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We were referred to
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
by a vendor from whom we were buying new kitchen bar stools when we complained about the costs and services of contractors from whom we had previously requested bids. From our first contact with
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
we knew this was going to be a far better experience. She showed us her extensive (by job type and years in business) portfolio. She took time to discuss options for improving both the function and appearance of our kitchen. She spoke in detail about the options for finishes and hardware, giving us confidence that she knows this business very well and was not just pitching a sale.
Our kitchen was not particularly old, but the previous owners of the house worked with contractors who cut corners. Cabinet doors often fell from (cheap) hinges, edges of cabinets and drawers were inconsistent in dimension, and some under-countertop spaces were essentially unusable (unless one was an adept contortionist). The finish color had faded in a short time and was a poor color choice for the bamboo flooring. The refacing job on the cabinets had been poorly glued and was peeling away at corners and edges.
We were quite surprised when the quote for services (including far more extensive changes than for previous quotes) were significantly lower than the previous quotes.
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
measured our kitchen in detail with the drawer-builder with whom they work. They finalized plans to convert numerous cabinets to deep drawers and to install higher quality hardware. They gave us a date to start work and and estimate of a completion date.
Work began on time and was completed with a day or so of their estimate (even though we added work after
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
are lovely people who are friendly and courteous of working in a house where people are living. They kept the dust and odors confined, as best expectable, to the kitchen and when they ended the day, they tidied-up the workspace.
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
are hard-working and serious about quality. They would spend a great deal of time to complete the job with excellence (rather than just complete the job).
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
have transformed our kitchen. It is beautiful now.
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
- The Wizard of Finishing - created a deep and rich finish for the cabinets that is a beautiful complement to the floor and walls. Her finishes on both old cabinetry and new are identical. She matched the color of our new bar stools perfectly, as well. My wife is very happy with the new look and function of the kitchen. I am particularly grateful of
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
's hardware work. Drawers and cabinets align across a broad length of cabinet. I have not had to re-position a cabinet door in six months after doing so a few times a month for the previous four years. His work was not limited to installing better hardware, he also rebuilt cabinets where there was a poor foundation for mounting the hardware.
It is one thing when one finds contractors who can finish a job decently. It is an entirely different and finer thing to find people who have mastered their craft and will only complete a job when it meets a standard of excellence. You will find the latter in
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
We will use
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
when we rebuild our bathrooms.

- Timothy D.

Buyer beware. I thought because they were so prompt prior to install that all would go smoothly. They came to measure, all went well. They came to install and the guys were nice but seemed in a hurry to be done for the day. The guy said yeah we've been driving for 8 hours and my son is in the hospital so I need to get back soon. I felt sympathetic and was chit chatting with them. Once they left I noticed so many issues. I called the next day and they said I had to go to Home Depot to file a work order, which I did. Home Depot called and they called and told me it would be the following Monday before anyone could come out. They then called Tuesday and said someone would be out the next day. We waited and waited, noone showed. The next day, no phone call. I went to Home Depot and told them what happened. At this point they called NF Granite directly and the lady said oh yeah, sorry he forgot to call. So they said well we can get someone out there next Friday and then they will bring the granite with the cutx back the following week. (This assuming that they show on this appointment)
Meanwhile I have company coming and mirrors and sinks that I can't reinstall until this issue is fixed. I ended up telling Home Depot to give me a refund on my backsplashes and I would just fix it on my own or live with it. They gave me a refund. I then had a mirror guy come out and he explained that the cut of my granite and what I want to do, requires this one space to be filled in. I went to Home Depot and asked if I could get a 21 3/4 in backsplash cut and they said nope sorry! OMG!!!! So meanwhile, everyone in this area has said well you shouldn't have gone through home depot. I then called NF Granite directly and they said oh let me see what we can do, we'll call you tomorrow. Guess what? Haven't heard anything. I have had to contact Silestone directly. I hope they can get this one piece to me!
- Karen W.

We were (are) under the gun to get an outbuilding converted into a studio 'apartment' for my in-laws that need to move in with us for health reasons. These reasons happened in a very short time period and we had little time to prepare.
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
and the whole crew were fantastic. The got things done before their promise dates and
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
even made an extra trip out when we were having trouble coming up with a workable floorplan and needed their help assessing what they could do. Highest recommendation I can give with any one doing work in SC in the last 20 years!
- Jeff W.

They did a great job and I am delighted with their work. I looked for granite at many places before I found them. Not only was their selection far superior to other places I visited, but their customer service was absolutely the best.
Thanks to their sales/design specialist,
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Okur, my experience could not have been better. He guided me with great care and patience through the entire process, making sure my choices were the best for my particular situation and budget. His attention to detail made the final result a stunning success. He was in constant contact with me to make sure I was happy with all aspects of the installation and I am delighted with my new kitchen. If you are thinking of updating your kitchen, this company is top notch.
- Judy G.

In March 2014, I engaged with
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
. + J. Filho to purchase
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
-branded kitchen cabinets for my new home. A deposit of $18,750 was paid via check -- 75%, which I have since learned is non-standard / excessive in the industry. Per Filho, cabinets were to be ordered thru partnership with another vendor in Seekonk,
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
. While I did meet with the vendor, I have no evidence to confirm or deny to what degree this vendor was ultimately engaged. This is simply the claim I got from Filho both verbally and in writing.
After a significant amount of back-and-forth, I received word from Filho on on 4/7 order for cabinets had been signed off on, indicating a May delivery. On 5/5, I began pushing Filho for a firm delivery date, which resulted in a series of conflicting & false responses (all in writing). On 5/22 I received first solid indication there was a problem; Filho claimed his business partner in Seekonk had taken the deposit but did not order. Again, I have no evidence to confirm or deny whether this if fact.
It's important to note that before this Filho came "half clean," he said was engaged in conversations with
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
, the cabinet manufacturer, directly to 'check on escrow' and indicated that he had 'threatened to cancel as a result of the delay' (this is all in writing). Skeptical because the pieces did not fit together, I separately contacted
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
twice. During first conversation, I learned the only approved reseller was in
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Island -- but both Filho and his associate operate out of Massachusetts. During the second conversation, I learned no order was placed and neither party had authorization to resell despite promoting so (also have a note from March in writing indicating that Filho "had done a lot of business with
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Needless to say, demanded my money back from Filho. While Filho has claimed to be an "honest person" and has made many promises to make good of this situation, I have not received any return of that deposit or any demonstration of goodwill.
In early
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
I called an in-person meeting to go over the situation and highlights of the timeline of events. Filho again indicated he'd resolve but all evidence to date remains to the contrary. In fact, he's used my long-delayed reporting of this horrid situation to the Attorney General as another convenient excuse not to start returning the deposit of $18,750 -- as he promised he would do both in-person and in writing.
Further, and while all this nonsense has gone on and on, I was faced with reordering cabinets through another company and paying for them. I also was subjected to other resulting costs and hardship including no occupancy of my home & 4 mths/$10k in rent for shelter, etc.
Not only is the situation unethical and immoral it's also illegal and equates consumer fraud and grand larceny.
Previous to this, I foolishly engaged in November 2014 for granite counters. While the matter is 'resolved,' it's also not a happy story. I provided a deposit of $5.6K, which was only half of what I would have owed Filho had I continue to engage on the countertops piece. Due to the above (and more!), I asked to stop the churn and cut ties.
At the in-person meeting in
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Filho agreed that he would 'release' the granite to me. He also insisted the granite had already been paid for / 'was all set' and 'not to worry' even when probed and asked if he could produce a receipt (he said he could; he never did). Not only was it not paid but the cost to him was a modest $3K. It was a fraction of what I'd already paid Filho in November!
So, to add insult to injury, I was being subjected to complete price gauging. Further, when Filho did finally attempt to pay for the granite, he bounced the check to the warehouse. This again caused delays, hassles and complications. So, if you do the math, Filho, for all my hassle, extracted $2.6K profit on the granite counters alone.
Oh, and as a side, Filho had promised that for doing business with him vanities would be done free-of-charge (in writing!). When the cabinet situation unfolded, he then attempted to associate value with a vanity and a way to "work off the missing $18,750." A vanity top did show up and was installed cracked from top to bottom and front to back. The sink hole was cut crooked. The holes were drilled
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
nilly. Installation included damaging my sink to the point I had to reorder. And damaging my vanity including sawing through it, requiring extensive repairs. When I sent a note saying I was rejecting the vanity, there was no response. When I finally got attention, he'd said he'd not heard from me but retracted when I sent him the note in writing. My husband and I had to remove the mess and return it to his store.
Yes, I could write a book! Or Filho could -- a book for fiction, that is!

- Amy C.

The sink they brought out was a completely different color of cultured marble. It was white with a little blue and grey. We went down to
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
to look at the samples. There was no sample anywhere close to what is installed in our tub walls. We talked with them three times, asking them to come out and bring the samples and see what they could do to make something a little closer to what they made 9 months ago.
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
repeatedly told us how how they "couldn't match it". We kept saying it doesn't have to "match" but it has to be closer to what they made 9 months earlier. They would not come back out to our house.
Finally my husband asked them if they could do this job and they said "No." You mean you can't do this job?" he asked? "No, we can't do this job."
We asked for a refund and received it.
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
, the company that made the cultured marble for our tub walls, is unable to make a sink out of the same materials. We start looking around Albq for something similar to our tub walls and it turns out no company in Albq has anything close to our tub walls. No one. Including the people who originally made it.
Perhaps what is most interesting about this entire story is that there is no paperwork at
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
of this job. No record of this cultured marble ever being made. No record of it ever being bought by our contractor. And no record of it ever being installed by
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
. There is absolutely no paper work on this job. There is paperwork on the other bathroom that was remodeled, but not on this one.
- Kimberly O.

The manufacturing was adequate and the installers were great. They charge a surcharge for using a credit card or require a bank check, so plan on additional costs above their quote. Their prices were comparable with other vendors so I will most likely go with another vendor who is easier to work with for the next project.
- David B.

Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
's men did a marvelous job. Even allowing for the few flaws in marble which really can't be totally evened out and sealed, they did an amazing job with two bathrooms which are total marble - walls from floor to ceiling, and floors. They got out all the areas which looked like someone had thrown eggs against the walls, and left them there to dry. The shine on the marble is impeccable.
I will definitely have him do the same for the granite counters and floor in my kitchen in the very near future.

still working on it, but
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
was very knowledgable and patient. He helped me find the perfect slab for my kitchen.Also works with excellent fabricators.Definitetly would refer this company.

- cynthia R.

Excellent work all around.
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
was careful and thoughtful about how he approached the work, he reviewed a number of alternatives and adjusted his plan according to some concerns we had about how some of materials might impact someone with severe asthma, and completed the in a timely and efficient manner. The results are extremely good - the break, even though the head was completely broken off and some of the material at the edges worn off (so it wasn't a "perfect" fit) - is barely visible, even on the back of the head where there is a lot of detail in the hair. The finger that he sculpted from scratch is also indistinguishable from the other fingers that were intact on the statue.
I'd heartily recommend
Chalfont Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
to anyone else who has statues or other stone carvings that are in need of some repair or perhaps reconstruction. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail if you'd like further details or you'd like to see a photograph of the statue when finished.
- Douglas D.
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Directbuy of indianapolis is a great connection for those who prefer mid to high quality...


317 Ruscombe Ave
Glenside, PA
Owner-operated. uses subs for labor. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no...

dRemodeling LLC

4229 Ridge Ave
Philadelphia, PA
Look no further…dremodeling is your ideal home remodeling solution. here at dremodeling, we...

E-R Services Inc

214 E 4th Street
Lansdale, PA
My company is a full service home improvement company. i am well educated and keep up with the...

E.A.Smith Builders

332 E Roosevelt Blvd
Philadelphia, PA
E.a.smith builders residential contractor / 25 year craftsman./ licensed & insured

Easton Flooring Inc

1344 Easton Rd
Abington, PA
Family owned & operated.


36 Mohr Rd
Burlington, NJ
Ed k installs tile and marble to both residential and commercial buildings. all installation...

Ed Walls General Contracting

59 Folwell Station Rd
Jobstown, NJ
Full service home improvement and building contractor. small home repairs and major...

Element Granite & Quartz

9220 Keystone St
Philadelphia, PA
Additional email -


Aston, PA
Additional phone numbers: (800)390-6096 & (610)494-3456. dba: elisio builders inc, elisio...

Emerald Tile

201 emerald ave
Westmont, nj
We are a family owned and operated installation company specializing in custom tile work and...

Emmel Construction, LLC

102 E. Main St.
Marlton, NJ
To perform the highest level of quality construction services, ensure the longevity of our...

EP Home Improvement LLC

1602 Brunswick Pike
Lawrenceville, NJ
Ep home improvement is a licensed and insured home improvement contractor. from painting,...


2980 W Germantown Pike
Norristown, PA

Exquisite Designs

47332 Sterdley Falls
Sterling, VA
We are a full service interior design firm. we also obtain a re-sale license which allows us...


15 W Highland Ave Ste 10
Philadelphia, PA
We are a small company based out of philadelphia specializing in the provision of ongoing...


Norristown, PA
We specialize in everything from carpentry to craftsmanship. this is the third generation of...

Father & Son Remodeling/Builders

2718 E Allegheny Ave
Philadelphia, PA
Father & son is a full service general contracting company which means all phases of a project...


8015-8017 Old York Rd
Elkins Park, PA
"exceptional design & craftsmanship from our family to yours" we are the montgomery county...

Finer Finishes LLC

603 E Butler Ave
Doylestown, PA
Finer finishes llc provides a vast range of services for homeowners who are choosing to...

First Impression Carpentry LLC

29 S Bridgeboro St
Riverside, NJ
First impression carpentry llc has about 10 years of experience backed up with excellent...


Morrisville, PA
Started buisness in 1986 giving my customer custom work on kitchens and baths they want.

Fix It All Today

1358 Hooper Ave
Toms River, NJ
Fix it all today - a reliable building services company - helps homeowners, like yourself,...

flannigan russo contractors

Oaklyn, NJ
Building, renovation, excavation, remodeling .

Floor Coverings International

5 N Olney Ave Ste 100A
Cherry Hill, NJ
Whether you are looking for new carpet, tile, stone, vinyl, laminate or hardwood floors, our...

Floor Installation Systems

401 Rutgers Ct
Bensalem, PA
We are a growing company who guarantees to beat any quote that you receive. (quote has to be...

Foglia's Granite Shop

Newark, DE
Family owned and operated. where quality workmanship counts.

Fornaretti Construction

2631 South Colorado Street
Philadelphia, PA
General contractor specializing in residential and commercial applications. owner operated. ...

Four Golden Brothers Painting

2664 Rte 206
Mount Holly, NJ
Family owned & operated for the past three generations, four golden brothers painting has...


Doylestown, PA
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my company, francis x. white builder...


Brookhaven, PA
3 employees. no subs. charges a flat rate. no travel charges. no extra charge for after hours...

Front To Back Home Improvements

P.O. Box 2092
Horsham, PA
Front to back home improvements is a full service home improvement company specializing in...

Fulmer Masonry

496 Stonebridge Rd
Perkasie, PA
Owned and operated by david a fulmer.

Gaydos Flooring LLC

234 Brandywine Ave
Downingtown, PA
Additional dba - gaydos granite & tile. see website for additional address. see website for...

Gehman Design Remodeling

355 Main Street
Harleysville, PA
Dennis gehman founded gehman design remodeling (gdr) in 1990 in a basement office in his home....

Glen's Home Improvements

641 Unruh Ave
Philadelphia, PA
No sub contractors 1 employee part time

Gondell Home Improvement LLC

320 S Manoa Rd.
Havertown, Pa
Licensed home improvement company located in delaware county pa, specializing in residential...

Granite Transformations

840 upper state rd
North Wales, PA
Granite transformations has 2 local showrooms - north wales/montgomeryville showroom 840 upper...

Green Brothers Construction & Mgmt. LLC.

1801 Cleveland Ave.
Abington, PA
Green brothers construction & mgmt. llc. is a dedicated and personable general contracting...

Green Granite

Avondale, PA
Green granite can help you enhance your home or business by upgrading your kitchen...

Green Tech Construction LLC

6950 Fowler St
Philadelphia, PA
If you can imagine it, we can build it!

Greenview Designs

21 Spring Hollow Dr
Hopewell, NJ
Landscape & hardscape contractors, installing pavers as well as natural stone in stone base or...

Gregs Tile,Marble,Wood

Collingswood, nj
A family business for over 75 years, specializing in kitchen and bathroom repair and...

Half Price Sinks and Faucets

5711 NE 14th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Half price sinks and faucets was founded on the belief that our customers deserve to have all...

Hearth Renovations

502 S Henderson Rd
King Of Prussia, PA
Sales, service and installation of gas and wood fireplaces, inserts and stoves, gas logs,...

Hendrickson Builders

331 Hogeland Rd
Southampton, PA
Hendrickson builders is a family owned and operated company established in 1986. our goal has...

Home Depot-Cherry Hill

2200 Rte 70 W
Cherry Hill, NJ
100 employees. uses subs. cost is determined by the job. no service fee. no travel charge.

Homestead Solutions Inc.

5 Great Valley Parkway Suite 210
Malvern, Pa
Home repair and improvement contractor specializing in home potential advice

House Medics LLC

127 Vassar Ave.
Stratford, NJ
We are a professional full service handyman company. all of our workers are full time...

IFESTIO Marble & Granite

77 w. baltimore pike unit 500, 600
Media, PA
Ifestio marble offers a variety of services at a high quality of craftsmanship and affordable...

Ilkem Granite And Marble

2010 Springdale Rd
Cherry Hill, NJ
Stone fabricator

Imperial Cleaning Solutions Inc

451 Veit Rd
Huntingdon Valley, PA
Commercial and residential cleaning: carpet cleaning, carpet stretching & repair,oriental...

Imperial Marble and Granite

10 Industrial Hwy MS-19
Philadelphia, PA
Established in 2004, imperial marble & granite, inc. specializes in the design, fabrication...

Interiors By L.C. Tweed

130 Sharrowvale Rd
Cherry Hill, NJ
Full service interior design firm. professional design services for those with discriminating...


Philadelphia, PA
3 employees. uses subs for plumbing & electrical. cost is determined by the job. travel...

Jack Fritz Tile & Marble

527 Olivia Way
Lafayette Hill, PA
I perform all jobs myself with a helper. i accept cash and checks only.

Jacobs Contracting and Property Management

Po box 545
Conshohocken, Pa
Specializing in custom home renovations.

JDR Construction LLC

2429 Federal St
Philadelphia, PA
J.d.r. construction llc is a local philadelphia construction company that has been in business...

Jerry Naimoli General Services LLC

636 Chatham Rd
Somerdale, NJ
The local face that you can trust since 1998! free estimates, we use no subs! owner always on...

Jesse James CM / GC

PO Box 901
Quakertown, PA
Experienced with 25 years in rehabilitating old homes, building new structures and updating...

Jim Rosado Tile and Marble

15 Harvard Ave
Collingswood, NJ
Jim rosado tile and marble is in our third decade of service to the delaware valley. all work...

JKmood Design & Construction

Fairway Court
Quakertown, PA
Jkmood design & construction is a full service design, build, remodeling and general...

JN Construction

Philadelphia, PA
Residential home remodeling. small company licensed and insured. free estimates.

Jobs Unlimited Inc DBA J.U.I. Floors

4859 Penns Way
East Greenville, PA
Dba j.u.i floors. we have been in business for 35 years, doing all kinds of flooring and...


4661 Hazel Ave
Feasterville Trevose, PA
Owner-operated. uses subs for hvac or plumbing. cost is determined by the job. no travel...


Coopersburg, PA
Specializing in high end residential home remodeling, we have literally built our reputation...

Joe Isabella's Contracting

2100 Rittenhouse Road
Harleysville, PA
New buildings, remodeling & repair projects we assist you from the initial design all the...

Johnny Comoara Construction

4331 Paul St
Philadelphia, PA
Johnny comoara construction is the premier design and build philadelphia area, pa remodeling...

JPH Construction, LLC

400 Washington Avenue
Downingtown, PA
Jph construction, llc is a general contracting/ remodeling company specializng in kitchens/...

JRL Design Inc

18 Briar Rd
Oreland, PA
Jrl design inc specializes in remodeling of kitchens, baths, basements and custom cabinetry....

k&d tile and marble

1322 Washington Ave
Philadelphia, PA
We are located on washington ave in philadelphia,we carry...

Kahen Remodeling LLC

1910 w. 4 street
Wilmington, DE
We have over 17 years of experience in residential and commercial renovations with dedicated...

KC Kitchens & Bathrooms

28 Scarlet Oak Rd
Levittown, Pa
Kc kitchens and bathrooms is a small family business that has provided lower bucks and the...

Keen Builders

502 Lestershire
Sewell, NJ
We are a third generation remodeling company family owned and operated. we only service one...

Ken Chandler Custom Carpentry

336 Church
Jenkintown, PA
Family owned and operated ,third generation g c

KER Tile and Marble Inc.

536 devon rd
Norwood, PA
For nearly two decades, ker tile & marble has provided quality workmanship throughout the...

Keystone Granite And Tile

39995 Mann Road
Huntington Valley, PA

Kitchen & Bath By Design

1163 W Baltimore Pike
Media, PA
*we offer quality cabinets for quality price . all contractors wanted. we will beat any price...

Kitchen's By Design

2419 S. 7th St
Philadelphia, PA
Kitchen and bath dealer, custom cabinet manufacturer. we have 3 employees.registered with the...

Kitchens By Ken

PO Box 1180
Willow Grove, PA
Custom design of kitchens & bathrooms; includes all phases of the renovation process including...

Kitsenko Construction

Levittown, PA
Our business can provide with great service to ensure your happiness and satisfaction with our...

KLF Tile Inc.

2455 West Chester Rd.
Coatesville, PA
We are a tile contracting company with 25 years experience installing tile and marble in the...

Klinghoffer Carpet One

2051 Byberry Rd
Philadelphia, PA
Additional contact name - john drnec. additional dba - paik inc. cost is determined by the...


Magnolia, NJ
Additional email

Kol Marble And Granite

1970 Old Cuthbert Rd
Cherry Hill, NJ
Our experienced design and installation teams are always courteous and pay utmost care to meet...

l c b contracting

3509 W Crown Ave
Philadelphia, PA
L c b contracting is a family owned and operated business. we have long established our roots...


2515 Potato Rd
Harleysville, PA
L. c. construction, inc. is a full service residential & commercial contractor. proudly...

Lasting Appeal Tile & Trim

P.O. Box 926
Quakertown, PA
Enhance your home with lasting appeal tile & trim. we have 25 years combined experience in...

Legacy Construction Company LLC

2222 W Indiana Ave
Philadelphia,, PA
Legacy construction company are general contractors that has been in business for over 19...

Let's Get Stone'd

414 Easton Rd
Warrington, PA
Family owned. additional dbas - granite and marble, lets get stoned inc., and let's get...


Philadelphia, PA

LJL Fine Lines Construction LLC

441 N 5th St
Philadelphia, PA
Fineline construction llc, has six steady employees with qualified and licensed sub...

LLB Flooring Inc.

Huntington Valley, PA
Family owned and operated in business 15 years only satisfied customers 60 mile radius from...

Lynch Contractors Inc

519 Bethlehem Pike
Glenside, PA
Family-owned general contracting business for over 25 years servicing montgomery county and...

M Pileggi Home Improvements

Abington, pa
Full-insured home improvement business. interior and exterior contracting. company owners are...

M.Samok Quality Home Maintenance

Upper Black Eddy, pa
Check out our webpage or call 267-549-8168 for updated seasonal promotions and...

Main Line Floor Refinishing

552 W Luray St
Philadelphia, PA
Additional email -

Majestic Flooring & Home Designs

84 W Ridge Pk
Royersford, PA
We are a full service flooring company. we specialize in hard surface flooring such as...

Mann Enterprises

Marcus Hook, Pa
Family owned and operated general construction company.covering all aspects of home remodeling...

Marble & Granite Fabricators

950 Pennsylvania Ave
Trenton, NJ


Feasterville Trevose, PA
30 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service fees.

Mark C Getty Custom Carpentry

Perkasie, Pa
Home repairs and remodeling, kitchen and bath cabinets light framing ,siding, and roofing...

Mark Polsky

Philadelphia, PA
I provide expertise in many aspects of home remodeling/rebuilding, design, restoration and...

Markei Interior Renovations

Doylestown, PA
We are a small family owned and operated business with 4 to 5 employees. we conduct an initial...

Martin Tile & Remodeling, LLC

8217 Balfour Rd
Pennsauken, NJ
Interior remodeling company with a focus on custom tile work. all work is handled by the...

Masonry Inc

123 Northpark Dr
Levittown, PA
4 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service fee. may...

MBC Gas Fireplace & Chimney

609 Lancaster Ave
Malvern, PA
Hearth retailer

McGrory Inc.

576 Rosedale Road
Kennel Square, PA
A dedication to providing quality products, backed by excellent service, is the key to our...


2450 Trenton Rd
Levittown, PA
Family owned and operated, since 1950 and serving pa & nj. phone numbers: 877-637-8814....

Memorials by Design

935 South Black Horse Pike
Williamstown, NJ
Memorials by design specializes in the custom fabrication of cemetery monuments, markers, and...

Meridian Construction

650 W Ninth Street
Lansdale, PA
Meridian construction is a family owned, full service remodeling and construction company...

MG Remodeling Inc

3412 Tudor St
Philadelphia, PA

Michaels Home Creations Inc

15 S. Easton Rd.
Glenside, PA
Paul michaels elite custom design inc. is a custom home builder company, homes built as...

Mike Sottile's Home Center

Glassboro, NJ
Mike sottile's home center is a full service residential and commercial painting business...

Mike The Handyman

9817 Clark St
Philadelphia, PA
2 employees. we now have our own crew for painting. hard wood flooring personal,master...

Modern Gas Products Inc.

415 Bloomfield Drive
West Berlin, NJ
We are 3rd generation hearth industry professionals providing sales, service, installation,...


101 Cherry Tree Blvd
Collegeville, PA
Sat by appt 9:00 am-1:00 pm

Morris Home Remodeling

2206 S Bucknell
Philadelphia, PA
Small contractor work as general contractor sub contractor hire by day by hour

MT Architect Design Inc

4023 Kennett Pike suite 220i

Mud & Set Tile Installation

11 Emerald Ave.
Collingswood, NJ
A tile layer with 15 years experience in tile installation. estimates are as low as they get...

Munz Construction Inc

201 Buck Rd
Holland, PA
The roots of munz construction actually started when chris munz was fourteen working for his...

Murtaugh Contracting Services Inc

Drexel Hill, PA
Experienced, licensed, and insured over 10 years experience in custom design hardscaping and...

MVB Marble & Granite

1970 Old Cuthbert Rd
Cherry Hill, NJ
We meet the customer and set up your own personal appointment and discuss the steps to...


4525 Salmon St
Philadelphia, PA
Mystic marble refinishing inc. is a marble and granite refinishing company. we restore all...

Nasella Construction

415 Lindsay Street
Ridley Park, PA
We are a family owned and operated busienss for over 25 years and take great pride in our...

New Jersey Repair

417 Lafayette Ave
Trenton, NJ
Home improvements.

New World Cabinetry

814 North White Horse Pike
Stratford, NJ
Some of our cabinet companies offer financing and we also offer easy payment plans on other...

Nicholas Tile Co

1950 Butler Pike
Conshohocken, PA
Free, no obligation estimates. fully insured. credit cards accepted.


Richboro, PA
1 employee. uses subs for plumbing & electrical. cost is determined by the job. no travel...

Northeast Kitchen Center, Inc.

45 Gun Rd
Levittown, PA
Northeast kitchen center, inc. offers everything you will need for your next kitchen...

O F Wander Co Inc-Kitchen Cabinet Reface/Refinsh

PO BOX 151
Eagleville, PA
"o. f. wander co., inc." has a1 rating and is a member of better business bureau (bbb) of...

One Way Tile

Norwood, PA
My partner and i do residential and small commercial work. i also sub contract off of a few...


Fairless Hills, PA
Established in 2006, onur marble & granite is in the business of completing kitchen and...

Osborne Builders

4640 Curly Hill Rd
Doylestown, PA
contractor richard osborne of osborne builders is repeatedly cited for his company’s solid...

Outdoor Kitchen Company

2187 Hopewell Rd
Nottingham, PA
Specializing in design & building of outdoor kitchens & entertainment area's grill and...

Pacetti Tile

2823 Saxton Rd
Northeast Philadelphia, PA
If you want a top-notch quality installation that will stand the test of time, then we are the...

Patrick OConnor Inc.

1588 Meadow Lane
Glen Mills, Pa
General contractor, commercial and residential 25 years experience

Paul F Raywood Contracting

57 Old York Rd
New Hope, PA
Founded in 1977, paul f. raywood general contracting quickly became know for its work in...

Paul Redding Contracting

2621eddington ave
Bensalem, pa
Business description: 2 employees 5 subcontractors all major credit cards accepted 10%...

PDM Construction

8012 English Creek Ave
Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Pdm construction is a premiere remodeling company. serving the south jersey area for over 26...

Penn Contractors Inc.

419 Dalton St.
Emmaus, PA
We are expert design & build remodelers with more than 25 years of industry experience. the...


Aston, PA
License #cl10. pa contractor #013828 license throughout each to meet local & state...


Philadelphia, PA
2 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service fees.

Phil Repici Contracting & Consulting Company

1790 Rockwell Rd
Abington, PA
Small residential and light commercial renovation co. started august 15, 1988. offering...

Philadelphia Soapstone Company LLC

1001 Lower Landing Rd.
Blackwood, NJ
Local family owned & operated.

Precise Maintenance Services, LLC

1481 Buck Road
Feasterville-Trevose, PA
Independently owned with over 30 years of experience. available 24 hours a day.

Precision Tile Installers

412 Ridge Ave
Glendora, NJ
Kitchen, baths, estimates, fully insured and licensed - quality workmanship

Premier Marble & Granite Design

200 Commerce Dr.
Freehold, NJ
Premier marble & granite we truthfully believe that you also deserve that unique, elegant and...

Princeton South Property Management

25 Colleen Cir
Trenton, NJ
Property management


Riverton, NJ
I handle all work personally. if we need plumbing or electrical i will have only licensed...


West Chester, PA
Consider ram cabinetry & countertops your full-service, cabinetry and countertop...

Rawlings Construction Co Inc

1209 Old Lane
Drexel Hill, PA
Rawlings construction is a licensed contractor in pennsylvania. license number: pa049508. we...

Re-Nu Kitchen & Bath, Inc.

2103 Bristol Pike
Bensalem, PA
Re-nu kitchen & bath has over two decades of combined experience in the home remodeling...

Renovations Galore Inc

760 Fernwood Ave
Langhorne, PA
We provide free estimates. at the time of the estimate the owner of the company will meet you...

Rent A Tile Man

400 Grant Ave
Willow Grove, PA
Owner-operated. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges.

Richard Chiango Cemetery Stone & Sculpture

1124 Belmont Ave
Wyomissing, PA
Preservation services: repair of limestone, sandstone, marble and granite memorials. ...

Rite-Way Tile

1529 Colonial Drive
Garnet Valley, Pa
Ceramic tile ,porcelain and marble installation. specializing in custom mortar installation

RJ Haas Contracting & Remodeling

20 Jonica Ln
Boyertown, PA
Rj haas contracting & remodeling is only a few years old as a company; however, i have over 30...

RJ Murphy All Phase Contractors

1801 Edgley rd
Levittown, PA
All estamites are free... if you want something done like an addition on to your house or a...

Rolling Suds Pressure Washing

262 Titus av.
Warrington, PA
Family owned and operated, rolling suds is one of the delaware valley's leading residential...

S&R Tile and Marble

186 Kemmerer rd
Nazareth, PA
Doing all types of bathroom and kitchen remodeling.custom walk in...

Saleem's Construction

612 N 10TH ST
Philadelphia, PA

Santoro Tile & Marble

522-600 W Main St
Norristown, PA
Santoro tile & marble distributing company, inc., is the premiere supplier of tile, marble,...


3137 Laughead Ln
Garnet Valley, PA
Lic. # pa014321 scott brady construction is a full service interior/exterior remodeling and...

Severino & Son, Inc.

3300 Trewigtown Rd
Colmar, PA
Severino & son, inc. is a family owned & operated company ensuring that our service and...

Sipe Construction Inc.

P.O. Box 26042
Philadelphia, PA
Sipe construction inc. is a fully licensed and insured residential and commercial remodeling...


Skippack, PA
We offer the finest selection of ceramic, porcelain, glass and hand made artisan tiles along...

Smith Construction & Remodeling

3676 Salina Rd
Philadelphia, PA
Smith construction and remodeling is a full dervice remodeling and construction company. we...

Society Hill Design Group, LLC

707 East Passyunk Ave.
Philadelphia, PA
Founded in 2002 on the premise that any space can be transformed into a work of art, society...

Standup Builders, LLC

1150 1st Ave. Ste. 501
King Of Prussia, PA
All materials must be paid for in advance before job is started so we are not waiting on...

Stanley Steemer

31 Southgate Blvd
New Castle, DE
Stanley steemer has been providing cleaning and restoration services for both residential and...

Steven Fritz Custom Carpentry &General Contracting

210 S. Valley Forge Rd.
Devon, PA
Feel free to call us with any questions you may have (610) 742-1125. thank you.

Stone Galaxy

4120 Blackhorse Pike
Blackwood, NJ
We are family owned company (artisans of stone work) two brothers ray and jacob. we dont hire...

Stone Masters Inc

515 School House Rd
Kennett Square, PA
Stone masters inc is a stone fabrication showroom and factory. we fabricate and install...

Stone Park USA Inc

235 Harvard Ave
Westville, NJ

Stone Pros

2000 Concord Rd
Chester, PA
Stone pros custom marble and granite was established in 2001 by mike young. with over 15 years...


670 Deer Rd
Cherry Hill, NJ
We sell & install granite counter tops, tile and marble. from a small backsplash to complete...

Studio 111 Architect & Assoc.

763 South 17th Street
Philadelphia, PA
Studio111 is a comprehensive solution for your home improvement or construction project. as a...

Stump and Durham Designs

Pipersville, PA
Women owned and family operated second generation builders with over 25 years experience. <10...


Norristown, PA
Styer & associates, inc, is full service design and construction firm. we have special...

Suburban General Remodelers LLC

457 Penn Ave
Drexel Hill, PA
Suburban general remodelers - formerly known as suburban home remodelers, established in 1987....

Suburban Handyman

14 Roberts Rd.
Bryn Mawr, PA
Great news!! we have recieved two angie's list super service awards in calendar year 2013 for...

Suburban Marble & Granite, Inc.

1010 Pulinski Rd
Warminster, PA
Additional phone - (215) 956-9711. additional dba - suburban marble, granite & tile. ...


4709 Edgemont street
Philadelphia, PA
The sullivan co. is a family owned and operated general construction company that has been in...

Surface Link Corp

4200 Lafayette Center Dr
Chantilly, VA
Countertop restoration and repair, sink replacements across the u.s.

Tany's General Contracting and Roofing

501 Lennox Ave
Voorhees, NJ
Self employeed, no sub-contracting, no financing

TB Construction Inc

6144 Cottage St
Philadelphia, PA
At tb construction incorporated we are dedicated to our customers and all the work that is...

The Basement Professor

1808 Karakung Dr
Ardmore, PA
The basement professor is a diverse and talented home improvement construction firm...


PO BOX 435
Gilbertsville, PA
Owner-operated. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service fees....

The Tile Shop

2270 E Lincoln Hwy
Langhorne, PA
The tile shop is everything tile. we carry porcelain, ceramic, travertine, marble, slate,...

thomas nicholas masonry

3487 kirkwood rd
Philadelphia, PA
We are a small buisness. we specialize primarially in masonry but, have years invested in all...

Tile Buyers Outlet

302 Crescent Blvd
Brooklawn, NJ
Tile buyers outlet specializes in bringing you incredible values from worldwide...


Phoenixville, PA
Owner-operated. uses subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no after hours...


401 W ROUTE 38
Moorestown, NJ
The tile shop in moorestown offers an extent hands-on experience to the remodeling and design...

Timber Creek Builders, LLC

114 W College Ave
Yardley, PA
We are a small limited liability company looking to expand our customer base! we have a highly...

Timeless Stone Fabrication, Inc.

104 Mill Rd.
Dublin, PA
A family owned and operated marble, granite, and quartz fabricator that has been in business...

Titan Granite

1781 Wilmington Pike
Glen Mills, PA
We are premium natural stone surface fabricators located in allentown, pa. we take pride in...

Top Granite 2

650 Clark Ave
King Of Prussia, PA
We are a family owned company. we fabricate granite, marble, quartz....and install kitchen...

Top Notch Contracting

461 Pensdale St.
Philadelphia, PA
General contractor

Topnotch construction

2363 E Dauphin St
Philadelphia, PA
The name said it all, makeing dreams come true.

Total Interior Tile and Stone

Willow Ave
Feasterville Trevose, PA
I do charge an estimate, but it is deducted from the job if i do the job, helps cover fuel...

Trainor Concrete & Paving Services

14 Longview Drive
Thornton, PA
Providing certified concrete and paving commercial, residential, and home improvement services...


11303 Jones Rd W
Houston, TX
Remodeling in all areas of your home plus room additions and outside decks.

Troy Granite

711 Interchange Blvd
Newark, DE
It is our pleasure to welcome you to troy granite. troy granite is a family owned granite...

TRS Designs, Inc - Kitchens, Baths, & More

6 N Main St
Spring City, PA
Awarded best of houzz-2014 for customer satisfaction! trs designs helps homeowners dream up...

Tucker Builders & Remodelers

2735 Pickwick Street
Philadelphia, PA
Tucker builders & remodelers has all your general contracting needs covered.


Philadelphia, PA
Additional hrs include mon, wed 10:00 am-7:00 pm;


Huntingdon Valley, PA

VAR Construction Inc

3396-98 Miller St
Philadelphia, PA
Additional contact name - julie regan

Versatile renovation solutions

7321 ogontz ave
Philadelphia, PA
Versatile renovation solutions fixes any problem at an affordable price without sacrificing...


Warminster, PA

w g kitchen & bath

1060 maple ave
Cherry Hill, nj
3 employees, 1 sub-contracter

West Chester Marble, Granite & Renovations

1311 Wilmington Pike
West Chester, PA
We are the fastest growing stone fabrication and installation and all around renovation...

Whispering Willows Inc.

2275 Keiper Road
Quakertown, PA
All aspects of construction, renovating and remodeling. interior and exterior- old or new- no...

Wholesale Granite Marble & Tile, Inc

130 E Lancaster Ave.
Ardmore, PA
Wholesale granite marble & tile was founded over 15 years ago by two israeli’s, simon sabag...

Wm. Proud Masonry Restoration Co Inc

2610 N American St
Philadelphia, PA
Cost is determined by the job. additional dbas - wm proud masonry restoration. wm proud...

Worldwide Wholesale Floor Coverings

2750 Bus Rt 1 N
Lawrenceville, NJ
Worldwide has been in business since september 1991, and currently has three stores in new...

1235 cayuga street
Vineland, NJ
Feel free to stop by and see what can do for your businesses internet...

Ye Olde Village Workshop, LLC

113 Golf Drive
Mountainhome, PA
Ye olde village workshop, llc is a full service custom cabinetmaker and home improvement...


Philadelphia, PA
Yeager woodworking is a custom design and build furniture and cabinetry shop located in...


Chalfont, PA
Owner operated. no subs. cost is determeind by the job. travel charges may apply. service...
Chalfont Zip Codes

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