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David W.
"I was generally pleased with my interactions with
. The technician and inspector were professional and prompt, and they seemed genuinely interested in trying" to explain the scratching noise. However, it seemed on several occasions that they would start to reassure me that there didn't seem to be any mice, but then would backtrack and warn me of all the harm mice (and other vermin they treat) could do, trying to sell me their quarterly treatments. They told me on several occasions that houses cannot be sealed off completely from mice, which was obviously not what I wanted to hear, but also not terribly relevant given that it appears we do not currently have any mice. It also was quite different from their description of the rodent exclusion process, which they stated involved closing 90% of the holes first, allowing the remaining 10% as egress, and then closing the final 10%. Their actual approach seemed more like an effort to close whatever they could find and assume that other spots still exist (like under a porch or deck) that are unidentifiable. The original scratching mystery is still not solved, but I do think that for $185 (which included 4 visits), it was worth it to find out that it doesn't appear to be caused by mice (at least not in the house or attic). I think the problem may be related to the chimney, which they were not able to fully inspect (there is a turn in the flue, making it hard to examine). I am going to try a wildlife expert next.
Rated by
leticia M.
"We purchased the Big Deal for $89, which covered general interior/exterior pest control treatment for 3,000 square-feet or less. The first sign that there was something wrong was when" our technician attempted to charge us for the service. I explained that we had purchased it through Angie's List. He let it slip that the service performed usually costs $75 and told us we paid too much. Then followed a few minutes of him talking on my cell phone with the manager, and eventually the manager spoke with me, apologized for overcharging in the Big Deal and promised to give us 20 percent off our next service to make up the difference. Along with the general treatment, Bulwark promises that if any insects are still seen after two weeks that they will do a respray for free. After a week, we saw the insects again. We called for another spray. We took time away from work to make the appointment. They never showed up. I called them to ask where they were, and they said they would arrange for a spray the following Saturday. They typically give us a window of service time (10-3, 3-6) but did not do so on this occasion. On Saturday morning I called the office and was told they couldn't give me a time window, but they would have the technician call me and let me know when he would be on his way. Either way, she said, he wouldn't be there before 3 p.m. because his schedule was full until then. We left the house and returned right before 3. We had a note on our door saying we missed our scheduled visit. We called the company back that same day and asked them why we never were called to let us know he was coming. They apologized and said they would try to get him to return to our house. They would call us back, they said. They never did. I called and made an appointment again. The latest the technician could come, they said, was 5:30. So I left work early again so I could be home by 5 p.m. and be sure not to miss his visit. He never showed up. I called at 5:45 to ask where he was and was told he had arrived at 5 p.m. but we weren't there. I told the manager that I was indeed home, and no one showed up. I also didn't have the letter on my door letting me know about a missed visit. The manager then said that no one came, that was correct, because there was rain. I told him we needed a spray inside the house and that I had been home all evening, and there was no rain. We also didn't receive a phone call to let us know he was canceling the visit. The manager apologized, offered me another discounted visit. Told me repeatedly that Bulwark never drops the ball like this and asked that we try one more time. By this point we were already into September. Keep in mind our initial visit by Bulwark was in
. I finally had enough. I told him I didn't want to work with Bulwark anymore. He said I could get my money back or they could do another spray for free. I said I wanted my money back. He said he'd work to process it immediately. About an hour later, he called me back and said he couldn't refund the money because it was paid for through Angie's List. I would have to get the refund from them. I called Angie's List and they said Bulwark would have to reimburse me for the money lost since the service had been performed. I called Bulwark again and spoke with
, yet another manager. He said he would not refund the money. When I asked him to get a free respray then, he refused, saying I had insisted on closing the account and that there was nothing he could do. I told him the history of what had happened, told him that I was initially overcharged and had two offers for 20 percent off my next visit because of poor customer service. He said because I had closed the account, there was no way to get my money back nor to get another service call set up...unless I wanted to pay full price. I said I only asked to close the account after being given the option of closing the account and getting my money back or having a respray. If I knew I couldn't get my money back, I wouldn't have closed the account. He said there was nothing he could do because it was my decision to close the account. In my opinion, this isn't only poor customer service. This is fraud. They offered a "Big Deal," promising a more extensive service for less money. Instead, they charged more than they typically do for the same service, and admitted it. I lost money out of this scam, and I still have spiders in my bed. I've asked Angie's List to pull the "Big Deal" offer that overcharges customers and they've promised to investigate. I've lost money and will never get it back. Please don't fall for this "deal" as I did. You will regret it.
Rated by
"Very well. This is a reputable company with great service. They never questioned me or made me feel pushy, they simply responded and took care of the original problem.

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Door sweeps are an excellent upgrade to install and can prevent earwigs from sneaking in under the door, says Garvin. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Pat T. of New York)
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Angie's Answers


You have a lot of questions. I will try to cover them all.

First, mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime.
Second, unlike rats, mice are very small; it would take a major infestation to generate a persistent odor as indicated.

Elimination starts by sealing the exterior foundation of the home, door sweeps, broken windows, cracks in the foundation, holes around electrical service, water faucets and dryer vents.

Secondly, food sources must be eliminated. Mice only need 1 gram of food a day and they extract water directly from the food they digest.

Next, mice infestations are more localized than people think, bait under the house might not have any effect. Heat sources like refrigerators and hot water heaters are suspect as a base of operation.

Snap traps are highly effective when used where dropping are found. Use a variety of bait, peanut butter (avoid this if children are present), brownie, fruit and even dental floss tied to the pedal (nesting material).

As for the odor, look for an enzyme based cleaner / deodorizer.


If the problem continues seek the help of a Pest Control Professional with rodent experience.

Hope that helps,

Andrew Deluca

The quickest way I've found to get rid of them (as opposed to preventing them - see answer above) is to put a half cup of cider vinegar (must be cider vinegar) in a jar or bowl and put a half-dozen drops of dishwashing liquid on top of it.  Leave out on a counter wherever the problem exists. Empty and refill as needed.
Legally, it needs to be pest control - wildly boring technical explanation regarding Federal pesticide laws that I won't bother you with.  Having said that, depending on where they are located in your chimnet, you could do it yourselt.  Most wasp control products will shoot 12'-20'.  So, if they are in a lower section of your chimney you wait until dark (they return to their nests before dark) and reach up above your damper and spray the nests.  If you're not averse to being on your roof, do the same thing from the top.  Otherwise, hire a professional.
An exterminator - you have to careful that the pests are driven out of the attic BEFORE the entrance they were using is closed up, otherwise you have dead decaying animals in your attic - can cause a stench that lasts for weeks.

Pest Control reviews in Hillsboro


Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
did not come to inspect the apartment because it was already evident that my apartment was infested with bed bugs (we found live bugs, received bug bites, etc. and also diagnosed during a free consultation from Terminix a few days before contacting
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
). Instead, my landlord arranged for this company to call me and set up an appointment for the first of 2 treatments. I spoke directly with
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
, who seemed to be the admin, and she briefly described the process and directed me to the technician himself,
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
, for my more detailed questions (i.e. what kind of chemicals are used during the procedure, what are the steps in the entire procedure, etc.) I want to note that this company is the 3rd company we looked into so by this time, I'm pretty well versed in the types of questions I need to be asking.
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
made me feel much more comfortable by describing exactly what needs to happen, not hiding anything, and also admitting that he has gone through a bed bug infestation himself so he understands the amount of effort and inconvenience the problem causes. The day before the first treatment,
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
called me to confirm the appointment and make sure the unit is prepared (clothing laundered and bagged, suspected items bagged, closets cleared out and moved into uninfested rooms, etc.). The next day,
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
showed up with all equipment in hand. I gave
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
the background: After vigorous searching over the course of 5 months, we only found about 7-8 bugs total, which doesn't sound like a lot at all, but I've been getting severe allergic reactions that have
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
me to urgent care 3 times, and receiving as many as 10 bites in one night.
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
noted that our apartment wasn't considered a heavy infestation since they weren't easily in sight, but they were definitely lingering somewhere. He inspected our mattresses, our headboards, removed the smoke detectors from the walls, moved furniture etc. It seemed like a pretty thorough job. When time came for the second treatment, everything went smoothly. They only offer a 1-month warranty, but our landlord arranged for a 2-month warranty by offering more business from other units. It wasn't until about a week or two after the last treatment, I realized I didn't ask all of the initial questions I had asked the first two pest control companies while I was shopping around for the right pest control company: 1) Were the other units in the building inspected for bed bugs? 2) Were other areas surrounding our unit inspected for bed bugs? 3) Did the landlord mention any history of bed bugs at this particular building? I think the reason why I forgot to ask these last questions was because by this time, I've been drained and frustrated from the whole situation, repeating myself to other companies over the course of an entire month. It took
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
10 days to finally respond to my email (they were pretty punctual in the past, not sure why the lag now) and they refused to answer any of my questions. They noted that they have been "requested not to answer any service questions regarding this building". I don't know, but that sounds very suspicious to me--wouldn't they just answer the questions if they performed a thorough job and didn't have anything to hide? I think they are valid questions and I'm only trying to cover myself in case of a possible future infestation caused by my neighbors rather than myself. Going back to my conversation with Terminix during our free consultation a few days before
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
came on board, they noted that there has been a bed bug report made earlier that year, but they never followed through. Considering the apartment only consists of 12 units, a future infestation seems very likely since bed bugs can travel through the air ducts and inside walls. Or perhaps they may be siding with my suspicious landlord because of the side deal they made with the warranty and they didn't want to risk the additional business the landlord promised? I don't know exactly, but perhaps that is something to consider if you're questioning their professionalism. Overall, I haven't seen anymore bed bugs nor experienced any severe bites like I did before the treatment--that is the main goal of this all. I will also say that I won't be living in that apartment for much longer so if a second infestation does occur, I'm glad to say I won't be around to experience it.
- Valerie P.

We moved a few month and noticed we had an infestation of crickets. Knockout sprayed appropriate areas and added glue boards. Educated us on the type of crickets and assured us it would harm our dog. Problem was solved and we have yet to see these unusual crickets again!
- Paul A.

It was an excellent experience working with Rainbow
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
. The price was in line with other service estimates. The date of
service was within the planned timeframe. The crew was very professional and easy to
work with. The trees look great! What an exceptional job they did cleaning up
the debris and yard. I was extremely happy with the work they did! I would definitely
hire them again.
- Debra R.

I called
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
on 08/19 requesting an estimate to treat a River Birch with insect infestation and to prune my neighbor's Maple tree from over my house. I had catepillars eating the leaves from the River Birch, as well as some insects mining in a wound in the
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
of the tree.
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
investigated the problem while I wasn't home and e-mailed me an estimate on 08/21 which I needed to approve in part or in whole. I approved all parts of the estimate which included pruning my neighbor's Maple tree ($239.00), and treating my River Birch tree with a foliar application ($125.00), soil amendments ($120.00), and
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
injections ($100.00).
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
responded that the approval was received and it could take 3 or 4 weeks for most of the work to be done but the feeding insects had to be treated immediately.
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
did the foliar application on 08/25, the soil amendments and
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
injections on 10/02, and the tree pruning on 10/15.
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
sent me 3 seperate invoices after each service was rendered.
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
did most of the work when I was not home, I had authorized them to do the work at their convenience. I was home on 10/15 for the pruning, which may have been fortunate because they needed to figure out how to get their large equipment into my back yard. This was not a problem because I had a gate they could enter. All debris from the pruning was removed. I am very pleased with their work.


Ever since
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
came to spray the yard and perimeter of our new house and lot, we have not had one mosquito bite in the past 2 weeks (vs. before, when anyone would get bitten at least 5 times if they stood in the backyard for longer than a few minutes...). We decided to go with their 'eco-friendly' bug spray option since we have a dog, and our dog has been fine and the eco-friendly spray seems to be just as effective as any other spray. Would definitely call
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
again for quarterly sprays.
- Grace G.

When deciding on a pest control company I called a few to discuss coverage, maintenance, etc. Bulwark was very informative and the appointment set up was
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
. The man that came to complete our service was on time. However he borrowed a screwdriver (for the in wall treatment) and kept the tool, he backed into a rock wall when he left causing damage and didn't even get out to look at the damage to alert me of the damage, we were his 9am appt and he used our water to mix the treatment chemicals - he broke a hose timer, lastly he was supposed to remove all cob webs but several were found after he left. I called in the damage and the company was very apologetic and paid for the damages quickly and sent another tech to clean all the cobwebs. I wanted to like this company and give them another
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
. We started seeing a lot of spiders a few weeks after the original treatment so we called them to re-treat some areas. The man that came out walked up and said "what is wrong this time" - WHAT?! There are too many companies out there to give attitude! Moving on to a new pest control company.....
- Linda B.

This visit, like all of his visits, went extremely well. Several years ago, we got squirrels in our attic and one actually got in the house.
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
came to our rescue. My husband and I called several pest control companies but most of them did not provide that service. We found one company that supposedly specialized in that service. We tried them but they were ineffective and way too expensive. Finally, we found
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
and he got rid of the critters in the attic. Not only was he able to rid the attic of the squirrels, with no more than an hour’s notice,
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
came out to the house and caught the squirrel that had gotten in the house. We liked and admired
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
from the beginning but after catching the squirrel in the house, he became our HERO! He has been handling any pest problems that we’ve had ever since. He is a consummate professional. Along with doing a thorough job of clearing the house of pests, he provided advice on what we needed to do to keep them from getting in again. He is extremely knowledgeable about his trade without overselling his services. So, we also asked
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
to do the installation/repairs to prevent the squirrels from getting in again. He is absolutely our pest control professional.
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
is ALWAYS responsive, prompt, friendly, and courteous. Moreover, he has a very caring and giving nature. He mentors young people and teaches them the value of an honest day’s work. He also employs some of these teenagers, pays them for their assistance, and then teaches them the importance of setting up a budget and saving. We admire and trust
Hillsboro Exterminators Provider Name Locked
so much that he's like a member of the family! He really is quite a fine young man!


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