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Ruth C.
"They are close to my area, I find them very informative, very patient, and they answer all that I want to know. They just sometimes have a delay on giving medicines especially on a" very long line of senior citizens but they are very good.
Rated by
Kathryn T.
"They do a good job, but they are super busy. They do things in a timely manner and their prices are good. The staff is always pleasant and nice.
Rated by
Jennifer H.
"About 2 hours later I still had not got a phone call so i went back to the pharmacy and I was told it would be 20 more minutes. I stayed around for 20 more mins and then returned to" the counter and they told me it would be another 20 minutes. When I retuened I was then told it would be 40 more minutes. Frustrated at this point I told the
I had been here for almost 4 hours and asked the
, if there was a problem with the rx. He responded "things happen sometimes" with an attitude. I explained that I had been waiting since 12 and the wait seemed a bit extreme and I was told they "we're busy". I responded "well CVS gets busy and they never take this long" and the
turned to me and said in a very nasty
"well, go pay double at CVS if you want their fast service" I was floored. I have never been treated with so much disrespect in my life. That kid needs to learn some respect, much less customer service skills. He then proceeded to tell me "You don't need to wait, we will call you when its ready" I asked for the manager and i was told "hes out of town, come back next week" So I left pretty much in tears. I was just trying to get my medicine that i need for anxiety and 4 hours later Im being treated as if I were demanding service on the spot. This did not help my anxiety AT ALL! I didnt get a phone call saying my rx was ready until the next morning a bit before 10 am. When i picked up my rx I told the
about my problem with the
the day before & how i hadnt been able to get my meds & asked if they had a problem w/ my rx. she said not that she could see but that the priotity had been changed on the 2nd rx from critical to will pick up. I was furious that the
would do this after giving me a hard time and knowing i was and had been waiting on the rx for hours and hours. I just might take my business to CVS, i don't wanna be at the mercy of a horrible associate who does mean, vicious things like purposly
someones RX. im thinking about informing the news about this person so people in the community can beware. What if my rx had meant life or death for me that day? panic attacks happen often for me & I had no medicine at all. very reckless of
to have this employee have this kind of power over people. i am digusted by it.

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We have been using them for twelve years. They watch my medications and my wife medications. They make sure there are no conflicts with the drugs. We can call in refills and they will call the doctor if there are any problems. They are very accommodating. Their prices are very reasonable and their people are very professional.
- Timothy H.

The pharmacists are extremely knowledgeable and I have a lot of prescriptions and they remember to look out for drug interactions and things of that nature. The customer service is excellent. Sometimes the wait can be a little long but otherwise they are excellent. They are very very busy. A lot of times they will say your order will be ready in 45 minutes and then you come back and it's another 45 minutes then you come back and they say it will be 20 minutes.
- John L.

I love the drive through. I can have my prescriptions ready in an hour. They keep all of my records just in case prescription interacts with something else they will alert me. They are just very nice. They just have my best interest in mind, and they have my health in mind, so they won’t let me take something if will interact with something else which I would not know. If I go to one doctor and they give me something and then I go to another doctor and they give me a prescription, then I would not have any idea if it will interact negatively, but they would know and they would let me know.

They are more convenient. They are helpful when things don't seem to be working out. They try to make the communication between the doctor and the patient happen. They really try to meet the client's needs. There were some issues with them and the teacher association sometime back; so once I went there, I was told that they wouldn't cover me.
- Jacque J.

My medical card for medications recommends this
Princeton Drug Stores Provider Name Locked
. They are friendly and they
Princeton Drug Stores Provider Name Locked
’t have everything that I need. I think the labels on their bottles are not easy to read when compared to other such pharmacies. My medical insurance takes care of their charges. Last time had i not asked them, there was mix up with my insurance and if I had picked up and taken the drugs with me instead of wating till the guy cleared it up it would have been $40 versus $3. They communicate very well and as for customer service they always call me and remind me of my re-fills.
- Jan H.

I was extremely disappointed in this pharmacy. The pharmacy is located in the back of the store. There has always been a long wait line and said line brings you down the vitamin
Princeton Drug Stores Provider Name Locked
. The entire department is right out there in the open. But the most disturbing is the lack of privacy and lack of professionalism of the staff.
- Kitty Weber T.

On or about March 27, 2012, I dropped off a prescription for Clindamycin 300MG in saline spray 46 ml and a nebulizer at
Princeton Drug Stores Provider Name Locked
Pharmacy. When I went to pick up the prescription, I was unable to do so because scented oils were being burned in the store, which severely aggravate symptoms related to my medical conditions of asthma and multiple chemical sensitivities. I called the pharmacy and spoke with one of the three "
Princeton Drug Stores Provider Name Locked
" and explained the situation to him. He acknowledged that a pharmacy that specializes in servicing patients with respiratory problems should not be burning scented oils, said they would discontinue the practice, and advised me to pick up the prescriptions. I again tried to pick up the prescriptions but was again repelled by the fragrance that remained in the air from the previous use of scented oils and so did not pick up the prescriptions. I subsequently received a bill from
Princeton Drug Stores Provider Name Locked
showing that they had billed and received payment from my insurance company and invoicing my copay. I called
Princeton Drug Stores Provider Name Locked
, the brother responsible for the pharmacy and explained that they should not have billed my insurance for this prescription, as I had been unable to pick up the prescription. We also discussed my inability to utilize his pharmacy's services because of the fragrances issue, and the compounding of the problem by the fact that
Princeton Drug Stores Provider Name Locked
is the only pharmacy in town that sells nebulizers or compounds medications. Mr.
Princeton Drug Stores Provider Name Locked
offered to have the nebulizer and antibiotic delivered to my home, both of which were delivered today. I asked the delivery person why my copay had tripled, whether the medication was really good for only two weeks (as indicated on the bottle), why I had only one refill available when the initial prescription had been for a total of three and I had never picked up the first one, and why the price of the Clindamycin prescription had increased from $4.92 to approximately $13.82 (or 181% - almost tripled) in just three months. The gentleman suggested that we call the pharmacy and ask them directly, which I did. The person that I spoke with,
Princeton Drug Stores Provider Name Locked
, was very disturbed by my questions and apparently complained to her supervisor that I had yelled at her. Within two minutes of my hanging up the phone with
Princeton Drug Stores Provider Name Locked
I received a call from her supervisor, whose name I cannot presently recall, reprimanding me for yelling at her employee and informing me that
Princeton Drug Stores Provider Name Locked
would no longer be willing to fill prescriptions for me. The delivery person,
Princeton Drug Stores Provider Name Locked
, was standing right there while I spoke with
Princeton Drug Stores Provider Name Locked
on his phone and agrees that I most certainly did not yell at her and stated that she was always “overly sensitive”. He was disturbed by the phone call I had received and stated that he would speak
Princeton Drug Stores Provider Name Locked
’s supervisor, as well as
Princeton Drug Stores Provider Name Locked
, and Human Resources. Therefore, my complaints are: (1) a pharmacy that specializes in servicing patients with respiratory issues should know that scented oils aggravate symptoms in patients with respiratory issues and, so, should not be burning scented oils; (2)
Princeton Drug Stores Provider Name Locked
billed and received payment from my insurance company for a prescription that I did not receive; and (3) I do not believe that
Princeton Drug Stores Provider Name Locked
has a right to refuse service to a patient when they are the only providers in town, regardless of whether or not my questions upset an “overly-sensitive” employee. I believe that what she was disturbed by was the validity of my questions. As a result of my not being able to pick up the prescription at the end of March, when prescribed, the sinus infection has progressively worsened and will probably require another medical appointment and more aggressive medications.
- Beatrice L.

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