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christopher H.
provided the best rates and response on getting estimate. The installers were very professional and completed the job on time and left the areas very clean." The workers were very professional and made sure I was satisfied with everything before they left. I would highly recommend.
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"My husband and I were referred to Mr.
by an acquaintance who had used his services. Mr.
first sent a sub-contractor to perform the ceiling" repair. The contractor inspected the damage, found that it was not as serious as he had anticipated, and told me that the ceiling needed only to be patched. He left a message for Mr.
to that effect and left for the day. However, when the workman returned, he told me that he was going to replace the whole ceiling. He said that if I intended to be in our house for more than five years, then we may as well replace it since the plaster was old. I was confused as the non-damaged portion of the kitchen ceiling appeared to be in very good condition. I asked my brother-in-law (who does contracting work and happened to be present that day), about this change in recommendation and he advised me to have only the damaged section of the ceiling repaired, which is what ultimately happened. Mr.
and his crew showed up to do the tiling work. They removed our claw foot tub and toilet and were removing the vinyl tile when I had to leave for an appointment. When I returned they were in the middle of tiling the floor. I asked if the subfloor had been replaced. Mr.
told me that, in his opinion, the sub-floor was actually in good shape and did not need to be removed. I was confused because more than five years ago, our home inspector told us that the subfloor would need to be replaced. Regardless, I assumed that he would at least be taking measures to remove the annoying squeaking sound produced by the sub-floor as we were very specific with Mr.
that this was an area of concern for us. I observed Mr.
doing the tiling work, and he appeared to be doing the tile and grout one section at a time, which I later learned from other tile experts is not the proper way to do the work. Mr.
removed the tub and toilet, but not the sink or the radiator. At no time prior to his beginning the work did he tell us that we would need to have a plumber remove the bathroom fixtures prior to his tiling. Mr.
did explain that he was unable to remove the sink due to the complexity of the plumbing and that he would have to come back when we had a plumber remove it. I left again on an errand and when I came back, Mr.
was gone. He had left a message asking me not step on the tile until the next day when it was dry and to let him know when a plumber had removed the sink and he would be back to do the tile under the sink area. When a friend and I viewed the tile upstairs, we noticed that many of the grout lines between each of the tiles were uneven: some were wide and some were narrow. We were also able to see the outlines of the squares that the tile came in. I noticed that the grout tiles at the baseboards were also uneven. Some were thick, some were thin, due to missing pieces of tile, and there were even tiles that were cut unevenly thereby throwing off the lines. I sent an email to Mr.
detailing my concern about the lines and the cuts in the tile. He replied he would fix it when he returned to do the area under the sink. Mr.
returned to tile the sink area and attempted to fix some of the issues I pointed out. I told him I had to leave to pick up my son at school but I would be back in roughly 20 minutes. When I returned a half hour later, Mr.
was gone. I looked at the bathroom again, and while there had been an attempt to address my concerns, most of the issues remained unresolved. I also found other issues based on Mr.
's work. Specifically, there were missing tiles under one of the tub’s rear claw feet so it was resting on the subfloor and not on any tile like the other three. I was never told about it and when asked, I wasn't given a reason why this was done. There were also poorly set, non-flush tiles surrounding the tub pipes. They were covered by a steel ring but I could see that one of the steel rings wasn't flush either. I picked up the ring and noticed that two of the tiles were tilting upwards and not flush with the floor like the other surrounding tiles. This was very concerning as it is precisely this area where water flows to cause the leaks that damaged the kitchen ceiling in the first place. In addition, I noticed that the metal piece that attached the tub’s shower head had been broken off, which was not the case before Mr.
began work. This damage was never disclosed to me. While we currently don't have a pedestal sink, I was clear with Mr.
that it was our plan to have one eventually installed. In fact, my husband and I were planning to pick one out when he came back from his business trip. However, Mr.
did not fully make the tile under the sink area flush to the wall, which means that when a pedestal sink is installed, there will be a glaring issue against the back wall and perhaps even near the piping. Finally, I was very disappointed to learn that Mr.
had made no attempt to remove the annoying squeaking noise that pervaded the bathroom. This could have been rectified with the
insertion of a few reinforcing nails and 10 minutes of work. It was the first thing my husband noticed when he returned to the house and entered the bathroom. I received an invoice from Mr.
for full payment the next morning after he supposedly finished his work. I was surprised, so I emailed Mr.
and explained that I would pay for the kitchen ceiling repair work and the removal of trash, but the issues with the tile work needed to be corrected before I could release payment for the complete job. I was most specific in mentioning the missing tile under the back claw foot. In return, I received a very angry email from Mr.
accusing me of trying to cheat him out of money, that he fixed what I had asked for and that he would accept "no partial check" from me. He refused to fix the issues and threatened in later emails to bring back the trash that he removed from the house. I was still home alone with my special needs son. I felt that Mr.
was hostile, threatening and unreasonable and I no longer wanted him to enter my home or otherwise be on my property. I emailed him back explaining that I was going to have other tile companies take a look at the job, and that my husband was going to fly back as soon as possible to view the work as well. If all agreed it was good tile work, that I would pay him. If not I would get an estimate on what it would cost to fix the things he refused to fix and then deduct that amount off the bill. I attempted several times to come to a reasonable agreement with Mr.
, but he made it clear each time he would accept nothing less than full payment. He refused to even look at or explain the second round of fixes we requested (i.e., the lack of actual tile under the tub) and instead reacted in a threatening manner when we expressed concern about the job. Instead, he and his attorney had a
placed on our home. We eventually settled with the gentlemen for $1,500 through a Massachusetts arbitration department. So we have spent $1,500 and must now buy new tile at the cost of $800 and spend $2,100 to have the work done *again*. We must also replace the damaged shower fixture which will cost over $500.00. So many legal and emotional issues could have been avoided if Mr.
had simply done the work we asked him to do, and with a reasonable degree of professionalism. We are not perfectionists. We simply expect professional contractors to do professional work. You can bet we will be *far* more careful in the future about our choice of contractors.
Rated by
's bid was the most competitive of the three we obtained from the top Angie's List providers. He was very honest in expressing his opinion about our" various material options, and was quite helpful in guiding us in terms of the
profile we chose, the sink mounting, and even the best way to frame the windowsill.
came out once the cabinets were in and took final detailed measurements. We put down a deposit of about 50% for the material, and chose a beautiful Caesarstone (Dreamy
). His crew arrived on time and they were top notch. They were incredibly professional and quite clean. They even worked well with our four dogs! As they cut the countertop material, they were especially careful to control the amount of dust, as we have a 2 year old daughter who certainly doesn't need to inhale the stuff. They vacuumed up after themselves, and actually left the site looking cleaner than when they arrived. Our kitchen is absolutely stunning and we can't wait to host our first dinner party. And when our guests ask who did our countertops, I will proudly recommend
and his countertop business.

Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile

Mckeesport, PA

Natural Stone Tileare in Mckeesport

Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile are TOP RATED

Mckeesport Marble And Granite Articles

Marble And Granite reviews in Mckeesport


Unfortunately, this company did not deliver what they promised. I was told they would provide a grate to my sink, which they have never delivered on their promise. I have texted twice and left two messages for
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
but no response. This offer was the result of their workmen damaging my cabinets and not saying anything. Fortunately, my contractor observed this and reported to me. I provided pictures but they never acknowledged the action. At this point, I see them as untrustworthy to damage something and not speak up. They also damaged the refrigerator wall but again, did not own up to it.The seam from the cut of the granite was quite noticeable. Another installer provided feedback about how the cut should have been placed in another location, which would not have been so obvious however, I was told the problem of seeing the seam was because of the kind of granite I selected.
I have had six home and remodeled all of them; typically gutting kitchens and bathrooms.
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
did a nice job helping me select an appropriate granite for the look I wanted. Their ordering process was efficient and they delivered on time - they have just proven untrustworthy. I suggest following through on your promises to help reduce the high sense of caution regarding trust.
- Michael L.

In a word, perfect. The work was completed in four days. The impact was minimal. Wanderli's staff were careful about carpets and removed all debris each day. This is the second time we have used his company and we would go back to him without a second thought for additional work. Wanderli is fair in his pricing, very responsive to contact, and generally a pleasure to work with.
- Richard M.

Every person I worked with was wonderful and the job they did was fantastic. The floors look new, they took care to protect the cabinets and baseboards and gave me lots of good tips on keeping all my stone surfaces looking good. The estimator, the woman at the office and the two man crew who did the work were all very nice, professional and got things done beautifully! The cost was less than a company I had used before whose work was basically useless - the floors looked just as dirty when they were done. Sureshine left my home looking new and me looking forward to using them regularly to keep it looking this way!
- Anne P.

The people at
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
were very pleasant and easy to deal with. My call was returned the same day, and I was able to send photos of the project in order to obtain an estimate over the phone and schedule an appointment. On the morning of the appointment, the technician,
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
, telephoned to advise me that he was a little behind schedule, but then he arrived when he said he would. I appreciated his communicating the slight delay.
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
was very nice and professional and was knowledgeable about the cause of the fissures in the granite and took the time to explain them to me. He was also upfront with me about the repair results he could achieve. The job was a little pricey, $450 for an hour and a half of work, but I am pleased with the results and feel confident that the work will protect the integrity of the granite countertops, extend its life, and enhance it's beauty. I would use this company again and recommend them to others.
- Walter N.

during the tear out he flooded my basement broke my attic stairs trying to turn hot water off never offered to pay for the damage we had to use our insurance and pay the 1.000 deductible he is very un professional my bar top was not level he did finally fix that the granite has scratches all over it and rough places I did ask him to pay the 1,000 have not heard from him had another granite company look at it today nothing can be done for it he said bad granite and poor workmanship and I should not recommend him to anyone else he did say that I could tear it out and use it for vanities after it was cleaned up my sink cut out is to big water runs on
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
of my sink it's not cut right so it doesn't sit on cabinets even I have gaps at my
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
it is a mess nothing is right and I'm not sure what I can do about it my advice do not use
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
I have sent him a letter and e-mail no response I have 5 L brackets none are even he was never on time should have been here at 1pm got here at 6:30 or seven we did pay him and he kept changing the price we were going off old invoice because that's what he said he would do it for we never got invoice for what he did I waited a year for granite and I am so sad at what I got the way we heard about him was through real good friends of ours they tried talking to him also nothing from him
- Peggy M.

I recommended
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
to my sister,
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
. I count it as one of the worst mistakes I have ever made. I am attaching a few photos I sent them when I thought the management was not aware of their finished product. On 6/18/14
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
responded in attached e-mail "I see it, will send installer to fix them, I will let you know when.
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
is close to where I work so I know
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
as does my sister now. Since he also lives in
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
we requested he stop by her home. She has not even received a telephone call. Attached also is a letter
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
wrote when she was not receiving any response. Would appreciate any help you can give even if it is just getting someone from their company to contact her and try to repair the mess they have made. I would like to attach the photos., e-mail correspondence and letter from my sister to
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
. Is that possible?
Thank you,
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked

- rosemary C.

We were referred to
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
by some friends at the beginning of our kitchen remodel project. Our custom cabinet maker was taking an excruciating long time to complete our cabinets so we had plenty of time to shop around for countertops. We had our hearts set on soapstone and searched nationally for it, as there seemed to be no local economical source for it. We received quotes from the boutique granite shops and big box stores and they all considered soapstone "exotic" and wanted to charge accordingly. We thought we had finally settled on a friend of ours who works for one of the large local granite companies who could extend a friends-and-family discount to us.
All the while,
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
had been keeping in touch with us via email. I had been very preoccupied with the remodel project as I was acting as the general contractor. When I finally sent him a drawing for a rough quote, not only could he substantially beat my friends-and-family discount, he could complete the project in less than half the time. The choice was obvious.
After our countertops were installed,
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
went out of his way to get us remnant pricing on some bench tops we decide to add later. You won't meet a better guy to do business with.
Mckeesport Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
is THE go-to guy for countertops.
- Bill H.
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