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Linda P.
"He does varicose
work and all other kinds of vascular surgeries. I think he is really good and has a good bedside manner. His staff is also good and he is a" nice guy. He tries to help you and is accessible. I love his nurse,
; she is real caring. You don't feel like you are a number; you feel like you are a real person; they remembered me from a year ago. Availability is a little tough because he only works 2 or 3 days a week. The office also is a little busy and he is a fast talker but it is a great practice and I feel very comfortable with them.
Rated by
Debra H.
"At first meeting the doctor was very friendly and reassuring. He made it seems as though the laser treatments would be painless and used terminology such as "minimally invasive,"" and emphasized that there would be "no down time." He also told me that the visible veins I was concerned about would be treated and that "I wouldn't even be able to see them." At the end of the first meeting I was given compression stocking, costing $65, which ended up being the wrong size. Later on I found out from a medical supply service that my legs should have been measured so that the correct compression stocking would be prescribed. This provider never measured me and the stocking were too long causing a tourniquet effect at the knees and ankles. The medical supply service said the proper procedure would have been to measure the circumference of the ankles, calves, and area just under the knee, as well as the length from heel to knee, and that this should have been done in the morning before any potential swelling. At the second appointment I complained about the stocking and showed the doctor the tourniquet bands around my ankles and behind the knees and said that I felt the stockings were the wrong size. The doctor then said that I was probably not wearing them correctly. I guess I doubted myself and went home continuing to wear them. At the second appointment the doctor performed the EVLT laser treatment on the back of one leg. It was quit painful. I left having to wear yet another chap-style compression stocking, which I also told to buy from this office for an additional $75, and which was hot and uncomfortable. The back of the leg was very bruised and I felt a stitching pain when walking, which made it anything but possible to resume normal activities right after the procedure, as I had been told. The third appointment was even worst. This time the doc and the ulta-sound tech threaded a fiber-optic cable up the inside of my leg from knee to groin. There were 4 incision points. This was incredibly painful to the point of tears. I left bruised and bleeding. The next day the reddness, and swelling were so bad that I called the office and asked if I could send a photo because I was not certain if this was normal. The doctor did return my call but was unconcerned. I sent the photo anyway but it was bounced back. I spent a painful and worrisome weekend on my own and without any support. 4th visit: same painful experience on the other leg. This time the doctor talked shop and joked around with the ultra-sound tech. As he came into the room he said laughing," Looks like I got another one for you....the guy next door has a huge embolism." Last treatment: they did some painful sclero-therapy, injected sites where I couldn't see any veins, and left the ones I can still see. I was told that in three months veins without "feeders" would clear up on their own, but that I should come back, and for an additional $200 per leg, the doctor could treat all visible ones. I reminded him that he'd originally assured me that he would treat a visible
below one knee. The nurse told him there was a little sclerosing solution left in the
anyway and he capitulated and treated it in what seemed like a cursory way as it is still mostly visible. So, after it is all said and done, I'm not sure how I can tell if the "underlying problem" has been adequately treated or not though I think there is a little less pain at the back of one leg. I still have all the same visible superficial veins but now with persistent bruising, this was not a painless procedure by any stretch, I feel this doctor was negligent in not measuring my legs before prescribing compression stocking and when he realized the mistake I think he should have offered to correct it, this doctor was unsupportive and unhelpful when I called with my concerns, and I felt that his talking shop while performing a painful procedure on me was callous and unprofessional.
Rated by
Donald C.
arrived on time for the surgery. He performed the surgery. After the surgery he informed me that because of the size if the incisional hernia, he had to" end the surgery after he finished the incisional hernia. Also because of the size of the hernia there was much pain. He worked very hard to insure I was comfortable after the surgery. I was discharged from the hospital on the 4th day. The hernia is healing very well at this time.

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Vascular surgery

Vascular surgery is a treatment for diseases of the arterial, venous and lymphatic systems, excluding the intracranial and coronary arteries. Most patients undergo it after receiving a physician’s referral.

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Vascular Surgery

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Vascular Surgery

Sclerotherapy or laser therapy can both be used to treat spider veins, which are small, visibly dilated blood vessels near the skin’s surface.Highly rated health experts provide the pros and cons of each.

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Vascular Surgery reviews in Secaucus


I think she chose them because she was comfortable with the initial consultations. They used state of the art technology to do the surgery. They educated while they processed, which was good. Everything was professional. But there was one negative thing that they did which was to miss a
Secaucus Vascular Surgeons Provider Name Locked
. But it cleared up on its own.
- Donny E.

Secaucus Vascular Surgeons Provider Name Locked
is great.! Considering that this aorta was quite large and we were worried as soon as we learned about it, Dr
Secaucus Vascular Surgeons Provider Name Locked
put us right at ease. He explained the coices of treatment and what each would entail and what side effects would happen. My husband choice the stents with minimal incision and less recover time but with longer follow ups. My husband was in the hospital two days and was back to normal in two weeks. The followups were informative and Dr
Secaucus Vascular Surgeons Provider Name Locked
took plenty of time to tell us results and what would be the followups. With this choice, my husband has to go yearly to see if there are any problems but Dr
Secaucus Vascular Surgeons Provider Name Locked
doesn't anticipate any.

My daughter, her friend and I were about to leave after a week of vacation in Altanta and return home to
Secaucus Vascular Surgeons Provider Name Locked
, MS. My 16y/o daughter developed abdominal pain so we went to the
Secaucus Vascular Surgeons Provider Name Locked
Medical Center in Duluth, GA where we saw Dr.
Secaucus Vascular Surgeons Provider Name Locked
in the ER. We ended up in the
Secaucus Vascular Surgeons Provider Name Locked
Medical Center in Lawrenceville, GA where she had an emergency appendectomy performed by Dr.
Secaucus Vascular Surgeons Provider Name Locked
. I was an LPN in ICU for 13 years and have had 54 years of routine medical care from a variety of providers. I have NEVER encountered such consistent friendliness, professionalism, and competency as I did using the
Secaucus Vascular Surgeons Provider Name Locked
Hospital System. We were treated quickly and extremely well by EVERYONE we encountered, security, nurses, housekeepers, doctors, EVERYONE! All of our questions were answered and all of our needs were met, with a smile! One nurse wore a button that read "It is all about you" and I truly felt that it was. After the surgery we were given Dr.
Secaucus Vascular Surgeons Provider Name Locked
's phone number and encouraged, by him, to call
Secaucus Vascular Surgeons Provider Name Locked
personally if we had any problems or questions. He also told us he would call us the next day to check on my daughter and he did! I have NEVER experienced that before! My only regret is that we don't live in the area and can continue to use this system for all our medical needs!.
- Lisa K.

I asked to speak with a member of the staff about insurance coverage to make sure I understood my costs for this initial consultation. All my questions were answered satisfactorily. I was also given a clear understanding of covered and not-covered procedures and associated costs and number of treatments and dates for treatments. I was also given the information in writing. My co-pay had been collected upon arrival and I easily left the office. The parking was free which was also good.
- Kathy Z.

Secaucus Vascular Surgeons Provider Name Locked
was recommended by my cardiologist, for a problem in one of my carotid arteries. It took some time to get the intitial appointment. Dr.
Secaucus Vascular Surgeons Provider Name Locked
performed the surgery in January, 2008. The scar healed quickly and is barely visible. I have had periodic ultrasound scans since then, at his office, to monitor the condition of those arteries. I also needed treatment for swollen legs, which was caused by poorly functioning valves in the leg veins. He cured that condition as well, without surgery. Punctuality for late-day appointments can be a problem.
- J Stephen B.

They are wonderful. They do everything there and they are a whole team. The doctor is fabulous. My mother was almost killed when I took her to another hospital. He is wonderful. A person would live if they go through their services. They saved many people's lives that I care for, so I would definitely recommend them. They get us in immediately. They treat the people like human beings. They have to just sign the paper, and they would be in.
- Don S.

It is thanks to Dr
Secaucus Vascular Surgeons Provider Name Locked
that my husband is well and happy today. When others would have given up and were out of ideas, he did everything he could. He even got in touch with other physicians in his field, in case there were other ideas out there.He found a way to stop the bleeding near the spleen and saved the organ, despite others again suggesting on taking it out.
Secaucus Vascular Surgeons Provider Name Locked
has a fabulous can-do attitude and doesn't object to discussingand/or being questioned about treatment. He uses knowledge, experience, and imagination to provide cutting-
Secaucus Vascular Surgeons Provider Name Locked
, personalized attention to each person's needs as a patient and as a person.He is a wonderful physician you will want on your side, pulling for you.You can never have too many angels on your side.
- Marlis S.

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Summit Medical Group - Berkeley Heights Campus

1 Diamond Hill Rd
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Taylor, Dr. Jeff T.

200 Courtyard Dr

Zairis, Dr. Ignatios S.

741 Teaneck Rd
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