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"The crew arrived right within the time frame they estimated. They had come directly from another job in the neighborhood, and I could tell they had been working," but were clean and presentable. They introduced themselves, were friendly and courteous, but got right to work. They put down drop-cloths to make a pathway along the floor everywhere they walked. They sprayed the foam insulation in the crawl space against the exterior walls and rim joist of my split-level home. They insulated from the underside of my floor, right down to the plastic sheeting on the crawlspace floor. I noticed acoustic differences to the living space immediately; I also noticed the smell of the foam curing. The crew lead assured me that the smell would dissipate throughout the day, which it did. The space feels much less “connected” to the outdoors than it used to, and we are really looking forward to feeling the difference this winter! There was not much to the clean-up, so overall it was a great experience. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, and maybe I just got lucky, but I was pleased that I didn’t hear any foul language and saw no smoking from any of the crew members. The most memorable moment for me personally, was when crewman
, who did the spraying—thanked me for “letting him spray foam” in my crawl space. His
was so genuinely grateful and sincere, that it just kind of struck me. I
’t believe you can fake that kind of appreciation… certainly a dedicated employee. That’s exactly the kind of personality you want to have working for you. We will definitely use
again on the next project.

-Julie P.

"the good: 1.The contractor (third party) that
(YRG) sent our was amazing and super professional. they improvised to get the job done the" right way. 2.The insulation material is hypoallergenic, does not itch, burn, or turn into dust like most conventional blown in insulation. 3.After installation of everything: my power bill was $90 a month for electric beforehand not running the AC. all summer
using the AC 100% of the time my bills still remained at about $90. 4.The house feels great! and overall was worth it. the bad: 1. financial loan information was not clearly stated to me till just before signing the papers in my home. in hindsight I would have waited a little longer because they had to give me a higher interest rate due to mediocre credit (my first house... what can I say.) This altimetry bumped up my monthly payment a bit over budget. -2 for price 2. Blown in insulation should not be blown in with our baffles installed around the parameter of the attic. This is typical practice but was not in the price ($4000) as quoted. The Contractor was very generous and took some material he had left over in his truck and made some baffling for the project (very happy about that) -1 for quality on YRG part +1 for the actual contractor guys. 3. the contractor was not able to install insulation cover for the attic steps. however YRG gave me back material cost for this. 4.Soffet vents did not have screen in the caps. This can let bugs in. I have yet to replace the caps they installed with bug proof ones. -1 for quality. the ugly... there was no ugly. it was cleaned up very well and I was made sure I was satisfied with everything afterword.

-Ian M.

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Local Articles in Medina

Avoid Ice Dams With Proper Attic Insulation

An ice dam can cause serious problems to your roof without proper insulation.

attic access door able to convert to room
Remodeling - General, Insulation

Wish you had more room in your home? Attics have room for you to convert into living space.

By properly insulating your attic you can keep warm air from escaping and save money on your energy bills. (Photo courtesy of Vinay S. of North Brunswick, New Jersey)

Hot air rises … but good insulation can keep your energy costs from doing the same thing.

Better air quality, quieter living spaces, comfort and better health are all reasons to reconsider your insulation choices. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Roseanne J. of Seattle)

Not just for new construction, learn how foam insulation can be placed inside existing walls to make your home more comfortable.

While traditional fiberglass insulation is affordable and efficient, injection foam insulation can offer even more benefits. (Photo by Summer Galyan)

Insulation isn't sexy, but it can keep you cool at night.

Angie's Answers


If you go the Better Business Bureau website you can see that the company has only had two complaints in the last 18 months and that they have both been resolved.  The company has an A+ rating.  This is not something you can buy.


There are genuine reviews on many 3rd party online review sites including AngiesList and the Better Business Bureau.  Simply do a Google search for "Smart Energy Today Reviews".


Sol Blanket Insulation acts as a radiant barrier, insulation and a vapor barrier.  It is not intended to replace traditional insulation but in fact compliments it and adds to it's ability to keep cool/hot air (depending on the season) in the home when the envelope of the home is properly sealed.  


Every attic is different and there are many other components that must be considered.  You mentioned an attic fan as well.  The heat that is radiated away from the ceiling by the Sol-Blanket Insulation is pushed out of the attic with an attic fan.  The US Department of Energy states that radiant barriers do work and suggest they be installed by professionals.


As with any product by any company if the product is not installed properly and other factors (attic fan, caulking and sealing, etc...) are not addressed then it will not be as effective.


A couple of comments about what Jim said:

1) Regarding type of insulation, in cold winter environments: Cellulose and fiberglass are actually about comparable in R value when installed - blown in cellulose runs from 3.2-3.8 R value, fiberglass batt 2.9-4.3 R value depending on manufacturer and whether hig-density or low density, high-efficiency or standard, according to official Department of Energy publications. Measured values in attic test cases, in areas with a true winter, after 10 years showed a decrease from 3.4 (in the test case) down to 2.1 for cellulose, and 3.5 to 3.3 for fiberglass batt, due to packing or matting. In an attic environment, there WILL be condensation or frost on the insulation at some point during the year (assuming an area with true winters) and in highly insulated houses commonly for a substantial time period each winter. Fiberglass packs down slightly from that weight but mostly rebounds, cellulose packs down and mats and does not substantially recover, so over the years cellulose loses 1/3 to close to 1/2 its insulation value, fiberglass about 10%.

2) a note on radiation barriers attached to the bottom of the rafters - there are a lot of installers and homeowners making two major mistakes with this product that can cause major trouble: First, be sure to terminate it short of the eave openings. I have seen cases where it was carried all the way out to the fascia board, thereby blocking all airflow on the underside of the roof. Even carrying it all the way to the eaves along the bottom of the rafters will block off ventilation to the main attic area. You have to leave the air space between the rafters open to full airflow from the soffit/eave area ot the ridge vent. Second, do NOT run it continuous from eave to eave across the full width of the attic - leave a gap about a foot wide under the ridge vents so warm and moist air in the attic can vent through the ridge vent. Closing the ridge vent area off with the radiant barrier effectively puts a vapor barrier around the main attic area, causing retention of the moisture which WILL accumulate there, promoting mold.


Obviously this is not a timely response to the initial question. However, for those who may be reading these answers at a later time, a couple of added thoughts:

1) the radiant barrier being discussed is basically heavy-duty metal foil or metallized surface on a plastic sheet, intended to reflect RADIATED heat (infrared radiation - think heat light, or heat you can feel at a distance radiated from a fireplace), the same way a mirror reflects light. Radiated heat is how a standard oven broils and how steam and hot water baseboard heat predominately work.

2) you generally should do NOT place a radiant barrier over the insulation that lies between and over the joists in a normal attic, especially in a region where the attic temperature can frequently reach condensation temperature (below about 45-50 degrees) - it may reflect back some of the house heat that is coming up from the house, but by destroying most of the temperature gradient from the house to the attic air destroys much of the driving force that moves moisture to the attic air and subsequent venting. Between that greater heat and the fact the barrier is also a moisture barrier, that makes a perfect condition for mold and rot in your insulation and attic wood, and has become quite an issue in energy upgraded homes because of retrofits that cut off airflow outside the insulation, but do not cut off the moisture source leaking thorough from the house. The proper and ONLY place for a vapor barrier in a normal attic insulation system is on the pressurized and normal warm, humid side of the insulation zone - directly above the ceiling drywall in the top floor, fastened to the UNDERSIDE of the ceiling joists or trusses, NOT anywhere above that. Perforated barriers are supposed to reduce this tendency, but the perforation area percentage is so small that typically they still act as a vapor varrier, just not a totally effective one.

3) radiant barriers reflect radiated heat ewith up to 99% efficiency but have basically zero resistance to CONDUCTION (body to body heat transfer at points of contact - think heat transfer from your warm hand to a frozen cold drink can, or hot pavement heat transfer to the bottom of your feet) - so there needs to be an air gap between the radiant barrier and the hot item passing the heat to it, otherwise the heat will just pass through it by conduction. Therefore, applying it directly to the sheathing (above or below) or manufacturing it directly on the surface of the sheathing defeats its purpose, even though this is commonly done.

4) there is a lot of discussion, particularly in the professional design community, about attic radiant heat barrier effectiveness and problems. Because they are being installed on the bottom of the sheathing or underside of roof joists, they act as a heat trap for the energy being conducted through the roof which would normally radiate into the attic air or be transferred by CONVECTION (fluid flow heat transfer) to the attic air, and be vented through roof vents, ridge vents, gable vents, etc. By trapping that heat, they are causing the underside of the shingles and particularly the felt and sheathing to get a lot hotter than they otherside would, essentially changing it from a system where the shingle top surface might reach 120-180 F and the inside surface of the sheathing about 80-140F in the summer, to making the entire roof system equal to the outside surface temperature. This causes more rapid shingle deterioration and cracking, and makes the felt or plastic moisture barrier under the shingles brittle and subject to failure.

Also, any moisture above the radiant barrier (from roof leaks or humid air coming into the area) is prevented from evaporating by the attic airflow which would normally remove it, so it starts acting like a steamer. I have seen both wood and metal lofts and attics become a major mold farm in months because of this effect, and a couple of roofs which started sagging due to rotted sheathing within 2 years of reroofing with tightly adhered radiant barrier. Some radiant barriers are vapor-permeable to reduce the moisture issue, many are not, but few actually are effective in letting moisture freely escape.

Having seen these products in use, and having analyzed and specified building products for use from the Middle East to the Arctic for decades, and having a Masters in Arctic Engineering (a degree predominately in energy conservation and heat flow), my personal opinion is that these radiant barriers will be banned by code within 10-15 years for unheated (so-called "cold" roofs) roofs, because they just do not use the principles of thermodynamics correctly. For more info on this issue Google the following search phrase  - moisture trapping by radiant attic barriers       and read the government (not the manufacturer) literature on the issue.

5) Unfortunately, the right way to handle this issue is to put the radiant surface on the OUTSIDE of the house - by using reflective materials on the roofing material. This is already done with flat roofs, house trailers, and industrial structures by spraying with alumiunum paint, and a few brands offer reflective aggregate shingles that are slightly more reflective and radiant than normal shingles. People obviously do not like this reflective surface from an aesthetic standpoint, though with solar cells coming into more general use this may soon be more widely adopted. The idea should be to keep the solar energy from penetrating into the building envelope at all, not try to re-reflect it away after it has penetrated throguh the roof system.

The sprayed-in foam has a couple of issues you need to be aware of:

6) it needs to be the low-pressure expanding type mixed for use around window frames, as fully expanding foam can bow joists or trusses and pop drywall ceilings free as it expands, and non-expanding foam actually shrinks as it cures, leaving gaps for air and heat flow alongside the ceiling joists.

7) being closed-cell it is essentially impervious to moisture, so the vapor barrier on the house side has to be EXCELLENT (incuding sealingof all penetrations), or it will trap household moisture escaping into the attic and promote mold and rot in the ceiling drywall and joists.

8) it tends to bleed chemical fumes into the house for a long period of time (can be noticeable for years), which may be objectionable to some people from an odor or environmental standpoint, and especially should be considered if any residents have severe allergy issues or respiratory problems.

9) I emphatically recommend AGAINST use of sprayed-in foam between ceiling joists or truss members in any area that can have cold attic air that could cause moisture condensation in the insulation, though this is probably not a significant problem where you live, assuming your Dallas is the city in Texas. For essentially year-around air-conditioned homes in hot climates, the problem can actually be condensation of attic air moisture on and in the colder ceiling surface insulation and on cold attic runs of air conditioned air, so attic ventilation becomes a critical issue to remove the moisture before it condenses.

In summary, having seen an awful lot of attic moisture and thermal problems, my personal recommendation would be to ensure excellent sealing of the house from the attic, use normal UNFACED fiberglass insulation, and instead of a radiant barrier ensure adequate full-attic ventilation. If you decide to got with a radiant barrier, then I would recommend a perforated one, sloping up towards the sides a foot or two and stopping a foot or so clear at the sides so moist air under it can escape to the roof joist spaces and be vented from the attic. I have seen this done several times with a fine nylon net strung above the insulation in the attic, supporting the barrier, resulting in something very similar to the double-roof system used in bedouin tents, where airflow between the two layers keep the hot air away from the living space.

Steve made a good point.  Also, while it isn't required to remove the old insulation you can check the ductwork, wiring, etc. with the old stuff removed,  You can also spray foam around all openings and holes in wall top plates to better seal your home as Steve was pointing out.  My concern is the potential for mold spores you mentioned in your question.  If you suspect there are any get a good company in to remove the old and clean the attic.  Another concern is asbestos.  Your home is old enough you could have it in there and that's worse than mold if released into the air.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services

A moisture barrier has to be on the warm side ie towards the heated side.  Most people would not install a moisture barrier in your situation.  (They also sell a paint that you can use on your interior ceiling? as a moisture barrier).  Rather most homeowners would hire an insulation contractor to blow a cap over the existing insulation bringing it up to your areas reccomended levels,,Your power company can tell you the level, I would guess R 40.  What you use is up to your wallet, the best is a spray foam that can be applied to the ceiling or over the whole shebang.  Being a bit of a miser I would trot on down to my local big box store and buy a truckload of cellulose and get a free blower for I and a friend to self insulte.  Big box= Menards, Lowes etc.  Cellulose= ground up paper treated with boron for insect control and fireproofing.  It has a high R value and will stop moving air loss from the home. Before you cap current mostly emply attic is ideal time to take sealant to any openings in the attic floor,  like pocket doors, canister lights electircal wires and close off the air leaks from inside.  If foaming skip this.  Hot air rises so you save yourself a ton air sealing the home.

An attic radiant barrier is also a possiblity see my blog for nifty results on it.

Jim Casper Old Energy Conservation Guru

ps moving existing insulation use a plastic rake


Have you checked Angie’s List? Angie’s List Answers is a great place to find advice from professionals, but for ratings, reviews and information to help you hire the companies you need, visit www.angieslist.com today.



Insulation reviews in Medina


They arrived about twenty minutes late.They got right to work, finished up in a little over an hour. Cleaned up after themselves. Very friendly, and easy to talk too.
- Larry F.

Went really well.
Medina Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
was very experienced and professional. His employees,
Medina Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
Medina Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
, were professional, quick, courteous. they installed insulation, put shelves in, fixed a paper holder and list of every other things.
- samantha F.

I'd give them a B because they wanted to come to the house and teach me on the heating and air conditioning system. That drove me crazy. don't waste my time or your time. I was looking for insulation. When he came to drop off the quote, they did the whole thing like he pulled the laptop out and he told me about their product. They were professional. They were on time. They were knowledgeable. It was the most expensive quote I received. I would use them in the future only if the prices came down.
- Patricia C.

Medina Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
took the contract under the MassSave program to air seal and add additional installation to our SuperCape home. Most of the work was in the attic and in the knee wall areas. The work took two days.
They installed "door kits" to better seal the knee wall and attic hatch areas, and installed door sweeps on the same. They built fiberglass dams around ceiling can lights not rated for contact with insulation, then blew in 6 inches of cellulose (The MassSave spec was 4 inches,
Medina Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
indicated he blew in 6 so the required R rating would still be there after settling). They install PolyIso 2" foam on the house-side walls of the knee wall areas.
Mass Save (a utility
Medina Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
program) picked up $2000 of the tab, leaving me to pay $1400 for the work overall. Note that
Medina Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
didn't spec this work. That was done by Conservation Services Group as part of the Mass Save program.
This is messy work. Cellulose and fiberglass going everywhere. While they were working, the house was a mess. But they cleaned up each night. I still found some cellulose in a few corners of the living space, but overall they did good work cleaning up.
Medina Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
and Mo communicated well and got the job done neatly in a timely manner. The work was as spec'd and on schedule. Overall, I'm happy with their work and would work with them again.

- Jeffrey S.

They came on time and did what they should do! the technician came on the time frame that we got from the office and he did the work without any problem.
The work was very clean and they made sure to clean everything after they completed the work. I will definitely use them in the future!
The 2 days work includes the removal of the old insulation and the cleaning of the attic with all the dirt and stuff. and the second day, they brought the new insulation and the work was completed.
- Carlene G.

We had multiple bids to to install blown in insulation for the exterior walls of our house and bring the attic up to current standards as the minimal amount of insulation was making the house feel a bit like a cabin during the winter and overheated in the summer. I was impressed with the bid
Medina Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
provided us as they were the only ones to actually spend time up in the attic beyond just a look around through the access hatch and call out that the vent ducts for the bathroom fans were not installed properly (prior owner had been running them through dryer hose vs. directly up and out the roof) and that the insulation shield around the chimney wasn't present which we had known from having gas fireplaces installed last year. Additionally they were the only ones that took the time to verify that there wasn't actually any existing insulation in the outside walls. We were pretty sure based on input from neighbors but appreciated the thorough inspection of both the attic and walls before generating a quote. Further they took a very careful look around the exterior walls and in the process pointed out a couple minor non-related maintenance items to address as DIY type projects that fall outside their scope of services.
Scheduling was easy and they were also able to accommodate an extremely last minute request to arrive a bit earlier than had been agreed upon due to a last minute appointment that came up.
The crew arrived even earlier than requested and did a great job explaining they work to be done again then got right to it. They took great care to protect our floors indoors and worked around all the landscaping outside. They were very fast, efficient and the quality of work in closing up and sealing off the holes drilled outside to blow in the insulation was great. We just had to do a little sanding, prime and paint and everything is good as new.
Upon completion (several hours faster than estimated) they did a thorough clean up job, showed us everything they had done. Madrona determined that the estimate which had been very much in line with others we received for this work was actually a bit higher than it should have been so this great service all the way through the process turned out to cost less than we thought.
Will definitely use Madrona again in the future if the need arises.
- Brian K.

Before the job was even started I was very impressed with the communication by this team of folks.
Medina Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew showed up on time and got right to work. Our crawlspace is a very tight one and many workers we had come over refused to even go under for a look. I was pleased with the explanation of the work that was completed and how it will prevent moisture from getting into our home and causing our hardwood floors to buckle.
Medina Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
also took many pictures of the underneath of the home so I can see what is going on under there. Overall my experience was pleasant and
Medina Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his team were very professional and a pleasure to deal with.
- Carrie B.

Medina Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
was very professional. In the process of redoing my kitchen I ran
into possible insulation issues. Despite
Medina Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
being extremely busy, he
took time to answer my questions over the phone and also stopped by to
look at my issue. He was prompt, courteous, and professional. He told
me that my situation was correctly insulated and did not need
attention. I thank him again and
Medina Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
is on my list if I
ever need his services in the future.

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5590 S Main St

TLC Restoration LLC

3809 Darrow Rd

Total Contamination Cleaning

5907 Laverne Ave

Tucker Building & Design, LLC

8401 Hartman Rd

Universal Windows Akron

1245 S Cleveland-Massillon Rd

Universal Windows Direct of Cleveland

7813 First Pl Street
Oakwood Village

USA Insulation

1351 E 357th St




12637 S 265 W Suite 100

Warner Finishing

3730 padanarum rd

Weatherization Pros

2098 center ave

Weatherseal Home Services Inc

227 Munroe Falls Ave
Cuyahoga Falls

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