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Richard M.
"Two servicemen from
arrived about 9 AM and completed their work by about 6 PM that evening. They removed the existing furnace which was probably about forty" years old and sealed the old chimney connection for the old vent pipe. They installed the new equipment on the existing concrete pad of the old furnace and made all the connections to the existing duct work. A new vent pipe had to be installed, which they ran under the basement ceiling to an outside wall. I was particularly impressed by the care they took in installing this vent pipe, since they needed to access the outside basement wall directly behind and over our rec-room piano. They were able to install the pipe without the slightest disturbance to the piano, lighting, photographs or other objects in the work area. Overall, the job would probably have been finished sooner; however, there was a glitch in connecting the new thermostat - it did not appear to be communicating correctly with the new furnace. After a process of trial and elimination, they were able to determine that there was a problem with the old thermostat wiring, which they isolated in the basement ceiling and were able to install new wiring to correct the problem. Other than a standard lunch break, the men were dedicated in their work. They also contacted the City Code Enforcement, who came to inspect the installation, which he approved. I had selected
for this job based on other reviews I had found on Angie's List. By coincidence, only a few days after researching the company online, I came across a kiosk of theirs at the local mall, talked with the company representative and made arrangements for someone to contact me, which they did just a few days later. We made arrangements for a representative to come to the house to review the situation and offer solutions and an estimate. The representative arrived on time, was friendly and helpful and walked me through the company's products and services. We agreed upon what system(s) would be included in our contract and within a few days, the service team was on the scene to install the new system. The price for the new system seemed more than fair, based on my own research. The company offers various financing options and we opted for a 15 month, zero percent interest, financing. We provided a partial payment on the day the service was performed. In sum, the company and its representatives were responsive, very professional and technically proficient. My wife and I are very pleased with the new system.
Rated by
Martin L.
and Big
came to my home,
who I also know from doing and estimate for and air conditioner that I eventually" had them install and that worked out Great ice cold air all summer no problems at all . Didn't disappointment me this time either they were very professional explained to me everything I needed to know and was very reasonably priced.
Rated by
Patricia W.
"The young man who did the work was extremely polite and professional. He worked hard for four hours. He did not create a mess, did not move things without putting them back exactly" as they had been, and was very quiet -- I had no problem working in the house during the entire time. Overall an exceptionally good experience.

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"While it’s entirely possible that you do have mold in your air ducts, such claims are also a common scare tactic used by some less-than-scrupulous air duct cleaning companies," Angie Hicks says.
Mold Testing & Remediation, Air Duct Cleaning

Do you have mold in your air ducts? Learn how to identify mold and remediate it, along with what you should expect to pay. Angie Hicks provides the answers.

Angie's Answers

Yes Jupiter. It depends on the severity of the situation, is the mold encapsulated in the insulation. If yes, than replace [insulation] it with new. Is it on the casing of the heater? If yes, clean it with a mold neutralizing metal cleaner. It's not a matter of finding something or someone to clean or address the existing mold. It's a matter of finding a contractor to rectify what is causing the mold grow. It's coming from excessive moisture in the air-handler unit. I can say with 100% surety you’re dealing with poor airflow and/or incorrect equipment sizing! Either issue will cause excessive icing of the evaporator coil, which leads to excessive condensate water in the system. The condensate will eventually overflow the drain pan leaving stagnant water in the air-handler housing, which leads to mold growth. I would not let any contractor do any kind of temporary repair, add any device like a UV light or air-cleaning product until the aforementioned is corrected. I talk a lot about this in my videos and on my website. It is the result of improper system design from unqualified contractors. There is a reason why some guys cost more than others, and this is one reason why!

If the ducts are venting through a window I'm assuming the duct work is all easily accessible.  Lowe's and Home Depot sell a cleaning kit that uses an electric drill to spin the brush as it goes through the ductwork.  I've found it to work quite well and you can do it yourself.  It may take a few passes the first time to get everything out if it has been a while since it was last cleaned.  Just make sure you get all of the loose lint out after running the brush through from both ends and you're good to go.  Please note that if the line is not hard but rather a flex duct line you can easily puncture a whole in it with this kit and will do better to clean it by hand.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services
There are varying opinions on the type of cleaning to have done on your air ducts.  My opinion is that it varies based on the type of duct work you have.  If you have solid material (typically metal) ducting you can have use a company that uses a brush to scrape the system clean.  If you have flexible plastic or foil ducts the solvent cleaners are generally a safer bet since the brushes often tear holes in the soft material and/or pull joints loose.  It really depends on what type on ducting you have.  You're ducts will collect all kinds of dirt, skin cells and allergens over time so if you see dicoloration around your vents it is probably time to get them checked and cleaned.

Also, don't stop at the duct work.  Don't forget your annual system check up by a licensed HVAC technician.  They'll make sure your system is running at peak performance, keeping it running efficiently and with as little impact as possible on your electric bill.  You can often save the cost of the annual tune up in the electricity cost saved.  If you have a natural gas system a bi-annual check and cleaning of the HVAC unit may be advisable to save electricity and gas.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services

if you have exhausted all of your choices I would call and put a complain in with the BBB then go to the DA and put a complain with them.  Then get a good lawyer and sue them for all you can get.

raymond gonzalez
koolray heating and air 
the answers in this on this page are all correct but you are using a bandaide to to cure the infection have a trust hvac tech open your system to see where the dust is coming from you more than likely have an impacted coil that need to acid wash to bring it back to oringinal anything left from the fire is still inbeded in that coil. just remember after that job to keep your filters clean change once a month in the summer and every two months in the winter.

Raymond Gfonzalez
koolray heating and air
clarksville tn

Air Duct Cleaning reviews in Somerset


The job went very well. The team of 2 were very professional and explained everything that they were going to do before starting the work. They estimated the complete effort would take 3 to 4 hours and that was what the job took. Upon completion of the work, they re-ran tests with me so I could see that everything was performing as expected. They answered all my questions and were extremely patient and thorough. The devices that they provide e.g. the thermostat appear to be high-end and a bit pricey. But I am comparing their devices to the ones provided by my builder when the home was built in 2006 which may have been on the low-end of the scale. For example, the electronic media filters used by my developer are no longer being made. This was my second time using
Somerset Air Duct Cleaners Provider Name Locked
. Previously in June 2013, they replaced all of my original smoke and CO2 detectors. That was a very successful work effort as well.
- Patricia S.

From the initial call to the completion of the work this job was flawless.
Somerset Air Duct Cleaners Provider Name Locked
came out for an estimate after evaluating our issues. He needed to order some parts so this was done and the work was scheduled and completed the next week.
Somerset Air Duct Cleaners Provider Name Locked
was professional and efficient. Highly recommend
Somerset Air Duct Cleaners Provider Name Locked
and will use again in the future. Thank you :0)
- Judy Y.

Did a great job. Were very responsive. This was a special Angie's list deal, and I do not remember the cost. I know that,because one of our HVAC's was located in an attic, we paid a little extra for the difficulty of getting the equipment up there to clean the ducts. Free dryer vent cleaning was also done. That evening we had trouble getting one of our HVAC's to go into air-conditioning mode. We called
Somerset Air Duct Cleaners Provider Name Locked
and he came back very early the next day and fixed a condensation tray that have gotten out of place on that HVAC during the cleaning and fixed the problem. He was very responsive even in the evening and very very timely and I was surprised that he knew what had gone wrong and could fix it so quickly.

- Kathy M.

The provider arrived on time and efficiently performed the service. He also provided tips on how to spot an issue in the future.
- Todd N.

The Service went well. Making the appointment was easy. Staff showed arrived on time and completed the service with minimal disruption. They cleaned up when the job was completed. There were no
Somerset Air Duct Cleaners Provider Name Locked
costs. Very happy with the service and would definitely use them again.

- michael L.

I'll break this into three sections:
The salesman. He came in, gave his spiel, showed me a bunch of credentials and awards I had no interest in. He looked about, and told me we'd have to install in the attic, since he felt he couldn't preserve the workspace in my basement if the unit was installed downstairs. I told him I had been approved for a TVA Energyright loan, and he informed me that the loan would cover two units ($15k instead of $10k for one) since they were having to install new ductwork. He quoted a price of $12,300 for the unit , ductwork, and three days labor, which I agreed to and signed the contract. On the way out the door, he turns to me and says, and I quote, "You'd better call TVA and make sure they cover that ductwork.", which I immediately did. TVA does not cover ductwork. Funny. No worries, the charlatan had a no interest loan he could offer to cover the additional $2300. He did not mention that it was actually a Wells
Somerset Air Duct Cleaners Provider Name Locked
credit card he was signing me up for. I wonder what his commission was?
The installers. They guys showed up on time, and went straight to work. They were friendly and professional. They immediately informed me that installing the whole unit in the basement was no problem, and went to work. They talked to me at every step, and made changes on the fly based on my preference. All in all, it was a very good experience. They were finished in two days (I was charged for three).
The inspection. The TVA inspector showed up a few weeks later, and found that they had wired the air handler incorrectly (wired for a four ton unit rather than the 2.5 that was installed). The inspector very kindly rewired the unit on his own time. made sure everything was ship shape, and went on his
Somerset Air Duct Cleaners Provider Name Locked
way after signing off on the job.
To sum up, it would have been a pleasant experience except for the salesman. If this is the way
Somerset Air Duct Cleaners Provider Name Locked
deals with the sales part of the business, I really don't see how they cultivated the reputation they enjoy. It was that reputation that caused me to disregard my misgivings and sign their contract. Caveat emptor...
- Joseph M.

They did do some work for me and they did a great job. This was the first time I have used them. They were very clean. They were on time and courteous. They also explained everything in great detail.
- Carol D.

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