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I cannot stress enough how wonderful this company is. I am so glad that we chose them.
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
is fantastic, very professional and friendly as is
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
. They truly gave us a personal experience and made us feel like our job was important. We were working with our pool contractor's schedule and had a "flexible" time line. They didn't even flinch when I wanted the install date pushed forward so we could stay on track with our pool construction and they worked their schedule to fit our schedule as best they could. They followed up with us and always were quick to return phone calls, if they didn't answer them right then, which they basically always did. One thing that I really did like, is the tight shadowbox fence design. Our neighbors have a shadowbox fence, so we wanted to keep the design going instead of having mismatched fencing but I didn't like the you could see the backyard through the gaps.
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
explained they could make the design "tight" (for a very minimal upcharge) making it basically impossible to see through the fence into our backyard, from any angle. No one else who quoted us offered this feature. If you don't use this company, you're making a huge mistake.

- Sarina T.

First, getting Landmark to respond to our calls about the downed panels was difficult. It took them over a month to get out to our house and the visit would be conducted on their time between scheduled work orders (so, basically, whenever they had a free hour at their convenience). I was quoted a price of $200 for restoring the panels. This seemed like an extraordinarily high price given the five-year warranty, but since it was a limited labor and materials warranty I was willing to wait to see what exactly would be required to get the fence back into good shape. Workers arrived in mid-August to do the work. We didn't know they were going to drop by but we were home. Workers were very professional and kind. Good men. It took them 13 minutes to restore the panels to the wood posts. They said that there would be no charge. Soon I began to receive phone call after phone call about my delinquent payment of $200. It took them over a month to get out to the house to do the repair, but boy did they jump on that payment request. Invoice says $200 for "minimum labor." Fair enough. At 13 minutes, this must mean that "minimum labor" bills at approximately $800 an hour. Three men were out at the house . . . so maybe it is only $267 an hour per man (or maybe $16 a minute). Anyway, I'll be more mindful about warranties in the future. The workers were excellent and fair. Landmark hires good people. But management . . . well . . .
- Julius J T.

For the must part the installation went smoothly. There were a few things that needed to be adjusted. Such as, there was to much space left between the house and the fence on one side and to much space between the neighbors fence and ours. However it was correctable.
- Theresa H.

Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
once joked with me that the longest he remembered a client putting off starting a project from the time of their consultation was 5 years. Well it only took 3 years from the first time I met with
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
until we were finally ready to get our fence replaced. It wasn’t my intention but things got in the way over the last few years. Still, there was zero pressure from
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
all this time. I was more impressed that after all that time had passed,
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
still remembered. He even returned with a copy of the original quote which naturally needed to be updated, but that’s the kind of business he runs.
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
is a treasure to deal with, always politely taking the time to explain the process in detail and work through all of your questions, concerns, fears and unique requests. He’s truly a pro and his years of experience definitely come through. He knows the ins and outs of what works and what doesn’t and when you think you have him stumped because you have an overgrown tree, or a gas meter in the way, or your soil turns to quicksand and back to stone in a week, he’s got an answer for you and can work with your unique requirements. With
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
, it’s not about how it’s always done but how YOU need it done.
Before the project,
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
touched base regularly and explained what each phase would entail. He was always available to answer any question, no matter how trivial I thought it was. Our project was targeted as a 3-day project. A fourth day was necessary as scheduling and weather issues delayed the first day until the afternoon. To set expectations appropriately,
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
was considerate enough to call if any time slipped with schedules or if weather or other issues played a role in altering the schedule.
We were replacing the entire perimeter of the house with the exception of one side that belonged to a neighbor. In addition, we were installing an additional entry gate as part of an enclosure on the side of the house as an add-on to the gate in the front of the house. This enclosure can be accessed from a sliding master bedroom door. The crew tore away at the decking that was there before and created a flawless replacement.
The big difference we added was an electrically controlled sliding gate to secure a carport that faced the
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
and left the cars fully exposed to vandals or lurkers. The transformation from a falling fence and no carport security to an enclosed space that not only gives peace of mind but also looks great is astounding.
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
works with a reputable third party to manufacture the frame for the sliding gate and procure the motor. After the sliding gate frame is welded together,
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
’s team then fills the frame with their quality fencing wood and the end result is amazing. He recommends that owners make their own arrangements to have the electrical run to the motor to keep costs down. He also suggests that you bring your electrician after the motor is installed so that any electrical work won’t interfere with all the other stuff going on. Their equipment requires the use of air compressors and other tools so having uninterrupted power is essential.
Keep in mind that a project like this requires coordination between his team of workers, the ordering and delivery of materials to your location, weather issues that might come up and the automatic gate company. The fact that it all came together so seamlessly is a testament to
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
’s experience. Here is the run-down of what to expect for a similar project:
Before project – Delivery of materials (wood, posts, fasteners, concrete, etc.) to your location. It helps having a driveway or place to keep these items but you can work with
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
in this respect.
Day one – demolition of old fencing and cutting down of old posts. If time permits, new posts are set.
Day two – final posts are set and framing begins with the horizontal runners fastened to the posts which are cut down to the target height (8ft in our case). If time permits, vertical panel installation begins.
Day three (or longer, as needed) – Panels completed, entry gates constructed. Sliding gate hardware and panels complete so that the gate is manually operational until the arrival of the motor equipment. For us this took an extra day because of the holiday weekend. The rest of the installed vertical panels are cut down to the right height and the trim and cap installed all around.
We chose to pay a bit extra to have the trim and cap put on top of the fence for a more finished look and to create more stability in the structure. We also added the pre-treated and stained cedar to buy us quite a few maintenance free years. Everything from the wood to the nails is
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
and these extras are worth the investment.
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
explains how they go deeper and closer with the support posts compared to others and when you see the finished product you can see why. This thing is solid!
I have to give props to his team also.
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
and his crew work diligently, taking a break only to grab some food and rest for about an hour. To watch these guys work is like watching high wire acrobats. Once the posts and railings are in place, you are amazed at how fast things go. They were a pleasure to work with and with just a few ground rules about where to keep debris and what vegetation to be careful about, they will work with just about any requirement you have. I recommend prepping your area as best as you can to create a logical pathway through and around any plants or shrubs you are concerned about. Despite all the best efforts to be as careful as possible, there will be things that fall (like pieces of the old fence) and some awkward corners that have to be negotiated so set your expectations accordingly. I always smiled and thanked them. The end result was worth every bit of angst in the beginning.
This fence will last for many years to come and it has upgraded the look of the house already. We are getting compliments from neighbors as well as requests for
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
's information.
Thank you
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
and team for truly
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
- Michael C.


Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
, the salesman was nice enough, but the communication is awful. I have been waiting for a return phone call for over one month for the completion of my back yard fence or at least an update . Every time I call the office the receptionist tells me (
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
) is either not available or he wont be back in the office until another day.

Most salesmen have there own cell phone that you can call directly.

Or you can call the owner. I found it kind of strange that I couldn't call either of them directly.

Every contractor that I ever had do work on my house gave me there direct phone number.

I even had to go to the sight in person because I was so tired of being told by the receptionist that he (
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
) wasn't available.

They didn't waist time
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
my deposit check or
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
the second installment check. I went with this company because they offered a better price. I would have rather paid more from another company and avoided all the stress.

My front fence looks nice, but the guys they had install it were very unprofessional.

I will never use this company again .
- carolyn K.

Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
had previously replaced a couple of broken posts on the old fence. When I was ready to replace the fence, I called 3 companies from Angie's List for quotes.
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
promptly came out and measured and emailed me his quote. I was impressed with the prompt attention that I always received from
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
. He always called or emailed responses to my questions. The customer service from this company is the best even after the job is completed. I live on a corner lot so the fence is visible to all traffic and neighbors walking down the street. The fence looks beautiful, and I have received compliments from the neighbors on the job done by
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
. The pricing was competitive with all the quotes but the prompt customer attention was far and above any of the other companies. The work was started and finished in 2 days. The workers cleaned up each day before leaving so there was no mess in my yard. None of the grass or plants around the old fence were damaged by the workers. I couldn't be more pleased with my experiences with this company, and highly recommend them to anyone in need of a new fence or repairs to an old one.
- Sandra V.

We moved into a home with an in-ground pool 3 weeks ago. We have an infant son and were anxious about his safety. When I called
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
, they were able to get someone out within a few days to give us an estimate. The estimate was less than what other companies were charging. That same week,
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
was able to install the mesh fence around our pool within a few hours. We were very impressed with their effeciency, price, and aesthetics of the fence. Our pool is large, and we were able to get the fence installed with a self-closing/locking fence for $1895. We're very please with the product and the company. Pics to follow. Thanks
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
- Michael B.

Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
came out and took measurements. I gave her a list of our homeowner's association requirements for fencing and explained the modifications that I needed. She made some helpful suggestions for fencing close to a small tree that we did not want to move. I received a full bid from her via e-mail 2 days later. I gave her a call an she had me on her schedule for the following week. The workers who came out to put in the posts were prompt and professional. They explained to me exactly what they were doing and what the timeline would be. They did a great job with the posts and cleaned up after themselves. The posts cured in the ground for 2 days and the workers were back to install the fencing, again they were prompt and professional. They kept me informed of their progress as the day went on. They were short a couple of hinges for the gate and returned the first thing in the morning to complete the gate. The finished product is great, better than I anticipated. I am completely satisfied with the entire experience and wouldn't hesitate to use
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
& Deck again and I highly recommend this company.
- Kimberly N.

Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
is the easiest and most professional craftsman I have worked with during the entire renovation of our home. Found his number on a sign posted on the neighbor's fence. I have used his services twice. Both times I called and immediately got a response, a visit, a consultation, a price and he and his crew showed up a few days later as scheduled and complete the job by the time it was promised. He was able to build the structures from a photo I clipped. Price is reasonable. Will be using him again to build structures to hide air conditioner and pool equipment and garden shed.
- Evan B.

It went well enough that I would give them an opportunity to bid another job should the need arise, however, I would be more attentive to their bid amount and get more competing bids.
Enclosed a swimming pool and mechanical utilities. Final product looks very nice and does function as we need. A few delays along the way, but nothing serious. One crew member a bit awkward with complaints about having to work so hard. Crew chief on the job easy to work with and very positive attitude. Minor mud mess but nothing out of the ordinary. Uncovered cable wires and weed barriers never reburied -- need to do it myself -- somewhat of a disappointment and hassle. My wife worked this project. I got the distinct impression she was being slightly up-charged possibly due to location. This is my estimate and I welcome
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
to provide more specifics.
For example (I will give this example based upon six foot fence sections):
- Cost to us for a 6' section of fence installed was approx $162 (6 * $27/ft final charged price).
- Retail cost of material is approx $70 (via a google
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
of several locations, this could vary up or down $10).
- If one were to guess it took 15 minutes to install a 6' section, and to guess actual labor cost to
Wellsville Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
was about $20/hour/person, then actual labor cost to install a 6' section was approx $10 (2 crew * ($20/hr/4(15 minutes))).
- Therefore the gross margin per 6' section with labor was approx $82. ($162 - ($70 + $10) = $82).
- An $82 gross margin is approx a margin of 51%.
- An average gross margin would be approx 21% (according to iLumen Financial Benchmarking).
- Consequently a possible up charge to my wife around $50 per 6 foot installed section, ((51% - 21%) * 162).
- We had 187' installed or about 31 six foot sections installed so the possible up charge to my wife was approx $1550, (31 * $50).
Even if my estimate of costs and margins above is incorrect by 30%, then the up charge to my wife for just the Aluminum Fence would still be around $1000, so as I said, it appears they did up charge my wife for this job.

- Joseph M.
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