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and his team are very professional and a joy to work with. We had a very unusual
situation, we had leased our house out for 15 months and when we got it back and
were about to move in we realized that the Brazilian cherry floors needed to be
refinished. Our furniture was coming in three days,
) and his team jumped on
the job and got most of the downstairs done before the furniture arrived so we would have an
area to move our furniture into. To accomplish this they put finish coats on at 10:00 pm and
4:30 am; I did not know that anyone would work that hard to satisfy a customer. The work
was completed promptly and the floors look great, whenever we had a concern
would say
“no problem” and find a way to make it right. We were very pleased with every aspect of
working with Brown’s Hardwood Floors.

- Mary S.

I forgot to give a review. This job was over 6 months ago. My wife and I rehab/rent properties (one per year). This is the 3rd house
has refinished hardwood floors for me. On this one we moved the door to the basement from the kitchen to the living room to allow a more roomy kitchen and more cabinets/counter space.
showed me and my son how to piece in hardwood floor to extend the living floor to the new basement steps before he did the refinishing. He is very good with working with me. He gives me a quote and I talk him down some (senior discount and tell him to schedule it when is his slow as my time lines are somewhat flexible). I give him a key to the house. He comes in and sands. He'll update on the condition of the floor and then recommend if it should be stained or just poly coated. He is honest and wants to provide a nice job at a very fair price. He knows I'll be back. Additionally... I had a tenant move out leaving a big scar on a refinished floor. I called
. He came out. Said $50 to sand and poly (10x10") the spot. I gave him a key, left his check on the floor by the scratches. He fixed it, took the check, locked the door and put the key in the mail box as instructed. I know I don't need to inspect his work before I pay him. That says a lot. He's one of the best contractor we use.

- Jim and Barb F.

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Hardwood Flooring reviews in Leesport


Truly excellent, from customer service to professionalism to highest quality result. Couldn't ask for more. They were genuinely excited (and experienced) about working on the original wood floors of our historic home. Even used a personal stockpile of old wood to patch the water damage under the paint. They were very accommodating, on somewhat short notice, to fit us in before we moved into our new home. I will definitely use them again.
- Daniel S.

Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
performed all the work himself. On the first day he removed all the carpet, padding and tack strips, and hauled them away. He then advised me on two minor repairs, and did them upon my approval. He made the repairs using 3/4 inch red oak, which is the material that was used 60 years ago for the original floors. Then came several days of sanding, using three different sanding machines. All doorways, windows and light fixtures had been sealed off with plastic, so almost no sanding dust got into the rest of the house. After the floors had been sanded as smooth as glass, stain was applied, which I had chosen from sample patches put on the floor. Following the stain, three layers of polyurethane were applied, each allowed to dry thoroughly and buffed before the next was applied. After all this, the cost for the finished job was actually less than the estimate.
From beginning to end I was impressed with Mr.
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
's professionalism, craftsmanship and perfectionism. My father laid the original floors. He was a craftsman and a perfectionist. He would have been very pleased with the work Mr.
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
did. I highly recommend
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
. I have never hired a professional who came close to this quality.
- Colleen D.

Arrived right on time. Worked very hard, very conscientious. Impressed by their attention to detail. Very polite. Floors look beautiful. Couldn't be happier.
- robert M.

Under the advisement of our real estate agent, who we very much trusted, we called
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
and Design
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
. Most of our house is hardwood, and we needed a complete refinishing (sanding, filling, urethane).
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
was VERY responsive and informative, making sure we completely understood what would happen and why. He also steered us away from a more expensive type of finish, since it was his experience that it was not as robust as that which he recommended. After researching online the approximate price of refinishing hardwood floors, we found
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
's estimate to be quite fair.
Given the amount of sqft (near 2,000), we were told the job would take approximately one week, but the crew finished early. The end product was wonderful, and the individual boards look to have much more character than before. I would definitely use
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
and Design
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
in the future.
- Richard D.

The office staff, especially
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
, were extremely responsive and helpful. I had very specific ideas of what I was looking for, particularly in color and finish choices, and we had quite a bit of back and forth while she was putting together the quote. She did a great job of putting together exactly what I was looking for.
Their price was not the highest, but nearer the high end than the low end. I worked hard with
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
to get the price down by making small changes that were not important to me, while keeping what was most important to me: to have a well-installed floor that was the right color and would be as durable as possible. Durability was very high on my list from the very beginning.
I was told that there was some difficulty in getting the material we wanted for the new floor (4 inch white oak).
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
worked to make sure that we could get the material in time to acclimate and still meet the schedule.
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
seems to be a genuinely nice guy and was easy to work with.
In the end, this job will have cost them more than they originally thought. They did not ask me for more money than they had originally quoted. (And I didn't ask to pay them *less* than the quote, even though I do not feel I was given what I paid for.)
If words could get a job done, then
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
would be a great company. Unfortunately, someone has to actually do the work. We ran into numerous difficulties in actually getting what was agreed to.
But that gets us to the...
From the very beginning, we told them exactly what color we wanted for the floor: a rich, deep, red color. We knew that this color would be tricky and even e-mailed over to them sample pictures of what color we wanted *before* the quote was put together. Later, I even brought in a 70 pound stereo speaker that was the exact color we were going for. We were told that the color would be tricky, but that we would be able to have the color we wanted.
When the work started, we were no longer dealing with the company directly, but dealing with a sub-contracted installer. He showed us a set of maybe a dozen color samples (all shades of brown) and said pick one. We told him that *none* were even *close*. He said OK he'd work on it and came back the next day with a board painted with one of the exact sample colors we had *already* rejected. He told us "but it looks different on the wood!" We told him it *still* wasn't close. We ended having to go to
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
*ourselves* and work with them over two days to get the right color. (They were *great* to work with and *really* helped to get us the color we wanted.)
Then we were told that we couldn't have the oil-based finish we had agreed to in the quote. We were told that there would be problems installing an oil finish with the stain: "It will pull up the color". The
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
people disagreed, but we ended up working with the sub-contractor to move to a water-based finish. After all, he's supposed to be the expert.
Then we were told that we could not have three coats of the finish like we had agreed to, but needed to have one coat of sealer and two coats of finish "because the finish was too strong and would split the wood" (an exact quote from the installer!). We called
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
directly and they told us that was *not* the case.
We later found out that he had used less finish on the floor than the manufacturer allows. He did 500 sq ft per
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
. The manufacturer says 350-400 sq ft per
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
, and they clearly state DO NOT SPREAD TOO THIN in their instructions (all-caps are theirs!). But that's exactly what he did.
Finally, when I asked for a third coat of finish exactly as I had agreed to in the quote, *and* that it be installed exactly as the manufacturer describes (3 gallons for the 1050 sq ft we have),
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
agreed without any kind of question. However, when I was watching the installer install the product to make sure I did indeed get the three gallons I was supposed to, the installer threatened to walk off the job with the last coat of finish half-applied! Rather than make the situation worse, I left. I still can't be certain that I got my third coat correctly installed.
Needless to say, we were very unhappy with this situation, but there really wasn't much that we could do to change it. In all honesty, the floor does look very nice. My problem wasn't that it doesn't look good, but that it was not what we agreed to get, and that it was installed exactly the way the manufacturer said it should NOT be done--so what confidence can I have on its quality and durability?
Next, the moulding. We were to supply the style of moulding we wanted of an agreed size (case and base moulding) and they would install it. We ended up going with some very nice poplar hardwood moulding, which was more expensive than normal MDF or pine. (444 Case and 163E Base). They then installed it. They used drywall mud to patch nail holes and fill gaps. This isn't in and of itself a problem, but what was a problem was both the amount of patching they had to do (such as nearly every point where two pieces of moulding met), and the fact that they did not clean up the patching. The moulding looks like un-sanded drywall, with patches of lumpy mud all over the place.
Rather than depend on my own thoughts (seeing as I was already unhappy because of the floor), I asked the painter to stop by and look at it and make sure it was OK. I gave him no idea of what to look for, just to check if it was OK for him to paint. His first words to me were "What did they to your moulding?" He too was surprised by the amount of mud used everywhere. It defeats the point of using durable hardwood moulding if your'e going to cover it in fragile mud. In his words, he can make it look decent, but it will not be great.
Again, there wasn't much that could be done. I could spend another four figures on materials, but what would make me think they would do a better job the second time? Especially when they told me that they had done an extra careful job the first time.
So, in the end, I have a floor that I have no confidence in and moulding that my painter will have to work hard to get to "decent". Not what I expected to have after paying over $10,000 (including the cost of the moulding). Needless to say, I am disappointed.
- Timothy M.

Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
and his team are wonderful. We got an email response to our initial request for a quote the very same day and
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
scheduled an on-site visit with
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
later that week.
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
was on time and very courteous. After examining the floors and taking measurements of all rooms, he provided us with a quote right then and there. The quote was very reasonable and the timeline he provided fit perfectly into our renovation plans, so we signed the contract on the spot.
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
and his team met me at the house the morning of the scheduled start date (a Tuesday). He briefly walked me through the house to explain what he’d be doing and to point out areas of concern (deep scratches and pet stains). All the while, his guys we getting started moving equipment into the house and taping off the area to be refinished. When I came back at the end of the day, much of the house had already been sanded. Surprisingly, there was minimal dust around the house. I left him with keys to the house so he and his team could come and go for the remainder of the job. They worked through the week and the weekend and finished the job on Monday afternoon. I stopped by a couple times throughout the job and was always pleasantly surprised at how clean they kept the jobsite. As for the quality of work, the floors looks amazing! The original floors were top-nailed and had many nail heads popping up. As he explained on his first visit, they countersunk all the nails and applied wood putty (that alone was worth the price!). There were several areas of damage, including major scratches and pet stains.
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
’s team was able to fix them all. Where needed, he flipped boards over or swapped them with a less visible area (like in a closet). We are very happy with the final results and would definitely contract him again.
- Kristen M.

Very Very prompt with information, estimates, pricing, billing ease and customer service. Will/would absolutely use and order from them again. Pricing was thousands less than local flooring suppliers.
Flooring was very good quality. Finish was great throughout and after going through 25 cartons, there were only 3 small short pieces that were unusable. Some individual boards had inconsistent milling in the
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
and groove portions, but did not at all effect the install or completed project. I have had 100 times more issues with some other top of the line products from some premier flooring suppliers.
Again, I saved a lot of money buying from
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
and was very pleased with the entire process and product.
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked

- Mary W.

From the very start
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
was very responsive. I had to delay the start by several months due to other portions of the project not completed. (I did nearly all the work myself and could only devote weekends to the remodel.)
TTW re-used existing floors to minimize the amount of new wood needed to repair old water and termite damage. Even the new wood was color matched to match the age of my original 90 year old floors.
The finished product was excellent. I would definitely recommend them to anyone refinishing hardwood floors.
The only note of caution I'd give to people considering refinishing floors has nothing to do with the contractor. Old floors often have
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
damage and replacing pieces can get expensive. The sanding process uncovers termite damage that may not be apparent before the top
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
is sanded. That being said, there's no better look than refinishing the existing floors on an old house. It's worth the time and expense of refinishing original flooring rather than replacing it.
Get several prices, but remember that an entire crew will be in your home for at least several days.
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
' crew was excellent and I felt I could trust the crew completely.
Leesport Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
was excellent at "aging" the new wood to match the existing.
- Peter F.
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