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Several contacts made. Total of 5 appointments. 2 appointments were no shows on part of technician. Of the 3 appointments that were kept each diagnosed a different cause for the problem. Each had to order a part. Couldn't do repair on initial visit. After over a month of back and forth I still have a dishwasher that leaks. I would never purchase an extended warranty from Lowes again. I have called a repair company that got an A on Angie's List. I will have to pay out of pocket, but I expect to have a functioning dishwasher again.
- Dianne V.

When our 12 year old fridge stopped cooling, even though the freezer worked, we thought we'd have to buy a new unit. In shopping around for a new one,
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
Appliance suggested that the fridge might be able to effecitvely repaired for much less. With two children in college, we were happy to put off the big purchase until later. Repairman
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
came out the next business day, found that the freezer had frosted over, checked the defrost timer, and said that it could be one of three parts having to do with the defroster but he needed to order to parts and the unit would have to be defrosted before he could work on it.
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
called one day later to let me know the parts were in and we set up an appointment.
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
came out, figured out it was the thermostat and fixed it quickly.
- Nancy W.

.iinstaller removed old water heater and before installing new water heater found a
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
.installer returned damaged water heater to store fror a replacement which was installed to my satisfaction.
- raleigh P.

He did not offer to clean the vent of vacuum to lint from the vent or dryer. The cost to replace the vent tube with the elbows would be $85.00. He could not do it until the following Tuesday. When we mentioned reporting the service call to Angie's List, he then said the service charge would be deducted from the $85.00 labor charge. Somehow the total estimate wound up well about $150. For that amount of money I said that I would fix it myself, which I did in less than a half hour.

- James W.

i had never been in
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
and the first time experience was very good. I went on a saturday and wonderful fresh cooked food was being served. my salesperson was
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
and he did a great job of listening to what i wanted for a washing machine and then took me to the two choices that he thought suited my needs the best. one machine was a GE, which is what i had previously bought from Nebraska Furniture and it broke 6 years later, no repair could fix it. the second machine, a speed queen, really impressed me and that is what i bought.
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
was knowledgeable, personable and professional and made the experience extra special. no pressure was used on me and he had tons of patience. i also talked to
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
in the delivery dept., and
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
and rich delivered the washer on time with no problems. all 3 were pleasant, considerate and professional. one month later, i had a minor problem with the washer leaving soap scum around the top of the tub and called the service dept. i did not get the names of the woman who made my appointment or the man that i spoke with on the day of service, but both were extremely helpful and returned my phone calls in a very timely manner. the service man who came to my house,
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
, was the most patient of all, because i was having a very bad day and he still remained very pleasant to me and solved the problem.
From the friendly atmosphere of the showroom, the ease of the delivery, the caring of the service complaints what so ever.....only thumbs up. oh yes, the price of the machine was the best too and i compared it to everyone else who sells speed queen in greater k.c. and even some small outskirting towns. but again, i really have to thank
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
who did the best job ever as a salesperson with such knowledge and ease. i will be back to buy more appliances
- Maria A.

My refrigerator went on the blink on Aug 12, 2014. It was under warranty so I called the company first. They gave me Seilers name and told me to call them. I did this at 8:30 am. They told me they hadn't heard from the manufacturer yet to call back. I called the manufacturer and told them what Seilers told me. The lady conferenced call to Seilers and told them what needed to be done. fter the conference call, I waited for 4 hours and called them to see when they were coming up to fix the refrigerator. The
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
that answered the phone said they would be up to take care of the problem that afternoon. They never showed. I called the next 3 days and would always get the same answer but they would never show. I even called and asked them if they knew how to get to my place....which is less than a mile from their store. Once again, they said they would be right up. It has now been 12 days since the first call and they still have not called or come to fix the refrigerator. I finally had to get someone else to fix it.

We purchased $3000.00 in kitchen appliances from our Waxhaw NC
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
. The worst experience ever!! Will never do this again especially after dealing with store manager
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
. First installers they sent quit job when they arrived at our house to find
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
only had delivered one appliance and not the other 2. Mr
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
and said they do this all the GD time, said he quit. He would never install for
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
again. Threw his clipboard in truck and left our home. Second installers sent installed dishwasher and microwave but could not figure out how to remove our old
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
had originally installed. He asked my husband to sign a release form that released him from any damages to
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
or our hardwood floors if he had to "rip" it out. My husband would not sign consent so he left. He said that he installed stoves for years and could not get this one out. Manager
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
told me that all customers have to sign release before installers will begin work. Please tell me why installer installed dishwasher and microwave without signed consent. He only wanted a signature when he could not get
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
out. I had
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
Mechanical out Saturday night and
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
was removed in 30 minutes! The owners manual clearly showed the 4 anti tip screws had to be loosened from my counter tops underneath the glass top.
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
, store manager told me that
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
would have never install the anti tip screws previously because
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
is not allowed to screw in anything into counters or cabinets...however the
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
installer tonight that installed microwave and dishwasher drilled holes and attached the microwave and dishwasher to BOTH of my cabinets and underside of my countertops?? Store manager was angered that he had to call me at home after his shift had ended. I had him on speaker phone while another
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
employee from a different store listened to him speak with me. She has worked for
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
for over 16 years was appalled as to how he spoke to me. He even stated he would call the
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
CPU Sunday morning so my complaint would not matter! I told him I was promised a $300 rebate but later found out it was in
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
gift cards and I would like to exchange them out for the cash because I do not intend to go back to
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
and that I could use that to money to pay for
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
Mechanicals services because he had declined to take care of that bill for us. He said he could not do that.
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
employee from Mooresville location who was listening to our call said it
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
policy and that it is the managers discretion to cash out gift cards and that he certainly could have done that for us.
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
from Waxhaw stated that he went above his call of duty to get me and my husband a Saturday install and that since the original installers arrived and quit he had to pay a $200 emergency service fee to have second installers come to complete job. After all of this I still was left with old range not removed and a $2000 range sitting on my front porch and
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
telling me I would have to wait until Monday for
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
to try to see what he could do. And that since I wasn't charged for an install he did not have to complete it.
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
who sold me the appliances at
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
said since it was a plug in unit there was NOT an installation charge. I would only have to pay for a new power cord. UNBELIEVABLE! And
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
was angry because I cursed his store manager because she told me that she could not reach him after hours! I own and run a multi million dollar business and my staff can reach me 24-7. After calling
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
(shift manager) back three times Sat night each time she said she could not reach
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
she finally miraculously reached him! WOULD ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND NOT BE ANGRY AT THIS POINT???? I have documented this entire process that began last Sunday until today along with pictures every step of the way. I would hope this would be of some concern to
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
Corporate of how these store managers think they can sweep what they would call a problem customer under the rug.
I have emailed this complaint over to you all via email and also through the contact portion of your website and Instagram and Twitter. This will also be forwarded to the BBB Monday morning as well as Angie's List. My friend who has worked for another
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
location for over 16 years urged me to call
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
CPU Monday morning regardless of what
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
said. That she could not believe how she heard him speak to me over speaker phone Saturday night. I paid the gentlemen to install my
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
for me Saturday night. How embarrassing for them to hear the store manager speaking to me the way he did. And to think we had an estimate for
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
to do all of our flooring in our mountain house? Also all week last week
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
called two times tying to deliver appliances to my home on Wednesday for install. I kept telling delivery services that
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
had changed my installation from Thursday to Saturday. Well that was all a surprise to them because they were never told. Lots of miss communication going on at this
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
- janna B.

Refrigerator was installed courteously on Saturday. On Wednesday, we noticed drawers were frozen. We called and were told to set the thermostat to 41 degrees, rather than the factory suggested default of 37, but the bottom drawer still froze, and the milk on the top ship was not cold enough. I bought a refrigerator thermometer, and the bottom drawer read under 30. I had 3 service calls over the next 3 weeks or so, including one sent directly from Whirlpool, but a lot of suggestions, but no fixes. Swift then tried to tell me that the bottom drawer was designed to be that cold, and I said that that would be not acceptable. The owner said that she would call Whirlpool for a resolution. The next two months were spent by my being ignored, phone calls not being returned, etc. Maybe they thought that being a senior citizen I would give up and go away. Even after I said I was going to go on Angie's List, I still got no response. So, here we are.
- Norbert F.

Purchase was great. Good selection. Sales people were knowledgeable and helpful.
Delivery was bad.
- The first delivery came without the bases. The delivery people were unprofessional and rude.
- The second delivery they showed up two hours early. We were not there so they got the neighbor to open the door for them and put the dirty boxes on our carpet in the front room. They did not install them, did not call us and left. We had to clean the carpet afterwards.
- We paid another firm to install the bases rather than take the
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
of having these people come back to our house.
I understand Pacific has been purchased by Best Buy. We picked Pacific due to the great reviews on Angies List. I'm hopeful that we are the exception but fear their quality has dropped off as Best Buy shuts them down.
If you have received product from Pacific after
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
2014 please comment to let others know. I would hate to have others go through the pain and suffering we experienced from the delivery personnel (I'm not providing full detail as no one would believe the full story actually happened). On the other hand I wouldn't want my bad experience to hurt Pacific if it was truly the exception and not the
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
- Fred C.

I am from out of town and needed a new washing machine for my elderly mother's home in West Palm Beach, decided to give
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
a try due to the good reviews and because they are local. It was a very pleasant and easy transaction, I described what I was looking for, they gave me some options to look at and I got just what I was looking for, in and out in no time at all. I was only in town for two days, Friday and Saturday. The next day they gave me a window of 11am to 2pm for delivery and installation. They arrived at 10:55 am, removed and hauled away the old machine and installed the new one very quickly. They will definitely be my choice when my mom's fridge or
Shirley Discount Appliances Provider Name Locked
- Robert R.
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Dayton, NJ
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Appliances Buy Phone, Inc.

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ArtDevons Custom Framing shop

346 bloomfield ave
Caldwell, NJ
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Yorktown Heights, NY
Free delivery.

Aurelios Vacuum & Appliance Parts

829 Broadway
West Long Branch, NJ

Barry's Appliance & TV

565 Union Ave
Bridgewater, NJ
Family owned and operated, barry's appliance & t.v. has been serving tri-state area residents...

Bayonne Appliance Repair

641 Broadway
Bayonne, NJ
Bayonne appliance repair is the leading appliance repair company in bayonne area. we do the...

Belgrove Appliance Inc

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Yonkers, NY
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Best Appliance & TV

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Rego Park, NY
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Best Buy - Westbury

1100 Old Country Rd
Westbury, NY
Retail store location.

Black Lab Studio & Imaging

24 Main St
Flemington, NJ
Your "home town" camera store. full service camera store, print lab and studio. we also carry...

Blender Shop

4245 Duncan Avenue
New York, NY
Welcome to single serve blender – where we offer the largest selection of blenders, food...


3-17 26TH AVE
Astoria, NY
Big!nyc is a non-profit organization. build it green! nyc, is new york city's only...


2221 5TH AVE
Ronkonkoma, NY

Cafe Nunez

240 west 35th
New York, NY
Latin resturant in midtown manhattan

Cahaba Scapes

2130 11th avenue north
Birmingham, AL
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Cell Phone Parts

116 Wilbur Pl
Bohemia, NY
Cwg parts is your one stop shop for all cell phone parts. we can supply plastics and parts...

Central Lending Services Inc

668 Woodbourne Rd Ste 104
Langhorne, PA
Established in 2003, central lending has the experience in all types of residential lending...

Certified Court Reporting,Inc.

1600 Calebs Path ext
Hauppauge, ny
Certified court reporters means quality controlled to the highest standards. whatever court...

Citywide Appliance Repair

8710 95th St
Woodhaven, NY
For affordable, professional appliance repairs in queens and beyond, citywide appliance repair...

Coldstat Refrigeration

60 Eisenhower Dr
Paramus, NJ
Coldstat refrigeration is the area’s leading authority in commercial refrigeration and hvac...


80 S River St
Avenel, NJ
We are a membership warehouse club, dedicated to bringing our members the best possible prices...


20 Bridewell Pl
Clifton, NJ
Additional phone numbers: (973) 779-4303, (973) 779-8715, (973) 779-1327 & (973) 779-0189....

CPR Cell Phone Repair

45 Merrick Rd
Amityville, NY
We fix all phones on the spot, liquid damage, lcd, digitizer, you name it we fix it here. new...


1100 Shames Drive
Westbury, NY
Dealyard is a leading online retailer that offers huge savings off of home appliances,...

Design Depot Inc.

12 Northern Blvd
Great Neck, NY
We sell all kinds of home improvement material and we are the license contractor. you can find...

Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers Inc

24 Newark Pompton Tpke
Little Falls, NJ
Direct depot kitchens is one of the largest and most successful kitchen and bath cabinetry...

DirectBuy of Indianapolis

8450 Westfield Blvd
Indianapolis, IN
Directbuy of indianapolis is a great connection for those who prefer mid to high quality...


104 W 1ST ST
Mount Vernon, NY
Family owned and operated for over 32 years. accept most credit cards. professional repair...

7181 Eagles Perch Dr
Jacksonville, FL
We specialize in providing quality services to our customers. we offer complete water...


365 Main St
Center Moriches, NY
We sell most major appliance brands with financing options with no interest for 12 months

East Coast Stoves

PO Box 329
New Suffolk, NY
We sell an install high quality wood burning inserts for masonry fireplaces. top of the line...

Elite Restaurant Equipment

153 21st St
Brooklyn, NY
We are the one stop shop for everything restaurant related under the sun. and with some of the...

Evo Design Center

608 E Jericho Turnpike
Huntington Station, NY
Long island's #1 home remodeling "one stop shop". kitchens, baths, countertops, fireplaces,...

1410 Broadway
New York, NY
Offering top of the line products all at factory prices. our outlet stores include garmin,...


United Kingdom
New York, NY
Mobile commerce, we are the first in the field using this unique technology, combining mobile...

Futuro Futuro Range Hoods

8680 18th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Futuro futuro manufactures and distributes high-end, luxury italian kitchen range hoods. all...

Gilenson The Gas Grill Experts

591 S Livingston Ave
Livingston, NJ
Retailer of outdoor gas grills, exact fit replacement parts and accessories. due to the...

Gringer and Sons

29 1st Ave
New York, NY
If you're looking for a professional appliance store then you've come to the right place. we...

Gringer Appliance

5074 Jericho Turnpike
Commack, NY
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Shirley, NY

Home Depot

930 Springfield Rd S
Union, NJ
We're here to help you do more. provide the know-how you need. give you the resources to get...

Home Depot

2024 Palisades Ctr Dr
West Nyack, NY
We're here to help you do more. provide the know-how you need. give you the resources to get...

Home Depot

601 Sprain Rd
Yonkers, NY
We're here to help you do more. provide the know-how you need. give you the resources to get...

Home Depot

55 Weyman Ave
New Rochelle, NY
We're here to help you do more. provide the know-how you need. give you the resources to get...

Home Depot

150 Midland Ave
Port Chester, NY
We're here to help you do more. provide the know-how you need. give you the resources to get...


Bridgeport, CT


Bridgewater, NJ


99 STATE RT 17 N
Lodi, NJ

Home Depot

955 Bloomfield Ave
Clifton, NJ

Home Depot

111 Jericho Tpke
Syosset, NY
The home depot, inc. (the home depot) is a home improvement retailer. the company operates the...


Shirley, NY

Homeclick LLC

777 New Durham Rd
Edison, NJ
Additional contact names - chuck gartenhaus, rich davis, john swatek.

Ice Cream Store Equipment

Sparta, NJ
Are you into the ice-cream business? are you opening a new ice-cream store and need great...


New Haven, CT
Restaurant hours: mon-thu 9:30 am-7:30 pm; fri & sat 9:30 am-8:30 pm; sun 10:30 am-6:30 pm.

Industrial Sales Appliances-Mrs. Cobb's Appliances

White Plains, NY
Family owned kitchen appliance sales since 1956. specializing in personal 1-on-1 service to...


Ronkonkoma, NY


321 W Main St
Patchogue, NY

J S Appliance

595 Route 25a
Miller Place, NY
Since 1979, js appliance has been providing clients in suffolk and nassau counties with a wide...


Elizabeth, NJ
11 employees 1 installation and delivery subcontractor

Jain International

706 Solook Dr
Parlin, NJ
We are a leading marketing & distribution company we are expanding our team. we serve fortune...


Danbury, CT

457 kirkman ave
Elmont, ny
We carry the most popular brands on cell phones & accessories, save up to 50% on tablets pc +...

Julie Ferber Interior Design

Nyack, NY
I design with one fundamental intention - that any home i design be the perfect expression of...

Karl's Appliance

65 Passaic Ave
Fairfield, NJ
Karl's appliance operates six home appliance stores in new jersey that serve the entire state...

Karl's Appliance

469 New Jersey 17
Paramus, NJ
Karl's operates a retail chain of home appliance stores that serve nj, ny, pa, ct, and...

KBH Design Inc

10 Morris Ave
Glen Cove, NY
Kbh design inc is a fine design showroom where all the elements of your project can be chosen...

Keurig Inc

55 Walkers Brook Dr
Reading, MA
No subs.

Lacka Safe Corporation

400 Meadow Lane
Carlstadt, NJ
Lacka safe corp. is a full service safe & vault company that specializes in everything to do...

Laughing Cherub Design, LLC

208 St. John's Place
Brooklyn, NY
Laughing cherub design, llc is a full service design - build firm. whether you desire a simple...

Lowe's - Toms River

1375 Hooper Ave
Toms River, NJ
Store number - 1608.


727 New Jersey 440
Jersey City, NJ
Additional phone number - (704) 321-7170, (704) 758-1000, (704) 660-7177. additional email -...


700 Dibblee Dr
Garden City, NY
Cost is determined by the job. additional dba - lowe's home centers inc.


118 STATE RTE 35
Eatontown, NJ


920 35th Ave Apt 3O
Astoria, NY
With 5000 italian craftsmen behind our design showroom in manhattan we can handle single units...


29 E 19TH ST
New York, NY
Manhattan center for kitchen and bath is the premier kitchen and bath showroom in new york...

Marlin Appliance

3831 Merrick Rd
Seaford, NY
Specializing in finding the right product for your needs. delivery and installation at time of...

Mike Repairs

123 Berkman Drive
Middletown, NY
Heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning hot water service and install

Mint Appliances LLC

Nagle Ave.
New York City, NY
As a family run business we only offer our custumers the best of scratch & dent, and used...

Mohawk Kitchens

48 Union St
Stamford, CT
We are dedicated to delivering quality products in a wide range of styles and prices, while...


PO Box 341068
Brooklyn, NY
Custom screen printing and embroidery. t-shirts-hats-sweats-hoodies-polos-bags sweet...


Stratford, CT
Since 1949 providing best service in ct


Fresh Meadows, NY
Here at northern home appliance we are commited to providing you with the highest level of...

NY Water Heater

59-5 Central Avenue
Farmingdale, NY
Ny water heater incorporated is a 24 hour water heater supply. we stock 50 gallon ao smith...

NYC Fireplaces & Outdoor Kitchens

58-30 Maspeth Ave.
Maspeth, NY
Family owned & operated. we offer sales, service, & installation for gas, wood, & electric...


Massapequa, NY
Nysavesmoney is a networking and barter company helping to promote the growth of new york...

Oasis Church - Middlesex County

1000 Corporate Court
South Plainfield, NJ
Oasis operates as a non-denominational christian church in middlesex county. we are...

OT Construction

8520 Elmhurst Ave
Elmhurst, NY

Paraco Gas

800 Westchester Ave
Rye Brook, NY
Paraco gas is one of the nation's leading propane gas distributors. headquartered in rye...

Paul Lopa Designs, Inc

4010 Hylan Blvd
Staten Island, NY
With over 13 years of experience building homes from the ground up, paul lopa designs, inc...

Paul's Appliances & Electronics

121 New York Avenue
Newark, NJ

PC Richard & Son

3350 Brunswick Pike Rt 1
Lawrence Township, NJ
Dba: reliable richard service, a.j. richard trucking.

PC Richard & Son

317 Rte 17 S
Paramus, NJ

PC Richards

53 West 23rd Street
New York City, NY
104 years of honesty, integrity & reliability. family owned, no subs. charges determined by...


87 West Main St.
Somerville, NJ
Platinum designs, llc, a new jersey based company specializing in custom cabinetry design and...

Plesser's Appliances

6 E Main St
Babylon, NY
Founded in 1919 by sam plesser, one of america's oldest appliance stores is still going...

Potomac Garage Solutions

962 Crescent Ave
Bridgeport, CT
Potomac garage solutions (pgs) is the leading installer of custom garage organization systems...

PowerHouse Home Services

688 Derby Ave
Seymour, CT
At powerhouse home services, we aim to be your one–stop service provider in the greater new...

2114 South Rice Rd.
Ojai, CA
Rataway fragrance is a spray used to protect cars, homes, business from rats, mice,...


Paterson, NJ
Subs for certain delivery areas and installations

191 westchester ave
Port Chester, NY
We are a complete business dedicated to repair services for laptops , smartphones , tablets...


Flemington, NJ
Roger’s appliances is a family owned and operated business. open since 1970, roger's has...


124 East 176 Street #5J
Bronx, Ne
Miguel russo 646 261 7382 . calling this number will get you a discount ,,,,,

Sam Mobile Tech LLC

689 E Tremont Av
Bronx, NY
Sam mobile tech, best known for our professional it service & the world's top choice for...

Same Day Service of Fairfield

65 High Ridge Rd
Stamford, CT
If you’re looking for professional, affordable appliance repairs in the stamford area, same...

sdf dfghnfgjn

Dfasf, NY


1701 Sunrise Hwy
Bay Shore, NY
sears, roebuck and co., a wholly owned subsidiary of sears holdings corporation (nasdaq:...


2307 Beverley Rd
Brooklyn, NY
Come visit us today!

Sears Hardware Store - Newton

13 Hampton House Rd
Newton, NJ
Additional dba - sears brands llc.


East Setauket, NY
Family-owned & operated. dba: setauket kitchen & bath; three village setauket kitchen & bath.

Showcase Kitchens South

5340 Merrick Road
Massapequa, NY
Showcase kitchens can trace its roots back to 1933. showcase kitchens is an award-winning,...


Deer Park, NY
7 emlpoyees. no subs. cost is determined by a flat rate. travel charges may apply. ask for...

Sprint Premier Store

26 Deer Park Ave
Babylon, NY
We service new customers and upgrades sales. authorized service and repair center for...


Brooklyn, NY
Add a classic car mak

T&T HVAC and Electric

160 Hartman Ave.
Garfield, NJ
We are a small, growing hvac and electric company. we employ 4 workers and a 2 personal office...

Talianko Design Group LLC

PO Box 74
Sierra Madre, CA
"our goal is to help our clients fall in love with their homes. we create for them, fresh,...

The Home Depot

7509 Woodhaven Blvd
Ridgewood, NY
We're here to help you do more. provide the know-how you need. give you the resources to get...

The Kitchen & Bath Studio By R & R Remodelers Inc

423 Hazel St
Clifton, NJ
Also services:somerset county.

The Shops at Columbus Circle

New York, NY
The shops at columbus circle is an urban shopping mall in the time warner center in manhattan,...


Lakewood, NJ
Town appliance is a family owned business for over 30 years serving our customers with...

Unified Air Industries Corp

1410 Pinewood Street
Rahway, NJ
Residential and commercial air conditioning and hvac systems. hvac installation and...


P.O.BOX 83
Dayton, Nj
Complete turn key manufacturers representative , design, sale, supply of hvac, refrigeration...

Vanguard Environmental Inc.

465 Johnson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Electronic waste drop off events scheduled monthly.


Wyckoff, NJ
Financing available.

ZEEES Brands, Inc.

PO Box 40335,Brooklyn, NY 11204
Brooklyn, NY
Buy direct and save your money with us.we are one of the largest online shop who provides you...
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