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This company is very good and it is the second time I am using them. Their price is fair, and the movers are really nice.
Hillsboro Movers Provider Name Locked
Hillsboro Movers Provider Name Locked
Hillsboro Movers Provider Name Locked
moved my stuff, they were always smiling, never complained about anything, were very careful and were super polite. Most movers start by being polite and after a couple of hours they
Hillsboro Movers Provider Name Locked
their patience. Not these guys! I was very impressed. There was a problem that my fridge was not passing a door, and they actually removed the fridge door so it would fit in a space. Not even one complaint about fridge being a hassle.Only con was that the truck was a bit small for my stuff, but we managed. They helped me load some stuff into my car and unloaded on the other side. That way I saved money on the extra trip that would otherwise be needed. They were awesome and I highly recommend this company.
- Ana P.

I apologize in advance for the long review, but it is all true and anyone who plans to use them should read this.
The process started out well enough when the estimator
Hillsboro Movers Provider Name Locked
came out and assessed everything and provided a quote. We understood it was a quote, and actual services could be more, or less, depending on time spent. We were told we needed two trucks because the road we were on was too small for a very large truck. This was fine by us, but we had hoped to get as much of our belongings moved before the day of the move by ourselves to cut down on expenses. We moved approximately 30 medium and 10 large boxes (these are the U-Haul boxes). I called
Hillsboro Movers Provider Name Locked
to see if he thought we should only get one truck, but he said he would be worried we wouldn't fit and get stuck, so that was fine.
When the guys came, at first they seemed OK, but I needed to pass on some instructions about what not to move (precious things and items they said they didn't take care of such as personal papers and heirlooms.) I wanted to show them where those type of boxes were located, as they were already packed. Since I was not told who was the lead, I tried to direct my instructions to the person I thought was the lead. As I tried to explain about what to load on the truck and what to NOT load, the person told me they already knew about this because my husband told them already. I explained that only my son and I packed the boxes, and the husband was not up to date on everything and I required his attention because he seemed to be unwilling to hear what I had to say.
The second instruction was this; Please do not enter or move anything from the walk-in closet or the master bathroom. I said that when they came into the master bedroom, they should not go beyond that point unless I specifically told them to take a box that was ready to load. Again, no one seemed to be willing to listen to the instructions. Main reason I did not want them in bathroom or wardrobe was because I had all of our valuables in the closet. My purse and wallet were in there, and were laying on top of a small laundry basket that had some misc. paperwork and mail in it.
When I walked back in to the closet to resume packing I found that the worker didn't just remove the full box I had pushed into the bedroom and left an empty, but had decided to go into the closet and start packing the fresh box, which was supposed to be delivered to the bedroom, not into the closet. He was only alone in there for about 2-3 minutes, but he had very quickly loaded almost the entire box with hanged clothing. I said, "What are you doing in the closet, and I don't need anyone to pack. Please don't do this, I will take care of it." He said, "Oh, I am only trying to get things moving, I have this one done already," He proceeded to move it out. I asked for a fresh box, and this time remained in the closet. When it came, I started packing again, and then it struck me right away. My purse was gone along with the small laundry basket that was in the closet. I called out to my husband as I ran all over the room and the house, to confirm that the purse wasn't moved to another room for some reason. But it was no where.
I called out to the workers, that my purse was lost. We needed to locate it, and all work should stop and desist immediately until we found the purse. They became
Hillsboro Movers Provider Name Locked
and somewhat angry, but no one tried to help. I asked my husband to go out to the truck and demand that the last several boxes that may have come from the bedroom needed to be unloaded so we could examine them to see if the purse got into one somehow. About 3 minutes later my husband called out that they found it. I went out to the truck and said, where was the purse found? One of the workers showed me a wardrobe box, likely the one that the worker had packed and removed, as it was the latest one put on the truck. What my husband brought to me was the small laundry basket and the purse. I said, how did a laundry basket and a purse get to the bottom of the wardrobe box? The worker I was questioning became irate, and started shouting that they don't f$%^iang know, that I had done it. I said "Why would I pack a laundry basket and a large fringed purse in the bottom of a wardrobe box?" Again I was cussed at and another man, who now claimed to be the lead, came over and started yelling at me that I was not to treat his workers this way! That I needed to Shut MY MOUTH!" I was in shock. I said, "Well all I know is that my purse was put in the bottom of a wardrobe box and the last person in my closet, who was told not to go in there, was also yelling at me to shut up!
My husband and I went back to the bedroom, we were in shock. We had never been treated this way before. EVER. We had been moved professionally several times by the large corporation we both worked for and NEVER had such disrespect. We felt the lead should have looked into the situation vs. screaming at me to shut up.
From that point on, the move was a huge nightmare. Despite the fact that I was still unloading a few drawers in the bedroom, the workers tried to get me to let them take the furniture w/o unloading. What was in the drawers was a quarter collection and a basket full of quarters, plus some other items. I wanted to remove them very quickly before they took the side table. He practically ripped it out of my hands, and when we unpacked the stuff they shrink wrapped the side table, all the quarters had jammed themselves in the sides and bottoms of the drawer and night table. It was a mess. They said the HAD to take it because it was time to be fit into the spot on the truck where they needed it. Since we were paying by the hour, had packed almost everything else, and had plenty of time, I didn't understand being forced to have things taken that I told them were not ready!
When we went to the garage, I tried to explain which boxes were those for a garage sale and not being moved, and those we wanted moved. The garage sale boxes were clearly marked. They started yelling at me again, particularly the lead man I don't remember his name. Finally, they started saying, "are you moving these items", and "are you moving these tools" etc. They threw loose stuff on the bottom of the floor of the 2nd truck and then said they couldn't load the rest of the boxes because they were full. I said, if you didn't throw the tools all over on the floor in the back of the truck, you could place many boxes, but they said "we are done". At that point, they climbed into their trucks and took off w/o any further discussion. We worried because the place we were moving was remote, and there is no functioning GPS in the area, nor do cell phones work. We had no way to reach them. We started following them as soon as we could lock up, but we had to stop one time due to some stuff falling over in our van. We spotted them at one point in front of us on
Hillsboro Movers Provider Name Locked
Pass. But when we got to the new house, they were not there. We searched up and down the road for about 20 minutes thinking they took the wrong road prior to our road, which turns into a logging road and is dangerous. But they were nowhere to be found. Finally after 45 minutes passed, they pulled in with no explanation about where they were.
There were several points of damage to our home and our furniture. They ripped new linoleum in the dining room with the china closet. They also put two long scratches in the washer and dryer as well as tore the linoleum in the laundry room with being careless. Finally, one of the antique china hutches had several pieces of veneer ripped off. As we examined the furniture, I found two of the pieces that were torn off on the floor under the hutch. The lead worker told us that the furniture was in that condition when we left, and I said, if that was the case, then how did these pieces of veneer end up on the floor of this house? He then told me, again, I was a liar and had planted the items on the floor! By this time I was so worn out and intimidated I just gave up arguing and asked that we have a form to fill out with the damages listed that he sign. He did sign, but since there was only one form, he kept it. He told us we would get a copy but it never came. I tried to call up to tell the company what happened, but the owner refused to get on the phone. I pointed out to the bookkeeper that they had charged us 45 minutes of overtime, which was unfair because they disappeared for 45 minutes. She was very rude. I pointed out that the Visa statement showed I was double charged for the final charges, and asked for the transaction numbers because she said she reversed the wrong charge. She was angry and at first refused to provide the number. I insisted and finally got the number.
The owner would never speak with me, and when my husband called he started saying bad things about me, that I had berated his workers and would not give me the time of day. My husband reacted poorly and started yelling back and the owner hung up. About 5 minutes later my husband called back to apologize to see if we could work things out but he would NEVER come to the phone. I wrote letters to them on email. They just said everyone was on vacation and they could not send me the damage forms or the copies of our claim for the items we listed day of move. They ripped us off, intimidated us, and will not respond. I would never recommend them and am considering a small claims court case for the overcharge and the damages, but we are so tired of the whole thing that I am not sure what to do except explain it all online to Angies because for some reason they got all A's, which is why we got estimate from them to begin with!
- Debra D.

We were very impressed at the hardworking team (2 people). They worked extremely hard and were quite friendly and cooperative. There was only one problem. We did a quick walkthrough and noticed a ding in the wall behind our bed in the MB which was bumped during the bed set up. The driver asked if we wanted to note the damage but after looking at it I could easily repair it as it was hardly worth noting. However, after they left and we had signed the bill including not listing any damage, we noticed that the door to our MB closet was severely cracked. One or both of them surely knew about it, but since we signed off I guess we're stuck. Outside of that, the move was very good. The job took 7 hours. I will, however, let the company know about it. If they had told us about it, we would have given them all A's.
- Dale P.

They arrived on time 9:00 a.m. and started immediately explaining to us how they were going to empty the house. They are VERY young guys and I wasn't quite sure if they could handle it! They got the truck packed, explaining/asking questions as they went through the house. We had meant to buy a mattress cover because we have a temperpedic and it's an expensive mattress. They carefully wrapped the mattress and it survived the move unhurt! They wrapped our wood or leather furniture with plastic and I don't think anything was damaged. When we arrived at our new place, they were very efficient and asked if they didn't know where something went. They were very friendly and happy to put together our bed and put a dresser mirror on. My husband's desk would not fit into his office. The door was an unusually small size and they tried every way possible. It certainly was not their fault. We are ending up selling his desk and getting one without a footboard. They stayed until about 5:00 p.m. and made sure we didn't need anymore help. They sure hustled and I would hire them again in a minute.
- Sharon D.

I'm impressed with their efficiency and packing skills. I was doubting that they can fit everything in a single trip. But they did it. Any nothing moved out of space when we arrived the new home.
Hillsboro Movers Provider Name Locked
Hillsboro Movers Provider Name Locked
are very professional and friendly. They only took a 5 minutes break in the middle of move after moving an extremly heaby solid wood
Hillsboro Movers Provider Name Locked
table. They were fast and running up and down stairs when hands are empty. Highly recommend the
Hillsboro Movers Provider Name Locked
to anyone who needs professional moving help.

Awesome! This company is fantastic. I contacted a couple other companies to obtain bids. Some companies want to charge for every little thing. They'll charge for each step, each wrapped item, etc. Not
Hillsboro Movers Provider Name Locked
, they said that it's all part of moving, no extra costs. Dezzo and
Hillsboro Movers Provider Name Locked
arrived right on time. These are BIG guys. They were moving everything like they were 5 lb. boxes. Even the refrigerator flew out of the house in no time. I actually had to tell them to stop for a few minutes to take a break because they just didn't stop. It was like watching energizer bunnies zipping through the house. I had several awkward items that were too difficult for me to wrap. They were wrapped in about two minutes. Toward the end of the move they noticed that all of our stuff was not going to fit in one truck. I was having a panic attack, but they calmly supplied a solution. Another driver arrived within the hour and the job was completed. Moving is a very stressful time and to have professional movers come in and be able to problem solve any situation is a huge relief. I highly recommend them.
- Leslie V.

Hillsboro Movers Provider Name Locked
Hillsboro Movers Provider Name Locked
were great - courteous, professional and willing to adjust their work to our liking. the tools and padding brought for the move really helped too.

The two guys
Hillsboro Movers Provider Name Locked
Hillsboro Movers Provider Name Locked
were very hard working. They were careful with our stuff and very efficient. Great service and extremely professional. I will recommend them to all my friends and family.
- Shubhada R.

Hillsboro Movers Provider Name Locked
took the time to speak to me about the piece of furniture he was going to move, and the unique situation surrounding the move (very old house with small spaces and other antiques, extremely old and heavy piece of antique furniture being moved) and decided he would like to come and look at the space and the piece, to be aware of any possible difficulties or problems. He showed up on time, and we set an appointment for the move later in the week.
He showed up on time with one of his very experienced employees, wrapped the antique piece and
Hillsboro Movers Provider Name Locked
padding on every surface that had the possibility of being scratched (including all of our soft fir floors in the second floor of our house). When they moved the piece up the stairs, they were forced to take it UP and OVER our stair rail banister. They moved the piece into place without a single scratch on any woodwork, wall, or floor.
They completed the task with utmost professionalism and good nature. I would recommend
Hillsboro Movers Provider Name Locked
to anyone needing full moving services, or single piece moves similar to the work they did for us.
- Elizabeth R.

Scheduled last minute and they were able to accommodate. Friendly expert service. Very happy with the job done! Will be using them again when we are ready for phase two of our move.
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