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did a fantastic job managing the installation of my system. They executed on the agreed plan, the system works fantastically. I am very happy with the work they" did. Its a great, state of the art system designed exactly as I had envisioned.
Rated by
Steven C.
"I found
on Angies List. I never heard of them before. The Angies List coupon substantially reduced the cost of my Off-Grid solar system. I invited other Solar" companies to visit me besides Mercury, but being that what I really wanted (an off-grid system for some independence, preparedness issues for emergencies and by-pass HECO in a way),
seemed to have the substantial experience and certain personnel well trained in an off-grid system that I was looking for. The salesperson that responded to my invitation to visit me,
P. is also one of Mercury's Out Back trained battery backed solar system personnel, which was helpful. I wanted to learn as much as I reasonably could about off-grid systems before I accepted Mercury's services and
helped me achieve that. Pictures, charts, diagrams, etc., as well as the verbal explanation of their off-grid (or grid tied) system is important to a potential consumer who is not aware of the jargon of the solar industry. I put down a "good" rating for Responsiveness, Punctually and Professionalism, primarily due to the reality that in a tough economical environment (partly due to issues with HECO), that solar companies such as
may not have all the work force desired, and as such are forced to juggle their work force in a manner that does not always allow total focus on my (your) project. I was willing to work with this juggling, as long as my project reasonably moved along (which it did), then I would say the contractor did their due diligence on my project. The work crews did well on their work and worked well with me to give me what and the quality I desired. I consider myself to be a somewhat picky customer being a (retired) designer/builder, who designed and built my own home. I was a former CSI, CCCA (Construction Specification Institute, Certified Construction Contract Administrator). I would now say that the only future issues are warranties and service. So far both of these issues have been well handled. I will add to these details in the future if needed.
Rated by
Paul B.
"From start to finish,
was professional, courteous, and informative. They helped explain the system, the installation process and operational maintenance every" step along the way. From the beginning they were quick to respond with any questions I had about paperwork, permits, etc. They were upfront about the process, billing, expectations and deliverables. During the install process, the technicians were polite, clean and informative. They worked quickly and efficiently and were done much quicker than I anticipated. Overall,
were helpful and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them.

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Angie's Answers


Are you talking about powering your home solely on solar (i.e. no back up power source or off grid).


The power, once convered from DC to AC via the inverter, is suitable for use by the home. 


Most solar application are in supplement to the current powering of the home and will spin the meter back in the day but are not the primary. 


OK - that should strike Atlantic Plumbing off your vendor list !

You say female pipe to copper pipe connection - I hope you are not saying they connected copper directly to galvanized or black iron pipe. If so, there should have been a dielectric union put in there to prevent corrosion, which could be part of your problem.

Also, generally a bad idea to use teflon tape for hot water tank connections - too much thermal cycling, loosens it up over time. Should use plumbers dope for that application.

It sounds to me like a connection problem - if the tank itself was leaking it should be flooding the top of the tank or more likely running down through the insulation and dripping out the bottom.

Unless you are a do it yourselfer, sounds like you need to find a new plumber with good reviews and rating in your area - Search the List (in green banner bar). This should be an easy fix - should have him put in dielectric couplings (about $5-10 each depending on pipe size) if current connection is iron to copper, and even if not, have him redo connection not only for cold but also hot water - if one was done poorly, probably both were.


Solar Panel Installation reviews in Mount Vernon


The first salesman should have been a red flag for me. Kept ignoring not only that I had researched the kind of panels I wanted and knew the orientation of the house for proper installation but walked out of the house with the contract and my current utility bill. After repeated phone calls and emails, they finally sent me a copy (after the down payment had been cashed and 30 days had passed). Scheduling was erratic as they would email a day and time for workers to come by then wouldn't show up until days later. After the work was completed the system would not work and they never returned my calls. I discovered that the circuit breaker they used was not designed for my panel box and didn't fit properly. They still haven't returned calls to schedule the tutorial for the system since they left me a copy of the installation manual instead of the owners manual. The job that was supposed to last 4-6 weeks ended up being 15 weeks. Very unprofessional.
- Russell J.

The install was very good and considered excellent even by my husband (a retired Contractor).
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
O. who did all ourt proposals was excellent in discussing all the options we looked at.
We purchased the Sunpower 327's and these generate even on cloudy days. So far 6 SRECS.
Our solar project will produce 96% of our electric needs.
Sunbugs knowledgeable people make sure they introduce you to the people/staff.
Our church had used them as well.
I have told my friendsto call them.
Our non profit town food bank/clothes closet is in the process of getting quotes as well from the commercial contact person.
- Linda H.

About 10 years
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
installed solar panels on my flat roof in
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
to heat my swimming pool. It was only a few months ago that we discovered an installation flaw that compromised the effectiveness of the system. THE FLAW WAS NOT DUE TO CARELESS WORKMANSHIP OR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE OF SOLAR SYSTEMS.
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
did an excellent job of installing the panels at the time: it was simply a matter of the industry at the time not being very sophisticated about materials or installation techniques.
So, 10 years after the solar panels were installed, I contacted
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
's owner,
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
and told her of the problem.
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
did something which no other contractor has ever done for me. She did something that no contractor does for anyone. She agreed to fix the problem.......10 years after installation and at least 8 years past the warranty expiration. Good to her word, she had her capable crew come out to the house on at least 4 separate occasions and do the required fix which involved putting in a part which wasn't even on the
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
ten years ago. Needless to say, my solar system works perfectly now.
Bottom line is this.
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
's customer service is beyond all expectations. They're superior people because in this business, trust is everything. There was no reason at all for
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
to do what she did for us other than she practices the oft-spoken (but not executed) catch phrase that the customer is always right. Another swimming pool consultant who firts diagnosed the problem said
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
wouldn't fix the problem in a million years. They were hopelessly wrong because they didn't know
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
. I'd look forward to having
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
do other solar-related work for me in the future.
I understand that
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
primarily does commercial work now, but even in those applications, "trust issues" still reign supreme.

I had to talk him into it - explained that I would be happy just extending the swim season a couple of months. I wasn't interested in swimming in December and January anyway.
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
said I wouldn't be happy. I said I would. Reluctantly, he installed all the panels we could squeeze on the south and east sides of the roof. And I'm happy- will comfortably be swimming into November and back again sometime in March/April. Installation very professionally done; materials durable and functioning perfectly.
- LaVonne R.

The whole process went very well from star to finish.
I selected three companies to contact based on their Angie's list reviews. I heard back from the other two companies, but neither of them were as professional as the Brewer family.
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
Brewer replied to my Angie's list inquiry almost immediately, and rather than start to quote prices or simply look at my home on Google Maps (which one of the other companies did),
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
asked for my address so he could stop by the home and take a look before he discussed anything with me.
He gave me a call after inspecting the homes and came up with his recommendation. We spent about 45 minutes on the phone as he educated me about the ins and outs of the heater he was recommending as well as the particular solar system they were recommending. He was very knowledgeable. I could tell by speaking with him that he's been doing this for a while.
The price was a bit higher than other companies I spoke with, but in the end I felt confident that
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
was going to take care of everything in the most professional manner. The work they were doing was on my two vacation homes, so living out-of-state I wanted to work with someone I could trust.
After I agreed to everything with
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
, he scheduled a time just about a week later to have everything installed. His son
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
was on-site to supervise the installation, and he met with my local property manager to educate them on how to operate the systems.
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
then gave me a call while he was still at the homes and walked me through how everything was working, and he customized some of the settings for me as I was on the phone with him.
As a vacation property owner, the single greatest complaint that I ever receive from guests is due to the pool or spa temperature. We don't get a lot of complaints, but when we do, it is heart-breaking because issues with the pool temperature are the most difficult things to "fix" long distance. If a guest says that the floor is dirty, it is easy to send another cleaner over same day. If the pool water is too cool though, and it is December or January, it could take several days to get the temperature up, and by then it might be too late. Although the heater and solar combination is pricey, I am hopeful that we will not only see a decent energy savings over time, but that our two pools will remain consistently warmer than competing homes, improving the satisfaction of our guests.
I was very happy with the work that
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
did, and I recommend them without hesitation.
- William B B.

Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
took approximately 6 months to install solar panels. Response times for phone calls and emails ranged from days to weeks. All work was sub contracted out to multiple contractors without communication between contractors. Weeks passed between sub contracted jobs such as windows and insulation on the home. Contract with
Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
states customer will pay 60% of project if the customer cancels even before the work is done and that is about $14,000. Contractors had to be changed multiple times due to not having licenses to operate in Pflugerville. First set of rebates ($3000) for referring three people and keeping a sign in the yard will not happen. I refuse to recommend to anyone or help them advertise in any manner. Now October from a projected started in February, everything is not completed. I was sent forms to sign verifying equipment I have never used or seen before was working properly. I requested an onsite visit and was offered monitoring software. Last week I was told the power company I have had for 5 years does not give solar rebates. I listed my power company on the initial forms in February. I am trying to keep this as factual as possible and less opinionated. It is difficult to explain the challenges I have faced with this company at every turn without showing an extreme level of frustration. I never had this experience with a home improvement project or a business and I am unclear as to the next steps to take outside of this review and a complaint to the BBB. I have all email and voice mail communications with them saved. If anyone has had similar experiences with any other company and has some suggestions, I would really appreciate you sharing your insight with me and letting me know what other steps can be taken.
- Jason R.

Mount Vernon Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
treated us like family. They were thorough, kept us informed and followed the installation through. We couldn't be happier and our system is performing as expected.
- Darin S.

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