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Karen F.
"They were fine. It was great. They did much work within the given hour or time frame that I paid for. Since they were two people it was changed to four hours. I like that it was" cost less and since they are a general contractor they do have a valid license and insurance. Even though I only needed to use them for some handyman work I preferred to use them because they have alliance with. They were much more cost effective than others.
Rated by
Thomas L.
and his team member showed up right on time when ever he said he would. He is very professional He did a couple extra items (move the electrical box) and did" not charge me extra. He did a great job, was reasonably priced and completed his work on time with no extra charges. I would not hesitate to call him whenever I need help. He is also a very nice guy.
Rated by
Yolanda M.
is very responsive and works with integrity. He will provide services by the hour or by the job. I can provide materials or he will do the shopping.
" is one stop shopping for home repair and remodel. I will be needing some carpet replaced and
can take care of this too.
has an employee that works non-stop and also serves with integrity. I would not be hesitant to leave
unattended in our home. He is very trustworthy. I will recommend him to all my friends.

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This homeowner called on some carpenters to add a second story and roof to his house. (Photo courtesy of Angie’s List member Adam D. of Kensington, Md.)

Unfinished carpentry

Unfinished carpenters can build wood forms for pouring concrete and complete wood framing projects to establish the shape and maximize the stability of various types of structures.

Remodeling project, subcontractor lien release
Carpentry - Unfinished, Remodeling - General

A lien from a home improvement project can be a huge hassle and it can stop you from selling your home. Learn why a waiver release should be included in your next contract.

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Contractors say homeowners with this trait are the most satisfied with home improvement projects.

crown molding
Carpentry - Unfinished

Putting the finishing touches on a remodeled room can be a challenge, but with a bit of practice and patience, your crown molding will look like a master carpenter put it up.

There are lots of occurrences that result in dry rot, though most have to do with proper water management in the home, says Lindus. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Donna B. of Portland, Oregon)
Remodeling - General, Carpentry - Unfinished

Dry rot is a phenomenon that can impact all varieties of wood. One highly rated provider answers questions about how to identify and eradicate dry rot.

Angie's Answers


You need a general contractor - prefereably one who specializes in additions, because you have excavation, waterproofing, concrete, concrete cutting, carpentry, door and window, etc trades to coordinate.

The cost will depend a great deal on your topography around the house - if the base of the window will be above ground level at least 6 inches, then could run about $500 for a legal egress window purchase and about $1000-2000 for installation, depending on how deep into the concrete you have to cut.

If the bottom of the window will be below ground level, then to call it a bedroom (which mandates legal sized second egress and usauully at least one window)  then you will have two choices - bring it out into a solid watertight concrete storm cellar with collar to keep water out, stairs, and and weather and bug-tight cellar door that is inward-opening, which means a lot of space for stairs and landings top and bottom, or bring it out into an oversized window well at least 36 inches in diameter, and with steps to ground level, with adequate drainage and waterproofing to keep it dry. Either way, sometimes about as easy to put in an outside door as a window, and might raise property value more. Cost from $2-5,000 depending on how deep into concrete wall you have to dig, whether concrete wsall needs reinforcing with steel frame because of the depth of cut, how easy the digging is, and what your water conditions are near the foundation. The last thing you want to do is create an easy water or vermin ingress with your egress.


Dictated by Federal LAW , you will need a Licensed and EPA Certified HVAC Contractor

to make such repairs . In fact , by law , ONLY A licenesed HVAC contractor can buy or install

said eguipment , NOT A handyman nor general contractor !


YES , You should have an A.C. sleeve surrounding the through the wall unit . These sleeves will usually accompany NEW products , either as a package or an add on equipment purchase.


Contact a Licenesed PROFFESSIONAL at once !


     It depends on what type of ramp you need. If it is built out of wood you could look for a carpenter or a deck company. If you are looking for a concrete ramp a mason would be what you are looking for. There are also metal ramps and I believe some medical supply companies may carry them or be able to steer you in the right direction. As for insurance coverage I am not sure. You may have coverage and would be best talking to your agent. Depending on why you need this ramp there may even be programs through your local government or even some of the local charities might help. It might be a project a local Scout Troop might help out on.




Contracting reviews in Holland


After interviewing six firms, I chose
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
to update our out of date and poorly functioning kitchen. Five of the chosen firms gave perfunctory presentations, just replacing our current cabinets and layout with new ones, showing no creativity at all. When I initially talked with all the firms I emphasized that they should use their imagination and think creatively.
Only one firm demonstrated that the designer had put time and effort into the new kitchen design --
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
. They are a design/build firm and the same person,
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
is the designer as well as the contractor on the job and that really appealed to me.
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
came up with a fantastic design and actually took the time to create a virtual model of the kitchen on his computer.
We began working on the design with
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
in August 2013. He was flexible and easy to work with, listening and seriously considering our ideas as well as his. We completed the design phase in October 2013. Because my husband and I were not available until March,
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
began demolition and construction the end of March. His lead carpenter and project manager,
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
, was fantastic. He is a perfectionist and that was just fine with me. He patiently answered all our questions as well as paid close attention to all details of the renovation.
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
uses the same plumber and electrician on all jobs. Unfortunately, the electrician's work was not as precise as I would have wanted and he had to return a number of times to either correct problems or install additional items. He also broke a wall sconce and my husband had a difficult time getting it replaced as the original company is no longer in business.
The construction sailed along right on schedule and everything looked great, so I was very optimistic that the project would be completed by
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
2014. Then problems started to appear. Some of the cabinets did not match an existing cabinet and righting that problem took until October 2014. There were several other problems, i.e. the transformer for our track lighting was faulty and had to be replaced but the replacement unit was on a slow boat from China and was not installed until October 2014 as well. The kitchen was completed today, October 13, 2014.
Despite the multiple delays and problems, the end product, our kitchen is magnificent. When friends come to see it their jaws drop open in amazement. It is a joy to work in such a beautiful environment. The extra time and expense that it took was worth our patience. I would definitely work with
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
, the office staff and others again.

I purchased the four-hour
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
special because I needed two tasks to be completed.
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
King confirmed the appointment.
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
arrived as scheduled and got right to work. He quickly replaced the kitchen faucet. Then painted the soffit and fascia with time to spare. So I asked him to get the hardware he needed and secure a porch railing. Since he worked more than four hours and purchased some parts, the total amount was higher than the special. He accomplished more than I expected and did excellent work at a reasonable price. I recommended
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
to my neighbor and would hire
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
- Douglas E.

After they finished the roof, they said they would be back to do the siding. After more than 6 weeks of calling to find out when they were coming back, they told us that they would not be finishing the work and that they would just deduct it from the contract. Not only is it now very late in the season and going to be difficult to find someone else who can get the work done before the weather changes, but it's going to be more expensive to just do the one section of work versus the two.
Additionally - the crews damaged the light fixtures on the side of the building when they were removing the old roof. They promised to come back and fix those and have not done that either.
Overall, the communication and professionalism of this company is far below average. I would highly recommend finding another company for your roofing needs.

- Krisann K.

When my wife and I first met
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
we were surprised at how young he was but we were quickly impressed with his professionalism. In fact, the first thing he asked to see before the kitchen was the electrical breaker box in the basement.
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
was very easy to communicate with and listened to what we wanted. He also asked how we use our kitchen on a daily basis so that we could feel comfortable with the layout. The product lines he represents, (cabinets and Lighting) met our design needs very well. He estimated the job would take 3 weeks and it did almost to the day. It impressed us how he had his subcontractors all lined up and scheduled like clock work. Any problems that arose he took care of them in a quick and professional manner. His craftsman ship and attention to detail was excellent, the miters he cut on the cabinet trim look perfect. I am a woodworker and my wife and I ran an antique and custom furniture business years ago and we know quality when we see it. So overall the whole experience with
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
was fantastic. In fact we already have other jobs for him in the future.
- Sally O.

I called
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
and he answered right away on his cell phone. We set up an appointment and he texted me a confirmation. When he came out, he was prompt, friendly, and very knowledgeable. We have not gotten the work done at this point, but if we do, we would definitely use
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
- Jennifer S.

I purchased the special of 8 hours of painting for $260. I had two small sections of my house that were too high for me to reach.
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
was very responsive and was more than willing to meet me early in the day before work. After looking at the job, he said he wanted to use 2 guys for 4 hours instead of the 1 man for 8 hours because of the height of the job. I agreed. Having painted most of my house this summer, I was hoping they could paint the high parts and then start working on the trim. I also asked to have a couple of rotten boards replaced.
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
crew showed up the day he scheduled. Unfortunately, he called me and said they couldn't get to the trim repairs - they didn't have their carpentry equipment. They started the job about 11:00 am. I got home around 3:00 pm and there was 1 of his crew just finishing up. I inspected the work, and it looked great. One minor complaint on the job site: he left his DD coffee cup on my lawn. I only saw one guy at my house (the other may have left earlier?). I'm happy with the work and satisfied with the price: it was well worth spending $250 and avoiding potentially falling off a ladder. However, I don't think I got 2 guys for 4 hours of painting. I suspect I actually paid for the job (finish the high parts) and not an actual amount of hours. I would use
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
again, but would negotiate either an hourly rate or the total cost for a particular job.
- Dan C.

After 'interviewing' several different contractors,
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
Designs was the last one I was to meet with. My phone conversation with
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
didn't go that well, in my opinion as I was extremely tired of talking to contractors, but I set up the appointment anyway to meet with him. By this time, I just so frustrated with contractors saying they could or could not help me and I was at my last straw and this was basically a mercy meeting. I already had another contractor in mind to hire before my meeting with
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
. The meeting went better than expected and I signed contract that night. I am very happy with the work on my basement and will use
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
in the future. I marked price down as good because they were the most expensive but not by much as compared to contractors I talked too.
The basement is exactly what I wanted!
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
, the carpenters/builders, were phenomenal to work with it! Always on time, explained everything that was happening everyday I came home after work. Iaon, the electrician, was also fantastic to work with it. My basement started out as a partially finished dark brown cave and the utility area was unfinished. With the current setup (only approx 600 sqft), the completed area felt very small and creepy. The basement included ripping everything back to the studs, tearing down one wall, re-insulating, and finishing. The floor plan consisted of laying bamboo flooring, updated the fireplace with stone, closing in the laundry area, HVAC, and creating a small storage area in the corner. The stairs were also unsafe and redone with bamboo treads, wood railings with stainless steel cabling (staircase railing was
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
's idea and it turned out great) and a new slider door. While the basement was being renovated I had found mold in one of my closets upstairs and
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
was able to remediate, re-insulate, and sheetrock (contributed to cost) on short notice. Again,
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
were amazing. They stopped work on the basement and immediately took care of my closet and then back to basement. Job was started on time and finished on time as promised.
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
also stated during the construction that
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
are two of his best guys on the job. The pride in
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
's and
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
's work showed through during the entire process. I will definitely request
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
Holland General Contractors Provider Name Locked
, and Iaon again for my next remodel. I did not like being downstairs but laundry is down there so I had no choice. Now I have a place that I thoroughly enjoy being in and I have received multiple compliments from family, friends, and neighbors. T

- Cherrie W.

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