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" I had been seeing Dr. for chronic pain mgmt and he did a fair job providing it, then about 4 month ago, on a busy day, I waited over an" hour just for my Rx, my nightmare began.They took the directions for one of my meds and put it only one of my other meds, changing my main pain med to one less per day, which didn't come close to relieving my pain. I didn't notice until they repeated the error a second time. When I called the office, the medical assistant refused to consider it was an error and told me it was ordered that way and I would have to make another appointment and pay another $30 copay, if I wanted to talk to the doctor or PA. After I spoke to the doctor and PA, I thought the error was fixed. They told me they didn't give physical Rxs anymore, they would send it electronically to the pharmacy. My family member brought my medication home and I found they had made another error, giving me immediate release instead of extended release pain medication, which didn't work as well, or as long, and made me extremely drowsy.. I reported it and had wait 9 days without my main pain med, because I couldn't afford another copay at that time, only to get there and find the doctor had just left. I asked the staff to catch him, which they wouldn't do. I had to come back the next da, in pain, frustrated and tired. They said he couldn't have fixed the error anyway with the electricity out and they didn't use physical prescriptions any longer. The next day a doctor I had never met before, Dr , told me that, yes, they had made an error, which Dr and his PA wouldn't admit to the first two times. He fixed the error and handed me a PHYSICAL PRESCRIPTION for it. Then the office manager came in told me they wouldn't me any longer because I had gotten frustrated with them and yelled at the medical assistant and other staff and hung up on them because I couldn't get anyone to fix the error and care that I was in pain. After taking my break through pain med every 2 hours for 9 days to partially control my pain, I was in pain and over tired, but they had no empathy. If you use this practice, do so with caution. If they make medication errors 3 times over a few months, you have to wonder what other errors they are making. Again, the errors could have been easily fixed if I could have communicated with the doctor or PA about the errors, but the staff refused to even consider that the doctor or PA had made an error and refused to allow me to communicate with the doctor or PA unless I paid another copay and made an appointment.

-Russell D.

"I am a Registered Nurse with a physician husband, so I suppose one would say we had an advantage in that we are aware of which anesthesiologist was considered to" be one of the best. My statement is not meant to degrade the reputation of any other anesthesiologist on staff at the hospital we used- we just knew that he was considered to be very good. We requested him specifically for my surgery and were lucky enough to have that request honored. Such a request needs to be made as soon as you and your surgeon decide that you will be needing an operation that requires anesthesia, provided that you are scheduled far enough in advance. That said, bear on mind that while your surgeon is busy doing the actual work of the surgery, it is the anesthesiologist that keeps a patient stable, meaning that if a patient's blood pressure goes to low (for example) it is the anesthesiologist that will be first aware and will communicate with the surgeon verbally, and then provide appropriate intervention. With Dr. doing my anesthesia I felt I would be in good hands and trusted him implicitly before I was 'put under' anesthesia. I met with Dr. both before and after the surgery. He is kind, friendly, and considerate. My particular surgery was (if I remember correctly) roughly 4 hours because it was a revision of a previous hip prosthesis. It takes longer to perform a revision than it does to perform an initial hip joint replacement. I was glad that I was in the hands of someone I trusted and also glad there were no problems during my surgery. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. to anyone.

-Cynthia S.

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Anyone who has undergone a surgical procedure is likely familiar with anesthesiologists. During surgery, these specialists are responsible for administering anesthesia, including pain blockers and sedation.

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Use this Angie's List database to find the website of your state's medical licensing agency, through which you can confirm that a medical provider is licensed and whether the provider has any disciplinary actions cited on his or her record.

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Anesthesiology reviews in Plainview


Dr. has remained essentially the same; a bit eccentric, but knowledgeable and generally a well humored physician. However, on one of my recent visits, he said something that shocked me and was absolutely inappropriate and unprofessional. As I sat in the waiting room patient's room waiting him, he entered with his typical ...More greeting: "Hello Ms. X, how are you doing today?" as he sat down to glance through my records briefly from his position on the exam bed. I offered the standard brief update on how I had been for the last month since my last check in from the chair. He looked to me after a moment and said
"There used to be this sexy little that weighed about 135..." he said flipping through my chart "...that used to come in here every month....what happened to her?"
I was so shocked that he would say such an inconsiderate thing about my weight gain that I l sat there with my mouth agape for a good 30 seconds before I explained, again, to him that since having my baby I had been suffering from a "mystery illness" that I was having exploratory surgery to address the very next week. ((Yes...I had a baby...and after having my baby I was right back to 135lbs within 3 weeks. Then I began getting very ill and Dr. , my OB, nor my GP and a multitude of tests could figure out what was wrong. The exploratory surgery a week later revealed that I had an abdominal adhesion where part of my upper right side intestines was attached to my uterus..likely occurring during the C-section...it had to be separated)) I had only mentioned to him how tired I was, how much pain I was having in my upper right side, and how constantly physically ill I was monthly for over 2 years...how absolutely dare he have the audacity to sit there and say how I used to be "sexy" before I gained 40lbs. I guess the look on my face told him just how far over the line he had stepped because he quickly added in: "I have plenty of older, over-weight women coming in here complaining of back and knee pain and if they had done something about it when they were your age..they wouldn't even be in here now..."
Well...that was shock number 1 for the "new" office style they are going with. It literally took me the full next month to calm down about that, I almost never returned to his office after such a humiliation....but I took a deep breath, told myself he likely had a bad day and just tried to let it roll off my back. So eventually a time came where I learned I would be moving thousands of miles away and I would have to leave the office. I told Dr. about this and we spoke many times about it over the months prior to my move. On what I knew would be my next to last visit, I asked about how to have my records transferred from his office to a new doctor where I was moving...I didn't know who I would be with yet of course...so I was told to simply call when I selected a new doctor and they would fax the documents on over. Sounded enough! Well the time came for my last appointment and...surprise...it had to be cancelled and rescheduled. When I called to reschedule, I explained to the receptionist that I absolutely needed to see Dr. as it would be my last appointment with him before I moved in two weeks. Oh? Well...he's booked solid for next week and then will be gone for the entire week after that!
I again inquired about how to handle my records being transferred; should I just come get them? Could they mail them to my new home? Would they fax them to the new doctor? Again I was told "Just call when you know who your new doctor is and we'll take care of it!" After the insurance fiasco I should have known to just go get them, in my hand, and hand bring them to the new doctor myself....but I trusted them given every single other doctor I had told me the exact same thing.
Here I am in my new home now, I selected a doctor and made my appointment. (My son's records have already been sent to me, by the way, on CD since I had not selected a pediatrician at the time we had the last appt...no hassle...just here's my address and...oh look! here's the envelope from them with a cd in it!) With the information for the new clinic in hand, I called Dr. 's office this morning to request the faxing of my records as promised. The first lady I spoke to on the phone said "No problem! Can you hold on just a second?" Sure! ...well...10 minutes later a new lady answers and I tell her I had been put on hold while trying to get my records faxed...she asked if I had been disconnected and I told her no that I had just been on hold for a good while (assuming the phone rang again since it had been so long)...she then puts me on hold for a moment, then comes back and starts explaining that my medical records are kept with some third party company and not in the office. ...? Wait..what? And that I will have to PAY this third party company to have them sent to the new doctor. ...? But...I could get around paying them anything if I just had the other doctor's office call Dr. 's office and request the records themselves..then it would be free for me! ...wait...what? I told her I was just told to call them and they would fax them once I knew who I was seeing and that none of this sounded familiar to me. She said she was new but that's the way they did it! As politely as I could I let her know that I was told something different and since she was new maybe there was a different way they did this that she wasn't aware of and I asked to speak to someone in medical records.
And here the real fun began...I had the "privilege" of speaking to . needed to tell me "NO ONE IN THIS OFFICE TOLD YOU THAT! WHO WAS IT? WHAT WAS THEIR NAME? WHEN WAS THIS?"...yes..she was yelling like a banshee into the phone for no reason other than I inquired why I was told one thing before I left and now that I was thousands of miles away I was being given a completely different story. I also told her of my other doctor's doing the same thing and following through. Her response was the standard "healthcare professional that doesn't know the actual answers response" "HIPAA" requires a signed release. Anyone that has read HIPAA knows that the signed releases are for when the records are being released to an individual (including yourself) and not when being sent to a new doctor treating the individual... (You can look this up on HHS.gov under the FAQ) Her wording for this was "I REALLY don't BELIEVE THAT ALL YOUR DOCTORS BROKE THE LAW!" Rather than try to educate someone who felt the need to call me a liar and raise their voice to me like I was her child I asked to speak to Dr. . "No...he's in clinic so to bad." was her "mature" response. I asked to leave a message for him to call me back. But of course she's not going to do that so she says "You can talk to the office manager....oh..wait...she's in clinic too!" taunted me, obviously. So I said that was fine and to have her call me and I left my number. A few hours later, (the "office manager") called me back. The phone kept strangely disconnecting on her end each time I attempted to start to explain the situation. Strangely she made no effort to call me back...I had to call her back 3 times. Each time there were no issues with me speaking to the secretary or waiting on hold until answered again...but moments into my explanation...click! The third time I called, she answered the call with "You better make it quick." I laughed in the hopes she was making fun of some issue the lines were having but I am pretty sure the issue was she thought if she just kept hanging up, I wouldn't keep calling back. I tried to explain to her, again, what I had been told and that all my other doctor's were doing the same thing, faxing the records to new doctors when I called and I once more got the "I don't, for a minute, believe that." I told her I did not appreciate being called a liar and she actually started yelling! "I NEVER CALLED YOU A LIAR! WHEN DID I SAY YOU WERE LYING?" I started to answer..she interrupted "WHEN DID I SAY YOU WERE LYING?" again I tried to answer her but she just kept yelling...apparently I found out why the secretaries think they can speak to patients that way...given the office manager does it! When I finally was able to get a word in wise I told her that was no way to speak to and treat a patient (mind you I had been there for over 5 years now....) and she said "You have a nice day..." and went to hang up on me. I informed her I wasn't finished, that I wanted to leave a message for Dr. to call me when he got out of clinic...she didn't even let me finish that sentence before saying "WELL I'M FINISHED WITH YOU, SWEETY. BUH BYE NOW!" so I spoke up firmly and informed her I needed to speak to Dr when he got out of clinic and I wanted a message left for him to call me.
Her was "UH BUHBYE. BYE BYE NOW" in a mocking as I said "I need to leave him a number to reach me at for you to take down" to which she responded so professionally with "I HAVE YOUR NUMBER. I CALLED YOU SWEETY." and hung up! Cause..you know...a person might never have a second number that may need to be called instead of the daytime one you were given....
Hands down, if you have any other choice in Columbus or even can drive to the surrounding areas...the drive is worth it to go to a clinic that will respect you. While this clinic was once a good choice, it has fallen under management that doesn't know the laws, doesn't respect it's clients, and is to lazy to be bothered with even greeting you when you walk up to the front desk.
UPDATE: They never called back..at all! It has been over 30 days now with bi-weekly requests from my new doctor to receive the records with no compliance. I have reported them to the HHS for HIPPA violations.
- Jaime H.

I went to the local - highly recommended Storm Eye Institute for my cataracts. I picked a Dr. that seemed to have good qualifications, MD. The exam went without incident I liked the Dr and I was given a surgery appt. and a follow up appt to measure my eyes for the new lenses.
I showed up for the measurment appt and when ...More a tech walked into the room she asked what I was here for. I told her and she came back and said she had no records to indicate this. I went to the desk and they were ABSOLUTELY no help.
I called the Dr's office. The new secretary knew nothing - she would get back to me. She never did. 2 days later I called again the Dr was not available. I emailed him, 3 days - no response, I sent an email the hospital administration telling them of my experience.
Several days later I received a registered letter telling me to seek medical help elsewhere: that I had lost confidence in . Others that I know have received similar letters. must have some really fine lawyers.
don't do anything about poor patient service or incompetent staff - fire the patient.
- John N.

They get down to the root of your problem. They sit down with you and take the time to talk to you and explain what they do. The best thing is they relieve my pain. I was unable to walk without a walker or motorized wheelchair and now I'm now I'm able to walk again. They go above and beyond call of duty.
- Pamela D.

I see this provider monthly for chronic pain in their Victorville office. Wait time is rarely more than 5-10 minutes. Physicians and Nurse Practitioners are each excellent in his/her own way -- they take time needed, they listen, they suggest, they do not have an agenda.
- Tobias M.

Emailed office for information, received a replay saying they needed a referral, I had my doctor send a referral now cannot get this office to return my emails to set up an appointment. I cannot recommend this business based on there level of customer service. If you want a medical facility that is responsive, this is not ...More the place for you. I hope this help you all to make an informed decision.
- James P.

I have been seeing Dr. for over year. He is consistently approachable, pleasant and straightforward. He hasn't always told me what I wanted to hear, but he explained the science behind his reasoning. After one year under his care I am much more active than I was even ten years ago. By doing physical therapy, counseling ...More and medication my body is working again. In fact I walk five miles a day now. When I first started I had difficulty going up a flight of stairs.
- Joan R.

I have been using him since October of last year. He was referred to me by my primary care doctor. I had spine surgery last year and it was not successful. He told me I was the first patient he had ever seen with compounding spine problems. He has done so much research and talked to doctors at University, doctors and surgeons ...More here in . He calls them at 7 a.m. He did a huge seminar on this stuff last night and I think he has invested a lot of research in helping me figure out alternatives without going through a very invasive surgery. The staff is very responsive and they are all great. I have only had one incident with a technician who once was having a bad day. I have seen her many other times and she has been okay.

We were forced to go to this facility. There was a dispute on payment and I asked a question, and this anesthesiologist went back to where my wife was and told her we are not doing this procedure and kicked her out. They made my wife leave with all the markings on her because she was all ready for surgery. They tell you they will do something and they don't.
- Chad S.

Anesthesiologists in Plainview, NY

Companies below are listed in alphabetical order. To view top rated service providers along with reviews and ratings, Join Angie's List Now!

Adipietro, Dr. Frank

201 Manor Pl

Aggarwal, Dr. Vinod

721 N Beers St

Agin, Dr. Carole

Nicholls Rd HSC L4-060
Stony Brook

Alan Mensch MD

PO Box 190

Ali Seckin,MD

20 Prospect Ave

Arnold Jas C

28 Union Ave, Ste 1-4

Arunabh Talwar MD,MBBS,BS

410 Lakeville Rd
Floral Park

Ashok Masand MD

10 Northern Pkwy E

Avais Masud MD,MBBS,BS

10 Neptune Blvd

Baigas, Dr. Katherine

630 W 168th St
New York

Benjamin Chang MD

2 Crosfield Ave
West Nyack

Bernstein, Dr. Jeffrey M

1129 Northern Blvd

Bernstein, Dr. Robert H.

333 New York 25A
Rocky Point

Binder, Dr. Ralph E.

329 White Plains Rd

Boorin, Dr. Martin R.

62 Lake Ave

Brodow, Dr. David J.

400 E Main St
Mount Kisco

C.S.I. Dental

3 Locations In New York Area

C.S.I. Dental of Long Island

1 Barstow Rd
Great Neck

Cardinale, Dr Joseph

1728 Sunrise Hwy

Caritas Medical Center

9002 Queens Blvd

Center-Aesthetic Dermatology

800 Woodbury Rd

Central Orthopedic Groupe

651 Old Country Rd

Charles Kim MD

820 2nd Ave
New York

Chen, Dr. Chun M

7901 Broadway

Chi-Ling Wong MD

680 Old Country Rd

Chuk, Dr. Chik-Kei

350 Engle St

Dancygier, Dr. Benjamin

3630 Hill Blvd
Jefferson Valley

Dempsey, Dr. Michael W.

1190 Old Country Rd

Diana Santiago MD

888 Old Country Rd

DiCosmo, Dr. Bruno

1 Theall Rd

DOCS Medical Group - N Yonkers

2422 Central Ave

DOCS Medical Group - S Yonkers

471 Central Park Ave

Donath, Dr. Joseph

11241 Queens Blvd
Forest Hills

Dr Zvi Herschman

346 Wilson St
West Hempstead

Fein, Dr. Alan

2800 Marcus Ave
New Hyde Park


32 Strawberry Hill Ct

Gaudio, Dr. Joseph

3003 New Hyde Park Rd
New Hyde Park

Great Neck Medical Group

488 Great Neck Rd
Great Neck

Harvey Finkelstein MD

875 Old Country Rd

Holy Name Hospital

718 Teaneck Rd

Horizon Family Medical Group

30 Hatfield Ln

Hospital for Special Surgery

535 E 70th St
New York

Howard Kur MD

875 Old Country Rd

Hudson Valley Hospital Center

1980 Crompond Rd
Cortlandt Manor

Huntington Heart Center

172 E Main St

Igor Povzhitkov MD

520 Sylvan Ave

Jacobi Medical Center

1400 Pelham Pkwy S

James Cornell MD,PHD

31-00 Broadway

James J Mcloughlin

888 Old Country Rd

James McLoughlin MD

888 Old Country Rd

Jan Dauer MD

888 Old Country Rd

Jarrach Cesspools

4 Evergreen Pl
Deer Park

Jeffrey Kim MD

888 Old Country Rd

John Lui MD

350 Engle St

John T Mather Memorial Hospital

75 N Country Rd
Port Jefferson

Joseph Battillo MD

888 Old Country Rd

Joseph Grizzanti DO

297 Lafayette Ave

Karp, Dr. Jason B.

800 Community Dr #308

Keegan, Dr. Nadine J.

1125 5th Ave
New York

Kenneth Leung MD

888 Old Country Rd

Kobren, Dr. Steven M.

488 Great Neck Rd
Great Neck

Kotin, Dr. Alan L.

1275 York Ave
New York

Long Island Int Medcn Assocs

2 Lincoln Ave
Rockville Centre

Long Island Pulmonary Medical

100 Manetto Hill Rd

Mackool Eye Institute

31-27 41st St

Maimonides Primary Care

4802 10th Ave

Mak, Dr. John

1043 Raritan Rd

Maloney, Dr. Brian A.

3225 Victory Blvd
Staten Island

Meadowland Hospital

55 Meadowlands Pkwy

Medical One New York, PC

20 East 46th Street
New York

Mendez, Dr. Daniel

500 Grand Ave

Metro, Dr. Wade

350 Engle St

Mount Kisco Medical Group

90 S Bedford Rd
Mount Kisco

Mount Kisco Medical Group PC

111 Bedford Rd

Mount Sinai Hospital

1 Gustave L Levy Pl
New York



Murray Hill Medical Group PC

317 E 34th St
New York


S.I.E,Shahab Pura, Sialkot-Pakistan.

New York Eye And Ear Infirmary

310 E 14th St
New York

New York Methodist Hospital

506 6th Ave

Newton Medical Center

175 High Street

Nicholas Rummo MD

400 E Main St
Mount Kisco

Norman Ostrow Inc

880 Bergen Ave

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Queens

103-08 Roosevelt Avenue

Orange Anesthesia Svc

226 E Main St

Orange Regional Medical Center

707 E Main St

Pain Care Of Long Island

875 Old Country Rd

Patcha, Dr. Rajeswara R

172 E Main St

Pena, Dr. Joseph E

1074 Old Country Rd

Permanent Makeup by Isis

28 Marcy Avenue

Peter Wong

680 Old Country Rd

Philip Klapper MD,PC

3777 Independence Ave

Pico-Fazzi, Dr. Franco

649 W Germantown Pike

Premier Endoscopy LLC

164 Brighton Rd

Procare USA

560 Broadhollow Rd


2800 Marcus Ave
New Hyde Park

ProHealth Care Associates

2800 Marcus Ave
Lake Success

Radhika Rampa MD

475 Seaview Ave
Staten Island


600 Mamaroneck Avenue

Robert Scolnick MD

1097 Old Country Rd

Rockland Pulmonary & Med Assocs

2 Crosfield Ave
West Nyack

Ronald Roveto MD

888 Old Country Rd

Rosenfeld, Dr. Jane S.

125 Paterson St


81 Seaview Blvd.
Port Washington

Saint Clares Hospital

400 W Blackwell St

Samuel Fenner MD,DO

888 Old Country Rd

Schwartz, Dr. Lawrence P.

55 E 34th St
New York

Scott Pacific MD

1 Diamond Hill Rd

Scott Silverberg MD

651 Old Country Rd

Scott Silverberg MD

651 Old Country Rd

Shander, Dr. Aryeh

350 Engle St

Shulman, Dr. Lawrence

2800 Marcus Ave
New Hyde Park

St Charles Hospital

200 Belle Terre Rd
Port Jefferson

St Francis Hospital

100 Port Washington Blvd

St Luke's Roosevelt Hospital

1000 10 Ave
New York

Steven Fratello MD

888 Old Country Rd

Steven Reichbach MD

888 Old Country Rd

Stuart Behrens MD

888 Old Country Rd

Sun, Dr. Kenneth

224 Roseberry St

Sunna Jung, PHD

25 East 10th Street
New York

SurgiCare of Manhattan

800 2nd Ave
New York

Terrance Winn MD

3 Hospital Plaza STE 313

Thomas, Dr. Gary P.

10 Union Sq E
New York

Tzou, Dr. Nolan

3601 Hempstead Tpke

Ultimed Healthcare PC

50 Franklin Lane, suite 201

Vishal Sharma MD

888 Old Country Rd

Vlassi Baktidy MD

100 Manetto Hill Rd

Waldman, Dr. Steven

8901 John F Kennedy Blvd W

Wang, Dr. Edward

2100 Wescott Dr

Wayne Zaretz MD,DO

888 Old Country Rd

Weil, Dr. Peter A

100 Manetto Hill Rd

Weill Cornell Medical College

1300 York Ave
New York

Weingarten, Dr. Alexander

2001 Marcus Ave
New Hyde Park

Westchester Medical Group

210 Westchester Ave
White Plains

Western Therapeutics

1620 patriot ave

WESTMED Medical Group - White Plains

210 Westchester Ave
West Harrison

William, Dr. Sherman

453 S Oyster Bay Rd

Winthrop University Hospital

120 Mineola Blvd

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