it was already issued. I called Bill and left more messages. He finally called after several days saying that he just got the permit and that he would be out the following week to pour the concrete. He said that he would do it in sections and pour one section at a time. A few more days came and went, nothing was done. I heard from him again on Friday April 6th and he told me that he would pour the 1st section on Monday and finish the second section on Tuesday. He poured one section on Monday, and didn't show up Tuesday, he showed up Wednesday afternoon but the concrete truck didn't show up. He finally showed up Thursday April 11th 1 month after the original start date to finish the job that was going take him no longer than 4 days. I was feeling ill that morning and my doctor instructed me to go to the hospital that day. I knew that I was probably going to be admitted into the hospital and I had no idea for how long. I left a check with a family member to pay but Bill only after he cleaned the tile,removed the roots and completed pouring that last section of concrete. I shouldn't have paid him until after I got out of the hospital. I should have made him wait but, I didn't think that he would screw me while I was in the hospital. I didn't realize how unscrupulous he really was a mistake that I regret making.

He told the family member that he would be back the next day to clean up and convinced them to give the check I had written out for the balance we originally agreed upon. I spend 3 days in the hospital, turns out I had a large ulcer, while there I was informed that Bill never came back to take the roots, and that he also left a huge mess of concrete on my front lawn. I called Bill from the hospital and left a message on his machine. I didn't hear back from him.

When I got out of the hospital I came home to a bigger mess than I left. The roots were still piled in front of my garage. Bill had used my front lawn to mix the concrete and never bothered to clean it. One side of my lawn was gone and replaced with concrete rubble courtesy of
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
. When I check out the tile that he was supposed to clean up, he grouted over the sections even sloppier than he did the first time. The whole while he knew that I couldn't do anything about it because I was in the hospital. It's as if he was trying to stick it to me for not giving him the extra $500. Once he got his money, that was it, I didn't see or hear from him.

I tried calling him again the following Monday, and I left a message with his wife. I didn't hear from him. Another week went by and I called him every day but this time he unplugged the answering machine and I couldn't leave a message. The forms that he used to pour the concrete were still there along with the roots and the mess he had left. It was over a week and I heard nothing from Bill so I called the police. A detective came to my house and agreed that Bill's work was indeed shoddy. He told me that I should take him to court. In the mean time the detective told me that he would speak to Bill to see if he could convince him to finish the work. I told the detective that even if he was able to convince Bill to come back and clean up his mess I did not intend to let Bill inside my house to fix any of the tile work. He had two chances and the second was worse than the first. I was also told by the police not to let Bill in my house again.

A few hours after the detective left I got a call from Bill in a happy and friendly apologetic voice telling me that he would be out the following money to clean up the mess. I told him that I was not happy with him and that I had left several messages with him. I wanted an explanation from him and he replied that he couldn't call me back because he was in the dentists chair all week. I told him that I was in the hospital with a large ulcer and I still managed to call him.

He did not mention talking to the police but told me that he would back the following Monday to take the roots, the concrete forms and concrete from my front yard. There are now gaping holes in the lawn instead of concrete. He wanted to come in the house to address the tiles but we didn't allow him to mess things up even more. The next step is small claims court. I have to hire someone else to fix
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
's shoddy work.

Hiring this guy was a complete disaster.

My advice would be to stay away from this guy.
- Elias V.

The company was impressive at all levels from
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
. on down. We were impressed during all phases of the reconstruction with punctuality, communication, ideas, and professionalism. Lito (Operations Manager) was great to deal with and truly knows his craft. Lito and his crew worked hard with an eye for detail. They took great care in taking care of our transplanted plants during the reconstruction. Lito provided updates and answers to our construction questions throughout. The site was left in an orderly condition every night. The project turned out exactly as anticipated. The patio, beds, and lighting are beautiful. We have and will use this company for future projects.
- Howard D.

I was pleased from my first contact with Bill and thought they did a great job from start to finish. Very thorough and cleaned up after themselves very nicely. They came exactly when they said they would. Performed exactly as specified in the contract and even did a couple of extra things. Nice people to work with, too. I would definitely hire them again.
- Marie B.

Our job was a bit unusual in that I live in Pennsylvania and I'm helping my elderly brother with repairs on his home in Chicago. The great thing about Angie's List is that I have access to local workmen while living 800 miles away.
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
was the one who gave the job estimate. He was great to work with me and the times that I could be in Chicago. Since my brother is not well and could not oversee the job, I needed to schedule the work when I could be there and take care of things.
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
came out in
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
for the estimate and we scheduled the work for October, which would be my next trip to Chicago. He promised the work would be done and his workman were there on time and very skilled at what they do. I do want to recognize
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew for a job well done. The red mortar on the front of the home matched perfectly and didn't look like a patched job. They spread a tarp down to catch most of the debris and even cleaned the neighbor's side of the sidewalk-job well done.

Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
was very prompt and professional. I reached out to a few contractors and although
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
was not the best price, I felt more comfortable when dealing with him and also liked the reviews on Angie's List better. He was able to do the job quickly after I accepted his proposal and did the repointing while I was at work. Repointing to me can never look perfect and unfortunately I've had a few contractors repoint different areas of my chimney so its hard to distinguish who repointed what. That being said, the repointing has held up well with all the rain we had this summer. I am hoping it holds up just as well this winter. I will consider
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
for any future masonry work I may need and recommend that others consider him.
- Megan M.

I have been having an ongoing water leak in a bay window in the 6 years I've lived in my house and have had no success with any repair attempts that have been made. I finally called a roofer to see if that might be the source and they actually though it might be a masonry issue and recommended
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
and Son. At the time I called, they were a little busy with their schedule, but promised to call when it freed up, and they did so a few weeks later. They first tested the brick to determine it was the source of the leak and then repointed a patch of the wall to determine if it resolve the leak. Once that was confirmed, they immediately put me in the schedule to repoint the entire side of the wall. This was actually a big job and took over 2 weeks. During my entire project, the communication was excellent. I received frequent updates on progress, so I always knew what was going on and the anticpated date of completion.
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
was frequently on the job site, so I knew he was overlooking the quality of the work, as well. Overall, the quality was fantastic and it absolutely took care of my water issue. I have no complaints, and am, in fact, very grateful for the timing of correcting this issue. This summer has been the stormiest I've seen since I moved in, and I'm certain I would have had numerous water issues had this not been resolved in the spring.
- Jessica S.


I did not write the first review that showed up. Someone from Angie's list did......I wasn't planning on writing anything. I was sticking with the old saying "If you don't have anything nice to say...don't say Anything"

The brick under the windows were supposed to be toothed in. When they weren't we had the workers stop working and tried to get a hold of
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
did not come by to see the job but he did have his worker take a picture of it. We were also having stucco work done to our back porch wall. The scaffolding was left up for three weeks so the base coat could dry (at least we were told it would take that long). With the scaffolding being left up it made it very difficult to get out the back door. Memorial Day came and went without a cookout because I could not get to my grill which was on the porch.
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
's secretary
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
is awesome. She is very pleasant and easy to talk to...
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
is a great salesman, he sold us the contract and we never saw him again. The best thing that
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
did for us was to send up
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew put in the new windows and door.

I would never hire
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
again nor would I recommend them
- Cathy C.

I had a furniture delivery where the delivery persons knocked off a couple of bricks off a wall at the entrance of my home. The project was so small I was concerned that I would not be able to fine someone to do the work. The
Norristown Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
recommended the contractor. I am very happy with the quality of work and appreciative of them willing to do such a small project.
- Janet H.
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