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I went to
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
after purchasing an older home that had dirty looking out dated pink carpet throughout the bedrooms and living room. I was immediately greeted by a sales rep.
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
when shopping at the Atascocita sales floor location. He kindly assisted me in picking out the perfect carpet for my rooms and explained all costs, the installation process, and warranty information. At first I thought it was a little pricey but I checked and compared the same type of carpet at Lowes, Home Depot and one other smaller company on FM
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
was the cheapest at the time I did my comparison. It was a plus to have the removal of carpet, upgraded padding, furniture moving, new tack strips, and hauling away of my old carpet included in my service. Also a lifetime warranty. I was also very satisfied with the installation. My 3 installers were on time and very courteous. They were quick and efficient at getting the job done and doing it correctly. I am very satisfied with the customer service received from both
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
and the installers. I am also very satisfied with the finished product and I'm always complemented on the carpet in the bedrooms. I would definitely recommend them to others and use them for my next flooring project as well.
- Kimberly W.

Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
and his crew (the other two
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
's) went above and beyond, our carpet was the original carpet from 1979 it was very worn. our floor was not level they leveled our floor and took the time, more time than they had scheduled to do a stupendous job. they also repaired jobs not done right by other contractors when they spliced the trim after removing the fireplace I could not tell where it was spliced. when the fireplace was removed they put up dry wall and also re-pop-corned our ceiling you almost cannot tell where the work was done and when I repaint the line where the new dry wall was put in will not show. I also am the envy of our neighborhood as when
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
put laminate in our front closet where the access to our crawlspace is he also put a latch for the crawlspace. We had also asked
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
to fix the steps to our shed he took the time to level them and disconnect them from the floor of the shed. I am amazed at the quality workmanship every time I go into the shed. Also we were having an issue with our screen door that was pulling off the hinges
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
fixed this without us even asking him to. I have also by word of mouth recommended this company to my neighbors and friends. I really appreciated the job that
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
and his crew did. I apologize for getting this review in so late.
- Fay M.

Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
and his team were excellent throughout the whole process. Very honest and upfront regarding cost and labor. They first were tasked with finding a match with our current hardwood floor and
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
found the exact flooring product. His team came in and ripped out the old tile and carpet in one day and installed the hardwood in 2 days. Always prompt, on time and respectful, his team was downright outstanding. I would definitely hire again in a heartbeat!!! Thanks
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
- Scott P.

Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
came over for initial measurement and samples.
He understood the need and suggested very good sample within my budget.
I had a tight timeline and he was able to make the appointment in a 3 biz days from first day!
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
and his two guys came on the specified date on time (30 mins late is not much).
The carpet was done on the first day itself. The second day was for the steps and vinyl n the kitchen.
After it was all over, I was amazed at the care taken in doing the job. I checked corners, edges, tight spots, in closets. No where did they not pay attention, or leave a small difficult spot.
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
and his team who did the actual work, do know what they are doing. He told he has been doing this for over 17 years or so. Seems like he is right about it.

- Shashikant J.

The project went beautifully--couldn't be more pleased with the work done and the manner in which it was performed. Mr.
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
and crew were a pleasure to work with.
- Fran K.

The work was performed in our summer house in
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
Beach, Delaware. The floor looked better than when we moved into our new house. It took five days, 8 hours per day to finish the job. They moved the furniture and restore everything to its place when the job was finished. They also did some extra work where the molding needed some painting and repaired and added grout in two tiles in a bathroom. They left everything sparkling clean. It was a pleasure to do work with them.
- Haydee T.

We had Jatoba wood flooring put down in most of the rooms of our house about 15 years ago. When the floor in my office became damaged beyond repair, I checked
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
’s website and contacted them based, in part, upon the good reviews from Angie’s List. Chayse, one of their salespeople, came out to give us a quote. He took measurements and we reviewed what was needed to do the job for replacing the flooring in my office, replacing the quarter round molding in four rooms, and t-molding in five areas. I told him at that time that quality of work was important to us and that price, although was also important, was secondary. We wanted quality materials and professional workmanship. He came up with a proposal and we accepted without asking for any reduction in the price. My wife and I went right over to their showroom and picked out the flooring that we wanted and paid by credit card to have the materials ordered. We were told that the job would probably take two to three days, one to remove existing flooring and one or two to install of the new floor. They stated that they would not be able to start for about two weeks. I am totally disabled and we mentioned to them that we wanted them to move all of the furniture in the office, which included a desk, credenza, bookcase, and other smaller furniture. We told them that we would take everything out of the furniture, and we did. They stated that it would not be a problem. We again stated that quality of work was very important to us, and that we were not looking for the cheapest price. It needs to be mentioned that they want complete payment up front before work is started. This was not made clear to me and I found out after the second amount appeared on my credit card's website.This is the only company with which I have contracted, that wanted all the money up front. All others wanted enough to at least cover the cost of materials, but final payment was not due until the work was completed. To be fair, this policy is mentioned on their invoice, but again, was not pointed out to me. A week later the job was started (
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
28th) and we were pleased that they were able to start early. The workers were supposed to start between 9:00 and 9:30 AM on a Monday, but did not show up until 11:30 AM. They worked for one hour and broke for lunch! I called their office and reported the incident and they were back working shortly after that. When they went to move our furniture, they picked up one piece incorrectly and broke the unit. While moving another, they broke the bottom of the unit. I had to repair both myself. While moving a large piece of furniture they put several vary large gouges into our dining room floor. Those have not been fixed properly and are very visible to everyone entering our house. The second day they started the work in all of the rooms, but failed to complete any room and left for the day. We were having to live with all of our furniture in all of our rooms in the middle of the room so that they could do their work, including our bed and dressers in our bedroom. Wednesday they came out and completed the work in one room, while the others remained incomplete. Thursday no work was done as we waited for materials to arrive. We had
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
, the owner out on Wednesday to view the work. He is very friendly and I believe that he wanted to get this work done quickly. But when the materials arrived, they were all the wrong pieces that were needed. They blamed the supplier for shipping the wrong pieces, but when I spoke to Chayse he stated that no one makes the pieces that we needed. I directed him to the Home Depot website that showed at least a half dozen different pieces similar to what we needed. He continued to make excuses rather than coming up with solutions. I am not in this industry, but it seems as though I know more about his job than he does! I called both Chayse and
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
and asked each to come to the house to get this situation resolved. Both agreed to come the next day, but neither came nor called. I have neither of them for the remainder of the work being done. Finally, on Thursday, August 7th, I spoke to
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
on the phone (I had to call him) and he stated that that he had some wood ordered and expected it to arrive the next day. I did not hear from him the next day, nor for the next week. Finally, on Thursday, August 14th, Chayse called to say the material had arrived and that the workers would bring it out and install it on Saturday, August 16th, between 2:30 and 3:00 PM. The workers failed to show until 5:30 PM. Apparently the installer had been told to come over after 5:00 PM. Nothing had been said to us about this change in time. The molding that they brought were not ideal for the job, but were acceptable to us mainly because we just wanted to get the job done. We were tired of dealing with this company and just wanted to get the job done at this point. It has been three very long weeks.
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
and the other installers did a very good job and always conducted themselves in a professional way. It is too bad that the owner and the salesperson were not as professional.
- Laurence R.

This will be my 2nd time using
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
. I had used them about 2 years ago for a really small project but we were treated as if we were doing floors for an entire house and that is something I have never forgot.
Although I did get estimates for my new project I pretty much knew I would go with
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
. This company has a great reputation and there were many people in our area who had used
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
. They were detailed in their measurements and thoroughly answered all my questions.
The crew arrived on time and was extremely courteous. They sealed off all of our cabinets and surrounding rooms without my asking, and they kept the work place clean and orderly throughout the process. I trusted them with my alarm code and key to our house, and didn't hesitate leaving our house for the week (not necessary, just easier with my bird). The final result as expected was superb! The floors and trim exceeded my expectations. Plus, there was virtually NO mess. The prices were also below the other quotes. The service, workmanship and professionalism they provided, I would have willingly paid more than the other proposals. Overall, I give a 10 out of 10 in every area. I would highly recommend them, and if we have any more projects in the future, I would not even consider another company. I didn't really want to put down a price because I have found with this type of purchase there are so many different choices...... such as grade of the carpet, different pad and unless you are comparing apples to apples which I found is hard to do with flooring. I would just like to say I received the grade or materials I wanted to purchase and am 100% satisfied.
- Gilda M.

Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
and his assistant
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
did an excellent job from start to finish.
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
came to our home with his wife to review the project and gave us a very competitive estimate based on other estimates we had gotten. He was able to start work 2 weeks after his gave us the estimate. During the initial part of the project, which involved removing carpet and vinyl flooring, he discovered the subfloor had been damaged in several areas where water had leaked. This caused the particle board subfloor to deteriorate and cause mold in some areas. We agreed that the entire subfloor needed to be replaced with 1/2 inch plywood. We negotiated a fair labor price for this additional, unanticipated work and they did an excellent job removing the old material and installing a solid subfloor. My wife has noticed that her allergies have suddenly improved since the moldy subfloor was gone. The work started on Tuesday, August 5, 2014. By Friday night most of the subfloor had been replaced.
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
had the forethought to put the washer and dryer in the laundry room back in service for the weekend so my wife could catch up on laundry for our family of 6. Work resumed on Monday, August 11. By Tuesday he was installing the ceramic tile. My wife had originally wanted a staggered pattern (
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
called it a brick pattern) but he suggested to her a grid pattern with several areas filled in with a diagonal pattern would look better. The dining room and kitchen used this diagonal pattern within a large rectangle within the grid pattern. It looks stunning. The complex geometry and cutting of the pieces to do this fill in pattern was a work of art on
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
's part and he charged us no extra to do this beautiful pattern. Throughout the job
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
encouraged us to ask questions and he provided excellent answers. He and his partner were professional, courteous, and sensitive throught the whole project, especially since my wife had to set up a make-shift kitchen in our den. The work included removing and replacing the baseboards, installing new shoe molding, removing and replacing a toilet, and moving and relocating two refrigerators. He was able to leave the
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
in the kitchen and washer and dryer in the laundry room and simply worked around them, moving them as necessary. By Friday night, August 15th the work was done.
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
and I settled up on the price. I paid for all the materials at cost and
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
provided a fixed price on his labor. The installation of the subfloor took
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
longer than expected and I offered to pay him several hundred dollars more above his fixed price which he graciously accepted but did not insist on getting. I woke up Saturday morning, August 16th and commented to my wife, "What a beautiful floor we have now!" I selected
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
to be our contractor after reading through the reviews on Angie's List at the recommendation of my son. I was not disappointed. I went to the
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
Web Site and saw the beautiful tile work
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
had done for other customers. I would recommend
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
to anyone wishing to install a ceramic tile floor. I have told
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
to feel free to use me as a reference for potential customers. I am a very satisfied customer! Ed
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked

- E Edward S.

Our new floors are beautiful. Their installer worked patiently with me to mix the stains to achieve the color I wanted. The installer ran into a little problem with the old stair treads.
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
had a carpenter come immediately to replace the old ones so as not to delay our process.
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
came to review the work and reminded me that they do warranty their work for one year. new
Hudson Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked

- Alan S.
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M and S Interiors

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Albany, NY
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Rich Construction

PO BOX 733
Nassau, NY
25 years experience, if bonding is needed, i will aquire a license.

RJK Renovations

900 Rock City Rd
Ballston Spa, NY
I am an independent contractor highly skilled in all the categories listed. no job too big or...

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Ryan Builders

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Nassau, NY
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Sadie's Construction

Gansevoort, NY
All phases of construction, home repair, home improvement and handyman services.

Saratoga Builders LLC

2 Corinne Ct
Saratoga Springs, NY
Additional phone number - 518 701-4886. additional email -


1910 Maxon Road Ext.
Schenectady, NY
Schenectady floor covering is more than just a flooring specialty store. we are three...

scotts home improvements

37 elm lane
Stillwater, NY
I have over 30 yrs exp in building and remodeling.i have 2-3 employees that are very skilled...

Seguin Wood Flooring

53 Sacandaga Rd
Scotia, NY
Hardwood floor installation


Amsterdam, NY
Steve's hardwood floors is a fully insured, family owned flooring establishment which...

Superior Exteriors & Remodeling

1012 Aldeburgh Ave
Schenectady, NY
We are a small scale construction company that specializes in treating our customers right by...

Ted’s Flooring and Interior Design

118 Everett Road
Albany, NY
Family owned and operated, 6 employees, subcontractors used, charges are determined by the...

Testo Kitchens Inc

495 Campbell Ave
Troy, NY
Kraftmaid cabinets midcontinent cabinets kitchen kompact cabinets tru-wood cabinets

The Floor Trader (Stone Mountain Flooring Outlet)

145 Wolf Road
Albany, NY
Our mission - to be the store of choice for the best values on flooring. whether you are just...

The Home Depot - Clifton Park

4 Halfmoon Crossing Blvd
Clifton Park, NY

The Magical Tile Wizard LLC

132 Fellows Rd
Clifton Park, NY
Owner operated. facebook:...

The Tile Man

1868 Hexam Rd W
Schenectady, NY
Additional dbas - norman r carlson inc & carlson norman r inc.

Thompson Flooring Inc

15 Mennen Rd
Schuylerville, NY
30 yrs. of wood floors only, we do not sub anything out, all work is done by us.

Tiles by Giuseppe Bonaiuto

76 Stony Brook Dr
Selkirk, NY
Installation of ceramic tiles in kitchens, bathroom, entryways, etc.

Tom's Floorcovering

5044 State Route 203
Nassau, NY
Tom's floorcovering is specialized in creating beautiful and laminate floors both commercially...


Troy, NY
Provider services the entire state.

Tony Nash

3 Nash Place
Albany, NY
I have over 20 years experience in flooring, remolding and building houses. billing procedure...


Latham, NY
We help design , refer contractors that are a good fit for your project, and advise home...

Total Masonry Group, LLC.

1392 Albany Post Road
Croton-On-Hudson, NY
"a family business for over 70 years!" residential * commercial licensed *...

Towne Decorators

2891 Guilderland Ave
Schenectady, NY
Step into a world of flooring possibilities at towne decorators. our showroom takes the...


1704 Saratoga Rd
South Glens Falls, NY
Epoxy/urethane flooring, waterproofing.*seamless polymer solutions*

V & S Tile LLC

46 Gail Ave
Albany, NY
We are a family owned company that offers a high quality work in tile installation and...


Voorheesville, NY
We supply and install carpet, pads, vinyl flooring, hardwood pre finished floors, commerical...


5308 Cauterskill Rd
Catskill, NY
Under ground homes and above ground homes.


Saratoga Springs, NY
Professional installation of hardwood flooring, sanding and refinishing. we utilize a...

Western Contractors LLC

104 Van Rd
Johnstown, NY
Founded in 1994 western contractors is a residential and commercial general contractor. we...


Poughkeepsie, NY
Additional email: additional contact: david woodside

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