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Stefanie M.
"We contacted
back in May of 2014 on a recommendation of a friend who was using him to build a custom bed. His work on the
website looked" beautiful, and we were looking for the reclaimed aesthetic for our built in shelving next to our fireplace. It took him about a month to contact us back after first contact, but he said he had been on vacation. It should have been a red flag, but after meeting with him at the end of June, we were encouraged by his friendliness, willingness to get started right away and his design aesthetic. We placed a 50% deposit down for the custom cabinetry and a reclaimed wood piece for a mantel over our fireplace.
cashed our deposit check within less than a half hour of leaving our house. He did send over a design relatively quickly and ensured that there would be no trouble installing both the mantel and the cabinetry by August 2nd, the date of our scheduled housewarming party. However, it soon became difficult to reach him. He never, ever returned any of the 20+ phone calls we have placed to the number provided. We would email and text him directly, and it would become a crapshoot as to whether or not he would contact us back. The 8/2 deadline
closer, and still nothing. Finally after much difficulty, we had the mantel installed a few days before the party, with promises that the cabinets would be ready as well. The date of the install (the day before the deadline) came, and we waited for hours for him to show. The next day he emailed us claiming he dropped his phone, and that the cabinet varnish had bubbled because it was "rushed out". He promised it would be redone within the next few days. It is now October, and it has been nothing but spotty contact and several excuses. We had another install date scheduled that was cancelled. Finally, we requested a written contract, which he obliged, with a date of final install of October 8th or we would receive a full refund.
claimed his installer would be in touch with us, which of course did not happen. We do not have our cabinets, and we are now unable to reach him to receive our refund. Warning: do NOT work with
, or any of the other company names he has used or been associated with (Cellar Door, Wall Units Inc). He also has emailed us from three separate email accounts. It seems that he does beautiful work but is a terrible businessman who is unable to follow through. Multiple reviews on Yelp and here on Angie's List seem to confirm our experiences - of course, all seen after our suspicions were already raised. Do not make the same mistake we did!
Rated by
Lisa B.
"It was awesome! I love our new kitchen.
, the owner from
. not only designed but built the kitchen of our dreams! We love it.. It" was installed on time and with no issues at all.
was on top of every detail and made sure there were no issues. I highly recommend this company for your new kitchen, he also builds wall units, custom libraries, closets, vanities and more!!
Rated by
Kathleen A.
"OK--we'd ordered a buffet thru Amazon (Furniture Creations) and had to reject it twice because the top surface was marred
it was delivered (we waited for" two deliveries--3 hour window) So we decided to go local. When we got to
showed us several samples. He really figured out quickly what we wanted & showed us a catalog, then showed us what the wood would look like based on the type of wood we wanted. We ordered it on the spot. He said it would be in within three weeks. In just over 2 weeks, he called to schedule delivery (on a Saturday!!!). He said they would be there at noon (no time range--they would be there at noon). They showed up just before noon, let me know they were then, then, outside on a pad, unboxed the buffet, attached the legs, made sure all the joints were tight, dusted it, and carried it in. They were out of there by 12:15 and I had the rest of my day. If I need other furniture, I can tell you that I will look there first. It was sssooo much easier than ordering from Amazon, waiting around for delivery, and then getting something that was dented. I guess that buy local works for furniture, too.

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Custom Furniture reviews in Tigard


I also wanted the desk to match my living room furniture which was rosewood and black.. He did an amazing job. He made the desk using a combo of dark painted lustrous wood with a rosewood top. It had a beautiful finish and it was beyond what I hoped for. It had a roll out tray that rolled smoothly and a shelf for my printer. He made sure it was just the right height for my typing.

What I liked about
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
the most is that he is very friendly and wanted me to describe my desk (my vision) in detail so he would be sure to create everything I wanted and get all of the dimensions right. Because I don't have a truck, he delivered it without charge. He even had to climb a steep staircase to get it up to my living room. I scanned several ads before I saw
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
's and once I talked to him, I knew he was the right man for this job.
I would also like to add that he created a structure for me that he never has created before. He built a wall mount for my cell phone so I could text without bending my head down. Since I have back issues my doctor told me to avoid doing this as much as possible. At first I described a stand but he suggested a wall mount due to making sure that it would be sturdy when I would text. He saw a clearer vision than I did on how it would work. It's so cool! I have it mounted to a wall in a central location in my home and I just leave my cell phone on it and use it hands free (except for the texting of course). Now I don't ever have to bend my head down again when texting! I can't thank
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
enough for his careful evaluations, experienced craftsmanship, and beautiful handiwork! I highly recommend him if you want more than good quality furniture. He will get the job done right!
- Jennifer W.

Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
build custom
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
chairs out of native White Cedar milled in Liberty,
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
's design and chair features are the most comfortable
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
chairs that I've ever tried. He used rough sawed boards milled locally and planes and sands just one surface. You get more wood for your money as these chairs are sporting close to one full inch of material.
- Robert L.

Excellent work, very professional in terms of quality of work and attention to details. The bulk of the roof replacement went very quickly. The window replacement project also went well and when it was finished, the windows were installed with great care and look great. We had a fair amount of damage to surrounding walls and floors from some badly leaking windows which is why we had to replace windows.
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
and his crew did a good job of fixing those water-damaged areas before installing the new windows. Additionally, his crew went above and beyond the call of duty to help my husband make room for the workers in the rooms where they needed access. We underestimated how much space they would need to work so they ultimately had to move furniture too. I'm sure that is not typically part of their job so it was very much appreciated. The price we paid for the roof and window replacements (windows bought from a window dealer - arranged through
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
), and the additional repairs were all reasonably priced. The only issue we had with
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
was when we needed to follow up on a few loose ends, at which point he was already very heavily booked with other jobs and we had to text him numerous times to get a firm date when he'd come back to follow-up on those issues. I know that the construction business is not the easiest to schedule - given so many factors that affect their schedules such as weather, availability of crew, etc., so even though that was a bit of a hassle, I would, and we have recommended
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
to other people.
- Kristina L.

I can write a very long letter about this company but I am going to keep it as short as I can.
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
is the one I talk to the most but
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
, his partner, is great as well. These guys run a first class, first rate company. Their quality and attention to detail is amazing! I have had a ton of work done in our new house and I have had to deal with a lot of bad contractors and workers so I was wary of everyone. But I could tell
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
was going to be one guy I wouldn't have to worry about. Even though they were back logged, they got done with the work around the time when they told me it would be done. They do all the work at their shop. When finished, they come and install it in your house in just a couple of hours, depending on the size and difficulty of the pieces. So there is no big mess. Not even a little mess.
At any rate, I never had to say anything while they were installing. I was just sitting back and watching in amazement how detail oriented
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
were. They treated the pieces and my house like it was their own. The work looks amazing! The built ins have totally transformed our house. We had a large built in for the study, the mud room, the family room niche that can be either a tv stand or an aquarium, and a large cabinet built in for the game room. The game room one is so that if we moved we could take it with us.
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
told me that they would help disassemble it so it would be easier to move. That is very nice of them to do that.
At first you might think the price is a bit much, but once you see the kind of quality wood work that goes into it and the equivalent furniture prices you would have to pay if you bought them at a store, then you will not think the price is that bad. Trust me, you will not be able to find stuff like this that goes so well with your house at any furniture store. These are specially made for what you have. I couldn't be any happier!
I will be using these guys again very soon for our media room! Can not wait!
Thanks so much
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked

- David D.

Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
was very responsive and very polite. Simply a pleasure to work with. I sent pics at his request of furniture to be redone as requested. My outdoor furniture needed strapping replacement and repainting. It was purchased after Hurricane
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
so it was in very poor shape. I was unable to find replacement furniture that was on the same par so I was very pleased to find and read reviews of such a positive nature about Mi-
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
Although it was pricey, I figure to replace all of it would cost more and I really enjoy this furniture so figured it was worth repairing.
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
dropped off the 6 pieces today and they look brand-spanking new!!! I couldn't be happier !!!!! he picked up as promised ON TIME and delivered BACK ON TIME as promised !!
- Donna G.

Do not do business with this vendor unless you are buying a specific article and taking the article with you. In June 2014, my wife returned to this well-known business to select material and have custom sewing done on the bed comforter. She had had this business a number of years ago custom make this comforter and thought she would get the same great service you had gotten with her previous purchase. This was not o be the case. All she wanted was to have a 6 inch flange sewn on to the existing comforter; not a terribly big job. What she thought was a fairly
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
, small job that would only take a couple of weeks, has turned into a lengthy nightmare that has taken months for the business to complete. After selecting and purchasing material to add to the existing comforter in late June 2014, the comforter was shipped to some workshop in Minnesota (I believe I have the location correct) with a promised return date of 4-6 weeks. Mid-August came and went without a word from
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
on East
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
Street in Tampa about the comforter. When my wife inquired early in the 3rd week in August, this business gave her their first of what has become a litany of excuses, saying they were a bit behind and would have the comforter in approximately 10 days. My wife went to the business right after Labor Day, and was told they were still backed up and would finally have the comforter between 10-12 September.
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
contacted my wife for the first time on 10 September leaving her a voice mail telling her the material she had purchased had a fault in the material, there was a pull in the braid, and the comforter had rounded corners, and that she would have to pay for the braid but not the additional labor. Now she is afraid since the Calico Corner workshop is having to substitute material from a different run of the fabric she purchased and sent with the comforter, that there may be just enough difference in the colors of the fabric as to be a visible difference between the bed skirt that she made out of the original material and the comforter flange supposed being made by
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
with the material she sent to them.. From the content of the voice mail, it is obvious to us someone in this far off workshop had finally gotten around to looking at the work that my wife had contracted
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
to have completed 4-5 weeks ago. This business has great fabric, but do not ever contract with them to custom make anything. We are still waiting for the custom work on our comforter even be started 4-5 weeks after it had been contracted to be completed. Again, if you cannot take what you purchase with you, do not buy from this business.
- Francis B.

As an interior designer, I purchased multiple
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
Queen and King Size Memory Foam mattress/foundation sets from
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
in Indiana. These were used in model homes, as well as for my own personal use. I recently contacted the Company concerning a problem with a king size 3000 mattress and foundation I purchased from them. The only person that seems to work there in any and all depts. is a woman named
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
. She rarely answers the phone and doesn't return calls. When I finally managed to contact her, I told her our king size
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
-Pedic 3000 mattress was sagging and had hard plastic pieces sticking out of the side of the cover. I expected them to stand behind the warranty and replace our mattress. Instead, she said
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
was the only other person in the office and as the owner, he didn't take calls. However, when she explained to him the failing of our bed, he insisted he would not replace it. He instead said we would have to remove the mattress ourselves from the king size cover, separate the king size foam mattress from the foundation, replace the lever system and reassemble the bed. He said we were getting in and out of bed incorrectly and that it was our fault that the lever system was failing, causing us to be able to feel it sticking out under the cover. I advised her that I was physically unable to deconstruct the mattress and reassemble it and that it was ridiculous for a company to expect customers to do that. I told her to send the lever system anyway and that I would report this to the appropriate venues. That was over a month ago and no lever system has ever been sent. I contacted her a couple of weeks ago, asking where the system was. She indicated that they were busy and that she would ask them to rush it. I still have received nothing from
Tigard Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
and have been under the care of a chiropractor for months now. I would definitely not advise anyone to purchase from this Company and to be advised that the warranty, is non - existent but the Company may be willing to allow you to remanufacture your mattress and foundation yourself. Good Luck!
- Sam C.
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