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Linda B.
was great to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional. This was the first time I bought a house and
was very patient" and helpful. I learned a lot.
responds very quickly to texts and phone calls and was available at all times. He is a very hard worker and demonstrated a lot of integrity and honesty which I appreciated.
was able to negotiate a significant lower selling price for me. And when it seemed, for various reasons, that we were not going to be able to close on time,
was on it, made multiple phones calls and made it happened! Even after I bought the house,
helped me with renovation ideas and called to give me referrals. It is apparent that
cares about the work that he does and the people that he works with. I highly recommend him and would use his services again.
Rated by
Lisa S.
"When I began looking for a house, I asked friends for recommendations on a realtor. No one had any because they did not have a particularly good experience with their agent. So I decided" to contact
, who had rented a condo to me a couple of years ago. I had such a good experience with her and the whole team at the Residential Rental Group. What a great decision.
is so knowledgeable about the housing
, renting and resale potential, and she is tied in with a whole community of housing professionals, inspectors, loan officers, and contractors. What I appreciated most of all, though, was her communication skills. As a first-time home buyer, I had a lot of questions.
explained the bidding process, walked me through contracts, fielded questions about the mortgage application, and offered suggestions on the amount to bid. She listened respectfully and was always patient, understanding, helpful, and supportive. At one point, I put in a bid on a house (and
was great about putting the paperwork for a bid within hours) and had to decide quickly about raising the bid because of other offers. When I expressed concern about moving too fast,
, unhesitatingly, said to take as much time as I needed. I know other friends who felt pressured by their realtor; I never felt that because
cares utmost about her clients. And, I have to say,
's answers were always right. She knew what houses would likely go for, provided names of the best contractors, and in general worked weekends and evenings to do whatever she could to provide the most professional service. I feel so lucky to have had her assistance, and I recommend her enthusiastically.
Rated by
Geraldine S.
was a miracle worker. She came to our house to give us some pointers for selling and less then two weeks she found a buyer. She found buyers for our 2" condos very quickly even though the other units were up for sale over a year.The buyers took them as is. She made sure to communicate every step with us. Ms
was always available for any questions and she readily assisted us when we asked. During the closing of all three properties, she was available and very helpful. She also made sure to check for the completion with us and the buyers. Working with her was a truly wonderful experience and I highly recommend her to anyone .

Freeport Real Estate Agents

Freeport, OH

Real Estate Agentsare in Freeport

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Very badly. She, along with her assistant, Marlies, seemed very ill-equipped to deal with the buyer who was represented by
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
was a pro. He got the buyer all of the best out of this while
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
seemed to stand by with very little expertise. She give me no good advice--I had to run around doing more research to protect myself. Of the 20+ houses I've bought and sole over the past 15 years,
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
was the worst and most inefficient realtor I've ever worked with. Examples:
--she sent me an email of a confidential final offer intended for another client
-- she would sent me counters with no explanation or background--all she would say was, in essence, "what do you think?"
-- her assistant, Marlies, appeared to have more air than brain upstairs. Attractive picture with every email, but doesn't cut it for me.
-- slow with responding to emails
-- helpless with
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
's counters.
She needs to be doing something else. Real estate does not appear to be her strength. She spends money on advertising, but there is very little to substantiate it, given my experience with her
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
through September. I ended up with a very short end of the stick because I chose her as my listing agent.
- Robert D.

I first met
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
when she sold my parent's home in the spring of 2008. In the midst of a down housing
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
, she sold my parents home in 13 days which was extremely impressive especially since the house across the street had been on the
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
for several months.
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
recommended a handyman to make minor repairs and suggested a
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
- I believe that both of these things contributed to the quick sell of their home.
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
's expertise and guidance was invaluable in that process.
Later that year, when I was ready to purchase my first home,
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
was my buyers agent. As a first time buyer and recent college graduate with a small budget,
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
was extremely patient. She guided me through the entire process from helping me determine what I needed versus what I wanted and helped me navigate the financing and the process of buying a foreclosure. It took three months and four declined offers to find the right home for me. When we finally found it,
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
made sure I was the first to see it and helped me submit an offer that day which was accepted.
My relationship with
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
did not end when I closed on my home. I have checked in with her several times over the years to get her recommendations for home service providers and also got her advice when I re-financed a few years ago.
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
has always been responsive whenever I reached out which I so appreciate.
Whenever I am ready to buy my next place,
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
will be my first call.
- Kristen M.

Being in real estate, I have worked with many seasoned
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
and have become very selective about who I'm willing to work with. Interestingly I made an offer on a sale by owner property with no realtor involved.
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
, with nothing to gain, recommended an inspector. We were extremely please with his recommendation and were fortunate that the deal fell apart.
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
was impressive in every way - style, experience, responsiveness and skills. He helped us find the house of our dreams. I recommend him as he's in a class all his own. He's the only perfect 10 out of 10 I worked with since moving to FL two years ago.
- John-Andrew K.

I would never recommend someone to do business with
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
. The person in charge is
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
, and it seems like the whole operation is run out of her house. She insists that all official business be conducted by Snail Mail, though she will respond to email inquiries. However, when I signed my lease, when I had to send in payment, and when I wanted to terminate my lease due to a deployment, she insisted that all business needed to be through regular mail. She does not have an office for you to stop at, she will not accept scanned and emailed copies, nor will she accept faxes or emails. Also according to her, her printer doesn't print. Through some special exception I was able to convince her to allow my rent to be set up on autopay despite her fervent protestations (she had to call "accounting" - i.e. her bank, most likely - to see if it was possible).
The worst part was when I attempted to cancel my lease early due to an impending deployment. This was an unusual circumstance as I did not know if I was going to be deployed. I had had another deployment scheduled for December that was canceled (hence my reason for moving into this new apartment in December 2013). When I told
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
that I had to end my contract, she complained that she would have to get the carpet and drapes cleaned. That's fine, that's what I have a security deposit for. She tried to get me to retain the apartment for the 7 months I would be gone, however at a costs of $1450/month, this would have cost me $10150 total. I would rather put my things in storage and keep the $10 grand I would have spent on rent. When she accept the fact that I would not remain at the residence, she said that I had to submit a form to her, I could not make the request in an email. The form also had to be accompanied by a copy of my official deployment orders, which I did not receive until
My previous landlord accepted an email when I informed her that I would be leaving in October 2013 for training in conjunction with a deployment in December 2013 (the initial deployment that was canceled). Not only this, my previous landlord only charged me for rent for 30 days after my initial notice.
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
charged me from
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
7th, 2014 (the date of the initial notice) until Feb 28th, 2014, or 52 days. Further, I only received my orders 13 days in advance of my departure due to security protocol, so I absolutely could not have given them to her any earlier.
As another aside, the original copy of orders I sent her were redacted so that the location that I was being deployed to was
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
. Only the number of days that I would be gone was visible. She told me to send her a copy of unredacted orders, which I of course did not comply with.
Finally, while I was trying to expedite the lease termination process, I attempted to travel to the address listed on the lease termination form. It was a town house, so I called the phone number.
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
did not answer, so I dropped the form in the mail box then called to leave a message confirming that I had dropped the form in her mailbox. She called me back and was frantic. She no longer lived at that address. She yelled at me accused me of not following her instructions to send it by snail mail. While she was angry, she also accused me of trying to play her, and that I had known about my deployment all along. After several frantic phone calls I eventually got a half apology email which stated that she made the mistake of trying to help me too quickly, and thus sent me a form with an incorrect mailing address on it, however I should send something by mail if someone tells me to send it by mail (despite the fact that she never told me she doesn't have a fax, her printer doesn't print, and she can't accept contracts in person... she even claimed that if I handed her a contract that she could go to jail... whatever.)
The point is that they are terribly unprofessional, not only accusing me of lying about my deployment, but then just getting generally frantic on the telephone with me, and giving several indications that she is poorly organized (such as the printer that doesn't print, and having form with incorrect addresses on them).

- Sheldon D.

This is my first ever Zillow review. I actually felt so strongly about how
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
treated us and performed, that I created an account on Zillow just to let others know how wonderful she was. I'll try to cover most of the portions below but I'm confident I'll still miss at least 100 different things that had me extremely grateful she was on my side. Contact - If you contact her she will contact you back incredibly fast. Weekends, after hours, or anytime... she's always there. She responds by text, e-mail, or any way you prefer and never ignores you or pushes you off. You feel like her first and only priority. Finding a Home - We shopped years ago and gave our "requirements" on a house we want. They showed us a ton of houses that didn't meet all (or even most) of our requirements on what we were looking for. This was a wonderful change with
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
. She asked what we were looking for, what was non-negotiable, and actually cared. She didn't waste our time or try to talk us into less. We had very hard requirements (at least to find all in the same home) and she only showed us things that matched. Because of her effort, we found our dream home! Not Pushy – If you walk into a home that a listing agent presents as perfect… only to walk in and think “wow, this isn’t me.” then you
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
’t get that old pitch “It’s not small… it’s cozy.” If you
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
’t like it, you tell her, and she doesn’t waste your time. You just leave. There’s no trying to talk you into a home where you will regret your purchase later. She understands this is a life changing decision and she isn’t satisfied until she finds the home you always wanted. There is no talking you into something. There’s only finding your dream home. Negotiations - When things get tough with a seller, she steps in and negotiates where we definitely needed help. We do not have expertise in this area but she was great with it! She also completely handled all questions from other parties we had to deal with like the bank, underwriters, etc. Walking Through The Process - We saw a listing somewhere, called Remax, and she answered. We had no realtor, no clue where to start, and no idea how to handle any steps of the process... much less what "the process" was to begin with. She set up a meeting and gave us a general outline of how it would all go. She set up the first step. As we hit this step, she walked us through it, explained the next step, and guided us through the entire process this way from start to finish. Her dedication never wavered and she made it so easy that it blew me away. Curveballs - Due to an error by the listing agent, we thought the home would qualify for an FHA loan. The home did not. We found this out later in the process (again, completely on the listing agent). I was disheartened and very confused on what happens next. Within the SAME DAY,
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
had it explained to me, had the details worked out, had another type of loan we could afford written up by the bank, and we were on our way. She explained the changes in a detailed but not confusing manner, and we still got the house of our dreams. She's no doubt seen it all and she's shown me she can not only handle it all... but also not even break a sweat doing it. She makes life easy! After Sale - Great! You got your dream home! And she has all the money she'll make... so she's done with you, right? WRONG! After we bought the house, at the point where
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
gets no benefit at all from helping you further, she still does! We had to get an electrical panel replaced, which she warned us about before the agreement. She found us a great deal on an electrician. How about that time a home inspector tried to charge us an amount for a test? We had no clue what it should cost. We told her what we'd pay and she got us someone else and saved us $800! That's not the only time she made sure we weren't being taken advantage of either! Or when we needed to get the oil tank checked? Yup... she was there too! She doesn't just take amazing care of you during the sale! She treats you like her own family after the sale too! In short, get
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
as your realtor or you've made a mistake. Honestly… there’s no deal after the sale. I’m not benefiting from writing all of this. I own my house now and
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
can do nothing for me on price, negotiation, etc. I’m doing this solely because of how great she treated us and my belief that this is how every sales person should be! I've dealt with bad sales people many times in my life. Take a fresh of breath air and go with the best there is from the start.
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
’t get the pushy, the inexperienced, the “sell and forget”, those who try to pull wool over your eyes, or a purchase you’ll regret for the next 30 years. Get
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
on your side, get the home of your dreams, and… as cheesy as it sounds, live happily ever after!
- Nathan S.

Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
is a fantastic attorney. I was purchasing a condo from out-of-state and there are a lot of hazards in doing this. Ms.
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
's care and professionalism put my mind at ease at every turn.
I'm used to lawyers being aloof and distant. In fact, when I purchased a home in Virginia Beach a couple years ago, the attorney only showed up for the closing; actually, we did the closing at HIS office and he barely moved a muscle. Ms.
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
's work stood in complete contrast and quite frankly I was shocked.
We stayed in touch via email and whenever I had a question about a document that I had to sign or a counter-offer or some legality, she responded to my email within the hour.
This is only my second home purchase, so I'm not too knowledgeable about the process. Ms.
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
was never impatient with me, but thoroughly answered my every question and concern.
I really felt like she was "in my corner" which is so important when making a big-money purchase such as a home. She advised me on how to make the best bid, one that was realistic and that the seller would take seriously. Thanks to her, I was able to get a great deal on my condo.
I most highly recommend
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
's services to anyone in the area looking for an attorney who really knows her stuff and will go the extra mile to make sure you're protected and get the best deal.
- Dirk D.

Once I did find the perfect fit,
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
was all about the details. He made sure that I was aware of the terms of sale and the details of the
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
. When it came time to close,
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
went to bat for me on negotiations before I signed.
I felt confident that
Freeport Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
was looking out for my best interest every step of the way and could not be more thrilled with my new home!Helpful (0)EditDelete
- Irie S.
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