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I bought a washer from Lowe's at
and 1604 few years ago and purchased the extended protection plan called Service Advantage. I have since learned Service Advantage is a third party contracted provider for Lowe’s. Initially when I called Service Advantage customer service for repairs the representatives were cordial and responsive, but as has the problem continued as not resolved and I did not “go away” they become rude and less accommodating and uncooperative. The problem is getting an expensive repair approved thru Service Advantage on the extended warranty that I purchased from Lowe's. I have spent a lot of time and lost time from work with repair technicians, trying to get approval from Lowe's Service Advantage to repair my Cabrio HE top Loading Washer that is not cleaning my clothes.
As of 9/10/14, three repairman from two different companies have assessed the washer and acknowledge the Cabrio Top Load HE Washing Machine is not properly performing or cleaning my clothes and made recommendations on repairs. At the end of their visits they would explain the process of having to discuss the repairs with Lowe's (Service Advantage) and they would then get back with me. All three times within a few days the repairmen would reverse their repair recommendations to” your washer is performing exactly like it is supposed to”, according to Service Advantage customer service representatives. I used quotes because all three repair companies used the same phrase; interesting
’t you think. This company has a rating of C- with the BBB. And the BBB has similar complaints, some identical to mine lodged against this company. Service Advantage does not belong to the BBB.
My history with Lowe’s Service Advantage in reference to my Cabria HE Washer:
8/19/14 Called to report Cabrio washer not cleaning clothes. Tex Pro Plus scheduled to come out 8/20/14 8AM-12PM. Tex Pro Plus called on 8/20/14 to reschedule for 8/26/14 8AM -12PM stating they need to order a part for the washer.
On 8/26/14 Tex Pro Plus came out and changed the water valve before even turning the washer on. Changing the water valve did not improve the performance of the washer so the technician recommended the replacement of the board. The Tex Pro Plus said he would seek approval from Lowe’s and call us back to schedule installation of the board. About two days later the called us back and left voice message the whirlpool technician and Lowe’s {Service Advantage} denied the part because the washer is performing as it should. We complained to Service Advantage this is not what the technician told us; so they scheduled another service call with Broken Appliance for 9/2/14 8AM -12PM.
A few days later we called Service Advantage to report the
Pro Plus technician took paint off the front of the washer when installing the water valve. Tex Pro Plus was rescheduled for 9/10/14.
On 9/2/14 Broken Appliance came out loaded the laundry per whirlpool standards, stood by during the cycle, and noted the clothes were as dirty at completion of the wash cycle as they were when they put in the washer to be laundered.
, the technician, documented the clothes were not being covered by water; the agitator was not moving the clothes and the clothes were not being cleaned. The technician stated he would submit the repairs to Lowe’s for approval and call us back in a day or two. A week passed and no call.
We called Service Advantage; they claimed no notes noted had been entered in the system. They said they would escalate the issue and if we have not heard anything in five day call them back.
On 9/10/14 we called back, the Service Advantage Representative first stated there were no notes in their system, then stated there were parts ordered but could not state what parts were being ordered. We asked to speak with his supervisor. We were on hold for about 30 minutes before
came on the line and confirmed there were no notes and that the company, Broken Appliance, had not responded to their phone calls. We questioned why this was acceptable for the past two weeks and provided her with the Broken Appliance technician’s cell phone number; she put us on hold to call the tech. She came back on told us she spoke with the technician who told her, “Your washer is performing exactly as it is supposed to”. We could not believe what we were hearing from
and told her this is not what the technician said while in our home. She agreed to send another company out for yet another opinion and scheduled
’s Appliance for 9/15/14 12PM -5PM.
9/10/14 Tex Pro Plus was sent back to my home to assess damage made to the paint when the technician installed the water valve. While there the co-owner of the company and a technician watched a load of laundry and documented on there invoice the washer needed a pump and board due to not cleaning clothes; this concurred with their technician’s recommendation on 8/26/14.
In the meantime, I contacted Tex Pro Plus and Broken Appliance and obtained copies of their invoices previously submitted to Services Advantage. Both companies submitted the repair recommendations to Service Advantage as they told us they were going to with notations my washer was not cleaning my clothes.
9/11/14 - I called
Corporate Office to file a complaint against Service Advantage. I was told the complaint was being forwarded to the
, who would have 24 hours to address. As it turned out they only sent it to
, an appliance department head at
not the store manager.
has done nothing;
said has had no influence in this matter. It does not seem the complaint ended up being directed against Service Advantage.
9/13/14- I spoke with
, thinking he was the store manager at the RIM. We reviewed our issue with him, he said he was going to call Service Advantage and call us back. He did call back and stated that Service Advantage was escalating our issue to a management level for a replacement and we should hear something in a few days.
9/15/14 AM- We had to resort to paying for our own independent repair man to assess this washer and write a statement of repair recommendations and hope it would make a difference. We hired the only Whirlpool certified warranty service company in San
, General Service Co. They came out and loaded laundry per whirlpool standards, documented the clothes are still dirty at the end of cycle, and then consulted with whirlpool technician who stated nothing can be done to improve machine performance.
On 9/15/14 PM
’s Appliance came out. He loaded the laundry per whirlpool standards, stood by during the cycle, and noted the clothes were as dirty at completion of the wash cycle and was as dirty as they were at the beginning of the wash cycle. He called the whirlpool tech who asked the routine questions: 1) what detergent is being used? ; 2) How much detergent is being used?; 3) How is customer loading the laundry?; 4) Are there any board error codes?. If the technician in the home had not loaded the laundry then the whirlpool technician will say the customer is not loading the washer correctly causing the problem. So I wised up and had the technician load the laundry and add the detergent to remove me from the equation. This was the new out come; if the technician in the home loads the laundry then the whirlpool technician responds, “If there are no error codes then there is nothing that can be done to improve the performance of the machine.
told the whirlpool technician the clothes were not being covered by water and the agitator was not moving the clothes in the water.
9/16/14 I called Service Advantage and spoke with
to report the above 9/15 service calls and the outcomes.
stated she was going to expedite our case for a replacement and we should hear something within 2 days.
On afternoon of 9/17/14 I thought I bought this washer from the Lowe’s RIM Store. So when I became disappointed with
, I stopped by the RIM and asked to speak with the manager
. This is how I learned
was not a store manager and met the RIM store manager
S. who is trying to help.
seemed appalled after viewing all the service invoice documentation. He took my contact information and stated he would see what he could do.
9/17/14 - Spoke with supervisor
with Service Advantage. We waited 30 minutes to get her on the line and she took rude to a whole new level. She explained Service Advantage needs a second opinion on if washing machine is repairable or not. We expressed confusion over second opinion remark since they had already sent three companies and that I had one come out; she refused to address. Also, she would only offer service call from 8AM-5PM; no longer 8AM-12PM windows after I complained about loosing time from work.
has scheduled General Service Co to assess my washer on 9/24/14 8AM – 5PM. I told
this company has already assessed the washer at my own expense and I would share their recommendations if all they needs was another opinion but she refused the offer.
also hinted we would also have to start paying for the service calls. I do plan to make another call to Lowe's Corporate and file a complaint against Service Advantage.
The store manager at the Lowe’s
Store, where we bought the washer has not offered to get involved. And for
the head of the Department of Appliances at
has been happy to defer to Service Advantage; I would assume at the direction at the direction of the store manager or just poor customer service on
’s part.
I do intend to file complaints with the BBB, Texas Attorney General, and with Lowe’s Corporate. If you Google Service Advantage Lowe’s it will bring up consumer complaints across America.

- Donna A.

Mr Katnick set up a time to come give us an estimate. He was on time and very professional. I knew what I wanted so there was no need to discuss types of doors. He sent us an estimate by email and his price beat a major
dealer by quite a bit. We contracted with him immediately. He ordered the door. When it came in he emailed to set up an installation time. He and his crew were on time , they cleaned up their mess and installed the door. There was a problem that developed with the door within a week and he came back promptly and adjusted it ( the problem was not something he did ) We were pleased with his work and his professionalism and would use him again . ,
- gale L.

Holland Door Installation Articles

Door Installation reviews in Holland


I contacted them via email. He got back to me at my cell next day and scheduled an appointment. When he arrived at my house, he looked at the problem and fixed it immediately. He was very careful and did a great job. I will definitely contact him next time.
- Yukinori S.

Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
showed up exactly when he said he would to install after taking measurements previously. Door fit perfectly and our dog is using it. The door looks great and we are very happy.

I have previously contracted with
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
two times over the past few years to replace windows at my mother’s home. This complaint is not related to those previous experiences when I believe that the company was under different ownership.

My most recent contract was signed in November 2012; I contracted with
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
to have eight windows replaced and paid the 50% deposit as required by the contract. I was told that an appointment to install the windows would be made once the windows were received. In late January 2013, after hearing nothing from
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
since paying the deposit, I repeatedly left voicemail messages in an attempt to determine the status of the windows and their installation. In early February, I was finally able to reach someone and was told that the windows had been ordered but the manufacturer had delivered them in the wrong color and that they had to be re-ordered and to check back in a few weeks.

In late February I checked back and was told that
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
was short-handed and would call in a couple of weeks to set up a date. When a couple of weeks had passed and I still heard nothing from them, I followed up and I was given the option of two installation dates; I chose April 6th, the earlier of the two dates. I was told that the windows would be installed and that the balance of the contract was due upon completion that day. I was told by my mother (the occupant of the home) that she had given the installers the balance due on the contract, but that they had not finished the installation and that they had promised to return to install the window trim.

Since April 6th I have spoken the
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
(last name unknown) and
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
Marosky who have both indicated that they were shorthanded and would give me a call in two weeks to put us on the schedule. Despite my following up every 2-3 weeks since the original installation on April 6th, the job has not been completed. My last call was Monday,
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
17, 2013.
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
was very apologetic that no one had called me yet and indicated that he would speak with
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
again, but he felt he had done all he could do.

I had to contract with a different company and incur additional cost to have the window trim installed on the windows. I filed a complaint with the BBB of Pittsburgh, but
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
would not respond to their inquiries and the BBB closed the complaint.

I attempted to file a civil complaint using the address that was on the
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
contract but the case was dismissed because the court was unable to deliver a copy of the complaint to
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
at any of the addresses (which I got from contracts) that I provided. I simply tired of spending more money trying to take these people to court.

The addresses that I have for this company are:
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
, PA 15074

120 Clairton Blvd., Rt 51, Pittsburgh, PA 15236
- Michele W.

Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
was punctual & professional, listened to our needs of work performed, looked at all the areas that we pointed out for repair.
He told us that he would contact us in 2-3 days with an estimate. We did not hear from him again so we had to choose another company to finish our remodeling.
- Dixie M.

I tried hiring Ethos to replace the exterior door on the roof top deck in my house. Initial conversation was good, Ethos rep Bill White came out on time and surveyed / sent out a bid promptly. Price was ok. From there I was referred to their office manager
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
. And it went downhill. I called
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
on 8/8 , gave my card number for the required 50% deposit, and was told the door will be ordered, will take 1-3 weeks. Nothing happened since then and it is 9/20. I reached out to Bill twice, he would say he doesn't know the status of my project and would refer me to
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
. I asked to communicate with me on email, but never heard from
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
, other than one voicemail. Tried calling couple times at 4pm, can never reach her. Once Bill picked up the phone, but would repeat that he doesn't know what's going on with my project. My last email to Ethos / Bill was "Could you decide and let me know if you are going to do this work". Never received a reply. I'm not sure whether it was just sloppiness of the office manager
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
, or whether Ethos is just not interested in the project. But I expect at least a clear answer "We're not interested" as opposed to leaving me hanging. Or at least tell me what's going on. Pretty frustrating.
- Kirill G.

Well, I was referred by lowes tile department to another contractor who never showed up after two missed appointments I gave up on him. While I was in Lowes complaining
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
gave me his card said he would be happy to look at the job and that afternoon he drove down to
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
to look at my work. I had a two bathrooms that both had issues and I needed them fixed.
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
remodeled the smaller bathroom and he did such a good job I left him remodel my other one as well. While
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
and his crew were here I was getting TVA to inspect my home on a energy saving program. I then found out
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
also was a TVA contractor and he could install new windows and doors. Which he did and I will get back $500 dollars for my windows and $400 for my doors. Mr
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
is a nice man and wonderful contractor, his crew is just a delight and very professional.
- Lawerence T.

This is my second time using
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
and I couldn't be happier!!!

I had the original backdoor to my house that was allowing frost to enter my pantry and was extremely drafty.
The new door looks like it has always been there.
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
did they work and they were extremely detailed oriented and wicked professional. They asked me how I would like thing done in regards to fine detail.

Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
is a little high on the price point but for the quality of work and products, it is well worth it.
I WILL be calling
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
again to do some more work on the rest of the building once funding allows.
- Ryan C.

This is a "stand up" company. From my first contact with the owner to the actual installation of the door, everything went smoothly without any issues. The owner promptly visited my home to survey the issues I was having with my previous door. After visiting his showroom and reviewing his extensive line of quality doors, we decided to go with the HCI fiberglass door. Our entry door faces the west so it was important that we select a door that would endure hours of constant sunlight. The owner spent a great deal of time with us and made sure we were completely happy with our choice. He even recommended some hardware changes to our storm door so that it would match the hardware on the entry door. This seemed like a small suggestion at the time but it turned out to be a great idea that made a huge change in the overall appearance. It addition to the entry door, there were some necessary repairs to the door sill that had to be performed. In my opinion, the installer went above and beyond to make sure these repairs were done correctly and to insure I would not have any water leaks in the basement which I experienced in the past. Hats off to
Holland Door Installers Provider Name Locked
for a great job!
- Thomas G.
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