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My house was flooded.
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
and his crew came quickly to assess the damage and remove wet carpet, pads, drywall, insulation, and cabinets. They used antimicrobial spray to assure no mold or other organisms would grow and installed five or six large dehumidifiers and many fans to assure everything was completely dry. The drying process took about four days. Every person on the crew worked efficiently and were pleasant. Having
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
take care of things, made a difficult situation much easier.
- Sharon C.

In the spring we agreed to have the work done in
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
, which was still several months away. When we hadn't received any updates up thru May and June we called the team to ask how their planning was coming along. It turned out they had done nothing and at that late time, they were unable to find a subcontractor to shore up the flooring. So we canceled the work but said we were still interested to have the work done sometime in the fall.
Again we heard nothing through August so we called to inquire how they were coming along with the planning. We learned the project lead had left the company. The foreman said they thought we didn't want to use them any more. We said we'd like to give them another
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
since they were recommended to us. Another month passed and again we didn't hear from them so we called the office manager in
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
. He had the foreman give us a call. The foreman said it would take about 6 weeks to find a good subcontractor to do the work under the floor. He promised to call us with weekly updates on his
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
for a subcontractor.
We haven't heard from him since and it has been over 2 weeks now. So I called today to inform the office manager that (1) we no longer want their services, (2) that I would write up an Angie's List review, and (3) we want our hardcopy engineer plans returned to us.
- Kirsten N.

Overall, things went very smoothly. The guys from
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
were generally timely and good to work with. They even went above and beyond the original quote and added two more fans to the project, because of how the walls laid out in my basement. I would definitely use them again, if I had to.
- Darren G.

Company was professional and quick to reply to my initial inquiry regarding the basement clean up. The tearing up of carpet and baseboards along with disinfecting was done in a quick and timely manner. Because of this, I decided to hire them for the remodel of the basement as well. It has been 4.5 weeks and the remodel still hasn't happened. They often don't return my calls and when I do get a hold of them they tell me they have been busy and haven't had a
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
to talk to the insurance company (to figure out reimbursement). I realize it is a busy season with all of the rain we've had, but I don't feel like I am being prioritized and believe I will go ahead with a different company for the remodel. I'm not sure why it's taken 4.5 weeks. The company keeps apologizing, but mean while, my tenants are living with a torn up basement. It is not right and I don't feel I am being respected.
- Kirsten P.

The experience was a disaster from start to finish. The reason we hired them was because our insurance company listed them as a provider that could do the repairs.
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
was very quick about coming out to our home to assess the damage. However, every step after this required multiple phone calls to
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
. It took three days to get a quote (this was a problem because we were trying to coordinate with our insurance company) and once we had the quote and had coordinated with insurance it took over a week and probably half a dozen phone calls to get them to schedule actually performing the work. The contract we signed covered four rooms and was for the expense of $4,700, most of which was not covered by our insurance because our policy didn't cover mold. Two weeks after the initial assessment they finally showed up to begin work. They brought several industrial sized machines, sealed off our rooms, and told us they would return the next day to complete the job. Also, on this day, we were told that instead of four rooms, we would only need to remove the ceiling in two. We were thrilled at the prospect of potentially not having to pay so much money. The next day (a Thursday), no one arrived to complete the job. On Friday, after three phone calls, we were assured that although they "might" not be able to make it that day, they would come on Saturday to complete the job. Obviously, no one arrived on Saturday. On Sunday we were told that they would be arriving at 9am on Monday. At 11am on Monday (again, several phone calls later) we were told they would come that afternoon. They did arrive and complete the job. After talking to the "manager" about the work that had not been performed, he said he would come back the following day to pick up the last of their equipment and bring a new invoice. When the "manager" arrived the next day, he informed me that although they had only had to perform work on half the rooms, they had to charge us more than contracted for the work that was completed, so the total was still the same. We were charged $700 for them to vacuum our hallway. As far as we can tell, the work was of adequate quality. Every interaction with this company was horrible and we feel as though they extorted money from us. Beware.
- Matthew R.

Overall the whole process was terrible.
They came in and pumped the water out with their generators cause we didn't have electricity that is why we flooded. They used our sump pump to help remove the water faster. Then they put fans down to dry it out. Two days later when I had a plumber come and install a battery backup on our sump pump he couldn't do it do to the sump pump wasn't working. I was baffled because it worked when they used it to pump out the water. We realized they didn't plug it back into the wall correctly.
To explain this there is a plug that plugs into another plug.... it is called a switch but it is just a three prong plug that triggers the pump to turn off and on when the float valve gets high enough that the sump pump needs to turn on.
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
when they were using it to pump my basement out plugged plugged it back into the outlet and not into the plug or switch. If you plug it into the main outlet to will run continuously and no stop. Hence why they call it a switch.
So I called
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
and they told me they would cut me a check and to not worry about it. I called back after the weekend and the owner (guy) told me he knew nothing about this. I said his manager told me they would cut me a check for the cost of the sump pump. He said he would have to talk to him first and get back to me. I told him he could also call the Plumber and get the price of the sump pump he installed if he needed to. He called me back and said he would no pay until the insurance paid him and that the plumber suggested I was fiddling with the sump pump and was leary of who broke it. My plumber said nothing of the sorts. He was very very rude and wouldn't pay. I told my insurance company. Finally a month later he calls and tells me he hasn't been paid yet and I asked about my check. He finally paid me and the insurance paid him.
Regardless of anything this guy should of apologized and wrote me a check for the sump pump PERIOD! My entire basement just flooded and he is arguing with me over 225.00. He was rude and accused me of tampering with the sump pump. My sump pump worked when the electricity was out.... it worked when the electricity came on and it worked when HIS guys were using it. Then it was burned out and plugged in wrong. I didn't notice because the fans were running and I didn't hear it and thus it burned out probably in a day. I would not recommend this particular company to anyone ever. He is not professional and definitely not customer service friendly. I have two 7 month old twins and my house smelled like mold and they are sick preemie babies I didn't need to deal with his s***. I hope
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
comes back and curses this guy for the next 10 years with bad luck for the anxiety and stress of this whole process.
- Jolene B.

We contacted them and they contacted us the next day. We were told we were on the waiting list and there were 200 in line ahead of us. This was when we had heavy rain here in Detroit. We called back a week later and set up an appointment because they never called us back to make an appointment. We set up the appointment and no one showed up. We never got a call back from them to reschedule or let us know they couldn't do the estimate at the appointment time.
- William C.

Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
came over right away and assessed the cabinets and the walls around my bay window. He told me that the cabinets had to be removed ). He contacted another contractor who came out the SAME day to remove the cabinets.
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
came back with fans and sprayed the area to make sure there was no mold (or future mold).
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
left the fans for 3 days; came back on a Sunday to check again and decided the area was still too wet. He left the fans for another two days (free of charge) and came back again on Tuesday to check the area and take the fans back.
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
was extremely professional and HELPFUL!! I would never have been able to take care of this as quickly as we did without
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
's help. He is very knowledge and has many contacts through Homecare Professional Contractors group where he is a member. I already have a cabinet maker coming this week to help me rebuild the cabinets.
You can't go wrong by calling
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
! I highly recommend him!
- Joyce D.

This was a difficult review to write, because finding water damage and mold in your home is an awful thing to go through. I knew what I was in for when I called
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
because I've had to do it before. I knew that he was going to have to tear all the drywall out, scrub the 2 x 4's, wall off parts of my home in plastic zipper rooms, and leave loud dryers and dehumidifiers to run 24 hours a day. Plus, we were supposed to go away that weekend for a labor day camping trip. All plans were suddenly off. I DID NOT want to do this! But, if you want to maintain the value of a home you love, you have to bite the bullet.
Once we decided to move forward with the remediation,
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
brought his team in that very night. They worked until about 1 AM. When they were done, plastic walls from ceiling to floor sealed off the area. Inside the plastic rooms, machines blew hot air and hoses from de-humidifiers drained into my sink. Throughout the weekend,
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
came by to take readings and keep track of the drying out process. Once he determined that the area was completely dry, he had an outside laboratory come and test the air to be sure all the mold was gone. Thankfully, the air was clear and we were ready to start rebuilding.
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
is one of the hardest working people I've met, and probably a bit of a perfectionist as well. He is an expert in his field and I trust him to do a job and give it his absolute best. He kept me informed every step of the way and showed me the work as he went. By the time he was done, the area was scrubbed absolutely clean. His expertise is obvious.
The demolition that he did on my water damaged walls was extreme, though I've been through worse, and family members have told me that it isn't necessary and that these companies use scare tactics. Everyone has to decide for himself what to do. We chose to get rid of the mold and have it done right to preserve the value of our home.
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
did an excellent job.
One other thing I liked about
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
is that
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
uses unmarked vans. Nothing worse than having plumbing trucks and water restoration vans parked in front of your house for days.
I did not use
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
for the rebuild because I have another company I had worked with before that I trusted.
I hope that I never have to do this again, but if I do, I'll call
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
. A couple of things that I would do different next time: There were a few pieces of cabinet molding and shelves that I think could have been preserved and would have helped in the rebuild. Maybe not, but I wish I had involved myself in the decision and looked at what he removed. Also, I wouldn't call on a Friday night when I have weekend plans and the water leak is already stopped. We changed our plans to stay home and keep an eye on the equipment because I was afraid a breaker might blow out and time wasted if the machines weren't running. Next time, I'm calling on Monday.
It was difficult to give
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
an A on pricing because this kind of work is just plain expensive and I have no way of knowing if I'm getting good value. We were paying out of pocket rather than using our homeowners insurance and
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
did what he could to keep costs down. Knowing that insurance companies add to costs by requiring extra phone calls and paperwork and also delay payment, a discount for private cash paying customers would have been appreciated.
Overall, the experience with
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
was positive. It's kind of like surgery. You don't want to do it, but if you have to, you want to know you are in good hands and you want the best.
Thank you,
Rockaway Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
, for all your hard work! Now go home and spend some time with your wife!
- Sandra D.

A drunk driver crashed into our house in the middle of the night. JBenson arrived within 2 hours of having called them for emergency board up service the next day. They sent a crew of 4 (plus an electrician that arrived later). After reviewing the damage, they said they could just board it up or fix the structure. They removed all broken pieces to the structure, reframed the corner, placed sheeting and tyvek and cleaned up the glass around the site. Their electrician (a sub) ran a dummy line through the broken outlet so that we could turn the electricity back on to that part of the house.
The cost listed above is an estimate based on the 5 hours of work. I have not yet seen the claim so I did not rate on cost.
All of the team was very professional and courteous. We are waiting for a final bid to see if they come back to finalize the work.
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Groundswell Contracting

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Gutters & More

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Home360 llc

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PO Box 4385
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2511 Hyacinth st.
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Hudson Valley DKI

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Monroe Township, NJ

Island Carpet Clean & Restoration of City Island I

183-185 City Island Ave #3
Bronx, NY

J&A Construction

445 Getty Ave.
Clifton, NJ

J&K Cleaning and Restoration

111 N Midland Ave
Saddle Brook, NJ


132 burnet st
Elizabeth, NJ

J. Salazar General Contractor LLC

438 Parkinson Terrace
Orange, NJ

Jain International

706 Solook Dr
Parlin, NJ

Janbar Inc - Construction Services

69 Engert Ave
Brooklyn, NY

JCL Contracting LLC.

8 Jennie Court
Cedar Grove, NJ

jersey plumbing service

PO Box 7371
Hillsborough, NJ


Parsippany, NJ

John Vitale General Contractor LLC

61 Long Rd
Basking Ridge, NJ

Joleb Contracting

5 Olympia LN
Monsey, NY

JSW Professional Services LLC

292 Berkshire Valley Road
Wharton, NJ


9 Holly St
Keansburg, NJ


Queens, NY


po box 293
Harrison, NY


Livingston, NJ

KPT Carpentry INC

15 Larry Rd
Wharton, NJ

Leos Contracting Corp.

3026 Laconia Ave
Bronx, NY

Lesco Plumbing Heating and Cooling

21 Central Ave
Caldwell, NJ

Level Line Construction

22-55 31st street
Astoria, ny

Liberty Estates Corporation

P. O. Box 120162
Staten Island, NY

Life Homes LLC

19 Windsor St
Kearny, NJ

Local Organic Rug Care

135 Charles St. Suite 2F
New York, NY

Lower East Side Couch Cleaners

136 E 3rd St
New York, NY

Lps Contracting corp

62 Hamden Ave
Staten Island, NY

M & M Construction Specialist, LLC

1210 Liberty Ave
Hillside, NJ

Mad Waterproofing

Hillsborough, NJ

Magic Cleaning Concepts, LLC

47 Terhune Avenue
Pequannock, NJ

Manda Emergency Services

152 Madison Avenue
New York, NY

Manis Construction Group

397 Ridge Road Suite 3
Dayton, NJ


P.O. Box 3247 TCB
West Orange, NJ

Mary Danes Carpet Clean & Rstrn of Carnegie Hill

1231 Madison Ave #10
New York, NY


Somerset, NJ

Maxons Restorations, Inc.

280 Madison Avenue
New York, NY

Maxons Restorations, Inc.

415 Hamburg Turnpike
Wayne, NJ

Maxons Restorations, Inc.

711 Westchester Avenue
West Harrison, NY

Maxons Restorations, Inc.

6800 Jericho Turnpike
Syosset, NY

MCC Contracting

1681 Raritan Rd
Clark, NJ

MDB Construction

236 Cokesbury Rd
Lebanon, NJ

MecTec Inc

425 East 72 ST
New York, NY

Meehan Renovations Inc.

318 Brooklyn MT.Road
Hopatcong, NJ

Mermaid Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

2325 Mermaid Ave #22
Brooklyn, NY

METSERV Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

200 E 10th St
New York, NY


Freeport, NY

Mold Pro Restoration Specialist

413 B Central Ave
Cedarhurst, NY


PO Box 341068
Brooklyn, NY

Morgan Basement Waterproofing & Mold Repair

625 N Speakman Ln
West Chester, PA

Mr Green Carpet Care

1214 Bergen Ave
Brooklyn, NY

MSHI Home Improvement

1023 Valencia town ter
Orlando, FL


Mine Hill, NJ

My Town Handyman, LLC

7 New Street
Denville, NJ


3912 Berger avenue
Bethpage, NY

Nationwide Property Services

269 Chamberlain Ave
Paterson, NJ


146 E 3RD ST
Mount Vernon, NY


Red Bank, NJ

Netherwood Remodeling & Restoration

144 Central Avenue
Montclair, NJ

New Hope Carpentry

58 May Street
Fairfield, CT

New Jersey Contractors

14 Clara Ave
Hawthorne, NJ

New Jersey Home Maintenance

987 McGuire Dr.
Toms River, NJ

New Jersey Mold Busters LLC

5 Ramsey Way
Long Valley, NJ

New Look Construction Maintenance

180 Brook Ave Suite 4C
Bronx, NY

New York Carpet Cleaner

320 W 13th St
New York, NY

New York Carpet Cleaning Ltd.

80 North Moore Street
New York, NY

New York Carpet Cleaning, Inc.

244 5th Ave
New York, NY

New York City Water Damage

161 William St #36
New York, NY

New York Water Damage

384 5th Ave. #28
New York, NY

New York Water Damage Repair

1767 Park Avenue#23
New York, NY

NJ Home Pros LLC

45 Shawnee Ave
Rockaway, NJ

NJ Restoration Pro

Livingston, NJ

Northeast Power Dry

PO Box 6803
Bridgewater, NJ


21 W. 38th St. 9fl
New York, NY


Edison, NJ

Number 1 Cleaners

52 E Centre St
Nutley, NJ


202-17 43rd av
Bayside, NY

NY Fire&Water

2 Edward Lane
Spring Valley, NY

NY Flood Damage Services

225 E 64th St.#27
New York, NY

NYC Carpet Cleaners

440 W 41st St
New York, NY

NYC Carpet Cleaning

50 Canal St
New York, NY

NYC Duct Mold Water Cleanup

931 East 23rd Street
Brooklyn, NY

NYC Flood Damage Restoration

427 W 14th St#29
New York City, NY

NYC Water Damage Clean Up

225W 34th St.#25
New York, NY

NYC Water Damage Co

80 Riverside Boulevard#17
New York City, NY

NYC Water Damage Repair

150 E 58th St#61
New York, NY

NYC Water Damage Service

1 Barker Ave. #19
White Plains, NY


Massapequa, NY

O'Donovan Construction

3050 hwy 138
Belmar, NJ


21 Pine St.
Rockaway, NJ


Hoboken, NJ


Norristown, PA

Olivos Property Perfection, Inc.

260 Audubon ave
New York, NY

Optimal Cleaning Solutions LLC

310 4th Ave # 2
Linden, NJ

Organic Cleaning New York

38 Delancey Street
New York, NY

Osgood Construction

10 Winding Rd
Brookfield, CT

OT Construction

8520 Elmhurst Ave
Elmhurst, NY


8 Casey Rd
Mc Donald, PA


103-20 116th Street
New York City, NY

Paramount Water Damage

730 W Side Ave
Jersey City,

Patriot Plumbing Services, LLC

551 E Hill Rd
Califon, NJ


21 Mountain View Trail
Wharton, NJ

pete's contracting

32 65th St
West New York, NJ

Petros contracting group

2526 50 th st
Woodside, NY


Brick, NJ

Pioneer Electric

216 Katan Ave
Staten Island, NY

Piper Steam Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners

293 Castle Ave
Westbury, NY

Premiere Restoration Company

2001 Marcus Ave
New Hyde Park, NY

Premium Carpet & Rug Care

1711 60th St
Brooklyn, NY

Prestige Builders Group Inc.

110 Jordyn Court
Matawan, NJ

Price's Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

10 Northern Blvd #54
Bayside, NY

Pride General Contracting LLC.

48 Burlington Ct.
Hamburg, NJ

Prime Home Improvement

52 Virginia Rd
White Plains, NY

Prime Remediation of New York LLC

101 Bloomingdale Rd
Hicksville, NY

Prime Structures

Jersey City, NJ

Pro Serve Carpet Cleaning Inc

19 Lyons Cres
Sayville, NY

ProClaim Public Insurance Adjusters

4651 Roswell Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA

ProClean Cleaning Services

2607 Sugar Maple Court
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Professional Carpet Care of Chatham LLC

13 Duchamp Place
Chatham, NJ

Professional Carpet Systems

PO Box #2
Spotswood, NJ


90 Corbin Pl
Brooklyn, NY

PuroClean Disaster Response

432 Lincoln Blvd.
Middlesex, NJ

PuroClean Emergency Property Recovery

189-08 114th Road
Saint Albans, NY


Long Valley, NJ

PuroClean Mitigation/Restoration Services

150L Greaves Ln
Staten Island, NY

PuroClean Property Restoration

15 Minneakoning Rd Ste 211
Flemington, NJ

PuroClean Restoration Services

16 South Ave. West
Cranford, NJ

Quality Cleaning & Restoration Services

36 Woodbury Ave suite 1B
Norwalk, CT

Quality Floorshine Corp.

199 Lee Av.
Brooklyn, NY

Raconte Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

1859-1899 80th St #6
Brooklyn, NY

Rahat Contracting Co

720 East 39 St.
Brooklyn, NY

RDC Carpet Cleaning

42 Main St
Lebanon, NJ

RDC Restoration

57 River Rd
Berkeley Heights, NJ

Recoverex Safety Management Inc

96 Willis Ave
Mineola, NY

Reliable Development & Construction

32 Central Ave
Caldwell, NJ

Remcon Enterprises

25 Pine Street
Rockaway, NJ

Remcon Enterprises

25 Pine Street
Rockaway, NJ

Repairs & More LLC

P.O. Box 1688
Greenwood Lake, NY

Restor Property Restoration

Lincoln Avenue
Bohemia, NY

Restoration 1 of Morris County

173 Green Pond Rd
Rockaway, NJ


Lindenhurst, ny


Carle Place, NY

Rightway Waterproofing Co

3300 Agate St
Philadelphia, PA

Rock Solid Builders Inc

114 Essex St
Rochelle Park, NJ

Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services

65 Irving St
Jersey City, NJ

RTK Environmental Group

29 Bank St.
Stamford, CT

Rug Carpet Upholstery Cleaning

129 E 69th St
New York, NY

Rug Carpet Upholstery Cleaning

330 Madison Ave
New York, NY

Rug Cleaner Staten Island

Serving Your Area 10314
Staten Island, NY

Rug Cleaning in Floral Park NY

173 Beech St
Floral Park, NY

Rug Master Little Italy

240 Centre Street
New York, NY

Rug repair & Cleaning in New York

1680 Madison Ave
New York, NY

S I Restoration

21 Nealy Blvd
Marcus Hook, PA

Sawyer & Sons

707 Columbus
New York, NY

Schultz Landscaping LLC

1 Fern Way
Hillsborough, NJ

SD Sodablast Sandblast & Home Improvement

55 Rogers Avenue
Westhampton Beach, NY

Sears Carpet Cleaning Service

23 Malcolm St.
Morristown, NJ

Serenity Building Services, LLC

P.O. Box 341
Lincoln Park, NJ

Service Resource

200 Centennial
Piscataway, NJ

ServiceMaster by American Restoration

22B Industrial Blvd
Medford, NY


PO Box 8129
Red Bank, NJ

SERVPRO of Aberdeen/Holmdel

423 County Road
Cliffwood, NJ

Servpro of Hackensack/Little Ferry

100 Louis St
South Hackensack, NJ

Shane Scoville Painting and Wallpapering

33 Skidmore Rd
Pleasant Valley, NY

SI Restoration

1121 Wilso Dr
Baltimore, MD

Simone's Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

825-829 3rd Ave #12
New York, NY

SJN Construction Services, Inc.,

115 Wells Drive
South Plainfield, NJ

Sound Shore Restoration, LLC.

300A Adams Street
Bedford Hills, NY


26-20 Hoyt Ave S
Astoria, NY


1160 Hamburg Tpke Ste 7
Wayne, NJ

Spire Contractors LLC

221 Washington Ave
Rutherford, NJ

Spotless Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

2649 Hyacinth St
Westbury, NY

Spring Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

182-194 Smith St #20
Brooklyn, NY

Stanley Steemer

405 Bloomfield Dr
West Berlin, NJ

Stanley Steemer

320 Boston Post Rd
Port Chester, NY

Stanley Steemer

439 20th St
Brooklyn, NY

Stanley Steemer

24 John St
Haledon, NJ

Stanley Steemer

439 20th St
Brooklyn, NY

Stanley Steemer

10 Clifton Blvd
Clifton, NJ

Stanley Steemer - Deer Park

79 E Jefryn Blvd
Deer Park, NY

Stanley Steemer - Toms River

1520 Rte 37 W
Lakewood, NJ

Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner - Edison

40 Brunswick Ave
Edison, NJ

Stansford Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

744 Coney Island Ave #16
Brooklyn, NY

Staten Island Carpet Cleaner

Serving Your Area 10306
Staten Island, NY

Statewide Solutions

541 Becca Way
Monroe Township, NJ

Steam Pro Carpet Cleaning

74 N Tardy Ln
Wantagh, NY

Steam Way Restoration

1071 Rustic Rd
Centereach, NY

SunShyne Experience

523 East 79th St
Brooklyn, NY

Superior Handyman Services

149 Flanders Drive
Hillsborough, NJ

Sure-Fix Remodeling

2620 Stephens St
Easton, PA


Brooklyn, NY

TBS Basement Waterproofing

324 Second St Pike
Southampton, PA

The Cleanout Crew

277 Fairfield rd suite 128
Fairfield, NJ

The Closer-R & G Stone

445 Vreeland Ave
Boonton, NJ

The Masters Touch

725 River Road
Edgewater, NJ

The TM Group, Inc.

PO Box 14
Mendham, NJ

The Water Fighters!

Sea Bright, NJ

Tier One Construction

11 Legion St
Pompton Lakes, NJ

Timeless Restoration

18 Oliver Street
Newark, NJ

Traditional Home Contractors Inc

20 Memorial Ct
Denville, NJ

Tri-State Flood Services

24 Astor Ct.
Commack, NY

Tri-State HomePros

5 Ramsey Way
Long Valley, NJ

Tristate Restoration

485 Merrick Rd
Rockville Centre, ny

TSC Contracting

518 Prospect Ave.
Little Silver, NJ

Turtle Clan Global

1 Skiff Mountain Rd
Sharon, CT


791 E 56TH ST
Brooklyn, NY

Two River Interiors LLC

32 South Avenue
Atlantic Highlands, NJ


Brooklyn, NY

United Carpet Cleaners

388 Greenwich St
New York, NY

USA Clean Master

2705 E 63 St
Brooklyn, NY

USA Clean Master

54 Stoneridge Cir
Stamford, CT

Vadco Corp

6 Mohawk Dr.
Massapequa, NY

Value Piping Services

157 Aspen Knolls Way
Staten Island, NY

Venegas General Contractor LLC

37 Sunset Ave
Bloomfield, NJ


220 Brentwood Rd
Bay Shore, NY

Vision Construction Services LLC

PO Box 261
Brookside, NJ

VLS Builders, Inc.

74 Madison Gdns
Old Bridge, NJ

Walsh & Swist Contractors

3108 Manatee Dr
Virginia Beach, VA

Water Damage Bronx

1375 virginia ave
Bronx, NY

Water Damage Clean Up in NYC

1230 6th Ave. #15
New York, NY

Water Damage Company Of NY

250 W 57th St #131
New York, NY

Water Damage in New York City

29 W 35th St
New York, NY

Water Damage New York

420 North Ave. #21
New Rochelle, NY

Water Damage Remediation NYC

37 West 65th St. #18
New York, NY

Water Damage Repair NY

134 Fifth Ave
New York, NY

Water Damage Repairs In NY

120 E 56 Street
New York, NY

Water Damage Repairs NY

2 Stowe Rd. # 10
Peekskill, NY

Water Damage Restoration NY

57 West 57th Street, 3rd Fl
New York, NY

Water Hunters

5 E Mapledale Ave
Succasunna, NJ

Water Restoration New York

1 River Place unit #1708
New York, NY

Wegener Construction, LLC

220 Laurel Drive
Bayville, NJ

Weiss Carpet Cleaning

Fresh Meadows, NY

Whitestone Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

151-2-151-48 7th Ave #21
Whitestone, NY

Wipeit Carpet Cleaning & Restoration of Elm Park I

204 Port Richmond Ave #14
Staten Island, NY

Wolfman Contracting

91 N. 14th Street
Wood Ridge, NJ

57 Tioga Dr
Howell, NJ


29 Tiffany Pl
Brooklyn, NY

74 Hickory Rd
Port Washington, NY


33 E 22ND
New York, NY
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