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Bob G.
"I deeply regret doing business with
Residential. Like you, I was researching Angie’s List for my rental property management needs. Worst business decision" I have made in my life – no joke. I started doing business with them in February of 2013 and we had a fully executed lease starting on May 1, 2013 that was signed on March 20, 2013.
proved to be a smooth talker (
to a used car salesman) and at first I was impressed by his interest in helping my family meet our needs. However, as time went on – his and his staff’s incompetence and greed became blinding. The tenant filled out
’s application (with application fee). I was assured by
’s wife btw) that a credit check was performed. Two days after the lease was signed, the tenant bounced a check – I didn’t think much of it at the time as she eventually did pay the funds but hindsight proves this was the first in a series of problems I had with the tenant (and
). Fast forward with more bad checks and come to find out that the tenant was stealing money from her employer to pay rent. She paid
paid me, and then they wanted the money back from me when her employer came asking for the money that was stolen. All of this culminated in me not getting paid rent for 6 months. At no point in time were they concerned about rectifying the situation – they were putting all of their effort into getting their money back from me (which I did give them some back). I kept constantly asking myself – what am I paying them for? All of the above prompted me to start asking about her credit check. I wanted to see her credit score as I couldn’t believe this is the first time anyone like this has done something of the sort. I was told by
Roller that “the credit report has expired and is no longer available.” Ok, so I’m thinking you guys didn’t really check her out did you? Did you pocket the application fee? At the very best, they are incompetent– at the worst…… So, I checked her credit myself and was astounded to see a previous eviction and multiple judgments! It took me 20 min to find this information. I was floored, so then I contacted a lawyer…… Adding insult to injury,
claims she did check the credit and recommended I do not rent to this person. I apparently didn't listen to their recommendation. Why would I rent to someone that
doesn’t recommend and has bad credit? Aren’t I paying them to make recommendations and protect me? If I did go against their recommendation, wouldn’t there be some sort of CYA documentation on their part? Further, it wasn’t like the property was on the rental
that long to where there would have been a sense of desperation on my part to rent it to anybody. Bottom line,
clearly lied and is most certainly the weakest link in their entire operation. So now it’s essentially he said, she said – who do you think
would try to protect – me or his wife? Classic case of why you shouldn’t work with your spouse (or do business with a mom and pop operation). Let me be clear that
’s response to this is that I found the tenant on Craigslist (which I did) and thereby their liability was lessened. I did receive a discount for finding the tenant. All of this culminated in the both of us agreeing to terminate the relationship. I am currently pursuing legal action against them for mismanaging the account which
to the losses suffered. Of course this is difficult, because in the contract you sign with them under paragraph 14 the parties' management agreement -- the agent assumes no liability for the failure of the tenant to pay any rent. I’m not disputing that, I’m disputing they didn’t check the person out before renting to her and they mismanaged my account with them along the way. All in all, a completely horrible experience doing business with them. · First mistake --
failed to properly run credit and rental history checks that would have shown past judgments and an eviction. · Second mistake – At the first sign of trouble
failed to institute or recommend legal action (as early as 2 days after the lease was signed) · Third mistake – After the first returned check
failed to require that payments be made in certified funds, cashier’s check or money order per the Lease. · Fourth mistake --
didn’t take the necessary steps to protect the funds it had received supposedly on my behalf or challenge the multiple refund requests with its bank or the alleged defrauded bank. Will I ever see the money again? Probably not. What I do know is
doesn’t operate their business with integrity and this will undoubtedly come back to harm them in the future –
. If you do need property management services, I recommend you go with someone who has more experience and is run more like a professional organization -- there is a definite feel of a mom and pop operation with
. I’m certain
Residential has a lot of lessons learned from their business done with me, it however came at my expense. I
’t mind mistakes and people learning, I do mind people being dishonest and not being genuine.
Rated by
Susan V.
"The previous property manager,
was great, but I was not impressed with the current one. She did a very poor job of screening. She knowingly put someone in" the rental next to me with several serious felonies (who she had told me was "an awesome renter"), and another who either had unsettling mental health problems or was on drugs. When I told her about the felonies in a benign way, she admitted to knowing about them, then she dropped me as a client. Her accounting and record providing were professional, but I learned that she really didn't care who she stuck in the rental.
Rated by
Anthony S.
(AA) has been managing my property for about eight months now and they took over from another company named APM who was inept at property management. AA is" head and shoulders above APM, although given the poor performance of APM this was not hard to achieve. AA has the potential to be a great management company given their pluses. These include an online portal that displays all account activity for a given property (most NJ management companies do not do this); they respond to repairs quickly and effectively (they quickly repaired a broken gutter and porch at my property that APM would not fix); they have what appears to be a well written landlord friendly lease (NJ laws are biased in favor of tenants); and they respond quickly to client matters, such as returning phone calls and addressing irresponsible tenants. However, I have had two issues with them, one small and one big. The big issue refers to evicting the current tenants. AA was not responsible for finding these tenants; however, in June I decided it was time for eviction given the tenant
refused to pay rent ($2,000 + per month) claiming the property was not being maintained. This was due to minor repairs the tenants never reported anyway. I explained things clearly to AA, IE evict the tenants as soon as possible. This was reiterated by phone and emails again for at least a few weeks. However, when the time came for eviction the tenants sent two checks to cover most, but not all of the rent and they refused to pay the late fees. Rather than consult with me first,
of AA cashed the checks and THEN called me to discuss the matter. As per NJ law once money is accepted in response to eviction tenants cannot be evicted. This is even more perplexing given I paid AA $500 (their standard rate) for an eviction. Overseeing my property and having expertise in related matters is precisely what I pay AA for, yet AA performed poorly, acting as if this was there first eviction. This now means in order for me to evict
I need to pay AA ANOTHER $500 for eviction with tenants who are once again NOT paying rent. Here is an analogy - recently, I had repair work done on my car. In the course of the repair the mechanic found something else needing attention. At this point he called me to discuss the matter BEFORE doing anything (and there was much less on the line then). The second issue with AA is their online portal. This portal is in practice useless to me because although the financial information relating to my account is present, it is not presented in a manner that is meaningful. Specifically, the numbers are presented in quarterly chunks where as the property is paid for in monthly cycles. In other words the portal presents how much money has been collected quarterly NOT monthly. All of my numbers are in monthly increments, so in order to make sense of the portal I have to convert all of their numbers into monthly amounts subtracting the monthly fee I pay AA, figuring out where the late fees are from the tenants, and so on. This creates so much work that it completely defeats the purpose of the portal and is why I no longer use it and keep a
on my own spreadsheet. These criticisms may seem insufficient for a two-star rating and if the eviction was not a problem I would have evaluated AA at five stars. However, I point out again the eviction was botched resulting in substantial extension of an enormous problem. This is completely inexcusable, especially given how unambiguous the situation was. These are things which could change in the future and yield a better experience to other property owners. The people at AA are intelligent, but in this company's current state I recommend avoiding AA.

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Property Managing reviews in Richmond Hill


This is a terrible company to work with. I'm surprised they've been in business as long as they have. The rental conditions at 1123 Loblolly Lane were terrible. The one website we looked at [prior to renting said the house had a garage, but there's a pool table in it so you can't park a car inside.
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
, the owner, is very slow to respond. She does not care about vacation renters.
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
offered us a refund of our $200.00 deposit IN WRITING, then said she won't honor it and is refusing to have any contact with us.
I would attach pictures of the bed and other problem areas of the house if I could.
- Kelley G.

During the course of the time they managed our buildings, it seemed that
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
were somewhat inflexible about their policies around who they would rent to, what was expected of tenants, how involved we could be as owners, etc. While it makes sense for the majority of their properties, it made it difficult for us to fill our openings given the location and
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
niche we were looking to fill. We tried negotiating with them because we had so many vacancies and wanted to expand the pool of possible renters, but they were not willing to be flexible.
Further, there were several inaccuracies in the listings they provided to various websites that didn't get changed even after we pointed them out (i.e. saying we didn't allow pets when we did). We were not allowed on our properties or able to contact tenants, because they wanted everything to go through them. In a way, that makes sense to avoid confusion, but it did feel a little off-putting and wouldn't be a good set up for an owner who wants any hands-on contact at all with the property.
Our arrangement lasted a year, and then
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
informed us that they would not be providing service to us any longer. They gave us a reasonable time to find a new management company but never offered an explanation for why they discontinued working with us.
All in all, we had a lot of vacancies that didn't get filled as quickly as we'd hoped, and they didn't seem to sense the urgency in filling them (they got to charge their management fee whether the unit was vacant or not). Had they not terminated our contract, we were going to do so.
However, I will say that they are very professional, have thorough contracts, have solid systems, hired great contractors and kept our tenants happy. If we were in a different situation (for example, if we had a duplex in the suburbs that we didn't want to have anything to do with managing) they would probably be a great choice. As owners of multi-unit buildings in Uptown, it didn't seem like a good fit.
- Amie D.

We have used
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
for over two years to lease our townhome, and have found their staff to be exceptionally responsive and attentive to our needs as owners.
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
and his team helped rent our home in less than a week, and have since provided a close supervision of the property that left us feeling at ease. The
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
staff has very often "run interference" with our tenants on maintenance issues, sometimes heading off a repair call with a
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
suggestion and other times helping manage more significant repairs while we are frequently "unreachable" overseas.
We recommend their team without reservation
- Gary W.

It went great, They told me they had a home for rent in Southaven Ms. I toured the home and put in my application right away. By the next week i moved in! I have been living in the home for over 2 years now. Any time there is an issue they get it fixed or somebody out within 24 hours. We have had the water tank bust, it was fully fixed within 24 hours. The refrigerator stopped working, it was replaced within about 48 hours, took that long due to the date/time it went out and the delivery. I love renting from this company, the are a small personally company and I like the fact they answer their phones, you don't get an answering service or a desk
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
who can't help you.
- Patrick W.

Iwill try to keep this as short as possible. In 2009 my husband hired Wick
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
to manage our rental property when he moved to Florida. We had the same wonderful tenants from 8/2009 - 8/2014. August 2014 we had new tenants move into the property who are equally wonderful. ( In the 5 years we have had Wick
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
manage our property, only 1 time in 2013, did they go in to the home and take pictures).
At the time of departure, Wick
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
did not do any walk through's or take pictures of the property to assess damages. They had us approve $937.50 for cleaning, re-keying the property, carpets being cleaned, and a new garbage disposal to make the property ready for the next tenant. After the new tenants moved in, we then received a list of items that needed to be repaired- closet doors, broken blinds, the microwave, picture holes in the walls, etc. When I was reluctant and questioned the owner about the carpets being cleaned and other repairs that I felt should have been taken out of the last tenant's security deposit, I was told by the owner," In the state of Texas, it's hard to charge your tenants for these things and not note them as normal wear and tear without being sued." Then we were asked to approve $500 for a new microwave- we told them NO. I asked them for all pictures of the damaged property, invoices, receipts, etc, for work that was done or needed to be done on the property. Of course we never received a reply, or any supporting documents. At this time the accountant also really messed up with the leasing fee, the property manager was asking for owners contributions after we had already come to an agreement of payment with the owner of Wick
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
- it was a disaster. These issues coupled with the fact that ALL of their management employees we have worked with are extremely lazy, have communication issues, and just have no idea what they are doing; the fact that a
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
had been taken out our property in 2011(without us knowing) because Wick
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
did not take out the proper
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
fees out of the rental income (which they had previously agreed to do); and when we refinanced our property in 2012, the staff was very lazy and terrible to work with -we decided it was time to get a new management company to manage the property.
We gave Wick
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
our notice on 8/26/2014 for 9/30/2014, well within the 30 day agreement. Over a period of 6 weeks we made more than 10 requests to the owner,
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Wick, to transfer our tenant's security/pet deposit and keys to the property to the new management company. We also asked for receipts, invoices and pictures of work that had been completed on the property so we could pay for services rendered and move on. ALL OUR REQUESTS WERE COMPLETELY IGNORED. I also received a letter from our current tenant's stating that none of the work noted in their initial walk through with
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
had been addressed, except cleaning of the yard and gutters.
We finally came to the point that it was time to get an attorney because Wick
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
would not contact us and would not transfer the deposits or keys to the new management company. After letting them know we would be seeking legal council, we receive a one line reply form the owner," When you pay us the money you owe us, we will comply." WHAT?????
Because Wick
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
would not send receipts, invoices or pictures, we didn't even know what we owed them. Over a period of 2-3 days, we told them several times, please provide us with the proper documentation so we may pay you for any work done on our property. They provided no documentation what so ever, but still told us we needed to pay them money and refused to release the deposits and the keys to the property.
Finally Wick
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
provided a statement, in which they called an,"invoice" from a place called "HOMETOWN MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR." It was dated 7/23/2014 and was the approval statement that they sent asking us to approve the work to be done. And to make it even worse, this company is not even a real company. It is not licensed in the state of Texas and the address is the same as Wick
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
' address. They provided us with nothing else, no pictures of our property what so ever, no receipts for anything bought for the property, (locks, garbage disposal, materials,etc.) and no invoices; still they would not transfer the deposits or keys. It was time to call an attorney.
However, after talking to my husband, because I am 5 months pregnant with a high risk pregnancy, and this whole ordeal has been extremely frustrating and exhausting, he decided he wanted to just pay the $937.50 we approved to be done back in
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
and to be done with this company. We paid $937.50 + a $44.76 processing fee, for a total of $982.26 for work by an unlicensed company that had no receipts, no invoices, and no pictures to prove they completed anything, just to have our tenant's security/pet deposit and they keys to our property released. The money was worth never dealing with these people again. If we hadn't paid the money, even though I am 100% positive we are more than within the law with our case, this would have dragged on for another 6-12 months. We just have more important things to concentrate on right now. Hopefully one day Wick
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
what it sows.....
My advice to you as a property owner and renter, find another management company to work with. This company really is terrible. You can also find their poor reviews on Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau. In those reviews, we found out we were not the only people they are treating poorly. All of the reviews sounded like this a common practice and a common way they treat their customers.
- Heather R.

Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
did a great job finding a respectable renter. she showed the house and found a renter within 10 days. Hopefully moving forward the tenant and i can have a good long history. Thanks to
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
. One other bit of information, she does find the tenant but you the owner will take care of any issues with house. So either have a home warranty for your place or use your angie list to take care of any future problems.
- Robert S.

I first contacted
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
last summer to rent out my house I was contacted quickly by their sales representative, and I felt properly advised in regards to listing the house for a reasonable amount, the house was rented quickly and the tenants moved in, when things needed to be repaired the management company contacted the home warranty company and the item was remedied, on other issues such as gardener and pool person I left it up to them to decide the vendor, as I was sure they had a list of reputable vetted vendors which they did. Their billing system online makes it easy to keep up with status of what is going on with the property and I always had a prompt response via email or phone in regards to inquiry's that I would make. Their fee for property management is very fair in respect to all the follow up and vendors that maybe needed while a house is rented plus dealing with all the legalities that a tenant may represent.
This last spring I decided to sale the house and spoke with
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
their sales representative he was competent, conscientious,courteous, and his follow thru and followup is Excellent! he assisted with the transitioning renters and was very prompt in listing the house at
Richmond Hill Property Managers Provider Name Locked
value, he kept me up to date and didn't blow smoke up my butt in regards to the true value of the property and staying competitive to move the house, when items of concern came up during the transaction he was very capable of finding the appropriate vendor for the situation. If your looking for a full service competent property management company that handles rental and sales,
I would highly recommend the team at Savings Grace for your property management or sales needs.
- Michael G.
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Level Line Construction

22-55 31st street
Astoria, ny

Long Island Homes and Contracing

10 Arnold Street

M & R Builders

Stamford, CT

M&A Multi-Trade

West Orange, NJ


36-06 24th St
Astoria, NY


68 Granfield Ave
Bridgeport, CT

MCB Tax and Financial Services

271 Cadman Plz E #23682
Brooklyn, NY

MiteBuster BedBug & Pest Control

4617 Bergenline Ave.
Union City, NJ


Brooklyn, NY


PO Box 341068
Brooklyn, NY

Moran Residential Remodeling

Massapequa Park, NY


Bronx, NY

My Green Condo Inc

109 Mercer St
Hightstown, NJ

My Real Estate Boutique LLC

1 maddison ave
Morristown, NJ

Nationwide Property Services

269 Chamberlain Ave
Paterson, NJ

Newwall Interior Partitions, LLC

3511 Victory Blvd
Staten Island, NY


S.Floral Park, NY


25 Robert Pitt Drive
Monsey, NY

NuBirth Contracting, Inc.

1369 Broadway Unit 210757
Brooklyn, NY

NYC Euro Interiors Inc

79-27 Myrtle Ave
Ridgewood, NY


535 Bedell Terrace
West Hempstead, NY


Massapequa, NY

Olivos Property Perfection, Inc.

260 Audubon ave
New York, NY


1420 freeport loop
Brooklyn, NY

Osgood Construction

10 Winding Rd
Brookfield, CT


103-20 116th Street
New York City, NY

Pandel Enterprises

244 5th Avenue
New York, NY

Parking Systems

P.O Box 160
Valley Stream, NY

Permit Solutions Inc

Ocean, NJ

pete's contracting

32 65th St
West New York, NJ

Peter Fleishman General Contracting

307 8th Ave
Sea Cliff, NY


Brick, NJ

Precision Restoration and Construction

76 Vreeland Avenue
Bergenfield, NJ

Premier Home Concierge

17 Black Oak Ln
Kinnelon, NJ

Prestige Builders Group Inc.

110 Jordyn Court
Matawan, NJ


70 East Merrick Road
Freeport, NY


Yonkers, NY

Prime Structures

Jersey City, NJ

Primo Home Inspections

3 St Marks Pl
Roslyn Heights, NY

Primo Property Maintenance Inc

600 Richmond Rd
Staten Island, NY

Progressive Contracting

88 Church Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

property improvement and maintenance llc

131 south main strret
Neptune, NJ

Qualified Custom Framing Inc.

249 Spring dale Dr.
Ronkonkoma, NY

Quality Floorshine Corp.

199 Lee Av.
Brooklyn, NY

R&M Property Management

PO Box 90664
Staten Island, NY

RAQUE Home Improvement & Supply

3937 59th St.
Woodside, NY

2114 South Rice Rd.
Ojai, CA

Realty Connect USA - Sue Mignone-Mogel

579 Broadway
Massapequa, NY


139-09 84 drive
Jamaica, NY

Regal King Realty

69 Main Street
West Sayville, NY

Repel restoration Inc.

246 east 2nd street
Deer Park, NY

Review Transfer Station

38 Review Avenue
Long Island City, NY

Rgonz's LLC

hoyt street
Kearny, NJ

Richard Siminsky Remodeling Contractors

P.O. Box 28
Middletown, NJ

Ridge Contracting Corp.

6406 14th ave
Brooklyn, NY

River Place at Rahway

190 Lewis St
Rahway, NJ

RnB Enterprises LLC

554 E 28th St
Brooklyn, NY


1227 Ward Ave
Bronx, NY


caswell lane
Staten Island, NY

Ryno Industries Inc.

PO Box 2538
Seaford, NY

SBA Property Care

55 Lane Rd
Fairfield, NJ

Scalercio Construction Corporation

250 N Prospect Ave
Patchogue, NY

Science and Art LLC

257 B West 19th Street , Carriage House
New York, NY

SERVPRO of Aberdeen/Holmdel

423 County Road
Cliffwood, NJ

Shale Ridge Inc.

345 Opossum Rd
Skillman, NJ

Shrewsbury Executive Office

788 Shrewsbury Ave
Eatontown, NJ


4434 bedford ave
Brooklyn, NY

Skyline Roofing & Construction

451 Victory Blvd
Staten Island, NY

Solar Living, Inc

PO BOX 1174
Fair Lawn, NJ

SP Construction & Son

1 Carnegie St
Linden, NJ

strong island chimney

4 castle st
Patchogue, NY


Brooklyn, NY

Synergy Energy Mechanics; Mechanical

30-83 30th St
Astoria, NY

Tanem Construction Inc

82 Garden St
Garden City, NY

TCF Industries Inc

15 E Second St
Freeport, NY

The Clean Wizards

222 lennox rd
Brooklyn, NY

The Lapinski Design Group

35 East 48th Street
Bayonne, NJ

Thomas Krause

748 Wyckoff Ave
Mahwah, NJ

timberline builders LLC

POB 103
Allenwood, NJ

TJS Carting Corp

405 Tarrytown Rd
White Plains, NY

TNT Construction and Restorations

620 Pavonia Ave
Jersey City, NJ

Tomchris Contracting CORP

5215 65th place
Maspeth, NY


Paterson, NJ

Tristate Property Management

60-12 77th St
Middle Village, NY

TSC Contracting

518 Prospect Ave.
Little Silver, NJ


Great Neck, NY


82 parkway
Little Falls, NJ

Use a Handyman

Howard Beach, NY

Village Doorman

155 Orchard St
New York, NY

Virgo Business Centers at Park Avenue South

304 Park Avenue South, 11th Floor
New York, NY


681 E 181ST ST
Bronx, NY


46 Trinity Place
New York, NY

West Forest Capital

115 E. 34th St.
New York, NY

Work Enterprises

7 Gail Drive
Nyack, NY

Zelman Realty

150 Woodbury Rd
Woodbury, NY
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