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We had venetian plaster done by a previous person who was supposed to have been great at applying venetian plaster. That wasn't the case-the venetian plaster was not done correctly. I needed help in repairing those walls and corners that didnt look good and which had the plaster falling off. I went into Angie's list and found that Illusions had great ratings so I called
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
and he came to the rescue!
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
did an absolutely fantastic job in repairing the corners and walls.
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
remedied everything that was done wrong in the first place. He reviewed everthing first hand and made suggestion on to how to remedy each problem that existed. My husband and l couldn't be more grateful for the excellent service that
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
provided. We are now looking forward to having our dining room done by Illusions. Superior service!!
- Santa S.

Back in November 2013 we spent several thousand dollars on 10 new
replacement vinyl windows from one of Abq's leading replacement window
companies. The quality of the windows and interior installation work was
excellent. But we were very unhappy with
their exterior finish work on our stucco. They used tubes & tubes of
caulking and strips of plain vinyl to hide the gaps where their windows met my
existing stucco. (see the photos) They admitted they 'were window people, NOT
stucco people' and I needed a stucco company if I wanted to make the exterior
of my home exterior to look like it did BEFORE they tore out my old metal

So I did a LOT of research & study and in December 2013 we
interviewed 3 different Abq stucco repair companies. We were impressed by
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
quick response
to our calls, his fair and reasonable written estimate, and his knowledge and
experience in doing the repairs we needed and his attention to detail that I wanted.
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
experience to 'redoing' this type of repair work that a lot of people apparently want after they discover too late that their replacement window folks 'aren't stucco people'.

Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
is a Licensed, second-generation / family-owned business
that listened to my complaints about my new window installation and explained
what needed to be done to make it look like the original home
construction. Wallys first removed all
of the tubes & tubes of caulking and strips of plain vinyl the window
installers had used. Then Wallys had to remove several inches of my old stucco
that had been contaminated by the silicone putty & caulk. Then Wallys used
lath/wire where needed / applied the 'gray' coat and after the necessary cure
time, applied the color coat of stucco.
Wallys matched the color as close to my 15-year old existing stucco as humanly possible and then textured and blended the new color coat perfectly into my old stucco. We LOVE what he did to make our home look new again!

After talking with
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
I learned that he also INSTALLS replacement vinyl windows. We still have 5 old style metal windows we need to replace and
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
has given us a detailed written estimate. We will be hiring Wallys this Spring to remove these 5 old
windows and replace them with new vinyl windows. That way we'll get replacement windows AND a quality stucco job on the exterior of our home - all with one great company.

Wallys also does remodeling, interior and exterior painting, sheet rock repairs, fencing, and other home repair services. Our 15-year old home needs some other general repairs and Wallys will be the guy we will call when we're ready.

- Steve S.

Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
promptly came to my home after I called him. He walked through the house with me while we discussed what needed to be done and the best way to handle the issues as well as some ways to keep costs down. He provided a very reasonable written estimate within 24 hours. We scheduled the job, which he estimated would take 5 days. I was having quite a bit of other work done so the timing was very important to me. He arrived as scheduled. Once the window coverings were down, we found a number of areas that needed repair that were not in the original estimate, but
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
did not charge extra as a result of the added work. The repair and painting was done well. On one wall that was damaged I have a special mural where the damage came very close to the mural.
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his associate did a wonderful job of repairing the plaster and texture around the painting and touching up and blending the paint around the mural. I am especially pleased with this aspect of their work. The job was completed ahead of schedule in just four days, and this is a large home. Once my flooring was installed,
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
returned to paint the baseboards in that area and touch up paint that had been affected by the floor installation. There was no extra charge for this either.
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his associate were very pleasant, did the work quickly and cleaned as they went along. Everything was left looking fresh and clean. Although Illusions performs much more complex wall treatments than I needed they did a fabulous job on my home. I highly recommend them.

- Roxanne H.

My initial call was handled promptly and courteously.
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
came out the next day to give me an estimate. His price was fair, and he agreed to do the work on Sunday, so I didn't have to take time off work. He was delayed from our agreed start time, but notified me that he was running late, and then arrived when he said he would. He did an amazing repair job, and it was quite involved because the damage was all on the smooth, rounded edges. He cleaned up afterward, and the fireplace looks as good as new. I would use him again anytime without hesitation. Great work, and pleasant and friendly as well. After seeing how much work it was to fix, I am certain that his charges were more than fair.
- Janet A.

We contacted
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
a couple months before we wanted the work and and he came over with some samples and discussed our requirements and the colors available. We got a quote a couple days later.
Once we were ready to go, it took a while to get onto his schedule because he was busy with other projects. We changed one aspect of the project and
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
was willing to consider our ideas and make suggestions. The finished fireplace looks amazing, it's even better than we expected it to be. A lot of the pictures on the website for the product he uses are for a somewhat rustic style, whereas we were going for a more modern look and he achieved it perfectly! We definitely made the right choice in going with Illusions for our project.

- Martin K.

Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
saved the day, and our schedule, on our kitchen remodel. We had another
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
firm doing interior work in our home remodel over the summer, and they were supposed to come back when it was time to do the kitchen. After weeks of trying to get them back, I called
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
and they responded right away.
They fit us into their schedule, after learning that we were going to have to delay another portion of the remodel, and the plasterer did the job in a day. They were a pleasure to work with, their work was excellent, and I will go to them for all future plastering/
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
/stucco needs.
- Bev O.

Workers arrived withOUT the proper tools, direction and materials on a regular basis. My restoration was often put on a back burner for days, with workers being sent to other job sites.The security of my home was compromised when the house keys that were given to the general contractor with explicit instructions that only he and the subcontractor would have them. When I left for 5 days as they needed us out of the house for work I asked who was going to lock up. One of the workers said he had the keys, but didn't know how to work the lock. When I returned after 5 days, there was a lock box with my keys in it. I questioned 2 workers who both had the correct combination. So much for security. I removed they keys and found the need to remain on-sire for the remainder of the re-do, as they were constantly doing things wrong.
The hole in the roof was not repaired properly and could be seen as such from the bottom when it was pointed out by myself. There was supposed to be an under layment of roofing material, but after examining the hole from below before they "fixed it from below" it did not appear to have an under laying material, nor was it repaired from the top, just torch down roofing.
Walls that were supposed to be plaster were started with sheet rock. I discovered this after returning from my 5 day exile. When told this was wrong, he said plaster was not code and materials weren't available. I confronted him on this, cited code and where the materials were available. He then started the job with out sheet rock. Poor job of plastering throughout with the wrong plaster being used in several areas, not matching the existing plaster.
Flooring - Un-finished hardwood floors. They started the installation without any vapor
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
. so the first 5 boards by the length of the living does not have a vapor
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
. When I contacted both the contractor and the subcontractor, the contractor said to have it removed and start over. The subcontractor said it would damage the flooring and that he would use a vapor
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
after that. At first the contractor
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
insisted that the floors only needed to be lightly hand sanded with a sheet rock sanding block and that the special $100 per
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
.coating only called for 1 coat of finish and that he wasn't going to fill cracks and imperfections. He said this was how Lumber Liquadaters recommended the finish. When I called them (LL) they said that was "crazy" and that all unfinished floors needed at least 2 coats after filling the cracks/imperfections, and they should be sanded with standup rotary
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
before sealing with light sanding between coats of finish.
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
said he called them again and they said to use a hand palm sander. I called them again and they still said to use a rotary sander with maybe a palm sander for the edges and to cleanup bubbles and other sealer imperfections after the first coat. I found the $100 per
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
. finish readily available at retail stores for less than $50 with the manufacturer recommending a minimum of 2 coats of sealer. More
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
. The floors did not received adequate sanding filling of cracks or 2 coats of finish. Less than 2
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
of finish were used that would normally cover 800 ft sq. with one coat. I had over 900 ft. sq.. that
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
at least 2 coats. They should have used close to 5
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
. I contacted several installers of flooring who said it was done wrong. Another lie by the contractor.
The replacement awning was terrible. Again I had to point out that they used the wrong materials, that it needed some sort of flashing, seam caulking and something about the bad joints and no siding or front
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
They did not finish the house, but said they were done, even after I pointed out in several emails areas what needed to be remedied. There was not an inspection of all of the final work by the contractor or subcontractor, to go over the work or address my concerns. There was minimal cleanup. They did not have any respect for my house. A granite cutting board was stood on and broken. A Propane bar-B-Que was damaged as the awning was torn down and not replaced for about a month.The toilet was broken. The dumpster that I was told was for my use, was used by the general contractor, Kegan
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
for waste from his other jobs, not allowing me full use of what I paid for. They didn't bother to cleaup after tearing down the awning or replacing it, as I was forced to pick up metal shards, stucco, nails and screws. When they redid the awning, they cut the propanel on my lawn, welding with a wire feed in the same area. I was told it would be over sheet rock so it wouldn't leave a mess. Again I had to cleanup, so the area could be used by my family without injury. The stucco repair was almost non-existent after the old awning tear out.
They is nothing about the remodel that I was happy about. From the roof, to breaking the toilet, to the improper floor and molding installation, bad plastering, caulking, painting and cleanup. Even the transition strip for the wood floor one of the last things done in the "final 4 hrs do it all goodby, we're done" is coming off and doesn't cover the area needed.
There is no way that I would recommend
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
of Albuquerque, NM for anything, as well as the general contractor Kegan
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
of STOP restoration services. Their work was done poorly, on the cheap and not finished. They offered almost no daily supervision, did not have a foreman to provide some continuity of communication and work, back burnered my projects so other jobs could be secured and provided me with a level of stress that no one should have to go through. If I hadn't insisted on being present, it would have been worse.
- Stephen W.

The work was done with a high level of professionalism and skill. The crew was pleasant, punctual and courteous. They removed all debris from the job site.
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
explained every step of the project to me to my satisfaction, and I was comfortable requesting modifications as the work proceeded. All in all, it was a very positive experience.
- Nina S.

Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
was scheduled to arrive at my home at 9:30 on Friday, August 30, 2013 to provide an estimate. I had interior damage on 3 walls and the ceiling due to a roof leak. I wanted the entire interior painted as well as baseboards and trim. At about 10:00 Mr.
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
called me to say there had been a mistake at his office, that he was out of town and could not come to do the estimate. He said that he would send an employee instead who would be at my home within 30 minutes and would be “able to communicate” with me very well. I was fine with this and understand that mistakes sometimes happen. The employee arrived and had a difficult time understanding the complete scope of what I wanted done. Once that was clear we walked through the house and he snapped pictures on the go with his cell phone. He commented that it would take a lot of masking to paint the trim and base boards. He also stated that it was a big house and I have him the square footage. He spent about 5 – 7 minutes in my home.
The two estimates I had received earlier that week were also from service providers I located on Angie’s List. All three had good ratings and reviews plus the required licensing, insurance, etc. I had done my homework. The other two, who were both the owners of their companies, spend at least a half hour each in my home discussing what needed to be done, their recommendations and ways to cut costs, since it would be painted the same color, only one coat would be required, all ceilings did not need to be painted, etc. The bids were within $200 of each other and both very reasonable.
The estimate I received from Mr.
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
was $8,000 more that the highest of the other two bids. I sent him the following email:
Thank you for sending the estimate. I had already had two estimates given and they were within a couple of hundred of dollars from each other. Your estimate was $8,000 higher than the highest bid I received. I believe it is because the estimate was not done properly. Your representative spent about 5 minutes in my home, where the other two spent closer to a half hour and thoroughly discussed with me what I wanted and what they recommended. I have decided to go with another company, but wanted to give you this feedback. Thanks,
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked

Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
sent the following reply:
Thank you you
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
I do appreciate your feedback....and yes I do
appreciated it very much $8,000 higher it is a lot. I do produce quality...high
quality. And there is no way that anyone would make a profit on your project
with that quote. It is impossible. If you need anything from my company in
the future please let me know.
?? do they have worker com?
?? do they GL Ins?
?? do they sub?
??do they they pay payroll taxes?

Do you have those certificates of insurance from them.?..if
you do, I would like their info for me to hire them...
and I would appreciate very much.
Best regards,
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked

I felt this response was very unprofessional and offensive. I cannot recommend this company.

- Roxanne H.

Overall, I had a pretty good experience with
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
and would go with them again.
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
, the owner, came out and gave an estimate and did a nice job breaking down the costs so I could pick what I could afford. He was the best company we got estimates from in giving us concrete, written prices. His estimate also came on par with the others.
As far as the work was concerned, they did a nice job patching the areas where we removed the wall an matching existing texture where they patched on the ceiling. However, the skim coat project took a couple days longer than originally anticipated. It seems like the company had a lot of jobs going on at that time, so they rushed the workers away from our site to other projects even though detail work clearly hadn't been taken care of. Nonetheless,
Albuquerque Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
wouldn't have us pay until we were satisfied, so he sent out his workers after we inspected to fix our areas of concern. When he came out for the final inspection and payment, we noticed a couple more areas around switch plates that needed to be touched up, so he told us to withhold some of the money until he could get his guys out and finish the touch up work.
- Todd R.
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PO BOX 44053
Rio Rancho, NM
Concrete placement & finishing company for over 30 years. rear yard patios to commercial...


Corrales, NM
Sunbelt is a residential and commercial design/build landscape contractor. we have been is...


Albuquerque, NM
Free estimates, gb-98 general contractor, subcontractors are used for certain trades.

Super Mario Drywall LLC

1916 San Martin Pl NW
Albuquerque, NM

Superior Interiors by Duke City

3817 Shenandoah Pl. NE
Albuquerque, NM

Tesuque Stucco Company, LLC

Corrales, NM
Husband and wife martin and shannon biddle own and operate tesuque stucco company, llc which...

The Honey Do Man

PO Box 44517
Rio Rancho, NM
Locally owned, in business since 1991. well trusted in the community.

The Stucco Guy

Albuquerque, NM
I'm an honest intelligent reasonably priced professional,who does a good job at whatever i...

There's No Place Like Home LLC

4801 Lang Ave. NE
Albuquerque, NM
We are pleased to offer the following award winning services to the finest homes in...

Thoroughbred Builders, LLC

709 Nikanda NE
Albuquerque, NM
Thoroughbred builders, llc is a residential and commercial construction company that has been...


Albuquerque, NM

Top Notch Construction & Roofing

637 Jefferson St NE
Albuquerque, NM
Unable to verify information from goo/pho/sup/bbb. "reputation check completed. no escalation...

Total Home Roofing and Construction

4 Central Florida Locations
Orlando, Space Coast, Volusia And Indian River, FL
Total home contractors roofing division has been serving central florida homeowners since...

TruLine Painting, Inc.

5360 Jackson Dr
La Mesa, CA
Truline painting provides its painting services in the most timely manner and with an on-going...

Trussell's Transformations LLC

9912 Bell Ave SE
Albuquerque, NM
Trussell's transformations has over 30 years of experience in remodeling kitchen and...

Vivid Contracting, LLC

10613 Easy St. NW
Albuquerque, NM
Vivid contracting provides a full range of residential construction and general contracting...

Wall Systems

217 Kinley
Albuquerque, NM
We apply quality stucco systems for residential homes or commercial buildings. we have...


10159 Elmhurst Dr NW
Albuquerque, NM
Serving albuquerque and surrounding areas since 2004

Whelchel & Gleason Landscape and Construction LLC

501 Albor Circle NE
Rio Rancho, NM
We are a full service landscaping co. all work is done " in house " meaning we don't sub...

White Tiger Construction

1217 86 th st sw
Albuquerque, NM

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