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Karen T.
"I was looking to extend a slate patio in our new home and had several proposals – one from someone that had done some work for me in the past. I did go with
" because his pricing was very good but still you never know about the quality. He has excellent ratings so I decided to give him a try. I have nothing but good things to say about
and his crew. One thing that is very important to me is responsiveness –
answered every time I called – he’s very polite and also came up with a good idea that the others didn’t even think of. He was very respectful of the fact that I wanted to be there when the work was done and because I work I could only be there on the weekends – who does that anymore – not many companies. The quality of work is excellent - the crew was great - came on time, got the job done in two days, and it turned out just beautiful. My husband and I are very happy and will use him again for future projects and recommend to everyone.
Rated by
Eric W.
called and had team on the job within 2 weeks of returning signed estimate of work. The team set up scaffolding on a Saturday morning and wrapped it up Sunday" afternoon for the price quoted. Athough I applaud their work ethic and their want to get the job done, my only constructive feedback would be to not be so eager to get to the job on Sunday mornings, come after say 8-830am..The team did excellent work, cleaned up after the job and were very professional while on job site. The chimney looks great and since I asked for the bricks they removed, they stacked them neatly out of the way for me to use for a new fire pit. I would recommend their services.
Rated by
Timothy L.
"Overall it went well. The final results were beautiful. Getting there was a bit of an issue. We signed on in late June, with a tentative start date of mid August. I know that weather" in Michigan can be tough to plan around, but we were pushed back almost a month, with little feedback from the company on when a true start date would be. Left multiple voicemails and had 3 reschedules, which was a bit frustrating. So thats the bad. I could not be happier with how the final product turned out. The plant selection, and over all aesthetic is spectacular. It really was a facelift for the home. There was a crew of 2 that did a majority of the work, they were punctual and professional. Attention to detail was top notch and it shows. The followed the plan to the T and any changes were brought up and discussed before work started.

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Masonry touches to your home's exterior, such as a retaining wall, can add a timeless look. (Photo courtesy of Angie List members Deborah and Paul S.)

Masonry exteriors

Generally considered the highest quality choice for home exteriors, brick and stone are also almost maintenance free and will last as long as the house, though some repairs may be needed from time to time.

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Contractors say homeowners with this trait are the most satisfied with home improvement projects.

 If your home has clay brick, this cracking could simply be caused by moisture in the environment, says Pruett. (Photo courtesy of Brick Doctor Corp)

Are the bricks on your house cracking and you fear there is a problem with your foundation? That may not be the case. Learn why your bricks may be cracking.

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Preventive maintenance to your brick or stone exterior could save you from costly repairs.

An indication of serious moisture being trapped behind masonry is efflorescence, which appears as a white powder or stain, says Rantanen. (Photo Courtesy of Jamison Home Services, LLC)
Masonry, Basement Waterproofing

Even if your home looks safe from the outside, there are invisible hazards like moisture, radon and carbon monoxide you need to be on the lookout for.

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Masonry reviews in Bedford


Navid and his crew did an amazing job. Our house was built four years ago. The grass was actual laid down the week of the Winter Storm in 2011! The builder never properly finished the drainage or extended the property to fully make use of the land. When I called Navid in (as I am a repeat customer), I told him exactly what I wanted. He told me what could and could not be done. He does not play games because he knows his business. Whatever he says he will give you, expect more because he gives you more! For example, my wife and I decided to go with a brick/stone based retaining wall. The wall was originally going to be 2.5ft tall. When the crew came in, it had to be a bit deeper and the soil and stones to fill the wall was substantially greater than expected. Did Navid charge me a penny more - no? He charged me exactly what he quoted me. Did the quality suffer - absolutely not. It turned out to be stunning.

The grass is the greenest on the block. The
Bedford Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
appeal of the landscape and all the flowers and trees planted on the property make it look like a lush garden compared to a dinky backyard. Our deck, a three tier patio had concrete slab. Navid planned on putting pavers in. However, between the grass and existing concrete there was going to be a three inch gap. Navid worked with my wife and I to make dull look luxurious and rich - for practically nothing. Stonework was done in hours by his crew of experts. Navid gets the best quality materials and stands by his work. He did work for my wife and I in 2013. He even pedicured that existing work to make sure it was in tip top shape by pouring some new mulch down and re-purposing things to fit with our new landscape design.

The project took four days. There were anywhere between three crew members and eight crew members here working. These guys are respectful, professional, talented, and hard-working. Navid is an artistic genius and his exemplary work speaks for itself and his companies reputation.
- Jack H.

The overall process was pretty smooth and I would work with them again. My biggest concern is that they poured dry concrete mix into the hole and then poured water in. I'm not a mason, but I know this has significant potential to lead to problems in the future. When they tell you they can do the install in one day, make sure that you tell them you want the concrete properly mixed and thier estimate may change.
- James A.

The team has done an excellent job. They were responsive, punctual
and thorough.
The whole job on our small driveway took about 2 weeks but the results are
fantastic! Our front yard has been transformed.
My husband and I were very impressed with masons' patience putting together random pattern we requested. The team is very...More /> knowledgeable. I definitely recommend them and will hire them again.

- Olga N.

The inspection for cleaning indicated the chimney did not need to be cleaned. the estimate for installing a cap was in line with what we expected and
Bedford Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
applied the Angie's List special deal price as a credit towards the cap installation.
Bedford Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
recommended we have the chimney repointed before installing the cap and suggested several local masons who do that kind of work.
- Gene L.

They were great in every way. Really professional, quick service. Would highly recommend them and will use them again for any brick works that needs done.
- Barbara S.

At first this company seemed great when speaking with the owner,
Bedford Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
, about my projects which was to:
seal the long crack under the front steps between the cement path; fill in a make a smooth some cracks in the cement foundation and a few in the chimney; and fix the eyesore of a cement threshold under a front door. I clearly mentioned to repair properly with a nice appearance. That would mean being detail oriented. Well, these guys are just hackers, REALLY! They have no cosmetic detail work ability. They are the type that just slop on the cement, or whatever they're using, pat it down and be down with the job. I have pictures to prove it. Luckily that day when the project started I was able to be there. After they completed applying new concrete to the damaged threshold, it now looked like a different kind of awful from previous. The front surface was wavy and not at all straight. The edges of the cement they put in were rough in may places and not nicely trimmed out (after all, this is the front of the house!! do they care about
Bedford Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
appeal?). As I mentioned, luckily I was home after they left because I used a screwdriver to smooth out many rough edges on the sides while the cement was still workable.
That is not all. The corner of the garage where they repaired other cracks, the detail work was just awful. I had to smooth out the rough edges also to give it a neat appearance. Some things I couldn't do anything about. Such as they slopped on concrete on the driveway under the garage corner where they repaired. I understand the need to seal in the bottom crack, however, you would think they could have at least made the concrete overflow on the driveway trimmed out with a nice
Bedford Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
to it. No, it is just smeared on with no regard to how it should look. I cannot believe what inadequate masons these guys are. And, did I mention the owner left two guys (one could be his son) to do these repairs? The quality control definitely lacked, and I really think that the owner is no better also because he should have inspected the completed jobs they did - and backed it up. They are not talented.
And again that is not all. They convinced me to pay an extra $50 to have some type of sealant applied to the exterior of my chimney after they finished sealing in a few small holes in the grout, nothing extreme. So I said OK but I also asked if it would harm the plants underneath and if they should be covered. I didn't really get too picky about my questions about the sealant because I figured they were masons and new what they were doing. But I did want to make sure about the plants though. So,
Bedford Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
said they it would be no problem and that they would cover up the plants before doing the sealant. Well, they didn't and to make matters worse the spray they used sprayed on my siding; and I tried a few products later but it won't come off. These people are one of the biggest mistakes in hiring anyone that I have ever done.
Again, that is not all. When they were mixing up the concrete to use for the projects, they were about to go in the middle of a well-maintained lawn to do it. This one I caught just in time and requested that they go to a side lawn by the driveway instead. They said that the liquid from the concrete wouldn't harm the grass but they would move. Regardless, why would you even go at a spot where there is nice landscape to mix concrete?? You know, later I discovered where they poured out the concrete water elsewhere, and it is definitely visible. They really don't care for aesthetics. I mean all they care about is just slopping on concrete and grout. Do they repair huts or nice houses, really??
And that is not all. They put down a sealant at the bottom of my front steps. It ran across the length of the steps where it meets the pathway. The sealant was white but I know we discussed that I wanted it to be clear. They said don't worry in a few days it would dry clear. This was over three weeks ago and it is still white. It is so depressing, these guys have made me sad just to think that many of these areas still look bad!
So about the door threshold that was not straight. I called them and explained nicely about this as it was obvious when you look at it. Also, the corner of the garage that they repaired had a good size chunk of concrete come out because they had applied a large glob of sealant under the siding there and it dried in a long string. So when I saw this I just thought it was a web at first and went to clean it up because it was just hanging. I barely tugged it when the
Bedford Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
of concrete that they applied (over sealant?!) dropped off. Really, what do you expect, concrete on sealant is permanent?? So the owner,
Bedford Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
, apparently did come back to fill in the missing concrete spot where the
Bedford Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
fell off. But did he even tell me he was dropping by? NO.
Then they also came back (not the owner) to fix the threshold that they did. Well, it turned out worse the second time around!! A few days later they put another
Bedford Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
of concrete to make it straight. It looks awful. It dried in several shades of dark and light gray and then the center top chipped in several places. I called to tell them the latest occurrence and suddenly a few days later I received all my money back (and never asked for it to begin with) in the mail. And to make the whole situation worse, they included a sticky note on the check and all it said was this (an exact quote): "your never going to happy here your money back". How unprofessional!!
If you wish to use this business you are encouraging them to act this way to some customers. It is not right that they left me with a bigger mess than I began with: still have to fix the threshold, the bottom of the garage corner on the driveway is now an eyesore, the bottom of the steps is an eyesore with the white caulking, and now I have something else which is the spotted siding from their brick spray!
It is so unfair that these guys not only hacked up everything they did, but they insulted me too with their note. DO NOT USE THEM!
These guys should be sued as masquerading around as masons! If they defend any of this, ask them to contact me for pictures. Pictures do not lie.
And by the way, I should have seen a red flag in the beginning when
Bedford Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
said to me also that he doesn't have email. I shrugged it off in the beginning. But now looking back, no email really? What reputable business now a days does not have email? It is businesses that don't want anything backed up in writing because they can't stand behind their work!!
And try to get a hold of them. First this picked up and answered my first call back. Then I left a message on the same answering machine as before. Then called back a day or so later and left another message because it was important to fix the issues they just left me with. No call back. Luckily, I had their card they gave me which had the son's number on it. I called it and did talk to the son. Waste of my time. Only the dad has any say. But the son did tell me that the other answering machine was having problems when I asked if anyone got my messages. I don't buy his explanation. So a business does not have a reliable way to get customer messages?
I even left a message after they sent me back the check and wanted to comment on the disrespectful note they sent me. NO CALL BACK FROM THEM AT ALL.
- Kathy T.

The chimney was in bad need of
Bedford Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
since it was starting to tilt slightly. I called
Bedford Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
and one other
Bedford Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
contractor and
Bedford Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
was very prompt, detailed and professional with there estimate and
Bedford Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
was a pleasure to talk to about the details of the work and answered all my questions while he was at the house. He even told me it may be a few weeks out to start the work due to the work load. They called on a Friday afternoon to say they would start the work on the following Monday. I could have used a bit more notice but it ended up working out OK.
The quality of the work was excellent, workers were prompt, courteous and professional. They cleaned up after they were done and protected the roof and plants below the work. They even washed off all the dust created from the roof shingles.
I would definitely hire them again to do other
Bedford Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
- Stephen E.

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