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Rated by
Kevin T.
"Very happy with
's service and quality of work. Showed up on time for all scheduled appointments. Work was done quickly and thoroughly. He discussed" all my options ahead of time and kept me informed throughout the process.
Rated by
Kenneth O.
"These people are personable and a pleasure to deal with,
Savois (salesperson),
(project manager), and
Sejda" (office). I wish their customer service, punctuality, and responsiveness would be contagious to all other contractors. The crew was punctual and did a quality job removing the material and cleaning the premises prior to leaving. The area was cleaner when the crew departed than it was before they arrived. Pricing was very competitive, substantially less than my next lowest bid. Many of my contracting experiences have been dismal. However, this contract went very well, and I would highly recommend this company.
Rated by
donna R.
"The guys who provided service were great. Helpful, kind and very professional.
in the office was also fabulous. Always answered any questions or concerns" I had. So very easy to work with. Excellent customer service!

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Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
was awesome! They were comparable in price to other vendors but also provided an Angie's List discount. They scheduled as quickly as possible and kept us informed along the way. They provided a very detailed overview of what they would do, how long it would take (one day), and how much each item would cost and total cost. They arrived on time and even called as to not ring the wrong unit doorbell in the early morning. They were completely professional and the job was well done. I will use them again if I ever need similar services. Highly recommend!
- april H.

Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
came as the supervisor, went through the details with me, and he and his colleague did a very professional job. He wasn't fazed by three cats who tried to help him out! At first, he wasn't sure if it was possible to do the work, but kept me informed about things, and it turned out that he could. I recommend his work thoroughly.

They were honest in their appraisal of the areas that were affected. They were flexible in creating two separate containment areas which made it much less disruptive than the plan proposed by a competing bidder. They worked half the weekend to allow other work to proceed that had stopped when vermiculite was discovered. They were courteous while they were here. They handled all the paperwork and communications to get the post abatement air quality inspection. All areas passed. The state approved certificate was provided within a few days of work completion.
- Michael H.

Using Bluestone was a terrible, terrible mistake. Whatever you do MAKE SURE YOU READ THE FINE PRINT. I got quotes from four different companies to remove about 900sqft of asbestos-containing 9in tile in my basement and also to deal with some visible mold. Each company made different recommendations, and I chose Bluestone over the others. Worst mistake of my life.
Problem #1 - When
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
came to give a quote, I specifically pointed out two stair stringers that are tiled with 9in tile. They're a different color than the tile on the floor, so I made sure to point them out. I told him I wanted ALL of the 9in tile removed, including the tile on the stringers. He said no problem and specifically told me the stringers would be included. During the remediation, they had the whole basement blocked off and I was not allowed in. Only after they had torn everything down and removed to containment, did they allow me to see what they had (and had not) done. They didn't even touch the stair stringers. I immediately looked at my contract and
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
had included only a vague sentence about approximately 36sqft of tile in the stairwell area. Since they removed some tiles on the stairs themselves, apparently they decided they didn't need to honor my original request or
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
's promise that the tile on the stringers would be removed. And by the time I saw that they had ripped me off, it was too late because the containment was torn down and the crew had gone home.
Problem #2 - Also related to the stairs, the quote specifically says that the asbestos-containing glue that held down the 9in tiles would be removed on the concrete floor of the basement, but not on the stairs. Apparently, it is not possible to remove the glue from wood. Instead, the quote said that they would encapsulate the glue on the stairs with some sort of encapsulant. When I was brought into the basement to look over their work, I was told to put shoes on because the stairs had not yet been encapsulated. The guy who did the air sampling specifically asked about this and was told that they would do that last. I assumed
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
(the Bluestone foreman) knew what he was doing, so I didn't question him. Turns out, the crew had left and
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
had no intention whatsoever of encapsulating the stairs. My wife called to ask the next day whether the stairs had been encapsulated, and
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
lied and told her repeatedly that they had. There is absolutely nothing covering the mastic (glue) on the stairs. If I very, very lightly touch it, it comes right off and leaves black, asbestos-filled residue on my finger.
Problem #3 - One last complaint about the stairs. They did not bother to remove dozens of staples from the stairs. This would not have been a huge deal except that when I went to remove the staples myself (thankfully wearing a
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
due to the exposed mastic glue) I found under each one a small pile of dust the same color as the 9in tile! In their careless removal of tiles on the stairs, they pulverized portions of the tiles and left the dust there for me and my family to breathe in! Asbestos is not extremely dangerous UNLESS it is pulverized like this. And they just left it there for me to find.
Problem #4 - As noted, we had a mold problem in the basement. We'll get to that in a minute. They told me beforehand that they would use a wet mastic remover and that it would cause some staining along the wood framing behind the baseboards. No problem, I thought. Afterwards, however, I was told that the water had flowed freely under and around these boards, CAUSING an enormous potential for more mold growth in every corner of my basement. I was specifically told that because of this, the entire perimeter of the basement and under every wall should be encapsulated to prevent mold. But, of course, they would not do that.
Problem #5 - I specifically chose Bluestone rather than another company that quoted $900 less for complete asbestos removal BECAUSE Bluestone was supposed to remove ALL visible mold as well. When
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
came to give a quote, I specifically showed him all of the affected areas and he inspected the visible mold. I told him I wanted ALL of the visible mold gone. He said no problem. His assessment was that it could be taken care of relatively easily. He told me that it would be included in his quote.
In the meantime, we had several other contractors look at the basement for quotes, and a couple of them scared us into thinking we needed to gut the entire basement and remove all of the finished walls in order to really take care of the mold. We had already decided we liked
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
and Bluestone, though, so at that point, we contacted him again and asked for a quote to gut the entire basement. He provided one, in addition to our original quote, and because we were scared, we decided to have Bluestone do the work listed in both quotes.
They needed to apply for a permit that took two weeks, so we had some time to think things through and also carefully look at our finances. We realized after removing some portions of walls ourselves and finding no evidence of additional mold at all, that gutting the entire basement was overkill, and also that we really did not have to money to pay for it. We decided to go back to
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
's original quote and only do the asbestos and all of the visible mold.
On the day of the work,
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
told us that they would not be doing ANY mold removal at all. He even showed me a modified quote, different than the one we had signed, that had all mention of mold remediation removed. But claimed that the quote never included mold remediation. I knew this couldn't possibly be right. So I checked my signed copy and called
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
to see what was up. He said we asked him not to do any mold remediation at all. We had indeed asked them not to gut the entire basement, but we also said we wanted to return to the original quote, which was SUPPOSED to include remediation of ALL visible mold. That's what I asked for initially, and what
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
agreed to quote.
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
told me he would take care of the mold. But he told
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
to do the absolute bare minimum. And that's what they did. They painted the backs of some wood paneling that was completely saturated in mold and that's it, because that's what the quote specifically mentioned. They did nothing more. The problem is, I told them repeatedly that I was just going to throw away those panels and that's not what I had asked for. Meanwhile, there remains a huge amount of visible mold on the wood framing of the walls in one area of the basement and on the wood trim in that area. There also remains a large amount of dust and debris contaminated with mold inside that area.
During the final walkthrough, I asked
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
about this, and to his credit, he offered to hand paint encapsulant on the area. And he did. On half of it. Honestly, he meant well. As far as he knew, he was going out of his way to help me. But the fact is, the work
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
had quoted was not at all done. Not even close. In fact, as
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
was working, he kept commenting about how much more work really needed to be done to get rid of all of the visible mold. And I said to him, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I HIRED YOU TO DO! But because
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
decided to rip me off, there was nothing else I could do. Moral of the story: READ THE FINE PRINT and insist that it spell out every detail of the work you expect to have done. Bluestone WILL rip you off if they can find a way to do so.
Problem #6 - During all of this (as
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
was going on and on about how much more needs to be done to get rid of the visible mold), I told him and
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
at least half a dozen times that I needed the visible mold completely gone and that I was willing to pay extra to make sure it was completely gone. I realized by that point that they were trying to get away with the bare minimum, not what
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
agreed to do when he was at the house, and I was desperate. I would have paid them a significant amount more just to do it right.
And all of the mold was localized in one area where there had been a leak, so I told them not to gut the entire basement, but I said clearly that I wanted all of the visible mold in that area gone. Despite repeatedly asking how much it would cost and how to move forward, they completely ignored me.
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
has this way of changing the subject when you ask him a question. I asked him over and over and over what how to move forward with proper mold remediation, rather than the bare minimum hack job they were doing, and he would go off on some tangent about how awful foreign workers are, or how awful most mold remediation products are, or how badly most basements are finished. It was ridiculous. I could not possibly get an answer out of him. When I asked
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
, he wouldn't answer me either. He wanted me to tell him what needs to be done. He had looked at it himself, and he had his guy
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
looking at it. I said exactly what I've said here. All visible mold was supposed to be included in the original quote, but if
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
really has found something more, I'm willing to pay extra. No response. It's ridiculous. I was trying to give them more money. Instead, basically none of the visible mold was treated properly, and there is STILL a significant amount of visible mold remaining in my basement.
I was finally motivated to write this review because a friend of mine who knew about our mold and asbestos problem asked me who we used and if I would recommend them. The ironic thing is, if Bluestone had just done the work that
Pleasantville Asbestos Disposal Provider Name Locked
said he was quoting, the work that I paid for, they already would be getting more business because of me. But because they chose to rip me off, there's no way in the world I would recommend them. I could have saved $900 if I was going to do asbestos removal only, and the other company would have actually removed all of the asbestos. AVOID BLUESTONE.

- Rusty T.

Very professional service, great follow through and excellent work quality. Overall great experience and would use them again if required.
- Rahul T.

Very thorough. Set up an airlock with filtration and removed all the asbestos pipe insulation. 2 day process for setup and removal and had a 3rd party come in and verify the air quality. Quality work for a competitive price. Would definitely use again (hoping I don't find a reason to though).
- Adam L.

From start to finish an excellent experience!
Came out quick for an estimate. Proposal turned around the very next day. Explained how the process works. Workers arrived on time, re-explained everything that they will do. Took great care not to damage anything. Job finished exactly on time and all of the work was completed. The work area was left in immaculate condition.
Family owned and operated business.
- Dean L.
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