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Dan M.
"I interviewed 4 contractors but once I interviewed
at Maykan I knew I had found the guy for the job. His knowledge and attention to detail along with his professionalism" put him hands above everyone else. Boy, was I right. From start to finish
made everything go smoothly. This was a big job with a lot of pieces. Not easy. He made sure everything was done correctly and on time. Plus, his many years of experience were invaluable at times when we needed help on decisions. His goal is to make sure you are happy. Can't beat that attitude. I came to trust every tradesman he brought in because I knew he wouldn't use them unless they were very good. I don't often give praise like this, because it's so rarely deserved, but if you don't give
a call you're making a big mistake.
Rated by
Jenny R.
"I have renovated several homes with different contractors prior to working with
and am certain he will be my lifelong contractor--if he will have me!
" is professional, smart, fair, extremely skilled and truly passionate about his work. He is a finish craftsman but also a structural problem solver. He took my 1890s former horse barn that was barely standing and step by step corrected all of the faulty structural problems and essentially built me a new house in just a few short months. He is great (even fun!) to work with, thoughtful and responsive. I have never had to wait more than a few hours for a reply to a call or text. He is not looking to upsell on anything--he always tries to come up with the most cost effective solution to a problem without sacrificing the quality of the finished product. He has a real artist's eye and happily contributes his ideas about how to improve the layout and overall design of a space. He deeply cares about what he does and takes immense pride in his work. I have been reluctant to write this review only for fear that he will get so busy that he won't be able to handle my next project, but for all he has done for me, I feel like I at least owe him this show of gratitude. Everyone who I have referred him to has had similar experiences with
. I can refer him unequivocally and you should consider yourself lucky if you have the opportunity to hire him--he's truly the best there is!
Rated by
Marie-Helene B.
did a fantastic job, transforming my kitchen and downstairs half bathroom in about 6-7 weeks. They were clear about the contract, meticulous on the job, and" worked with a great team, whether it had to do with lighting or plumbing or flooring. The end product is amazing. They are very good about keeping you appraised of progress of the job, timetable, and inform you right away when there is a problem,offering options and solutions.they are careful about cleaning the premises during the job and after.
was assigned to the project and was very punctual always courteous and very meticulous about the work. They worked really hard and I am glad we trusted them with our kitchen remodeling.

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LEED AP Nate Kipnis (left) and contractor Nick Skoczen look over plans for a Chicago green building project. (Photo by Jay Madden)


Customized homebuilding is a huge market, with companies offering a host of choices to personalize your new home or improve your current living space. Here are the most popular options offered by homebuilders.

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Contractors say homeowners with this trait are the most satisfied with home improvement projects.

bathroom remodels often include change order requests
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An addendum to the original contract, change orders ensure that both the service provider and customer sign the dotted line before making changes to a job.

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Details are often in the pricing for home improvement projects.

Residents of Wolf Creek Lodge meet three to five times a week for a shared meal. (Photo courtesy of Bob Miller)
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A grassroots movement in neighborhood building, called cohousing, presents seniors with another option to stay connected and age in place in their own home.

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shower with ceramic tile
double-bowl stainless steel sink
copper apron-front sink
double-bowl stainless steel sink
double-bowl sink under-mounted in granite sink
granite countertop with farmhouse sink

Angie's Answers

Yes, but you won't like what will probably happen (this is a worst case scenario, hopefully you will avoid most):

The purpose for a building permit is to ensure meeting the minimum standards for construction practices and minimum safety standards.  A contractor who works without a permit, does so because they know they are not in compliance (and to save money at your expense).  They knew they should have had inspections and permits for their work.  Who ever built the addition should be reported to both the building official as well as the Better Business Bureau.  It is ultimately the homeowner who is responsible for ensuring the proper permits have been applied for, though.

So when you apply for your permit, you will be pretending as if the work is not completed (you do not hide this fact, you just have to follow the correct process as if it hadn't been built).  Your first stop will be with zoning; can you even add an addition, do you have the proper clearances from the side, front and rear property lines.  If it is a bedroom, does the septic system (perk test) support an additional bedroom.  If your building already meets or exceeds the amount of building allowed on the site or if you do not have the clearances required from the property line, your addition may be required to be removed.  There are appeal processes and variance requests you can try before tearing down the addition (Get an architect).

If your zoning review is fine, next you go to permitting.  Here you will submit plans (drawings) of what was built.  If you do not have these plans, consider hiring an Architect to generate As-Built drawings for this use.  Hopefully the plan review comes back with no changes, or you will alread know your addition is not in compliance and may face rebuilding.  Depending on the type of construction, your zoning and your local building requirements, you will be required to have inspections of your foundation / footings, the framing, the electrical, mechancial and HVAC systems, etc. affected by the work. 

This may require digging the ground back up so the inspector can confirm foundation depth, size and draingage requirements.  The interior wall finishes (gypsum board, panelling, etc) may have to be removed in some or all areas so the framing and electrical can be inspected (If one area fails, be prepared to pull all areas down).  At each inspection, if the work is found to be lacking, then you will have to correct the work before getting permission to use the room.  If there is an electrical or safety violation found, it is possible the Building Official could declare the entire property inhabitable until the offenses are corrected (IE you are homeless until it is fixed).

As you can see, you have to hope beyond belief that the builder constructed everything correctly and that the building officials will work with you to minimize the amount of deconstruction necessary to inspect the work.

Also, you will be charged all the fees associated with plan review and permitting, and you will be charged for each inspection visit (as your builder would have been charged initially had they followed the law).

As for value, here is the real concern:  If your home burns down or faces some similar disaster, your home owners insurance will balk at paying; they will blame the illegal construction as the cause.  As for the value of your building, not having a permit will make any buyer have a difficult time getting their own insurance, thus harder to sell.  The room itself will add value to your property, if it isn't a hazard (IE permitted). 

Also, taxes are based upon assessments, which use the land records.  Building without a permit, can be seen by local officials as an attempt to avoid paying property taxes, since the land records do not show the addition.  Until the official tax records reflect an accurate statement of your building, you may face fines, tax fees and other costs associated with the improvement depending upon how long it has been there unreported.

You may wish to contact a local, licensed Architect who works with the local building department.  They will know the personel, know which forms you need to fill out first and how to protect you from an overzealous Building Official (there are exceptions and options within the Code that the Building Official may forget or ignore that an Architect can request be used to prevent tear down or damage).  Next time you go to build get the Architect first to protect yourself from what this construction firm did to you.

Good luck!
Unfortunately this is not something you will easily resolve; and even if you were to win, the amount of time and funds spent will probably exceed the cost of the actual repair.

Each state has different rules on what "as-is" means, but almost all use the term when it comes to realestate sales.  At two years, you are facing a hurdle that any issue could be the result of new conditions, acceptable wear / settlement, etc.  Has there been any changes in the area? (New house built next door, new addition, earthquake, flooding, etc?)

While you may have been given a home warranty with the purchase (do check your sales paperwork to see if there is any warranty and what it covers for how long) the house is sold to you as-is; it is your responsibility to raise concerns prior to taking over the house, so going back two years later is a huge up hill batle.

The home inspector is also going to be found faultless, as their reports almost always have words like "consult with an expert. . ." after each report section and they have disclaimers for missed items, etc. I got certified as a home inspector and was surprised at just how little they actually require you to know to become an inspector. They are really just an extra pair of eyes to help inexpereinced home owners look where most people don't look or go.  You even mention that the repair work was well masked, so you didn't notice it until you began looking for it.  A good inspector might have caught it, but you won't win any court cases proving yours wasn't good enough.

The Seller will claim that any foundation issues were fixed and resolved, which is why they marked "No" on the foundation issue section.  They fixed it; so it was no longer an issue.  If it came back, that is a new issue.  You and I know this is bogus, but to win in court you have to prove intent; and the builder can easily show they thought it was fixed.  Or, they might even be able to claim they were unaware - the repairs were from the previous owner, and were hidden so well HE and YOU didn't notice them.

So the next step is to meet with your home insurance agent.  As I mentioned above, if there have been any enviromental changes (a new house next door could have changed the underground water table flow or pressures, for example) you may be covered.  Even if there are no issues, you still may have a policy that allows for major repairs to be covered after a certian cost threshold, etc.  You'd be surprised at what your home owners insurance covers - find out first; they might have in house or low cost engineers who will do the initial inspection, etc.  They also will provide advice on your home sale; if they think you have a case against the Seller.

Best of luck on this issue.  Make sure any solution you pay for solves the cause (Stress on the wall), and doesn't just fix the results (cracks).

"Like a sunroom" indicating the addition has yet to be built?  If it's just a remodel there are several remodeling contractors to choose from.  If you also need the addition built pick a general contractor with experience building new construction as well as additions.  If s/he provides a price before the plans and specifications are on paper drop them like a hot potato.  They don't know what they're doing.  Whether they have the ability to provide the plans and specifications first or they refer you to an architect you must have plans to properly bid a major remodel or addition.  It is also good practice anyway just to make sure both parties are on the same page and understand exactly what will be done.

Just a note about the "type" of contractors described in another answer.  The one's who do most or all of the work themselves are not very profitable without doing something illegal or cutting corners somewhere, if they finish the job.  The time a contractor spends on a job takes away from the office time needed to run a proper business and chase new leads to keep working after your job is finished.  There are honest people out there who do everything themselves and don't need to make much money in a year but they are few and far between, typically retired and so the work as a means to keep active and make a little side money.  Others try to do a couple of jobs at once and rob from the funds of one to help pay for the other.  They just aren't experienced enough and were probably sub-contractors who suddenly thought they could run the show.  I've seen it repeatedly.  They hit up the customer for more money due to their own budget planning or abandon the job because they aren't making any more money.  be leary of a contractor who does not either use an employed or sub-contracted crew, meaning they manage the project's quality, time, and money distribution.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services
FYI: CPVC and PEX are two different materials and installed differently.  PEX is not intended to be glued but instead has special crimp fittings.  PEX is a brand name of one product that is manufactured slightly differently by others as well so it is important that the same brand fittings are used to match the pipe material.

Mobile homes used CPVC for years and some still do.  It works fine but is not as strong as a properly soldered copper pipe system.  Is the contractor installing this new plumbing a licensed plumber?  I'd be surprised if he is since he's using CPVC and not PEX (or similar) or copper.  PEX pipe is even cheaper than CPVC when run by a knowledgable plumber.  It doesn't require nearly as many joints since it comes in rolls and can flex through spaces easily.

There are some groups raising a fuss about BPA and other chemicals found in plastics that don't like the use of CPVC, PVC, or PEX pipe.  I haven't seen the results of any lab tests to confirm or dispute their concerns.  As far as durability goes it's fairly safe as long as it's properly installed and secured.  It is not as susceptible to hard water damage as copper.  It absolutely must be insulated along it's entire length to protect it from contact to other materials as well as freezing.  Also, the fixtures in the house need to be grounded electrically since the pipe itself provides no electrical protection against accidental shock or electrocution.  In a copper plumbed house the system is grounded so static electricity, a short in a wire near a water line, or lightning strike will carry the current out through the pipe instead of through the water to you, ideally.

If it's installed correctly you should be fine but make sure the contractor knows what he is doing and follows the proper procedures to use CPVC pipe.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services

Home Building reviews in Ottawa


Took awhile after details were worked out to get project started. After numerous unanswered
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
calls was told they were busy.
After project started, they were done in timely manner.
After project was finished in fall the first sufficient rain was in the spring. We encountered a major leak. Water came through exterior wall in my living room, blistered wall and ruined laminate flooring. Called
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
and was told he would be out as soon as he could. A week later still no
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
. Called
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
again, told me he was busy and he would be out following day. The next day he did show up. I showed him all the damage to my living room and we when out side to assess where the
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
would be. From the ground, he determined that it might be leaking from the area above my living room where trim met my roof line. Since he didn't bring a latter he said he would be back to look at it closer and have a drywall guy come out the following week.
After several weeks, No
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
. Called several times and talked to
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
and was told he would be out the next day. Still no
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
, no call. From that time on, does not answer phone or reply to voice mails.
It has been several months and I have had several contractors to look at my issues and give estimates to fix. First contractor found a 2 x 3 inch hole in exterior wall below the trim above my living room. He stated that in the stripping of the old siding, whatever was covering the the hole was removed and not replaced. Also the J mold covering it was not properly secure. Rain water was directly coming into my house thru this hole.
Further inspection, both contractors pointed out issues of the siding wrap of my house. They said no respectable contractor would hand cut lap seams. ( to save material ). Only factory laps are acceptable. 50% of my lap seams are hand cut.
Another issue they pointed out is that you should never have a lap seam directly under a window, of which I do.
In a nut shell, I have never had a leak in the 15 years of living in my home until I had my hail damage repaired by
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
At this point, I will have issues repaired and take
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
to court. Its a shame it has come to this.It is also a shame this review will not go against his rating on Angie's list due to fact I am not a member. Hopefully, my review will be read.
- Thom H.

Provider called to confirm that someone would be there on designated day. Provider arrived on time and carefully explained again what would be done. He inspected the attic area again and gave us option on where to locate the sun tubes, and patiently explained the advantages and disadvantages of the various options. When that decision was made, the provider covered every area that might be affected by falling debris from the work area and went to work. He worked quietly and professionally, keeping us informed along the way about what he was doing. At lunch time, he told us that he would be leaving for about a half hour, and he was back in 30 minutes. He finished on his own because we had to leave. When we returned, the only evidence that he had been there were the two beautiful sun tubes! There was no dust, no leftover debris, not even any packaging to be found...he had cleaned it all up and taken it with him. We have had several rains since with no problem and are enjoying the results of more light in our home! We are pleased and highly recommend this provider!
- Deb J.

Despite weather interruptions (really the reason for the "B" in punctuality) the process of building went very smoothly. We found that the cooperation between CHC and our architect was excellent. CHC process for vetting subcontractors must be excellent as we found no fault with and sub, in fact have had some back to perform periodic maintenance. CHC was very cooperative with us in that they were supportive of our doing the low voltage control wiring and whole house audio as well as installing speakers. We also coordinated with them in the purchase of a number of items from Direct Buy to include plumbing, lighting, carpeting, tile, and appliances. As will normally occur with any construction project, our house has settled over time. It is over 160 feet long but has only two small areas of drywall interruption. We can handle that cosmetic repair ourselves. The only other problem with CHC was the buckling of a deck on the southern exposure of our home (very intense heat in the summer). This problem was quickly diagnosed, a plan for repair made, and repairs completed all a very reasonable cost (at that point the house was out of warrantee). We would not hesitate to reengage with CHC again. We find that their professionalism, attention to detail, courteous staff and willingness to listen and to solve problem is outstanding.
- Charles L.

Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
was a pleasure to work with when we had our front porch rebuilt. He was willing to work with us on price and options for construction materials. He listened to what we wanted for a new porch and provided a finished product that was exactly what we wanted. He finished the project within the timeframe we discussed and always kept us apprised of his schedule. The deck looks great, is well built, and we've received lots of compliments from our neighbors. We would definitely use him again.
- Michael L.

Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
entered my home on 3/15/2014 boasting his companies years of experience in remodeling homes. He stated he had refinished counter tops, remodeled homes and could actually build us a new home. 1st lie Articles of Organization show
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
began on 2/14/2014 one month earlier then when he came through my door. Mr.
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
brought us samples the following day showing us examples of granite and explained that the refinish would give us a granite look. He said his distributor was down to only 4 colors because people were no longer refinishing their counter tops and had us select a color from the 4 granite samples. Lie 2 Mr. Hootens distributor turned out to be Home Depot. We discovered later that he purchased a $250 Rustolum Kit which anyone can buy off the shelf while leading us to believe he had an actual distributor who specialized in granite looking refinished products. He charged us $2400 dollars for the $250 kit and his labor. Mr.
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
stated that the chemicals in the product were safe after we question him the 2nd time of sanding the product off my counter top and leaving dust through out my home. Lie 3 According to the Rustolum product you should not breath dust or fumes as it is toxic. He left my home covered in dust After the third attempt to re-do my counter tops a job that was suppose to last 3 days and turn into 1 month. Mr.
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
had the audacity to say to me “this time we fully read the directions so we should be ok’ ” Lie 4. He told us he had experience refinishing counter tops. Had I known he was inexperienced I would have never in trusted him with the job. Mr. Hootens first attempt at refinishing our counter tops was a disaster. First of all they did not look at all like any type of granite and there was globs of finish all over the top of them and sealant streaked. The sealant was not applied correct and any time you dropped water on the counter top it left a white spot where the water was seeping through the finish. He admitted they were not correct and agreed to sand off the big globs and reapply the finish. At that point I offered him a way out suggesting that he give me half of my money back and I would go in a different direction with my counter tops. Mr.
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
refused and wanted to make it right. Needless to say the 2nd attempt was not correct. Again we offered that he walk away and give me half of my money back. The 3rd attempted was a nightmare. Mr.
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
begin sanding down the counter tops but now he was sanding the toxic sealant (again he told us it was safe) and was taken the countertops all the way down to bear bone. He did not properly ventilate the kitchen and did not properly seal off the kitchen. I started taping down plastics trying my best to keep the dust from the rest of the house. He did not seal off the air vents so when the air came on dust was blowing everywhere. I ran a shop vac out of the house into my garage to try and help clear the air. I also supplied him with a face
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
as I was concerned that he was breathing the dust with no protection. Mr.
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
was also to install a new sink in the kitchen which he had to remove in order to make his 3rd attempt to refinish the counter top. Mr.
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
failed to turn off the water completely to the sink and instead propped a bucket under the sink. The dust was so bad from the sanding we did not go into the kitchen that evening. The next morning my wife discovered that the carpet in the dining room was all wet and full of water. We discovered that the 3
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
bucket he had propped under the sink had turned over as he had not secured it . Not only was the carpet in the dining room full of water but water had ran and seeped through the ceiling in the office downstairs and into the bar area. When confronted Mr.
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
inform me that he was not responsible for the damage and it was our responsibility. I guess we should have gone behind him to make sure he had done his job correctly. When he showed up I told him that we really needed to have a talk and that my wife was ready to
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
him. He left saying he was going to the hardware store and did not return. I called him because I didn’t know what to do with the mess he made. He showed up with a note asking me to agree not to
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
him or file a complaint against him or he would leave the job and not come back. At that point I felt trapped. If I didn’t sign the note he could say that he was trying to make the job right and I did not give him a
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
to correct the job. I did sign the note stating under duress as I felt forced to get the job completed. I ask him to stay as my wife wanted to have a chat with him and had left work early to meet with him which he refused and left Mr.
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
left my home full of dust over the weekend end and we begin as best we could to empty the kitchen and clean up the dust. Everything had to be removed from the kitchen and everything had to be wiped down. Mr.
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
returned after the weekend to caulk the countertops. He pulled masking tape off the walls and chucks of dry wall came off. Now we not only would have to paint but patch holes. His caulk job was a disaster and he admitted he wasn’t very good at caulking. I finally stopped him as he had caulk running up the walls. I told him to just leave. As he is walking out the door I following him about 6 paces behind. I informed him that I would be filing suit for damages, I pointed to the Rustolum Box (he had forgot and left behind that is how I discovered Home Depot was his distributor) I told him I would be notify Angies List and the Better Business Bureau with a complaint. He last words to me were do what ever you want to do as he got in the truck. I had not left the garage nor did I
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
a hand on Mr.
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
. The Sheriffs Department showed up 45 minutes later stating that Mr.
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
had accused me of assault. When Mr.
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
was confronted with the truth he did what he does best, he lied. I ended up having to go court and the charges were dropped because Mr.
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
failed to appear.
- Steve L.

First I have to Say that a 203k Rehab loan project scope can be very big & involved or small &
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
, Depending on the work to be done. I believe ours was a fairly large scoped project involving roof replacement and home shell repairs as well as internal mechanical & plumbing upgrades & repairs.

This was a learning experience for both my wife & I, & the contractor. I would recommend choosing a HUD inspector & contractor and getting them involved in project planning as early as possible.

203k's always have 3 parties involved in loan other than the loan provider & Home Buyer. The loan program requires a 3 way contract between the home Buyer &:

* A HUD certified 203k inspector to inspect & approve the work has been done to code before a draw can be paid out by the loan provider. * A licensed & bonded Contractor to manage the Rehab project & sub-contractors.

The part of the project managed by Sequoia went perfectly to plan.

All of the delays where on the side of septic inspection & repairs ( I went through no less than 5 local Prince
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
County septic service Companies) Before we found the one that would follow through with commitments in a timely manor.

These delays caused the project to run 3 months longer than was planned to completion and the final draw.

Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
were always prompt & professional.

The quality of their work is exceptional & I would recommend them for any project large or small.

Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked

- Gordon & Margaret (Peggy) J.

Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
gave a quote to replace our roof and gutters. Based on the quote we choose them. Then we were told they were going to use sub par roofing material. We contacted them and they agreed to use a higher quality roofing material at no additional cost since we had other quotes that matched their quote with the higher quality roofing material.

When we received the final bill it was $8,000 higher than their quote. They CLAIMED that they were the subcontractor on the project and should receive compensation for being the subcontractor. Funny part was my husband and I were the subcontractors. We contacted all the contractors, lined up the dates and times they were coming to do the work, and were home to supervise the work.
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
only did the roof and gutters.

Second issue, they told us the bill was higher because they brought in extra labor to get the job completed quicker. I NEVER asked nor did I expect the job to be completed quicker at my expense. I was OK with the job taking a week to complete.

Third issue, they did not cover our fountain before they began ripping off the roof. Subsequently, we had roofing material in our fountain and pump. We had to drain the fountain and it took us many hours to clean out the pump.

After the project starting
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
Green the President of
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked
, who prepared our bid and was our contact never came back to the job site.

This is a shoddy company and we would NEVER use them again nor would be recommend them to anyone. My advice is to steer clear. I am sure there are more reputable roofing companies in St.
Ottawa Home Builders Provider Name Locked

- Beth M.

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