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it went great, the service, the job, the details. great , great job!!!! I have used this company before, they always delivered.

Extremely well!
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
is a pro... and so are his guys! They arrived on-time and worked hard each day until completion...and cleaned-up after themselves completely. Even with sanding and cleaning their tools.
- Mark M.

Overall a great job. He does a lot of little extras around the house as part of the service. He is a bit blustery about his business, and probably rightfully so. Very responsive to questions. He will also give advice on keeping the house looking nice, and not just to drum up more business.
- Harlan F.

You better set your clock because these guys get there not just on time, but they come early!
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
power washed the entire house, and did a great job getting all dirt and grime off the house and deck. He was friendly and explained everything. He was earlier than expected, and that is good! Then
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
came to do the painting. Again, they were very early and worked methodically and for a long while. They were precise and explained everything they did each day. It rained the next day they were expected to come, but they called.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
called as well to reschedule. They arrived on the assigned day even earlier than the previous time. All work was completed. They left the remaining paint and stain, and
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
explained the type of paint and stain if we needed to buy/match it in the future.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
in the office called often to remind, reschedule and answer any questions we had about the job. The whole team/company was professional and friendly. We were very pleased with their work.
- Janice M.

The actual job around October of 2012 went well. Although it was not always easy dealing with the owner. He always seemed to have a chip on his shoulder about everything.
I would NEVER use this company again. Very unprofessional experience. The owner does not stand by his work.
- Dwayne B.

On June 18, 2014 I purchased a Big Deal of two exterior painters for one day. Prior to purchasing the deal I read the reviews on Angie’s List, all of which were positive at that time.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
apparently is co-owned by
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
Brown. I initially spoke with Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
to discuss details of the job and schedule an appointment. I provided to Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
the linear footage of the house and gables and explained that I wanted all the gutters,
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
and soffits painted. I also provided to him the square footage of the alcoves and garage sides and door that I wanted painted and informed him that I wanted all surfaces to be painted with two coats of paint. I explained that the house would be power washed and any damaged areas fixed prior to the scheduled date for painting. Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
indicated that the job was doable by two men within the eight hour time frame, as have subsequent contractors with whom I have spoken. It was agreed that
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
would arrive at 7:00 a.m. on Monday,
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
7, 2014. They did not come, nor did they answer my telephone calls. On
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
8, 2014 I sent a message through Angie’s List. Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
responded that same day, stated that he “just got back to work” and that he would call me on
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
9, 2014 to reschedule. He did call me on the ninth and explained that he was not in town on the seventh and that he apparently double booked jobs. He offered to schedule a Saturday appointment as I had already missed one day of work. We agreed on Saturday,
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
26, 2014 at 7:00 a.m. On that day at 8:00 a.m. I called Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
to ask him where he was as he was supposed to be at my home at 7:00 a.m. Initially he argued with me that he was supposed to be at someone else’s home in
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
but then was informed by someone in the background that he was supposed to be at my house. He said he and two other men would be coming but that they were still in Mesquite and had yet to pick up the third man. They arrived more than three hours later to complete a full day’s worth of painting. Almost immediately Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
launched into a harangue about his recent poor reviews on Angie's List, disparaging each homeowner who had rated him negatively. However, in each of the scenarios he presented, the homeowner rated him poorly because he did not complete the job when promised and/or to customary standards. Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
then announced that my house was bigger than he had anticipated. I reminded him that I had discussed the job with him in infinite detail prior to scheduling it. He said that he would have to charge extra and that he would “consult with his colleagues” as to the price. He came back with an offer of an additional $400.00 to complete the job. When I asked whether he was bonded for task completion he said he was not. Given his poor track record to date, and given that by then it was nearly noon and
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
had not even begun the job, I did not agree to pay him any additional money in advance. Initially all three men began to work. However, within a short period of time Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
disappeared and did not return for well over an hour. As I supplied all necessary materials, I do not know why he needed to leave the job site for such an extended period of time. Shortly after Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
left the youngest of the three men stopped working unless he was visible to Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
. Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
worked diligently but was not suited for the tasks of caulking and hand painting. He left splotches of caulk on the walkways and front entryway and smeared it on the roof in several areas. When painting he left many streaks, frequently missed large spots, and painted onto the frames of windows. Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
also dripped paint onto the front walkways and dumped it in the front yard after washing his brushes. Their younger companion used a compressor to spray on paint. He missed the tops of most of the gutters, as well as some areas of the gutters entirely, and left wave patterns on the garage sides and door. I allowed the use of our bathrooms throughout the day as Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
indicated that they would use the yard behind my shed if not allowed to do so. This caused no real concern for me until I realized that one of the men did not return to painting for quite some time. I found him in my study and the papers on my desk had obviously been disturbed. He explained that he was in my study, which is directly across from the bathroom and which had the door closed when he entered the home, because he had gotten lost, despite the fact that the back door and his colleagues were clearly visible from the hallway adjacent to the bathroom. I assured him that I would lock all interior doors to assist him to find his way back outside in the future. He never asked to use the restroom again. All three men repeatedly tracked paint into the house when they used the restroom. Around 4:00 PM I was informed that the youngest of the three men had announced that he had completed his work and had left. As I began to walk the perimeter of the house I found multiple areas that had not been painted at all and, as noted earlier, the ones that had been sprayed were done so unevenly. Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
walked the perimeter with me, apologized profusely, and assured me that he and Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
would finish the job. Shortly afterward I went outside to find Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
lying on his back moaning. He said he was diabetic and wished that he had an orange. I gave him three clementines. Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
was wrapping his ankle as it was swollen. As they returned to work Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
’s hands shook while he attempted to paint and Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
could not easily maintain his balance as he was favoring his ankle. The sun was also beginning to set, making it difficult to see which areas had and had not been painted. Since they had not begun painting until noon and had four more hours' worth of painting to do, I repeatedly offered to reschedule for another day. They repeatedly insisted that they would complete the job that day. An hour later, with no significant progress made, they finally admitted that they were not up to the task. They asked to reschedule for Saturday, August 9, 2014. I informed them that I would be available until noon but that I had a prior commitment and would not be home after that time. Both Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
and Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
assured me that this would not be a problem, that most homeowners are not home when they paint, and that they would
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
the paint and supplies behind my front bushes so that they had access to all the materials they would need. Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
also assured me that they would be on time as he had a new scheduling system to ensure that no errors were made. His new scheduling system consisted of a clipboard with numerous papers clipped to it. Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
asked that I call them the day before "just to make sure" that I was on the schedule. I did so and received a voice mail message from Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
later in the evening stating that he was glad I called because he had been “looking for me.” He represented that he had misplaced my telephone numbers but had sent an email to my “personal email” and that I had not responded. I never provided a personal email address to Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
, nor did I receive a message from him via Angie’s List. Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
stated in his message that I needed to call him “to schedule a day when we can come out and finish the paint job.” I called him back, left a voice mail message, and received no response. The following afternoon, just as I was leaving the house, Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
called to say that he remembered that I was married to an attorney and that he did not want to make my husband angry so he and his crew would be coming to my home to finish the paint job. I informed him that I was just walking out the door and would not be home when they arrived. I reminded him that he had been informed of this prior to scheduling the appointment. He agreed that this was the case and said that he would call me the following week to schedule a day for him to walk the property with me to ensure that it was to my expectations. Within five minutes of the call being completed Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
called me and insisted that I immediately provide to him a date for the final inspection. I informed him that I did not have my professional schedule in front of me and was preparing to leave the premises. He again insisted that I schedule the final inspection immediately. I reminded Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
that he and Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
had been informed, prior to scheduling, that I would not be home in the afternoon. They chose not to arrive in the morning and Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
admitted that they hadn’t originally intended to complete the job that day at all. Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
became more insistent and stated that it would be inconvenient for them to return to
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
just to do a final inspection with me. I again explained to him that I did not have my professional schedule available to me and that, per the agreement when the appointment was scheduled, which was again agreed upon in my conversation with Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
, I would call them the following week to schedule a time to conduct a final inspection. Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
begrudgingly admitted that the current circumstances were due solely to them, their decisions, and their behaviors and that I was not breaching the original agreement. He also agreed that they would complete the job that day as Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
had promised. When I returned home later that evening I discovered from my neighbor, who had agreed to care for my dogs during my absence, that
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
did not come to my home at all. On August 21, 2014 I received a telephone call at 5:17 a.m. Caller ID indicated that it was from Mr.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
at 2142833096. When I answered the call it was immediately terminated. I have not seen or heard from
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
since that time. I now have to locate another contractor to complete the job. In summary, I cannot recommend
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
and will not use their services in the future.
- Michelle E.

Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
and his crew were very professional and eager to please. When I requested certain hardy plank to place on my garage, they did research, made phone calls to get what I needed. The tile floors look great. I would recommend this company as they follow through on the job are honest and .
- Sandy V.

Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
was a huge help to us by working with our insurance company to have several different types of damage to our home repaired after a severe hail storm last year. He was very knowledgeable and professional - the painting crew, the gutter crew, and the window specialist were all very good craftsmen who made sure we were satisfied with their work and cleaned up after they were finished.

- Teresa V.

Worst. Experience. Ever.
The first step is power washing. It made a horrible mess of my clean windows. I was never told to anticipate the additional expense of window cleaning. They didn't bother to fix the problem. So yes, my house looks worse now than it did when they started.
Next is prep and painting. Workers showed up early one Saturday morning, unannounced. They started to paint our garage doors. We ran outside to tell them we needed to get our cars out. We told them we would be having a lot of family members over the next day (Sunday) and that we didn't want them to come on Sunday. They took our gutters off, left them in the yard and left for the day. (?) It rained so hard that there were huge holes where displaced roof water poured into the ground. We had to put trash cans under the water so that it wouldn't run down our house and into the basement. They covered our automatic lights with paper. We had to rip it down because it got so hot that we feared it would catch on fire.
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
said someone did call and leave a message for us to not turn on the lights, but the connection was so bad and the English so poor that we thought it was a prank. We could not make out a single word.
Sunday morning at 8:30 AM they showed up to paint again. (
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
?) We rushed out, moved our cars and told them we really didn't want them there. They worked all day and finally left at 8 PM! They drove in our yard, tearing a huge rut that needed to be filled and re-seeded. (Their driver denied it was him but since we caught this on our security cameras, there was no getting out of it.) Workers left trash, tape, and cigarette butts everywhere. Paint was dripped all over our shingles, roof, porches, landscaping and driveway. Our garage doors were painted shut. We had to use a box cutter to separate the weather stripping from the door in order to open them. None of the screened in porch and outdoor living area furniture was placed anywhere near where it started, nor was I asked where it should go. Ceiling fans were disassembled and then re-assembled incorrectly. At one point, one of the workers had his wife and two young girls just hanging out in our yard. It was 90 degrees.
The biggest problem with this company is communication. None of the workers spoke English. When we attempted to communicate with the one "English-speaking" worker, it was futile. We would have appreciated knowing when our garages or doors were going to be sealed off so that we could make alternate plans. He didn't seem to understand. When we called the office, they sent a supervisor over to trouble shoot. English was his second language, too. The supervisor seemed defensive but agreed to have someone power wash all of the paint drips. They filled the rut with topsoil and grass seed. They did not pick up all of their trash.
For $15, 000 I would expect a top-notch, detail oriented company. This is not it. I was told that only one man (the "English speaker") was an employee of
Purcell Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
and that he has to drum up other workers and pay them himself. The whole time I was thinking that I was probably employing illegal aliens. Very shady operation. We'll see how the 25 year warranty works out. I can't imagine the company will be around that long.

- Carrie G.

Great job, cleaned up well, very professional. We are very pleased and have a second project scheduled with them next month.
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13330 S Memorial Dr
Bixby, OK
We are a general contractorship that can assess all commercial and residential construction...

Hales Painting and Remodeling

2408 NW 112th
Oklahoma City, OK
We have been remodeling in the state of oklahoma for 15 years. great results at great prices.

Hall Home Services Inc.

3555 Washington Ave E
Piedmont, OK
Welcome and thank you for considering our company for what ever project you might have in...

Handy Randy Construction

7800 NW 8th St
Oklahoma City, OK
Handy randy construction is a all in one construction and home or office repair and service...

Handyman Hurley LLC

32 Bella Vista Lane
Shawnee, OK
I have been in the home construction and remodeling field and clean up since 1976. i am...

Handyman Remodeling Landscaping

2604 Jeannes Trl
Edmond, OK

Handymen R' Us Inc

3516 SE 48th St
Oklahoma City, OK
Family owned & operated. award winning.

Harvey the Handyman

1821 SW 31st St
Oklahoma City, OK
We are a small company with two employees. we work all hours and days. no job too small.

Heartland Roofing

7004 NW 63rd St
Bethany, OK
With over 25 years of combined experience in roofing, we know roofs and we know how to treat...

Heartland Roofing

1175 S Aspen Drive
Broken Arrow, OK
With over 25 years of combined experience in roofing, we know roofs and we know how to treat...

High Tech Home Warranties

PO Box 24881
Raleigh, NC
We are a one stop shop for all home improvements and home warranty needs. we are local almost...

Hire A Hubby

700 Coyote Ct
Yukon, OK
Complete handyman service

Home Depot

1901 S Broadway
Edmond, OK
We're here to help you do more. provide the know-how you need. give you the resources to get...

Home Finish

PO Box 5101
Norman, OK
2 to 5 employees. uses licensed subs for plumbing & electrical. cost is determined by the job....

Home Improvement & Repair LLC

1404 Greenfield Dr
Edmond, OK
Home improvement & repair llc bonded / insured 405-562-0707 free estimates

Home Remedies Home Improvement LLC

1329 E Brooks
Norman, OK
Locally owned and operated. home remedies is a father and son partnership out of norman ok...

Homes By The Brave

1811 Industrial Blvd Ste 103
Norman, OK
Homes by the brave is a veteran owned and operated home remodeling company, leveraging the us...

Hornback Roofing & Fence

9240 SE 149th St
Norman, OK
Hello, i am john hornback. i own and run a smaller roofing & construction company serving the...


10725 NE 17TH
Oklahoma City, OK
Owner-operated. uses subs for some plumbing & electrical work. cost is determined by the job....

Howards Home Improvements

Bethany, ok
Professional insured contractor with 20+ years experience.

Howse Construction

PO Box 522
Purcell, OK
Howse construction is a general contracting company that specializes in carpentry and...


811 W Britton Rd
Oklahoma City, OK
Ibrc, inc. dba innovative builder roofing and construction. over 35 years of construction...

Innovative Construction & Roofing LLC

10850 Baur Blvd.
St. Louis, MO
Roofing and exterior contractors. storm restoration and home exterior beautification....

Integrity Homes and Renovations, LLC

P.O. Box 635 / 305 S. Main
Washington, OK
We are your property repair solutions team. we specialize in total renovation, emergency...

J & H Home Improvements LLC

216 E Cedar Dr
Tuttle, OK
J & h home improvements, llc employes the same sub contractors for the past 12 years we all...

J&R construction

1713 chamblee
Norman, OK


po box 1073
Noble, OK
I the owner,am present on every job from start to finish.this ensures you recieve the proper...

JAF Services LLC

P.O. Box 32772
Oklahoma City, OK
At jaf services llc we provide all the services you need to get your home looking new again....

JB's Renovations & Handyman Services

Norman, OK
The smallest things make the biggest difference. a one stop shop for all your home or...

JC Remodeling

Oklahoma City, Ok
For all your remodeling needs.we do it all. bathrooms,kitchens,new room add-on`s any thing you...

Jim's Painting & Remodeling

19550 E Imhoff Road
Norman, OK
Painting/staining, interior/exterior, carpentry, residential or commercial remodeling, ...

JJ's construction

9709 crest dr.
Oklahoma City, Ok
Our company specializes in a number of carpentry needs ,including custom decks,residential...

John's General Contracting

PO Box 1972
Noble, OK

johnson drywall

Mcloud, ok
Hang and finish and texture drywall on new homes remodel and commercial construction

Jr painting & designs

Oklahoma City, OK
We have good employees.

Juan Busdos' Painting

9009 NW Ten
Oklahoma City, OK
10+ years of experience

Kasik Remodeling

5912 SW 21st St
Oklahoma City, OK
We are an insured remodeling and general contracting company. we offer free estimates and...

Kel-tech Coatings Llc

8900 S Miller Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK

Kelly Painting

2406 Tall Oaks Trail
Edmond, OK
Kelly painting has been serving oklahoma city and the surrounding areas for over 25 years. we...


8020 NW 120 ST
Oklahoma City, OK
Our highly experienced team strives to build you a home that will meet your lifestyle and...


4411 SW 34TH ST
Oklahoma City, OK
We build it better

Kupiec Construction & Remodeling

6616 Blue Spruce Ct
Oklahoma City, OK
Construction and remodel, carpenters, painters, tile setters, & craftsmen

L R Moore & Assoc

29425 Pottawatomie Rd
Macomb, OK
2 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service charges. no...

Land Enterprises Roofing LLC

7042 Highwater Cir
Edmond, OK
Family run business since 1986. fully insured. free roof inspections and estimates for...


Edmond, OK
We accept all major credit cards

Leadtrust Funding LLC

817 Irish lane Suite 10
Edmond, OK
We are a business financial and marketing firm specializing in business to consumer lending as...

Legacy Painting

6440 Avondale Dr.
Oklahoma City, OK
Legacy painting is a professional painting service that has 10 employees.

Legacy Painting

103 W 1st St Ste B
Edmond, OK
Legacy painting has 10 employees. working with contractors in the northwest oklahoma area.


8200 Crestline Ct
Oklahoma City, OK
Lemke custom wood finishing llc has been a llc since 2005. we carry general liability and...

Lifestyle Home Improvement LLC

6910 Broadway Ext
Oklahoma City, OK
Offering services for storm related damage roofing, gutters, siding, painting, patio covers,...

Mac's Construction

1309 Ann Arbor Drive
Norman, Ok
Sole proprietor i do all work myself and have excellent references


106 Parkway Dr
Jackson, MS
We are a team of local workers for hire. we can pack your home, we can load you household...


6201 NW 28TH ST
Oklahoma City, OK
Owner operated. uses subs for labor. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no...

Master Contractor Services

4500 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 102
Oklahoma City, OK
Master contractor services and master roofing services are family owned with 25 years...

Master Painter and Carpenter

4720 NW 60th St
Oklahoma City, OK
I have the skills derived from growing up in the industry to do most anything along the line...

Masters Painting & Drywall LLC.

P.O. box 7503
Oklahoma City, OK
We are a residential and commercial paint co. with a low overhead, with 3 employees. which...

McCallie Construction

15601 Rolling Terrace Dr
Oklahoma City, OK
Mccallie construction is a full service remodelling company.

McCormick Painting

Noble, OK
Owner operated. 2 employees. cost is determined by the job. travel charges may apply after 50...

McCoy Painting & Remodel

Duke Drive
Norman, OK
Mccoy painting & remodel is here for all your paint and remodel needs. we offer high quality...

Medrano Custom Finishes

2408 sw 41
Oklahoma City, OK
20 yrs experience, have lots of refrences, 8 employees ,price depends on type of finish ,size,...

Metro Painting Inc

PO Box 1785
Edmond, OK
Metro painting inc. of edmond, ok is a commercial and residential painting contractor serving...

Mickey's Lawn Care LLC

501 Allison lane
Moore, OK
Mickey's lawn care llc is committed to providing you with outstanding service from start to...


5801 Slaughterville Road
Lexington, ok
General remodelling and new home construction since 1971. member of the better business...


317 NE 26TH ST
Oklahoma City, OK
We are a small painting and cleaning company tha employs 5-10 employyees , we do both contract...

Mohr Construction LLC

3221 Bart Conner Dr.
Norman, OK
Family owned & operated.

Mr. Meticulous

Oklahoma City, OK
Does not use subs. owner operated. travel charges may apply. cost is determined by the job.

Mtz Renovation llc

1145 sw 23 st
Oklahoma City, ok


Oklahoma City, OK

New Creations Painting

5012 woodland drive
Oklahoma City, OK
If you’re looking for a contractor to come over, track hoses through your home, and start...

Nichtech Roofing & General Contracting LLC

21909 S Amber Dr
Claremore, OK
Locally owned & operated. additional contact name - diane nichols.

Okc Construction & Consulting

21300 Montgomery Drive
Mcloud, OK
Insurance claim specialists and storm damage repair .... new construction roofing siding...

OKC Painting

Oklahoma City, Ok
We are a full service commercial and residential paint company with 16+ years experience in...

Oklahoma Catastrophe Team Inc.

15101 S. May
Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma Rhino Shield

9311 NW Expway
Yukon, OK

Oklahoma Roofing and Construction

7004 S. Triple X Rd.
Choctaw, OK
Oklahoma roofing and construction, llc is a local family owned roofing and construction...

Oklahoma Unlimited Construction Services

Oklahoma City, OK
I am the proud owner of oklahoma unlimited construction services and currently do not have any...

OSR Construction Co

1003 Messenger Ln
Moore, OK
Csr construction has been doing business since the spring of 2000. csr is a locally owned...

Overstreet Carpentry Contracting

11420 Sturbridge Rd
Oklahoma City, OK
Occ provides a variety of carpentry and construction services. excellent references spanning...


Oklahoma City, OK
Owner operated. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service charges....


23321 Lauren Lane
Edmond, OK
"our mission is to offer our commercial and residential customers a professional and reliable...

Painting & Beyond LLC

Oklahoma City, OK
Family owned & operated.

Painting and Flooring by Deano

3308 se 89th st.
Oklahoma City, ok

Paragon Construction and Remodeling

Oklahoma City, OK
Receive 20% offer on total invoice with code: angie2061312 coupon expires: 12-31-12


Harrah, OK
I give one on one customer quality service, no fuel surcharge,free written extimates, $75.00...

Peach Construction

1404 Oak Drive
Edmond, OK
Locally owned, in business over 31 years. we fix what others can not. quality work done right...

Penney's Painting

3217 sw 64th st
Oklahoma City, OK
We are a locally owned company. we don't use spray rigs to paint, everything is hand painted....

Penwright Roofing & Construction

3805 Cashion Place
Oklahoma City, OK
Small family owned & operated business.oklahoma based,24 yr in roofing industry.insurance...

Perez Professional Guttering

108 Alpha Cir.
Roland, OK
Self employed, sub-contractor/contractor friendly. free estimates.affordable pricing.match any...

Petra Roofing Co LLC

17338 N MAY AVE
Edmond, OK
The vision of petra roofing co, llc was forged in 2004 and we broke ground and opened our...

Picky Painter

5728 NW 52nd St
Bethany, OK
Have a 4 man crew that can get in and out quickly with your satisfaction guarenteed.willing to...

Pizano Roofing Inc

19317 Newsom Rd
Newalla, OK
Residential & commercial roofing construction & more

Platinum R & C

Blanchard, OK
Local oklahoma company owned and operated by united state's veterans. all of us at platinum r...

Plumbline Construction

10231 Schwartz Dr
Oklahoma City, OK
As always, plumbline construction does not accept any monies upfront. full payment is due upon...

Port Interiors

1508 NW 172nd St
Edmond, OK
Port interiors is a locally owned and operated home store in edmond, ok. with furniture custom...

Premier Painting & Remodeling

5108 Ladbrook ST
Norman, OK
Full service painting, interior and exterior, distressed cabinets and woodwork. top to bottom...

Presidential Roofing & Construction

1213 N Piedmont Rd
Piedmont, OK
Presidential construction, inc. is a full service general contractor serving oklahoma and the...

Professional Handyman Services

504 NW 36th St
Oklahoma City, OK
Owner operated. no service charges. licensing information available upon request. financing...

Quality Construction&Concrete

17 NW 147th St
Edmond, OK
Great rates & better quality, guaranteed! you select the services that meet your needs! call...

R & R Painting

712 N>W> 143th st
Edmond, OK
We're a small local painting company. we specialize in interior an exterior painting. customer...


PO Box 923
Edmond, OK
At rain tamer, llc we strive to make and keep our customers happy. we realize that if a...


Irving, TX
We are a company 100% dedicated to the repairing of, both, residential and commercial...

Ray Kuhl Construction

124 Kimberly Dr
Edmond, OK
Insurance restoration roofing specialist, we handle everything from start to finish so you...

Real Deal CC LLC

222 W 12th St
Stroud, OK
License insured and bonded offering professional roofing & contracting services throughout all...

Red River Roofing Companies, Inc.

746 Enterprise Dr
Edmond, OK
We are a well-established company with a reputation for quality and integrity. we cover the...


Yukon, OK
Redbud specializes in general contracting services for commercial and residential projects. ...

Reese & Sons Painting

915 Kenilworth Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK
Reese and sons painting is an all inclusive painting service. we have 3 employees. we do not...


Oklahoma City, OK
Specializing in custom fine furniture finishes applied to your existing cabinets....

Reliable Rick's Trim

2750 Bramblewood Drive
Edmond, OK
Build new homes and remodel existing homes. kitchens and baths are my specialty. i have been...

Remodeling Second Opinion

106 W Sunnybrook Dr
Royal Oak, MI
We are a remodeling homeowner advocate. remodeling second opinion helps homeowners by stopping...

Renovation Ect.

8201 Rambling Rd.
Okc, OK
Thanks for visiting! we hope you can find everything you need. renovations ect. is focused on...

Repair General Plus

7311 Rutherford rd
Noble, OK
We are a multi-service provider for repair and maintenance in your home or business.

Residential Painting

15400 Post Oak Rd
Noble, Ok
Painting residential homes inside - outside / texture / sheet rock repair / woodwork staining

Revive Renovations and Roofing

3826 NW 32nd St
Newcastle, OK
Jtg llc provides residential and commercial remodeling, restoration, and repair. jtg has over...


4601 SE 28TH ST
Oklahoma City, OK
Remodeling carpentry trim doorswindows painting interior/exteriorsheetrock repairs...


728 E. Northwest Hwy
Palatine, IL
Ridgid construction is a general contractor specializing in full roof, siding and/or gutter...


6517 SE 53rd Street
Oklahoma City, OK
Free estimates for all angie's list customers. available nights and weekends. american owned...

Robinson construction

9525 Summerset Ln
Choctaw, OK
No job too small. 2 employees. no sub contractors. charges by the job or hour depending on the...

Roca Roofing & Construction

4039 SW. 149th St.
Oklahoma City, OK
We are a company that holds the highest standards for us and our workmanship. we believe that...


11201 N MAY AVE
Oklahoma City, OK
Our family business has been serving the oklahoma city metro area for 36 years. we specialize...

Ronnie's Perfect Painting

625 City View Dr
Oklahoma City, OK
Painting for 12 yrs.

Rons Handyman Services

405 Cleveland
Guthrie, OK
We do professional painting and other handyman services. we do only quality work and all work...

Roof Medic & Construction

220 S Porter Ave
Norman, OK
Roof medic & construction, llc is a locally owned, full-service roofing, remodeling and...

Roofscapes Exteriors LLC

15010 S Grant St
Bixby, OK
Specializing in re-roofing projects, we know our customers’ hesitations, reservations and...

Royal Construction and Remodeling

94 Murry Dr
Mcloud, OK
God bless our troops. satisfaction guaranteed. 2 employees. no sub contractors. charges by the...

Salazar Roofing & Construction Inc

209 E Main St
Yukon, OK
We have several locations with our main location being in yukon, ok. within each office, each...

sam hulsey painting

12100 valley view
Luther, OK
Free estimates


8801 NW 120 th. St.
Oklahoma City, ok
Sbs construction, llc is a general contractor with over 25 years' experience in construction...

See It N 3D Design & Technical Illustrations

500 Los Faroles , Carr 861
Miami, FL
The end product will be your blue prints, floor plans, notes or drawings (non-technical nor...

Semco Homes

10312 Katy Line Ct
Yukon, OK
Semco homes is a full service company with three generations of history in this business. we...

Shamrock IV LLC

10001 Vermillion St
Norman, OK

Smith Painting

20225 W. Oak
Harrah, OK
Over 20 yrs experience. you can expect to receive a high quality job at a very reasonable...

SmithPainting & Pressure Washing

PO Box 15003
Oklahoma City, OK
Painting and staining are some of the easiest ways to improve the look of your home and...

Sooner Construction

415 E Normal St
Tahlquah, OK
I have been in the construction business for 25 years, and serving tahlequah area for 15...


Oklahoma City, OK

Sooner State Home

9933 SW 23 St
Yukon, OK
We are a full service handyman and home repair company. serving all of the okc metro area and...

Sooner State Home Improvements

3408 S Meridian Ave
Oklahoma City, OK
Additional dba - sooner state siding & windows. additional contact name - penny jordan.

Spears Home Repair

Mustang, OK
May hire sub contractors. charges by the hour. travel/trip charges may apply over 25 miles...

Spinnaker Construction

11805 Talver Lane
Okc, OK
Spinnaker construction is a premier general construction company located in okc and is owner...


P.O. BOX 5941
Norman, OK
Family owned & operated. 10% discount to all veterans

State Wide Restoration and Construction

4400 w main st #40
Norman, Ok
State wide restores your old home to it original or new look. we will design and build any add...

Statewide Roofing Inc

5001 E I-240 Service Road
Oklahoma City, OK
Statewide roofing is a third generation family owned roofing business. tony and dana gray are...

Stellata Construction

606 W Perry
Mustang, OK
Owner operated. subs available. costs determined by job. may contact through email. travel...

Storm Master Inc.

6444 N.W. Expressway
Oklahoma City, OK
Thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to storm master inc. although we have worked...

Stover Foundation Repair & Construction

648 Sw 7th
Oklahoma City, Ok
Frees estimates.

STS Emergency Response Unit, LLC

410 North Telephone Road
Moore, OK
Sts emergency response unit is a 24 hour a day/365 day a year emergency service that...

Swearingen Remodeling

1419 Nw 14Th St
Oklahoma City, OK
Family owned and operated business that has been serving oklahoma city and surrounding area's...

Swift Exteriors

500 N. Meridian Ave
Oklahoma City, OK
Swift exteriors is a division of swift corporation established in 2003 under the name global...

Target Roofing & Construction

5830 N.W. Expressway
Warr Acres, OK
Locally owned. additional phone number - (405)-818-7621.

Teague Construction Services

5516 N Macarthur
Oklahoma City, OK
We are a oklahoma based company

Tearice Willis Interior Renovations LLC

7305 N Ann Arbor Ave
Oklahoma City, OK
Mission statement: twir llc. was formed with the goal of offering the highest degree in...

The Art of Faux

616 Okmulgee St
Norman, OK
1 person business.

The Denner Company

4904 North McMillan Avenue
Bethany, OK
The denner company is a bonded and fully insured residential and commercial real estate repair...

The Drywall King LLC

945 S. Cornwell Dr
Yukon, OK
The drywall king is a drywall contractor specializing in residential and commercial...

Thomas Enterprises, Inc

Houston, TX
General contractor, custom home builder,commercial landscaping and lawn services/ building.

Thunder Construction LLC

1341 Tarman Cir
Norman, OK
Roofing, siding, painting

Timberlane Roofing & Construction

6775 Boucher Dr.
Edmond, OK
Let’s face it. selecting the right contractor for your roofing or remodel project is a...

Timberline Builders

4618 N Classen Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK
We're a full service general contractor for residential, commercial, churches and roofing. if...


Oklahoma City, OK
Free estimates. competitive prices. nearly 40 years experience. customizable structures....

Toolman Taylor Construction

Norman, OK
Design. build. repair we perform quality work that will make you feel comfortable and secure...

Total Home Construction

P.O. Box 30765
Midwest City, OK
We are a company with over 28 years of construction experiance. specializing in remodeling...

Trademark Exteriors Restoration LLC

832 NW 67th St Ste 7
Oklahoma City, OK
Homeowners have numerous choices of products, styles and design options. there are several...

Tree Service Made Easy

509 Manor Drive
Norman, OK
Material check upon agreement and final payment due upon completion of work. fully insured for...

Tricon Construction Sercices

3917 NW 14th
Okc, OK
Tricon construction services,(t.c.s. inc.) is a top quality construction services provider....

Trilink Restoration Group LLC

3300 N Santa Fe Ave
Oklahoma City, OK
When a disaster or emergency occurs from fire, smoke, water, or a storm, the immediate actions...

Triple Diamond Construction LLC.

2608 N Moore Ave
Moore, OK
Triple diamond construction was founded on the principles of family and friendship. we...

TS Home Exteriors

104897 S 3580 Rd
Prague, OK
Custom siding & windows. 3 employees. may hire sub contractors. charges by the job. may add...

Tulsa Renew

5103 S Sheridan
Tulsa, OK
Picky! that's the word that best describes our attention to detail. we know that it's hard to...

Turnkey Roofing

626 N Main St
Noble, OK
Turn key roofing and remodeling is a full service general contracting company. turn key...

Ussery Roofing & Construction LLC

1321 108th ave SE.
Norman, Ok
Ussery roofing & construction llc is a premium roofer and installer of products for the...

Van De Steeg & Associates Inc

13718 N Lincoln Blvd
Edmond, OK
As oklahoma city roofers serving businesses and homes across the state, we know that building...

Veteran Consulting Services LLC

9636 N May Ave
Oklahoma City, OK
Veterans is an "independent insurance restoration contractor". we are experts at quickly...

Virginia's Painting Carpentry & Masonry Etc

12790 NE 10th
Choctaw, OK
3 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges.

Wahpekeche & Sons Construction

558-B N Range Road
Mcloud, Ok
Family business and consist of 8 family members that contribute to the operations in general...

Water Boy's Plumbing

704 Reseach Park Blvd.
Norman, OK
Water boy's plumbing is an all purpose general plumbing repair company. we pride ourselves in...

Webb Roofing

225 NW. 150th Street
Edmond, OK
Webb roofing is a full-service, residential and commercial roofing company serving the...

Wilkinson Roofing

117 W. Pratt Dr
Midwest City, OK
Locally owned and operated. free estimates, free inspections. licensed, insured and registered...

Wilson Home Improvements

414 W. Hillcrest Drive
Mustang, ok
30yrs experience, free estimates, senior discounts, no job to small or to large. i personally...

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