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"Angies list is very deceptive. Two sources benefit - Angie and the servicer. You will pay double, maybe even quadruple the quoted cost of service. You will not" be given an adequate up front cost. It will be enough to get foot in door. Beware when other shoe (real charges) drops.

-Deloris B.

"we've had a lot of plumbing problems lately, unfortunately.
replaced a toilet, unstopped our pipes between the kitchen sink and out" of the house, and the latest, replaced our water heater. Every time they have done an excellent job. Our water heater wasn't up to code and they fixed that issue. The plumber who helps us the most is
. He goes out of his way to go above and beyond what is asked. Highly recommend this company and especially

-Michael L.

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Angie's Answers


First - NOT full septic tank - if that was the case you would be getting backup of sewage into the lowest drains in the house, and possible very slow flushing or refusal to drain out of the bowl - the opposite of your case.

Second - I assume you are the owner. If a renter or on a lease, this type of problem may be the responsibility of your landlord, depending on the terms of your lease or rental agreement.

OK - two possible situations here - low water in BOWL, or low water in TANK. I am assuming your toilet flushes OK, with adequate water to clean out the bowl, and that it is a typical type toilet with a tank sitting on the back of the bowl. If this is not the case and it is a designer toilet or looks like those at public restrooms (no tank), then the BOWL answers still apply if it is initially refilling OK, but if not enough refill water coming in at all then call a plumber.

First, low water in the toilet BOWL case. If the water in the toilet BOWL is low after flushing, I see four likely causes, in order of most likelihood -

1) the fill valve is not putting enough water into the toilet bowl. If you take the top off the tank, you will see a small hose (typically black plastic) coming from the fill valve (a vertical mechanism, usually at left side of tank, that the incoming water tube or flex hose connects to the bottom of on the bottom side of the tank). While the tank is refilling after a flush, a steady but not large flow of water flows through this fill tube and down into a vertical pipe or tube (usually brass or plastic and about 3/4 inch diameter, which stands almost full height of tank). The small tube puts water into this pipe, from where it flows into and refills the toilet bowl. This is also the overflow tube, which keeps the tank from overflowing if the fill valve fails to shut off. If the fill valve has a problem or the fill tube has a blockage, it may not be letting enough water into the bowl. Also, check the tube is actually pointed down into the overflow tube - if the clip came loose, rusted away or broke, then it may just be filling the toilet tank rather than the bowl. Check that a steady flow (will not be a real foreceful jet) of water is flowing out of this tube into the overflow pipe while the toilet tank is refilling. You should also see the bowl filling up at this time. If it come in but does not fill high enough because it does not run long enough, some fill valves have an adjustment - check fill valve manufacturer website for instructions. Others just have to be replaced - doable if you are handy at home repairs (see web videos on how to do it), or call a plumber for probably about $150-200 to replace fill valve (have him replace the flapper valve at same time if you get this done).

2) there is something like a rag or string caught in the trap (the waste passage within the toilet body itself) which is slowly wicking the bowl water down the drain - would be solved by a good snaking. If this is the case, the bowl will fill fully after flushing, but then slowly (typically many minutes to hours) drain down to just filling the start of the oval or round drain passageway where the waste passage starts to curve up into the toilet body.

3) blocked sewer vent pipe (which vents sewer gas and lets air into the sewer system so when you flush the traps in drains and toilets and such do not get sucked dry by the vacumn caused by the exiting flow. If this is the problem, then several drains in your house may have the same problem, or drain slowly. When you flush, the water will drain totally down the pipe and almost all the water in the bowl and trap will go down the drain too, typically with a gurgling sound for a few seconds at the end as the air seal is broken in the trap, then a small amount of water will flow back from the trap into the bowl, leaving you with water in the entrance curve to the trap but nowhere near normal height in the bowl - maybe not even enough to fill the entrance of the drain passage.

4) a crack in the toilet, letting water gradually leak out of the bowl onto the floor or into the subfloor. If this has been going on for long at all you should see water on the floor, or water coming out in the ceiling downstairs, or in the basement or crawl space under the toilet.

Case 2 - the problem is low water in the toilet TANK - since this is a sudden problem, two likely causes:

1)  the float arm has corroded or the float setting has moved. Look in tank for any broken part. You may have a black ball on the end of a metal or plastic arm connected to the fill valve (which is the part, normally at the left side of the tank, that the flexible or copper tubing comes into at the bottom of the tank), or it may be a sliding cylindrical float that slides up and down on the fill valve (typically all plastic) - see if it is broken or loose or alll corroded up (for the arm type). When you flush, this float hangs down (if lever type) or slides down the fill valve (cylinder type), opening the fill valve so fresh water comes in to fill the tank and bowl. As the tank fills it lifts this float, till at the proper elevation the bouyancy of the float shuts off the fill valve. If the setting on this float has changed then it will either cause the toilet to "run" continually because it is trying to overfill the tank (float shuts off at too high a level, so water is continuously flowing down into the overflow tube and into the bowl); or it will shut off too soon, causing only a partial tank fill. There are adjustments to adjust the float shutoff setting - typically an adjustment xxxx on the arm-type, and a slider stop clip on a small rod for the sliding type. See web videos on how to adjust this, or call a plumber.

2) your flapper valve (in bottom of tank, the part a chain or cord or rod connects to the flush handle, which opens it when you flush the toilet, leaks. If it leaks AND the fill valve is working, the tank level drops till the fill valve opens, then the tank refills. This repeats at intervals, with the tank refilling periodically even though it has not been flushed. May need new flapper valve or just a good wiping of the sealing surface to remove grit that is causin it to leak. If this is the problem you will have a slight flow of water into the bowl continually, and will probably see a slight ripple in the toilet bowl.

3) water is leaking out of the fittings or bolt holes on the bottom of the tank. If this is happening enough to make you notice low takn water level, the tank will refill periodically the same as if the flapper valve is leaking, plus you will have water on the floor and dripping off the bottom of the tank.


Fill valve and flapper valves each cost around $15 if you do it yourself (you can buy just replacement flapper for less if that is the problem and the matching seal is good, but that is rarely the case). A plumber call to replace both probably $150-200, ASSUMING your water shutoff valve (at the wall, under the tank, with a flex or copper tube coming fromit up to the toilet tank) will work.. If it will not shut off the flow of water, then add another $50-150 to replace that, depending on how it is plumbed and whether he has to cut into the wall to replace it (rarely required). If you do go and have a plumber do it, have both the fill valve and flapper valve (and flush handle, if aluminum or brass and corroded) replaced at the same time, as all tend to go out with age - every 10 years or so. You don't want to have to call the plumber to replace another part in just a year or two.


From the sounds of it, you have a clog between the floor drain and the connection to the city sewer (unless you have a septic tank).  The lower flow rates of sinks / showers / dishwashers probable don't cause a backup like the washing machine does.  A couple of suggestions.

1.  Snake the drain line with a spade tip snake, twisting the snake as you advance it.  This should clear the partial blockage.

 2.  If feasable, have your washing machine discharge into a utility sink and put a strainer on the drain to catch the clothing fibre (fibres and grease from the sink probably made the clog in the first place not to mention a garbage disposal).

3.  Replace your floor drain with one that has a backflow preventer (looks like there is a ping pong ball in it).

 Good Luck

It is not uncommon for a plumber to have to go get the parts necessary to repair and complete the job.  It is very hard to determine what the problem is over the phone and it is not until the repair process begins that the parts needed to resolve the problem is discovered.  It may also depend on if the plumber is using hourly rates or per job rates.  I would hope the time to get the parts would be minimal and the charge would be as well!

Well , you've certainly started a debate that will endure forever , but personally , having worked with both products , PEX is a better product . Now granted , the 1st time i used it

I was not impressed , cause it leaked.......NOT because the product was at fault, it was because I did not understand how to use the product !

The trick to using Pex , is to make certain that the fittings seat, they MUST be pushed together with force, and if you do not push with force to get the seat to seal, it leaks .

Therefore , when using PEX , you have constantly to be aware of leaving room to make your connections -Properly !

The beauty of PEX is that it bends , it is flexible and decreases the labor factor ,although the connection costs are often 100-300 % higher than copper , but again , it can cut labor costs in half  and it is safer to work with,  NO FLAMEs!

Plumber reviews in Red Hook


We had a bathroom sink not draining properly but it is also the sink which ties into our a/c unit drain. The sink overflowed in the evening. We found
Red Hook Plumbers Provider Name Locked
around 9pm. We called left a message. Within 5 minutes we received a call back. We explained the situation, he diagnosed the issue, took our address and said he would be here by 9am. They showed up today promptly, snaked the sink, checked the ac line & we are good to go. The staff was professional, on-time & courteous. I would highly recommend them.
- Debbie G.

Overall, we were exceptionally pleased with the quality of his work, professionalism and prompt customer service. We would highly recommend him to anyone in need of plumbing assistance. Details follow.
After moving into our new home, we realized the water was hard leaving reside behind on kitchen/bathroom fixtures. Luckily, we found
Red Hook Plumbers Provider Name Locked
Red Hook Plumbers Provider Name Locked
) on Angie's List. He quickly scheduled an appointment, stopped by and tested the water confirming it was hard. From there, he recommended a water softener system to treat our specific needs. He promptly scheduled a follow up appointment and installed all the equipment. After installation, he provided an overview of the system explaining how it worked and where to replenish the salt. Several weeks later, I was curious whether the system was working properly. He quickly answered my texts and called saying he would mail several water test strips. Sure enough, the water tested soft confirming everything is working just fine. Price was a bit high versus big box stores, but he convinced us that you get what you pay for....

- Ben P.

Next day service. Fast, courteous, excellent work. The owner went to great lengths to examine and speak to us about our specific installation.
- John O.

Assigned this company through a home warranty. Received a call from company within two hours of placing the claim. They set up an appointment for the following morning btw 8-12. Called exactly at 8 and said a technician would be on the way as soon as possible.
Red Hook Plumbers Provider Name Locked
arrived promptly and immediately began to diagnose the problem. He tracked down the problem and reported it back to the company to check if it was under warranty. It turned out to be a maintenance issue with our air conditioner which was unfortunately not under warranty. We were given advice on how to attack the problem if we wanted to do it ourselves but we opted to have the professional take care of it.
Red Hook Plumbers Provider Name Locked
was very personable and professional we would definitely use this company if we have future plumbing needs.
- Mark L.

Red Hook Plumbers Provider Name Locked
is efficient, fast, and fair priced. I love them and spent the night praising God for their work and getting this job done.
- Kim G.

After two other unsuccessful plumber relationships,
Red Hook Plumbers Provider Name Locked
was exactly what we needed. A full service company that would be there when we needed them, and do the work honestly and to code. I felt comfortable every step of the way. The work itself is great. I feel comfortable with it, not only because
Red Hook Plumbers Provider Name Locked
took the time to explain every little thing, but because he also checked back with his manager often. It made me feel like the whole team was behind the work.
Red Hook Plumbers Provider Name Locked
as a person was awesome - respectful of our house, pets, and family. Clearly showed a passion for his work and a desire to do everything perfectly. Will definitely call the up next time we need work. Only issue was him being about an hour late on the second day, but the office did call to let us know he was on his way.
- Courtney L.

Unfortunately, the rooter service was incomplete and the same problem of waste line blockage re-occurred about 1 week later. Female staff (receptionist) very arrogant and stated that I would have to pay for another service call. Did I mention that she was arrogant (and cavalier)!!! I asked to speak to the owner
Red Hook Plumbers Provider Name Locked
and was denied. I called another service; however, apparently the owner was apprised of my dissatisfaction and came out and re-did the waste line rooter clean-out. He was apologetic and stated my business was valuable to him (I've used this service about once per year for the last 8 years - and even referred to friends). When I called a some months later to hire their services again I was scheduled for the next day. The day of the scheduled service appointment a female staff (receptionist) member stated they were not coming for the appointment and would no longer service my address. All this time they have been e-mailing me with advertisements and "specials" for using their service but refused my business??? When your waste line is blocked, you need service right away. For them to wait until just before the appointment to refuse service to me is ridiculous no to mention unprofessional. Some of their technicians are not very well trained; but, since I'm a retired general contractor and own a number of rentals I know what's required and often had to instruct their technicians what needed to be done. I think it's childish and vindictive to be dealt with in this manner. Since then, I've used RJ
Red Hook Plumbers Provider Name Locked
Plumbing service with great success. They are professional, their technicians are well trained and the company is a pleasure to do business with.
- John R.

We had a problem in the back yard...... a previous plumber I used because of a coupon I received, Pipe Bros., had attached a brass hose bib to a pvc pipe and one morning I heard what sounded like a geyser going off. When I went to investigate the noise, sure enough, the brass hose bib was off and water was shooting up in the air. To make things worse, we are in a serious DROUGHT. Well I went to cut the water off and found out I did not have a convenient shut off valve. I had to go to the street at the meter and I couldn't budge the turn off valve. I had to call the Water Dept to come out and do it. Well to make a long story short.....I called a good plumber I had used in the past (Gem) but they could not get out until Monday. This was on a Friday. Well I thought I would call around and happened onto
Red Hook Plumbers Provider Name Locked
. After setting up an appointment they emailed me a picture of my plumber that was coming out that same day. His name is
Red Hook Plumbers Provider Name Locked
and he is a guru. He diagnosed our problem, raised my pressure regulator and added beautiful copper with a shut off valve. He rerouted the water from the pvc explosion in the back and with all copper he gave me a new brass hose bib that was securely attached. I would give five stars but the price was a little more than I expected but you get what you pay for. There will never be a geyser in the back now. Thanks
Red Hook Plumbers Provider Name Locked
and your guy
Red Hook Plumbers Provider Name Locked
is fantastic. Sorry this review is a little late but I loved the work and will use you again when needed.
- Michael W.

Plumbers in Red Hook, NY

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P.O. BOX 526

A.H.T.Plumbing and Heating Contractors

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Wappingers Falls

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50 Homer Place

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Always There Home and Office Repair

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Hyde Park

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Appolo Heating and Air Conditioning

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Artisan Contracting

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Aseproc Constructions

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Basement Systems Of New York

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Benjamin Custom Modular Homes Inc

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Blackrock Excavating Corp

12 Church St
Cornwall On Hudson

Brian Hommel Home Improvement

749 Kings Hwy

Brookside Properties

6 Rinne Road

Builtwell Builders, Inc

42 West Kerley Corners Rd
Red Hook

C.R.Lambert Construction

40 South dr.
Hyde Park

Campbell General Carpentry, Inc.

69 S Partition St

Capstone Plumbing & Heating Inc.

59 Pitcher Ln
Red Hook

Carlotti Concepts Construction

2 sawmill rd

CFK Plumbing & Heating

100 Andrews Rd

Chad Demare Plumbing & Heating

256 Battenfeld Rd
Red Hook

chameleon contracting

1107 route 9g
Hyde Park

Champion Window of Albany

12 Petra Lane

Chris Juliano Plumbing & Heating Ltd

777 Centre Rd

Clark Construction

P.O. Box 522
New Paltz

Construction Pros Inc

130 Mayfair Rd

Creative Construction DCR, Inc.

3 Cusa Drive


PO Box 509

Daka Plumbing & Heating LLC

2561 Rte 55

DeMarco Plumbing and Heating

765 South St



Dolphin Plumbing Inc.

PO Box 753

Dunn & Son Design Construction

16 Seaman Rd

Dutchess County Renovations

216 Barrytown Rd

Dutchess Property Management, INC.

15 Amherst Road
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E and S Plumbing

2539 South Ave
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F&F Plumbing and Heating

3 Westview Terrace

Fix It For Less

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Fox Air Corp

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Fred Cook Septic Tank Cleaning

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G.M.C.Plumbing & Heating

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Gary Macabe

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Giorgio's Home Improvements

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Go Green Express Home Services

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Handyman Andy

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Hawks Handyman

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West Hurley

Hot Water Solutions Inc.

West Hurley

HPM Carpentry

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Hudson Valley Home Improvement Services LLC

1502 Patrician Court

J OConnor construction

434 Harman St

J.H.MILLER Plumbing, Heating and Air

15 Virginia Ave

JC's Home Improvement

8 Henry St

Joe of all Trades

1791 Glasco Tpke.

JP Carpentry & Handyman Services

261 south riverside rd

Kiall Avery Contracting

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Lawn Care - Property Management

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Malcarne Contracting Inc

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Mid Hudson Plumbing

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New Windsor

Mid Hudson Septic LLC

PO Box 1214

Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing of NY

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Mid-Hudson Home Improvement

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Miguel’s Roofing

24 Hawkins St

MJA Plumbing and Heating, Inc.

54 Poplar Ave.
Pine Plains

MTG Home Innovation L.L.C.

42 Forest Meadow Dr.
Salt Point

Murello's Plumbing and Home Improvements Inc

663 S Hillside Rd
Wappingers Falls

My Way Home Improvement Inc

83 Brandy Ln
Wappingers Falls

Northeastern Masonry & Chimney

1650 US Rte 9W


5195 Marshall St



Palermo Tile, Kitchen & Bath

505 Old Indian Rd

PHS Plumbing

42 Catharine Street Lower Level Suite A

Pro Services Plumbing and Heating

54 Elizabeth St
Red Hook


150 Noxon Rd

Quinn Renovations LLC

3536 New York 199
Pine Plains

R.A. Mechanical

41 Lakeview Ave


1572 Route 9
Wappingers Falls

Red Hook Plumbing & Heating

1 Dogwood St
Red Hook

Reliance P & H

104 South Avenue
Wappingers Falls

Remodeling Alliance Inc

49 W Hook Rd
Hopewell Junction

Residential Renovations Inc

105 Spencer Drive
Red Hook

RICCI&SON plumbing and heating

136 stringham road bldg 9b

RiverView Enterprises

Wappingers Falls

Robert Bumbolow remodeling & repair

1185 Beekman Rd
Hopewell Junction

Roberto Plumbing & Heating Inc

10 Seaton Lane

Royal Flush



1 Titusville Heights Road

sciortino and sons contracting

180 E Meadowbrook Ln

Scrubs LLC


Shane Scoville Painting and Wallpapering

33 Skidmore Road
Pleasant Valley

SJH Enterprises

5 Wildwwod Drive

Standby Power Systems

1606 Tanner Ave

Statewide Basement Systems

18 McAllister Dr
Pleasant Valley

Statewide Home Inspection Service Ltd

1400 Route 82
Hopewell Junction

Steed Home Restoration Inc

5926 N Elm Ave

The Floor Nerd

60 Beach Road

Tillson Technical Services

21 Carroll St

Totally Tankless, LLC.

PO Box 1134
Wappingers Falls

Xquisit Contracting



551 Hosner Mountain Rd.

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