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After a bad experience with another animal control contractor, I am pleased to say that I have every confidence in
. It a was huge, huge relief to know that he did not see any signs of animal activity in our attic. We really, really do appreciate his honesty and integrity. Thanks again
- Karl J.

arrived early and before asking me what I had observed, he pointed out that we had a Yellow Jacket next in the ground under a bush in the front of the house. Before he left he had arranged for his specialist to come later in the day to eradicate the nest.
asked for details about what we had observed and immediately inspected our garage, where we had noticed mouse droppings. He identified several entry points under the garage doors and side door.
actually got out his tools and adjusted the garage doors to close better, and recommended that we replace the weather stripping. He identified several issues with the garage doors and adjusted the rails and drive mechanism to ensure a better seal with the ground.
After securing the garage and installing stainless steel excluder in a few spots around the garage doors, we inspected the basement.
was able to identify "rub
" in the basement indicating the path mice had been taking entering and moving about the basement. A couple of entry points were identified and he installed excluded there as well.A small but potential entry point was observed between the foundation wall and the wall. This was too small to fill with excluder but
instructed me to fill the gap with caulk.
After the basement,
inspected the perimeter of the house, and installed additional excluder in a few spots. When done, he installed several snap traps in the garage and basement, and a bait station on the side of the garage. He told me his office would be in touch to arrange a follow-up visit in the next week to assess the traps. When he was done I had a list of measures that I could take to improve the situation including replacing garage door weather stripping and a door sweep in the side door, caulking a gap above the foundation wall on one side, and replacing a door between the garage and basement.
Finally I asked
for an assessment for insect control. He felt that we might not need quarterly service for that but should start with an annual spraying around the house, which his office would arrange with me,
Later in the day,
came and treated the yellow jacket's nest (additional reasonable charge) when I was not home. He phoned me to tell me the work was complete, that the area should be avoided for a couple of days as the remaining bees were angry.
Overall, this was an excellent value, and the service I received from
was excellent. I was also pleased that there was no attempt to upsell or get a commitment for a long term service contract. I willl use
in the future and I recommend them without reservation.

- Richard G.

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Animal Removal reviews in Painesville


I had called them to come and remove a live critter from my attic and unfortunately the critter died over the weekend and before they were able to come out. Once they came they checekd the attic and discovered the dead animal and removed it. Then went back up and made sure there were no other critters up there. They surveyed the damage and then sat down with me to explain what needed to be done. Since this was not a planned expense but needed to be completed since I was airconditioning my attic, they have financing avaliable and I was able to quickly get approved so the work could be started. They came out the next day when they said they would be there and started work. The crew leader explained everthing that they would be doing. Furniture was moved so not to be in the way and they layed down plastic to cover the floors and the wall so that the power cords and the large vaccum hoses would not damage anything. While mots othe work we being completed I was able to stay in the house and continue working. The men were very professional and did not bother me unless they needed to explain something or my permission to do something. When it came time to decontaminate the attic I was asked to leave for my own saftey and health. I was told it would take about an 1 1/2 hr and I returned in about 2 hrs and that portion was completed. When they were blewing the new insulation in they covered the entracne to the attice so that it was not blow down the stairs and get into the rest of hte house. After they were completed I was walked around the house and shown what all they had done and the life time warranty was explained. The men cleaned up everything including using a vaccum to sweep under the stairs to the attic. When they left there was no trash or anything left in my yard. About 2 weeks later a gentleman came out to inspect what had been done. One spot was found not to have been sealed and with in 2 days a man was out and that spot was sealed. I was very pleased with the speed this work was completed and with the professionism of the men who preformed the work. I was surprised how quickly they were able to get out for the first inspection and then extremely surprised that the other work would be done the following day. They were at the house by 8 in the
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
and gone by 4 that afternoon. I was extremely statisfied with the entire process. The fact that there is a lifetime warranty and the warranty is transferable if I was to sell the house was a huge plus.
- June H.

Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
showed up and did a thorough inspection behind the storm shutter and inside the attic for any bats. In addition, he also pointed out other areas where bats could enter our home and potential remedies to correct the areas. He provided useful information that I was previously unaware of.
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
was originally recommended when I called the Department of Natural Resources. We had not joined Angie's List when the service call was scheduled.
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
mentioned that
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
was listed on Angie's List, I mentioned we were a recent subscriber and he offered the online, Angie's List coupon. I would recommend their service.
- Scott P.

It always goes perfect.
I own 6 rental properties plus my home.
I call
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
and let her know my some of my tenents will be calling her to set up an appointment.
They just tell
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
I'm their landlord and she takes it from there.
After they spray,
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
sends me the bill to my home and I cut her a check.
I've dealt with the big companies in the past, but will only do business with
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked

- Jim and Barb F.

We had a raccoon problem to the extent they were entering our home through our pool screen kitty door, and when we blocked that these critters started tearing through the screen to get to the house. One call to
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
is all it took and there was a trapper at our door hours later with all the gear they needed. In one week they caught 5 raccoons, including the mother, and a possum. The traps were checked in a timely fashion, calls were returned promptly, and the service was friendly and professional. In other words great service!
In addition, as we were walking around the property
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
pointed out that we also had moles. Well, we knew that because the ground was soft under our feet in certain sections and there were tell tale mounds of dirt, but had procrastinated on doing something about it. Now was our
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
to deal with that conveniently and effectively so we took them up on that too. We feel our money was well spent and received good value in return.
- William M.

I called
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
to get rid of an animal that's been digging under my house.
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
, the owner, responded right away and came out the following day to set traps. He then returned every day to check the traps and adjust their placement to make sure we caught the animal.
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
is the very best kind of contractor--reliable, trustworthy, and committed to getting the job done right.
- Stephanie W.

At first, I thought the guy they sent was professional and I also thought he did a total inspection to find the entry and exit holes in our house that rodents may potentially use to gain access. He suggested setting up two live traps since I really didn't want to
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
the creatures which I discovered later ( I was naive) that they just bring the animals caught back to headquarters and
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
them. After catching a few squirrels and a
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
which were not living in our house and after 3 months of dealing with resetting the live traps and paying the company to check the traps. They set the traps one last time and did not inform me and a squirrel died of heat exhaustion or a heart attack. I didn't check the trap because I didn't think they would come by without telling me and I had tripped it since it was not catching the rats because it was set too far away from the entry/exit points.
So, giving them the benefit of the doubt since I still heard chewing noises when I was attempting to sleep, I signed up for another month of service after paying the company hundreds of dollars for finding possible exit/entry points and the checking of the traps. The house is a tall two story so it requires a tall ladder to get to one of the potential entry/exit points. They damaged the gutters which I had installed in 2009 and one of the gutters had to be replaced. The company claimed the employee said that he was no where near that gutter which was false (the employee LIED) since I saw them have the ladder against it and there were two guys working with the hardware wire to seal a hole they said that was a point of entry. They did not acknowledge that they caused the damage to the gutter. Three times they showed up unprepared to do this particular repair. The first time, the guy they sent didn't have the correct equipment to cover a vent. The next time there was noone to help the guy with a ladder to get to the spot which was up fairly high. Another time, the guy didn't know that he was supposed to seal up the vent. Thats when they sent out two guys.
Often they say that they will call about 1/2 hour before they arrive to check the traps. This phone call happened only part of the times and the window of time they give one is from 9-11 or 11-1. in Two hour increments, so I had to wait around many times when I should have been at work. At one point they sent over a guy that went over the whole house to look for potential entry points MONTHS after the first visit and hundreds of dollars later. Apparently, the first guy they hired to come evaluate the situation didn't do a thorough job inspecting the whole place for possible entry points. The roof and insulation was brand new before I hired
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
. Now the new insulation probably needs to be removed since there are rats.
Also, while I might seem like the customer from h*** to them, I thought they were trying to make up for the fact that they didn't find the points of entry on the ONE/FIRST inspection since they sent over their manager to check out the situation after they had apparently let the first guy go. So the manager convinced me for another month of service at a reduced rate. When they sent out the two guys on that day though, I could hear them talking about the job through the window and it was VERY UNPROFESSIONAL what they were saying about me (the customer from h***). One guy told the other that he was just there for moral support.
r Also, one time when they did catch a rat in one of the live traps, the guy showed some kids in my neighborhood an opossum in the back of his truck and while I am not fond of opossums I thought his treatment of the animals was totally without compassion as he tossed the cage into the back of his truck and tossed the cage with the rat in it nearby and all the various animals in the back had no covering or shielding from the other animals or the wind and noise from the freeway and the company is on the eastside. The kids were shocked (as was I) at how he treated these creatures. So since I brought this up with their manager in order to see if I could get them to have their employees put a towel over each cage so it didn't need to suffer needlessly on the way to their death. I know I sound like a crazy vegan but it really was appalling and I feel like I made a HUGE mistake hiring this company and letting this go on for as long as I have. I would never recommend using this company. They keep sending the guy that is holding a grudge against me for not leaving a note about resetting the live trap that killed the squirrel, the guy that made snarky unprofessional remarks to the other employee on our roof that I could hear, and the same guy that tossed the animals in the cages into the back of his truck in front of the children. They claim he is one of their better employees. I am done with this company.
- Holly B.

It was not clear at first whether the dead possum was underneath the deck or underneath the 3-season room.
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
had to open up 3 different spots of the skirting to find the dead animal.
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
also deodorized underneath the deck. I appreciate their quick response and turnaround time.
- Maria T.

I called the vendor and left a voicemail message describing the problem I was expereincing with squirrels. I believed the squirrels had built a nest in my third floor
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
. Mr.
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
promptly returned my call and we agreed on an appointment for the following day. He showed up at the agreed upon time, ready and eager to assess my "squirrel problem."
After evaluating the terrain and home layout, we discussed price and payment options. We agreed that he would come back on a mutually agreed upon date and time to
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
the traps at the place(s) where I had observed the squirrels. He showed up two days later, as agreed, and placed the baited traps at strategic locations. He was very easy to work with.
So far, we have trapped two squirrels, with possibly one more to go. I am very happy with the services delivered by
Painesville Animal Removal Services Provider Name Locked
- Denise A.
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