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Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
Team is excellent! They went above our expectations. The house sold within eight days and for approximately 95% of the listing price. The team worked well with us and even answered questions on the weekends and evenings. They worked well with the buyers and also set up contractors (who were listed as "A" on Angies List) for us to work with on the improvements They walked us through the process of selling the house and we will have a closing in the middle of September. We would recommend them to family, friends and neighbors!
- Bernard W.

We worked with
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
, one of the principals at West Wind. From start to finish, the experience was outstanding. Since
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
is in
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
, and we are in San
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
, I was a bit reluctant at first; however, after the first call, it was obvious that
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
had done this a million times before. He immediately put my mind at ease about being remote. Since he is very tech savvy (one of the first real estate/mortgage folk that understood privacy concerns around emailing documents back/forth in plaintext), we conducted our entire transaction electronically and via phone.
After selecting
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
over some of the major "brands" out there, he found us the best rate and fees that were as good as, or, in most cases, better than what we were seeing with the big names.
Although this is our fifth home purchase, I've never really groked what most of the mortgage process was.
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
told us exactly what would happen, when it would happen, and most importantly, why a step was required. Everything happened as he explained, and there were no surprises.
On the day of closing,
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
was "on standby" in case something came up at the title company and actually called me right at the end of our closing to make sure everything was on track. After completing the closing, he told us he would call when the loan funded, and he did so.
In every case,
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
did what he said he would do. He was only wrong one count: our closing costs were about $250 lower than he estimated---that's the closet estimate I've ever had!
Beyond being punctual, concise and the consummate professional,
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
is also a very nice guy---someone that I actually liked (which my wife can tell you is a miracle :))
All in all, I highly recommend
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
at West Wind. This was---by far---the best mortgage experience we've every had.

- Mark V.

After making an offer on a property, I decided to try Angie's list to see if I could find a better loan package. I read other reviews for
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
and decided to give them a call.
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
worked with me through all the paperwork (there was a lot since I was buying a relo property), answered my questions, and followed up with me after closing just to make sure everything went well.
I would definitely work with them again on future real estate transactions. Thanks you
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
- Sherrie S.

I did a lot of research to find the right team to work with on refinancing our home due to some issues of only having one income I was not working I knew we where in for a challenge but upon the first call
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
answered and his reception to my call made me and my husband feel like anything was possible. Thus the process began he discuss what he thought we could do, should do and finally what we did. His team
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
worked with me side by side to get the papers and documents in the right hands for approval. From start to finish I guess we where pretty lucky a little nervous but we qualified for the refinance it got completed all in a matter of 6 weeks and I have a job offer in the works.
So I believe that if you want a good partnership in helping you in the stressful times work to your advantage
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
and his team are the Best. Oh Yeah I forget
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
at Great America was as pleasant as she good be even when she felt uncomfortable waiting on the bundle of joy to come
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
still thinks she should name her
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
we will wait the arrival and hope she will let us know her name when she enters the world of love from her mama and dad and big sister too.
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
thank you and your girls for all the help I will recommend to all my friends & family your services.

I have recently taken a loan from
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
for the purchase and rehab of a multi-unit residential real property. The loan transaction itself was okay, although it was not as smooth as I would have liked it to be. Also, I wish that they had been more responsive but I managed to close in a relatively timely manner. Their application process is a bit confusing and I think it can be streamlined a little better. I had to deal with multiple individuals and often I had to jump from one person to another.
The rehab project is still in progress. I am experiencing difficulty because
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
is giving me a hard time in accessing the money that I borrowed (the construction holdback), on which I am PAYING INTERESTS of 12%+ per annum.
There is basically one inspector at
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
, who comes out and checks the progress of your project and decides whether to release the funds you borrowed to you. If he does not like something about the way you handle your project, he can refuse to release the funds that you have borrowed. There seems to be no checks and balance in this process -- his word is basically what controls the fate of your project if you borrowed construction funds from
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
. And you can be caught up in a ridiculous situation where you can't access/use the money you borrowed and yet you continue to pay 12%+ interests on the money. They claim that they're doing this because they have investors to protect. But what they do not seem to realize is that there won't be any investors if there are no borrowers. I don't know if this is how
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
makes money but I am disappointed at the lack of their willingness to accommodate the borrowers, especially because everyone was nice and accommodating BEFORE I borrowed the funds, and I was recommended
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
by the LA Real Estate Investors Club, which I trust and respect.
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
inspector currently alleges that the way I am handling the project is disorganized and there is "madness" going on, merely because we could not get started on all of the units at the same time because there were tenants living in some of the units. Inevitably, we had to be making a different progress on those units on which we got started later because of the tenant situation. To
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
, this somehow constitutes "madness" that entitles them to withhold my loan. Their language and demeanor in carrying out the conversation was offensive in and of itself, too, but I won't get into that here.
Because they withheld funds pending production of certain documentation (e.g., copies of permits), and because it was imperative that we get immediate access to the funds upon their receipt of the documentation, I constantly gave them a heads-up on the ETA on the documents and requested to let me know when the inspector could be at the property. I did not hear from them in days; the day I transmitted the documents, I called their office three, four times (each time I was forwarded to the draw dept. person's voicemail and I left messages), emailed, frantically trying to get a hold of them. I finally got a hold of the inspector, but he could not show that day. He said he would call me the next morning and let me know when he could come to the property. He did not call the next morning. I called around 11am. He could not come that day either. I explained to him that it was imperative that we get access to the funds by the end of that week because the workers needed to be paid and therefore it was imperative to have him come out as soon as possible. To be fair, he said he should be able to come the following day (he could not give me a time though), but his basic attitude was,"why is that my problem? If I can't come, I can't."
I purchased this property through an
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
-LLC. Therefore, we must use funds from a third party lender(s) and cannot use our own money in the interim. Hence the urgency if we run out of the funds on hand. I sufficiently explained this to them at the beginning. The management at the top seems to get it and they accommodated me in this respect at the beginning. But this understanding and accommodation is by no means systematic -- long story short, I have come to realize that
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
is not an
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
-investor-friendly lender.
In any event, I will update my review if things improve or turn out to be different. So far, my dealings with
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
have been disappointing and a bit frustrating.
- Claire S.

I reached out to
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
based on the positive feedback found on Angie's List. My situation was very complicated and I had already been turned away by other banks and credit unions.
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
reviewed my situation and was able to find a mortgage that I would qualify for and still meet my needs.
The staff at Mortgage Masters was extremely responsive and helpful. I found their secure website easy to use. My final HUD was nearly identical to the estimates originally provided, which was important to me since I value transparency in closing costs.
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
referred me to a closing attorney, which I also had a very positive experience with.
- Cort R.

When purchasing my first home I started working with Bank of America directly to obtain my mortgage loan. I was finding it to be quite a nightmare working with them in general. I wasn't sure if that was just the way buying a home was, but after talking to a few people I was recommended
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
. I was a little hesitant to start over but after speaking with
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
once, I decided to give him a try. That was the best decision I had made in a while. Talk about smooth and easy - night and day compared to working with BOA.
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
and Team are very responsive and are on top of things. I know people that have had more hassle renting places then I did with my first home purchase.
Anyway, I have just finished my second home purchase with
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
and things went just as great as they did 4 years ago. Excellent experience once again. I only have Bank of America loan department to compare
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
to, but I would never try anywhere else.
- Michael M.

Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
was a big help in my mortgage application. I had a local mortgage sales rep before her and that guy was difficult to work with. I had the impression he was not honest about rate of the current
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
. So I switched to
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
and she was really listening to my concern and helped me get the best rate she could possibly get at the time. My objective is
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
: you can have your commission, but please work with me to get the best rate in a locking period. She did that wonderfully.
- david C.

Everything went smoothly. Ms
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
kept me in the loop and informed. She personally walked me through the processes this being my first time purchasing a home. Any questions I had she answered. I'm in the health care field which creates a lot of weird hours however she was always available. If I called late and she was asleep or couldn't answer I could always expect a phone call first thing in the morning. I never had to chase her down or hound her for any updated information. She clearly communicated what was needed actually stayed one night on the phone with me while I uploaded some of the documents needed to make sure everything was okay as I had problems with my computer when I tried to upload them the weekend before. I actually called her once and she was out to dinner with her husband. She answered the phone told me she would call me back with the information when she got home and she did! I have had friends who have had such difficulty in buying a home and I was so scared. This experience was so smooth I owe it all to
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
. She actually put me in touch with a great Realtor as well which I think helped everything work some smoothly they were in constant communication with each other.
- Kharia H.

I found
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
and his team to be very helpful, efficient, and most importantly honest. I am a CPA so I understand mortgages very well, the interest and costs come very easy to me. Finding an excellent mortgage broker doesn't come so easily. After finding
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
and his co
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
, I soon realized I had found that excellent mortgage broker i had been looking for.
This was our 3rd refi (1st was a previous house). All 3 went well, but i must say this was the best. I contacted the top three mortgage brokers on Angie's list and Quicken Loans who did my last refi.
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
was able to come through with the best interest rate and his closing cost estimate was very close to the lowest estimate i received. As it turned out, the actual closing costs were less than the GFE, so
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
gave us the best deal hands down. In fact, when he first quoted the interest rate he included a credit that would go against closing costs. 2 days later after i had decided to go with
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
and finished the application,
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
informed me that we would get an even larger credit than what he originally quoted me. Not too many brokers will give you something after you've already signed on the dotted line. The same was true with the appraisal credit. I had not asked for it, i believe my application began before that was even offered on this site, but to my pleasant surprise
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
let me know right after closing that I would get back the $400 we paid for the appraisal. I think that speaks volumes to the character and business philosophy of
Islandia Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
. I couldn't be more satisfied with the service I received.

- Todd B.
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new york
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American Financial Resources

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37-20 Broadway
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at home mortgage corporation

Long Beach, NY
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Aurora Financial

8150 Leesburg Pike. Suite 410
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Benchmark Home Equities, Inc.

Schenectady, ny
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Boost Credit 101

3773 E Cherry Creek North Dr
Denver, CO
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404 Montauk Hwy
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16 empolyees. subs used. cost determined by the job. no travel charges. ask about angie's list...


Islandia, NY

Bronx Criminal Attorney

860 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY
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Langhorne, PA
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Certified Court Reporting,Inc.

1600 Calebs Path ext
Hauppauge, ny
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1 Rossmoor Drive Suite 121
Monroe, NJ
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Fair Lawn, NJ
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1065 Old Country Road
Westbury, NY
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Commonfund Mortgage Corp

Peekskill, NY
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154 Remington Blvd Ste 2
Ronkonkoma, NY
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990 Stewart Ave
Garden City, NY
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900 Route 73 N.
Marlton, NJ


Islandia, NY

Cross County Funding

30 Glenn Street
White Plains, NY
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Wayne, NJ
Financing for home mortgages and refinancing existing mortgages


Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
Established in 1993 and celebrating over 20 years of satisfied clients.

Customized Mortgage Solutions

One DeWolf Road
Old Tappan, NJ
We are a local mortgage company.

Dan Greco Mortgages Franklin First Financial

18-19 River Rd
Fair Lawn, NJ
I provide vip mortgage services. i work by referral and treat all of my clients like family....

503 Cranbury Road
East Brunswick, NJ
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Darkside Development

7090 Amboy Road
Staten Island, NY
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Direct Mtg Source

700 veterans highway
Hauppauge, NY
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100 Morris Ave.
Springfield, NJ
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6513 20th Ave
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Elite Restaurant Equipment

153 21st St
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Embassy Funding LLC

210 Summit Ave Suite A-15A
Montvale, NJ
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EQ Release

Hudson, FL
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Excellent Lease

89 Debbie St.
Staten Island, NY
"excellent lease eliminates the time consuming hassles that you incur leasing at automobile...


Rego Park, NY


23 Dorit Ct
Staten Island, NY
We have a large source of available funds available to finance your challenging loan request. ...


480 Hope St.
Providence, RI

Federal Mortgage & Investment Corp

434 Drury Lane
Wyckoff, NJ
Licensed mortgage banker state of nj dept. of banking nmls#2719 pleasing homeowners since...

Financial Funding LLC

2 Industrial Way West
Eatontown, NJ
For over the past 10 years financial funding llc has helped commercial real estate clients...

First Choice Bank

500 Campus Drive
Morganville, NJ
First choice bank is approved in virtually all fifty states and specializes in residential,...


2329 Nostrand Ave Ste 300
Brooklyn, NY
We are full service residential mortgage bank. we originate and close our residential mortgage...

First Meridian Mortgage

1609 Rte 202
Pomona, NY
First meridian is dedicated to the highest standards of ethics and responsiveness in its...

First Meridian Motgage Bankers

186-09 Union Turnpike
Fresh Meadows, NY
First meridian is dedicated to the highest standards of ethics and responsiveness in its...


Bohemia, NY


Danbury, CT
National lender, orginating loans in all 50 states and the u.s. virgin islands offering home...


United Kingdom
New York, NY
Mobile commerce, we are the first in the field using this unique technology, combining mobile...


538 Broadhollow Rd Ste 401
Melville, NY
No origination fees for angie's members. free in house face to face consultation.

Gabella Consulting

Toms River, NJ
The brass ring, to me, is the financial success of my clients. my solid formal education...

Garden City Mortgage

1225 Franklin Ave.
Garden City, NY
Serving all of new york state garden city mortgage is committed to helping you find the right...

Gateway Funding

240 Frisch Ct Ste 302
Paramus, NJ
I have 16 years experience in the mortgage business. if you are looking to purchase or...

George Cardoso - Mortgage Master

23 Aldrin Road
Plymouth, MA
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GFI Mortgage Bankers, Inc

590 W Kennedy Blvd
Lakewood, NJ

Guaranteed Home Mortgage Company Inc

1160 East Jericho Turnpike
Huntington, NY
Giving personalized service and treating each client as an individual is learned from a long...

Guaranteed Home Mortgage Company Inc

1 Park Way
Upper Saddle River, NJ

Guaranteed Rate

7214 Bergenline Ave
North Bergen, NJ
Mortgage lender with 25 years of experience

Guardian National Bank

4400 W 109th St.
Overland Park, KS
Fha, conv, va, purchase or refinance, all comm. and residental properties, in all 50 states

Freehold, NJ
Licensed real estate broker and mortgage originator. get a free analysis.

Hard Money Stan

Massapequa, NY


Morristown, NJ
Mortgage lender


10 Independence Boulevard
Warren, NJ
Mortgage broker


PO BOX 4552
Buffalo, NY
200,000 employees. no subs. no travel charge. no service charge. no additional charge for...

Interstate Home Loan Center Inc. Bankers

25 Melville Park Road
Melville, NY
Mid sized mortgage banker located in melville, ny. direct lender since 1996.

iReverse Home Loans, LLC

532 Broadhollow Road
Melville, NY
Ireverse home loans, a subsidiary of hopkins federal savings bank, is a nationwide reverse...


1615 Ninth Avenue
Bohemia, NY
We area a hard money lender and we provide debt settlement


84 E Ridgewood Ave
Ridgewood, NJ
Residential mortgages

Joe DeLorenzo - Homestead Funding Corp

653 Plank Road
Clifton Park, NY
I assist my clients with the very best mortgage options available, that help them make an...

Jones Mortgage Group

PO Box 157
Carmel, NY
Mortgage broker

Kirk Anderson, Senior Mortg Conslt, BNC Nat. Bank

6685 W Beardsley Rd
Glendale, AZ
Conventional, fha/va, usda, jumbo loans, canadian citizen loans

LCD Mortgage

195 US Highway 46 Ste 7
Totowa, NJ
Get the service you deserve our mortgage professionals, led by lou d'angelo will give you the...

Lending Resource

271 North Ave #703
New Rochelle, NY
We can meet a wide range of real estate lending needs, whether a first time purchase, second...

Liberty Realty

1 Marine View Plaza
Hoboken, NJ
Liberty realty llc offers a great selection of commercial and residential real estate in...

Lorenzo Public Accounting

2 E Blackwell Street
Dover, NJ
Nj licensed cpa firm and cpa's, nj licensed insurance agency with all personal and commercial...


Islandia, NY


Islandia, NY

MCS Mortgage: Eli Weissman Group

4029 27th St
Long Island City, NY

Menlo Park Funding

101 Tyrellan Avenue Suite 220
Staten Island, NY

MHK & Associates, LLC

641 Shunpike Rd.
Chatham, NJ
Offering real estate services; we buy houses with cash and help homeowners avoid foreclosure....


Bayside, NY
4 employees. uses subs for realtors. cost is determined by the job. no service fee. no travel...


Parsippany, NJ
Formed in 1998 we are a responsible lender that has grown to over 50 employees. we are large...

Modco Debt Solutions

Valley Stream, NY
We do not charge any up front fees! we get paid only when we are successful! our fee for a...


PO Box 341068
Brooklyn, NY
Custom screen printing and embroidery. t-shirts-hats-sweats-hoodies-polos-bags sweet...

Mortgage Affiliates of America, Inc.

98 Mill Plain Rd
Danbury, CT
Mortgage affiliates of america, inc. is a privately held corporation that was initially named...


Islandia, NY

Mortgage Master Inc.

14 Commerce Drive
Cranford, NJ
Marty nicoll is a senior loan officer with mortgage master inc. with an mba in finance from...

Mortgage Network Solutions

259 5Th St
Saddlebrook, NJ
The mortgage network solutions team is committed to providing clients with the highest quality...

Mortgage One, Inc

1 Huntington Quad Ste 2C15
Melville, NY
Mortgage one is a mortgage company with a purpose. we represent borrowers in their dealings...

494 Bridgeport Ave suite 101-341
Shelton, CT
Upon becoming one of our licensees you will receive a full package of tools and information...

Myra Diamond-Signature Premier Properties

1170 E Jericho Turnpike
Huntington, NY


Yonkers, NY

NJ Lenders Corp.

102 Chestnut Ridge Rd # 200
Montvale, NJ
Competitive rates. closing costs are not expensive.

Northstar Funding

79 Hudson Street
Hoboken, NJ
At northstar funding in new jersey, new york – manhattan, connecticut & florida – located...


11700 Plaza American Dr
Reston, VA
Nvr, inc. operates in two business segments: homebuilding and mortgage banking. the...


Massapequa, NY
Nysavesmoney is a networking and barter company helping to promote the growth of new york...

Olivos Property Perfection, Inc.

260 Audubon ave
New York, NY
A new york professional construction company that is fully licensed an insured since 1989....

OT Construction

8520 Elmhurst Ave
Elmhurst, NY

Prime Legal Services

1135 Clifton Ave
Clifton, NJ
Our management team of seasoned real estate professionals have over 25 years experience in...

Queen City Funding, Inc

1416 Sweet Home Road Suite 9B
Amherst, NY
About queen city funding, inc. queen city funding, inc. was founded in 2007 as an...

RBR Strategies, Ltd.

132 Franklin Place, #96
Woodmere, NY
David m. green is president of rbr strategies, ltd. he is in charge of rbr's vision of helping...

Realty Connect USA - Sue Mignone-Mogel

579 Broadway
Massapequa, NY
Full service realtor serving long island new york. i go the extra mile to help you achieve...

Regal Financial Solutions Corp

275 Madison
New York, NY
We work with your negatively credit impacted files to remove erroneous, disputable and or...

Reliant Bank Mortgage Services

121 West Nyack Road
Nanuet, NY
Reliant bank mortgage services has your best interest in mind. our mortgage experts...

Reliant Home Funding, Inc

125 Baylis Road, Suite 105
Melville, NY
Reliant home funding, inc is a family owned and operated local mortgage company. we utilize...

Residential Home Funding

3040 Avenue U
Brooklyn, NY
Helen ivatorov, cpa is a branch manager, with many years of experience in finance, real...

Residential Home Funding

6901 Jericho Turnpike
Syosset, NY

Residential Home Funding Corp.

6901 Jericho Turnpike
Syosset, NY
We are full service mortgage bank, specializing in first time home buyers. we are...

Residential Home Funding Corporation

100 Lanidex Plaza 2nd Floor
Parsippany, NJ
Established in 2000, residential home funding corp. is a correspondent mortgage banker. the...


PO Box 623
Huntington, NY
Our primary goal is for you to truly understand the real estate you are thinking about buying....


1934 Lowell Ln
Merrick, NY
Sandstone mortgage corporation actively obtains financing for individuals and corporate...

Second Generation Mortgage Group, LLC

788 Shrewsbury Ave.
Tinton Falls, NJ
We are ten employee (10) local new jersey based company offering residential lending services...

Sky the limit contracting

236 Prospect St
Farmingdale, NY
I strive for perfection and beauty with every job and task done. intense planning and precise...


65 Madison Ave Ste 100
Morristown, NJ
We're a full service mortgage banker with an experienced staff of professionals to handle all...

Smarter Mortgages

9482 Wedgewood Blvd
Powell, OH
Additional emails -,,...

Solid City Home Inspection

22 Chickadee Ln
Levittown, NY
4-5 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job

Staten Island Mortgage Expert

1110 South Avenue
Staten Island, NY
The staten island mortgage expert is the one stop shopping for all your mortgage related...

Sterling National Bank

98 Cuttermill rd suite 200n
Great Neck, NY
Full service bank providing mortgages for first time homeowners, repeat buyers, and all...

Sterling National Mortgage Bank

98 Cuttermill Rd
Great Neck, NY
Additional address - 177 crossways park dr, woodbury, ny 11797. additional phone - (631)...

Sun Mortgage Company, Inc.

2 Robbie Rd
Cortlandt Manor, NY
Sun mortgage company is a registered mortgage broker in new york & connecticut. we arrange...


Freeport, NY
We are a full service residential mortgage broker with more than 12 years in the business.


Brooklyn, NY
Add a classic car mak


10 Independence Boulevard
Warren, NJ
Additional hours for evenings & weekends by appt only.

The Manhattan Mortgage Co Inc

750 Lexington Ave
New York, NY
I secure mortgaes for people through 3rd parties who wish to purchase primary residence (1-4...

The Money Store

30 B Vreelan Rd
Florham Park, NJ
We are a direct mortgage lender with fannie mae and specialize in no lender fee, no closing...

The Reyes Organization at Menlo Park Funding

48-02 25th ave
Astoria, NY
My passion for both real estate and finance led me to the mortgage industry 5 years ago. prior...

Thomas Conran & Associates

408 East Old Country Rd
Mineola, NY
We offer free consultation. we make sure that we can help first before any fees are charged....

Thorpe Commercial Capital

244 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY
Thorpe commercial capital is a firm focused on meeting the debt and equity financing needs of...

Tim Hastings - PrimeLending

42 Old Ridgebury Rd.
Danbury, CT
Tim hastings, nmls #22307 is a licensed mortgage banker in connecticut and new york with over...

Tony Croft

79 Hudson Street, #301A
Hoboken, NJ
Tony croft (nmls #5249) is a mortgage advisor and a certified mortgage planning specialist. my...


New York, NY
The mortgage professionals - service, integrity and 25 years of experience is what we offer...


Islandia, NY


Islandia, NY

US Mortgage Corporation

201 Old Country Rd
Melville, NY
Us mortgage corporation was founded by steven a. milner in september 1994, as a new york state...

VA Loan Captain

204 Bergenline Ave
Union City, NJ
Va loan captain is a service disabled veteran owned small business that operates a mortgage...

Vanessa Thatcher - Atlantic Home Capital Corp

4175 Veterans Hwy
Ronkonkoma, NY
Additional dba - atlantic home capital llc.


30 Technology Dr Ste 2C
Warren, NJ
Whether you're looking to purchase a new home, refinance your existing mortgage loan, or...


E 80 RTE 4
Paramus, NJ
We care so much about your home financing experience and are so confident in our on-time...


457 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY
Renovation financing for a new purchase or an existing home

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

532 Broadhollow Rd
Melville, NY
Home loan originations, purchase and refinances. additional dba - wells fargo home mortgage....


3033 Express Dr N Ste 101
Islandia, NY

West Forest Capital

115 E. 34th St.
New York, NY
We are a private lending company focused on the tri-state area. we lend on all property types...


Bay Shore, NY
Mortgage broker

Yes Funding Corp

1600 Calebs Path Extension
Hauppauge, NY
Home loans
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