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When I contacted to inquire about training
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
was very responsive and really pursued my business. However once the meet and
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
was completed and I purchased a "puppy package" it was very difficult to schedule a training time, We would schedule a time and then she would cancel at the last minute, or arrive very late. The package consisted of 5+ training sessions with the promise she would stick with us until the puppy was trained.
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
did work our puppy on 2 occasions and seemed to make some progress, however cancelation, after cancelation and rushing home with my preschooler and infant to meet with a trainer that did not arrive was too much and we agreed to terminate our relationship. A refund of $120 was agreed upon. However after months of phone, texting and email I finally received a return of $60. I tried again for several more months but never received any additional funds.
- Kathryn L.

Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
is a gem. She truly has a heart for animals, and our dog was no exception. She took great care of our Labrador while we were away. She fed him and walked him, brushed him and played with him daily. She was trustworthy in our home as well. Our dog had never stayed at home for serveral days without us before and he was in fine shape both physically and mentally when we returned home. We defnitely recommend
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
for her exceptional level of responsbility and her caring nature.

Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
(the owner) and her employees have done an excellent job! We have been customers for months, and wouldn't think of going to anyone else. We schedule multiple 30-minute runs a week and our dog absolutely loves it!
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
does a really good job of scheduling a consistent runner, so that your dog gets to know him or her. It's also nice to know that there isn't a different person coming in and out of our house everyday.
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
and the regular runner get to know your dog and are always accommodating if your dog has any special needs or requests. We also love the daily reports - the runner leaves a little note to let you know how your dog did on the run each day.
Overall, I cannot say enough good things about
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
does a great job; she is very responsive, flexible when scheduling changes come up, and most importantly she is someone we can trust with our dog and our home.
- Kristin R.

On 8/10/14, I waited patiently to meet
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
for our scheduled appointment at 4pm. 4pm came and passed. At 4:30pm, I checked my email to see if they were still coming as I did not receive any phone call from them at all. I had an email from
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
that they would be coming around 4:30pm after they took care of other clients. I do not believe that they actually arrived here until 5pm, an hour after our original scheduled appointment. It would have been nice to have received a phone call from them to let me know they were running late, instead of my having to check my email. While waiting for them, it made me wonder if this was the way it was going to be if I hired them to sit for me, with them running late to take care of my animals. When they arrived at my house, they met my animals and I showed them the routine. When we went up to one of my horse barns, I showed them how I cleaned one stall, but
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
, who told me he was going to be the " backup" for
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
stated that it seemed pretty easy and never seemed to have any interest in going to my other horse barn to meet the other horses or see what their routine was. I have a petsitter handbook that I had already showed them which contains written information and details about my animals and their feeding schedule.
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
would ask me if it was written down, with regard to the things I was trying to show them in person while up at my one horse barn. The problem with this is that the situation with the other horse barn is different, with one horse getting a different type of horse feed, and another horse there being more difficult with attitude at times. In fact, her ears were laid back over the fence in meeting
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
. They never went into the pasture to meet this horse, nor bothered going to the other horse barn.
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
kept saying that he had to give a dog its medication by 6:30pm, which provided me less time to go over things with him with my animals. I had never met, nor used this company before. Everything was quick and hurried.
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
asked me if I was going to leave my keys to my truck and horse trailer for them at my house, with which I said "No." He then rolled his eyes at me and told me sarcastically, "It's YOUR horses." He thought he was going to have to drive my horses to the vet if there were a problem with them. I told him that my vet comes here if there's any problems. I then asked
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
if he knows how to drive a truck and horse trailer and he indicated "No." I then asked
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
if she knew how to drive a truck and horse trailer and she stated she never drove a truck and horse trailer before. If you do not know how to drive a truck and horse trailer, much less know how to load a horse onto a trailer, this can be an accident waiting to happen. When we returned to the house,
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
raised the previously agreed to rate already discussed beforehand with
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
by $40, when during my first conversation with
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
, he told me it was up to
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
since she was the person that was going to sit for me. The other issue I had with
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
was that he told me for the first time that I would need to pay in full upfront for the pet sitting/house sitting services before any services were ever received. I can understand paying a partial deposit to schedule a booking, but for all of my years of using a sitter, I have never been asked to pay in full for services never even rendered.
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
told me that you are required to pay in full for a meal at
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
's, as well as paying for an airline ticket...he said it was the same thing. He told me this was on his website that a deposit must be paid. Paying a deposit and paying in full for services a week in advance without ever having received the services yet are two different things. He told me that after the first sitting experience that something else in the future could be worked out with regard to paying in full upfront of the booking week. I told
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
that I felt that he had misled me with regard to the actual rate that was first agreed upon with
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
in my first conversation with her. He was the one who told me to call her and indicated that
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
may be agreeable to working with me about the rate. I asked
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
in front of
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
if she remembered my conversation with her the first time I spoke to her and whether or not she had agreed to accept the initial rate I quoted to her and she advised me in front of
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
that she did agree to the original rate we spoke about. I have a lot of respect for
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
for being truthful and honest about this.
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
told me after this, that he would discuss this with
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
further and that he would either call me or email me to tell me if they could provide me services. I told
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
that I had my own reservations about whether I could trust him to be the "backup" in dealing with my horses, as I did not have the impression that he had any experience with horses at all, especially when he told me he did not know how to drive a truck and trailer...then why even ask me for the truck keys to begin with?
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
had sent me his list of references from past clients and told me about his referrals. I told
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
that I had reviewed that list of references and that I never saw
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
mentioned by name in any of the referrals, saw that there were only TWO housesits showing on that list, and that no horses were listed as having been serviced by them.
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
then told me that I would be the FIRST one. I do NOT have any confidence in using
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
to deal with my horses and feel that he definitely mislead me from the beginning with the rate agreed to with
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
when he increased the rate by $40 at the end of the day after going over everything with him and
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
. By being an hour late for their appointment with me, he cut into my time with my animals because he would be late giving meds to another dog. It was no surprise that he sent me an email indicating that they could not service me and my pets. What bothers me is that his website indicates they give discounts for rescue animals. I have EIGHT rescue animals and no discount was mentioned, but only an increase in the quote. The other problem I have is that he wasted so much of my time over several days with my sending him emails about my animals, not to mention spending time going over things here at the house, to tell me something completely different in the end and leaving me without a pet sitter/house sitter with such short notice in trying to locate another sitter. I do not feel he was honest and upfront with me and would never recommend him to anyone. In the end, I felt it was all about money. He never took the time to meet my other horses at the other barn and quite frankly was indifferent in attitude with regard to my animals.
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
on the other hand, I have no problems with. She was very honest in her dealings with me. One last note...I had asked
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
what his coverage was for being bonded and insured...I never received an answer about any of this via email, nor in person with him at our meeting. I sent
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
an email in response to his email indicating he was not servicing me to let him know the problems I had with him so this review should be of no surprise to him. I was very sincere with my intention of having
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
sit for me from Day one when she agreed to the rate I proposed to her. It was totally UNEXPECTED on my part when
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
skyrocketed the fee, especially when he also knew what the fee was from Day One...what the heck was that all about? What a waste of my time!
- Virginia L.

Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
is a wonderful, reliable pet sitter. We have 4 indoor and one outdoor stray that she took care of while we were out of town multiple times. She was 100% reliable, texted us daily pictures of each animal, updated us on their well being and put our minds at ease. She also watered our plants and took in out mail. She administered medication to two of the cats. I highly recommend
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
. She doesn't charge enough for her services our opinion. Sadly, we moved out of state recently but wished we could take her with us! Hire
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
, you won't be disappointed.
- Daniel P.

This visit went great as have all of the others. Kat looked happy and content when I returned, the house looked exactly as I'd left it, and as usual there was a note from
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
waiting, telling me how she did while I was gone. I've been a client of
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
and her team's for many years; Katniss is the fourth cat of mine for whom they have petsit. I've always has great experiences, even as my now deceased-kitties needed special handling as they aged, whether it was pills, drops, or following a specific diet. They are truly concerned about and attentive to the health and wellbeing of the animals in their care. While I'm away they will notify me of any issues that surface in my absence, and have always been responsive to any questions I've had from the road. Although I do not utilize their services on a daily basis, when I go away for business or pleasure, I have complete confidence that they will provide optimal care for my cat(s).
- Meg A.

Their website is easy to use for scheduling and the dog walker they assigned to us was wonderful. She was very responsive via text for last minute changes and my dog really liked her. My problems occurred when my primary walker was unavailable and a backup walker was assigned to us. Bottom line, he failed to show up twice and when I called him, he claimed he did not
know he was scheduled to walk my dog. He was very apologetic, but my poor dog was in her crate for 13 hours both times and nobody can hold it for that long. I also had some issue with appointment times. I needed someone there around 10:00 am and often times they did not show until 12:00 or after.
The supervisor/manager I dealt with was very responsive via email and phone and removed the charges for any missed appointments. There may have been a breakdown in communication with the backup walker, or he just failed to check his
When we found out our primary walker was taking the summer off, I decided to take my business elsewhere. I didn't want to stress about someone not showing up or coming too late. It’s a shame because I really did like our walker and the company itself. My pup is like my kid and I
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
’t want to worry about her when I’m not there.

- Mary R.

Horrible, horrible people. They would take photos of my Greyounds WITH their
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
wraps still on while they were outside instead of taking the wraps off so they could go
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
outside!! They would leave messy
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
wraps on top of my kitchen counter.
After 6 months, they did not know my dogs' name, so when I told them to feed one of my Greyhounds an apple, She fed the wrong dog the apple, who always gets sick on apples. Instead of calling me and asking "which one is Vladimir?", she gave it to another dog so when I got home there was puke everywhere.
Their cost is outrageous. 15 minutes to walk in, not wipe up any accidents, just open the back door, let out the dogs, and leave is $17.00. God forbid you need another emergency visit for that day, they will charge you extra for an extra visit that they didn't know about.
How can you be a pet sitter and leave
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
or worse on the client's floor?
When I tried to communicate with them asking why
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
or pooh is left on the floor when I get home instead of cleaning it up? Her response was "i can refer a trainer to you", meaning "we will not clean up any accidents".
I paid for them $175.00 just to stay over one night while I had to go out of state, I found out she never even stayed overnight with my four Greyhounds.
I've had pet sitters for my dogs for over 14 years. Never, never, never was I charged this much, and never have I encountered such unproffessionalism from dog sitters.
Thank God there are more qualified, respectable and quality Pet Sitters are out there to be hired. It was so easy finding another Sitter who is PERFECT!
Do Not Use these people. They don't care for you OR your dogs' needs one bit.

- robin D.

I am a first-time puppy owner, and I wanted to make sure she was getting the best care there was aside from myself. I called
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
on the recommendation on a friend, and from day one, I have been beyond pleased. My first concern was that my puppy would be around other well-socialized dogs who are patient and sweet and playful.
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
's temperament test is administered to every single dog, so you can be assured that every puppy who is allowed to play at daycare is sweet and not aggressive. I could not ask for a greater peace of mind. Also, they
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
out the pups by style of play AND by size. To any dog owner, you know this is a big deal!
The facilities are spacious, well-maintained and clean. The facility is sterilized a couple times a day, and there are a number of staff on property to tend to all the pups present. The dogs that attend daycare are all clearly well-cared for dogs and have owners who are conscientious about making sure their pups are socialized and happy.They have good homes and good temperaments. The daycare grounds include a puddle tub for the dogs to play in and lots of space, and there is grooming on the premises!
I love knowing that my puppy is having a great time with other well-socialized dogs. I also love knowing that if I need it, a dog walker will come to my house to grab my puppy and play with her in whatever manner I wish -- a visit to the doggie park, a walk through town, or a hike in the woods. The extensive array of services are extremely attractive and provide a huge peace of mind.
My puppy has visited doggie daycare a few times over the past few weeks and gotten the bath and nails treatment, and I know she is having a great time, because the minute we pull into the driveway, she knows we are there. When I walk her into the lobby, she forgets I exist and starts begging the doggie daycare employees to bring her in with her playmates. When I pick her up, she cries until we leave the driveway, and then falls asleep from her long day of romping around with fellow quadrupeds.
I am so grateful I have begun working with
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked
. They are a HUGE resource to me and to my puppy! I cannot recommend
Narberth Dog Walkers Provider Name Locked

- Alex D.

Service was great. They stayed at the house for about half an hour each day to make sure the cats were ok and were getting enough stimulation. They also texted each day with pics to show us that the cats were fine. Price was quite reasonable as well ($18 a day). They also provide all manner of canine services which we will absolutely start using with our new puppy.
- John W.
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