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We had a multiple of contractors bid on our basement. We went with
because his prices were very fair and after meeting with him, he felt like "the guy" to complete our basement. He had great ideas and suggestions for how to finish the basement. My wife and I had never had to use a contractor before so we didn't know what to expect. He was very friendly, polite, easy to talk with. He was clear up front and set our expectations for what he could for us. He gave a very detailed quote and time-line for what it would take to complete the basement.
did everything for the basement minus the carpet. They studded out, ran electric (even my speaker wires and TV coax), insulation, drywall & spackle, molding and lastly the painting.
stayed on track the entire time the work was being done and they completed as expected.
and his team were extremely professional and felt very comfortable with them working in our house. All our kids knew them on a first name basis. They were also VERY clean. At the end of every day, the entire basement was cleaned up. There was never any saw dust or pieces-parts lying around the floor which I felt was very impressive.
had told us up front, "if you ever need anything or have any questions, just call me". And we did and he picked up the phone every single time we called with a question throughout the building process.
and his team completed the basement in the time-frame that he said he would, never any delays. What also impressed me was he told us that after we got the carpet installed he would come back and fix any dings, dents, scratches, etc. that the carpet guys did. And true to his word, he came the week the carpet was installed and spackled and re-painted parts of the walls that were scratched, touched up any of the trim that was dinged by the carpet installation. He even fixed a few closet doors that now wouldn't open due to the thicker carpet. My wife and I are extremely pleased with our basement and couldn't have had a better experience. I would highly recommend
for any home remodeling job you may be considering. Thank you
- April H.

is a an all inclusive contractor; having done all our work himself including plumbing and electrical. The only work he does not do is kitchen counter tops.
removed old cabinets, lighting, and flooring and installed new cabinets, floor, appliances, lighting, plumbing, painting & staining, tile work, and interior and exterior doors. Also removed old bathroom sinks & cabinets, toilets and flooring and replaced with new sinks, toilets and flooring. All the work was accomplished in a timely manner and with complete professionalism. In addition he ran into a problem with our floor tile and spent at least a day or more correcting the tile company's problem at no additional charge to us. He was very punctual in returning text messages and email, and it was very easy to work with him. We will definitely contact
for any future needs and highly recommend him.
- Linda W.

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Export Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
completed our basement over a month ago. But given that it ended as such a bad experience, I wanted to give myself time to cool down before writing my review. While the design process was fun and there were some wonderful, creative tradespeople, the overall experience left a very bad taste. On the surface, the basement might look good, but the process and ultimate quality of some of the work leaves much to be desired. According to their website and promotional materials, you’ll experience “no headaches construction” and “quick and efficient completion” with “highly organized” project managers and “frequent communication.” NONE of these claims were even close true in our case.

“Quick and efficient completion”. The project manager originally said that our basement would be complete by January 31st (we needed to extend the original finish date from December, which was fair, because we decided to expand the project). The project manager claims the end date was March 17th because of the final inspection (thereby avoiding paying us a greater late fee). In order to pass as soon as possible they rushed and faked their way through it. For example, they hung incorrect doors to pass inspection. The doors, but not the frames, were replaced later which has
Export Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
to the doors sticking and not opening and closing smoothly. This problem has gotten worse since the completion of the project. There were several other outstanding items remaining (including staining and hanging the doors, millwork repair, and top coating which completed mid-April). I would argue that when your house stinks from staining, the project is not complete. There was also a hole in our foundation where the fireplace people wrongly drilled a large hole that was not completely repaired until JUNE 11. It was probably only finally completed because FBC came back to us after the final payment seeking more money and we would not pay until it was done.

These people are not “highly organized” or good at communication, and the best example of this was a second “final” invoice we received mid -May for the money they forgot to bill us in our “first” final installment. We thought that they had given us a discount for their incredible lateness and our incredible patience for the numerous errors that occurred during the process. While the discount that we thought we had was larger than the late days (and they only sent back auto-replies to my emails to them about this matter), they did not deduct a late fee from the final price until we threatened them with not paying any of the money for their billing error. They even attempted to get us to sign a release stating that we would not make negative comments about them and releasing them from all liability on the basement to get the late fees owed to us by the original contract. We did not sign the document, and they cashed the check, presumably ending this brutal relationship.

The consistent errors and mistakes in the project, along with the unknown and constantly changing schedule, the total confusion in billing at all times (they were sure to calculate additional charges for us, but did not take into account items we removed from the project, such as two reclaimed beams, custom corbels, rope lighting, etc.) the “new” final bill, and their ridiculous attempt at getting out of their liability, makes our story a cautionary tale.

- Mikko N.

Installed shower incorrectly and without a P-drain. Did not install a vent for sewer line causing a methane buildup behind the wall. All electrical outlets were put in without support so that they moved into the wall when plugging electrical items in. Also had a gash in the marble shower stall causing leakage.
- gail B.

I have a rental property that I just moved into about 3 months ago. For some reason or another, the lawn was in terrible shape. The bushes were overgrown, the grass was spotty, and the remaining grass had a bunch of weeds everywhere. I called in to the company I was renting from and they had
Export Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
come out within a few days. There were about 3 guys working on my lawn for about an hour and a half and afterwards it looked AMAZING. They even disposed of some old bricks that were lying in the back yard. Since then, they regularly come out and cut the lawn, and make sure the yard is kept in good shape. I would definitely recommend them, in fact, a few of my neighbors have since started using them as well.
- Greg C.

The project went exceptionally well.
Export Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
impressed me right from the initial consultation. He was very professional throughout the entire project. He was clear and precise in the contract, outlining when the project could start and when the project would be finished. He even came to my office to get the paperwork signed.
Export Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
was always prompt and on time each and every day for the full two weeks that he was in my home. He completed my basement on time and on budget. It was such a pleasure to work with a contractor who takes a tremendous amount of pride in his work!! I have referred
Export Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
to my co-worker for a repair and I would not hesitate to refer him or use him again in the future.

- Tracey C.

First of all when he made the deal with us he recommended not to get permits because "we would never get any of the work to pass inspection because all inspectors have it out for contractors because they are contractor wantabes" I said well what about the electrical work and he told me that he had an electrician under employment. He also said that the inspecters invent the rules and change them as they go. So the job would never get finished. So he talked us out of getting a permit. He also had us pay 3432.00 up front as a deposit. 20% and we had to buy the materials. So that was how we could save money So He charged us 17160.00 in Labor only but gave us a discount 14353.00 and then we had to buy 6000 dollars of materials but we did get a discount from Lowes. He gave me a partial materials list. He wanted to go pick out everything that he wanted to buy for my house and then have me call in and pay for it. He did not like my oversight when I asked him for a materials list. He started 2 days late. This is a job that is going to take 1 day. I wanted a drop ceiling and he got upset and said i will give you drywall. I told him I want a drop ceiling that we have had leaky pipes in the past and we need access. So then he added on another 625 dollars to the job for labor of a drop ceiling. He did not show me how much he was crediting for no drywall on the ceiling. But I felt that 625 was not that bad.
Was supposed to start work on
Export Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
14, 2014 did not start until July16, 2014 at 12:30,

He showed up 4 hours late 2 of the days and 3 days he did not show up at all and he spent 4 hours picking up 150 2x4s and 9 bags of insulation, 3 rolls of electrical wire. Shows up the first day with no drawings no plans for electrical nothing so he starts winging it. 18 studs were put up over a 4.5 hour period with 3 guys. They were supposed to work from 6:30 to 4:30 every day. He wanted to do everything his way and it was different then the way that we wanted it. He showed up on Friday
Export Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
18 and he did not show up until 9:00 with 2 other guys no work was done and they left within a half hour for an emergency, he said that he would call me as soon as he got to the job to find out what was going on. Finally at 2:30 I called no answer at 2:35 I called no answer I called again. He finally called me back at 4:30 and said he will bring some guys on Saturday and they will get the project back on track. I asked him what time will you be here and he said between 7:30 and 8:00 and at 8:15 I called him and he said he was turning into our subdivision and would be here shortly. that is less than a 5 minute drive he showed up at 9:05 with 4 guys and 2 started working one stayed in his truck and 1 left with him. I asked one of the guys that was working, so I see he left you guys to do all the work. And the guy replied well he had some running around he had to do for other projects. So they came back at 12:30 and they were all taking several smoke breaks throughout the day and very little work was getting done. His two main workers were trying to do a good job but they were very slow. So then
Export Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
the owners son decides that he is going to start running the wiring for electrical and we had discussed that everything was going to be to code and that an electrician would do this work. So he did not even know how the electric was going to be tied into. i kept questioning and he started yelling at me and he is 6 '6'' and 355 lbs. He was trying to intimidate me and he walked off the job. He has not shown up or called. I paid him 8000 dollars for little work and it is all done incorrectly and not to fire code. I have to have it redone and the walls are not alligned or to code. So I am furious

- Deborah H.

The service was excellent. I was in continuous contact with the provider throughout the week as to when the installation would take place and the equipment being installed. The work was done professionally, neatly and quickly. The installation took place within the estimated time frame. I would highly recommend this provider!
- jason C.

While performing other work in my home a member of the BD crew noticed that the foundation wall had a crack running the length of one of the walls just below the soil line. A level placed against the wall showed the wall to be bowed in approximately 1/2 - 3/4" over 4" at the crack location. A force beam system was recommended to straighten the wall and provide support to prevent additional movement. Seventeen force beams were installed along two walls. Two water pipes required rerouting to allow installation of braces alon one of the walls. The crew arrived at 8:00 am and and was finished by early afternoon. The walls were brought back to within 1/4" over 4" after the initial installation. However, the BD force beam system incorporates a torque screw that is adjusted initially to 40 ft-lb and retightened after 6 mo - 1 yr to gain additional straightening. The work was completed on the date specified and the crew and project manager completed the repairs in a professional and timely manner.

- Robert T.

BBC worked around our schedule and all crews arrived at on time. They got down to work (no lollygagging) and they kept the work area clean. Once the crews completed their task, they placed the rubbish outside our garage for pickup. The crews were VERY careful not to damage any parts of the house as they were traveling through.
This would not be an honest review if I didn’t mention the (little) mishaps. Our mishaps were so small I hate mention it but when I read reviews I’m skeptical about the ones that didn’t encounter any issues.
Mishap 1: We wanted a cutout down the stairway wall. The framers performed the cutout but not as designed. Unfortunately it was discovered that we have a support beam which prevented us from the full cutout. We emailed
Export Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
to request they close it, she understood our dilemma and she had them close it up without any hesitation.
Mishap 2: Because of an oversight on our BBC proposal, we opted to have the cable installed ourselves. My husband was supposed to have it completed before the sheetrock was installed. But he forgot (MEN!). So our cable installers had to cut holes in the newly installed sheetrock to run the lines. We emailed
Export Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
, again she understood and had the sheet rockers patch up holes without hesitation.
Mishap 3: The material was delivered to our driveway and Mother Nature called with a very
Export Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
night. To say the least most of the material was damaged. We emailed
Export Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
at 8pm (afterhours for her) and she quickly responded that they will take care of
it. The carpenter showed an hour early the following morning to replace the damaged material.
See little mishaps (on us as well) that was addressed quickly.
BBC is a well-organized and ran company. I know this was stated in other reviews but
Export Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
is an EXCELLENT project coordinator.
We had Worldwide Flooring (
Export Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
, NJ) install our laminate floors at a discount because of our business with BBC. With the discount, the quote was far less than other flooring companies.
The finished product for both BBC and Worldwide is all that we imagined. The workmanship is perfect. Very clean cuts (no uneven walls or floors) and the fixtures are neatly installed. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the work by all.
We are so pleased that we are contracting Basic Kitchen and Bathrooms for those projects.

- Ciejea L.
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