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Iam a real estate agent and
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
prepares most of my listings for sale. This month we worked on a 2 bedroom condo that was in good shape but needed some updates. Andi came in and prepared a plan that specified decorator paint colors and some replacement fixtures that were inexpensive but made a big difference in the presentation. We received a detailed, room by room, description of the items that she proposed to add for staging.
Once our contractor completed his part of Andi's plan, the
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
crew came in and installed the furniture, lighting, wall art and accessories as specified. The project was completed as planned and on time for our scheduled entry into the
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
. The photos we put on the web attracted a number of buyers the first weekend. My client had the opportunity of considering multiple offers. We were under contract in only 7 days at one of the highest prices in the building.
This is just one of many jobs that
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
has done for me in the last couple of years. Without exception my clients have been very impressed by the transformation and the
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
's appreciation of their work. The investment in staging paid off in every way.

- Peter & Paulla S.

The owners had their own furnishings that they moved from another unit into this unit.
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
spent 6 hours staging the unit with the Seller's artwork, rugs, accessories and furniture. The unit was spectacular after she finished. My sellers were very pleased with the way everything looked.
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
has done vacant houses and condos for me, as well. The before and after photos say it all. 99% of consumers start their Home
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
on the Internet. If the Property does not look inviting online, the buyer skips over it. It is as
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
as that! Vacant houses also always look smaller than furnished houses. Buyers do not have good imaginations.
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
sets a very welcoming, inviting stage, which results in the buyer envisioning themselves in the Property. I have have nothing but incredible results with
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
and have referred her to other Realtors, who have been equally as thrilled with her services.
- Janie T.

I was looking for a company to deep clean the interior of my home.
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
was prompt in returning phone calls and offered services at an excellent value. All pricing is up front and by the job, not the hour.
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
and her helper worked
five hard hours cleaning my entire house, floor to ceiling. When they were done, my home looked brand new and smelled great! I will be using Genuine Care again.
- Trey G.

She knew exactly what I needed. She used all my furniture and suggested pieces to store so that my home has more room. She provided vendors needed to paint my walls and repair my tile. I have had so many compliments and would recommend her again and again! She was very polite and returned all my calls and emails promptly. She stayed within my budget and helped me save money where she could. Very nice experience.
- delia B.

Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
is lovely and personable. She is also very professional. She took her time, especially when assessing our large family room which has a slightly awkward furniture placement due to large windows on every wall. All her recommendations made perfect sense. Of course we understand the need to made the house spotless, to de-personalize and de-clutter, but she also gave excellent advice on furniture to be moved, pieces of art to remove, and how to show each room to its best advantage. She also gave some ideas for our garden. We were very impressed with her sense of decorating and style.
We are moving to another state, but even if we were staying in northern KY and not selling, I think
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
would be great for giving decorating advice and a fresh eye. She also said she can help with organizing. I might need her to help organize our move! She obviously loves houses and loves what she does.
The last time we put a house on the
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
, in the
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
DC area, I hired a professional
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
. While I was pleased, I think
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
gave much more thought and talent into her recommendations and for such a good price! House staging is important, in my opinion, and more than pays for itself when the house sells.
- Bert T.

My experience with Alabaster and
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
was very interesting, somewhat bizarre to say the least. When I first spoke with
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
, I was left feeling uncomfortable with her somewhat abrasive style hence our conversation ended with me being uncommitted. So I continued my
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
for a
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
and found one. I believe it was Friday. I even paid a deposit to this
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
. Come Monday, I decided to do a courtesy call to
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
just to inform her that I had decided to go with another
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
went "off the deep end." She started to call me bad things-this was all via text by the way. She explained that she had staged over the weekend. I was shocked! Bottom line there was no signed staging agreement (and I have emails to prove it.) I called my agent and he said to call the police. Bottom line again she had entered the house illegally. But I couldn't do it. In the end I decided unhappily to just go with
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
since she had already staged. When it came time to remove her items, I asked her to please give me the date that she planned to remove her items so that I could notify my agent. Not a word from her. I'm giving 2 stars because I have to give her credit for a nice staging job. Otherwise it would be 1 star!

- Dennis U.

I am relatively new to the area, so when I was ready to renovate my kitchen, I really didn't know where to begin. A friend of mine mentioned
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
, so I set up a time to meet. What is unique about
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
's services is that he brings in contractors, painters, and electricians for you to interview. I wouldn't have known where to begin in finding reliable, quality work. This way, you have a choice and feel like you can make an informed decision.
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
saved me from making a very costly decision from the start. I had planned to go with darker cabinets, as mine were natural (yellowed) oak that I hated. But given my kitchen placement,
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
explained that I needed to go lighter because of the lack of direct light in my kitchen.
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
helped with a concept of a kitchen design before we even started looking at cabinets.Even though I was somewhat uncertain that I would find lighter cabinets that I liked, I was able to find cabinets that I absolutely feel in love with and so we began.
Any time we met,
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
would have an agenda so we would make good use of our time. Each month he provided an invoice with a summary of everything he did, so you always knew where his time was spent. His fees were part of my overall budget for the kitchen.
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
would stay in touch with all of the contractors, make sure they were on schedule, and stop by on a regular basis to make sure things were going well. He has a good eye for catching things that weren't up to par or needed to be corrected. He provided a lot of guidance and moral support when I was torn on some decisions, and was very patient with me when I changed my mind on some things (multiple times).
We took field trips to look at lighting, granite, and a
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
fabricator. He found ways for me to save money on some of the kitchen items, researched specialty items on the internet, and was available for any help needed in the process. He had a timeline set up so I knew what we would be doing when, but also allowing some necessary flexibility in the schedule.
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
is extremely knowledgeable, punctual to a tee, and fun to work with. I got the kitchen of my dreams, and feel like I made a friend along the way. Kitchen renovations aren't the easiest, and this iwas my first, but if I did it again (or any project for that matter) I would certainly call
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
- Diane F.

Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
is absolutely fantastic to work with! We contacted her at the last minute to stage an emptly house just a few days prior to an Open House.
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
came out right away, took a look at the house without us being there, left us a contract and had the house staged within a day! And, it's stunning!!!
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
is so easy to work with and has great ideas! We'll definitely be calling her again to stage the next house we're selling!!
- Linda C.

Our house was on the
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
early this summer and got an offer in a week. We sold 3 rooms worth of furniture (office and two bedrooms) and had the house about 70% packed including all paintings and wall art. 5 days before closing, our buyers backed out and we had to go back on the
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
at the end of selling season. I was at a loss because the house was in shambles. Full of boxes and empty rooms. Out of desperation, I called RFMHS. Even though
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
was getting ready to go on vacation she squeezed me in.
She assessed all of the existing furniture in the house and moved several things around. She advised which mirrors/art pieces to unpack and hung them up. She rearranged the existing knick knacks and made some suggestions on small things (like small plant) I could pick up that would make a big impact on the house. She managed to make our office an office with a small desk I had been using as a hall table. By the time she was finished, my house looked better than it did when it first went on the
Highlands Home Stagers Provider Name Locked
fully furnished!
My husband and friends were blown away. After she finished, we had several positive comments like "shows like a model home" and "rooms are airy and refreshing." While we don't have an offer yet, we have two buyers considering (both have said to let them know if we get an offer). One of them even asked how much furniture we would be willing to sell with the house!
I will definitely be calling them again when we move into our new house so she can help me arrange furniture (staging for living vs selling as she says :) )
- Valerie K.

When I requested service, was told they'd do an on-site estimate. Instead they did a phone estimate. When asked # boxes I replied I had no idea since I was scheduling several weeks ahead and not packed yet. They estimated 6 hrs. I was told they would arrive between 8-9 moving day and call me 30 min before arrival. They called at 8:40 and arrived about 9:15. After showing 2 movers around house and garage to show what was to move (some furniture to be left behind), head mover said he thought it would take closer to 7-8 hrs but he'd have a better idea and let me know when about 1/2 done loading. I told them I had to leave at 5pm but we didn't think that would be a problem. I made a couple of trips to the new house with plants, etc in my car and movers had cell phone contact with me. There was a call at 1, asking a question. I returned to old house around 3 and expressed concern that they were still loading. (No mention had ever been made about being at 1/2 way point.) Head mover thought it was still possible for them to finish by 5 because unloading was quicker than loading and they were almost done. He asked me to label bedrooms so he'd know which furniture went in which room in case they didn't get to them until done, which I did. I left and returned again about 4:45 and they were still loading. I came up to the garage door and heard head mover swearing as I walked up before he saw me. I asked if they were having trouble and head mover replied "No, just lots of things..." then walked away to moving truck. I expected some explanation of what was going on and what the plan was. I followed him and said it was nearly 5, you're still loading, I have to leave to care for elderly mother and grandchildren, what's the plan. Did I have any choice at this point about going over 8 hours? Most of my stuff was in their truck. They said they were almost finished but couldn't fit 2 tools (band saw and drill press), did I want them to come back for them after emptying the truck. I said yes and I gave them keys so they could unload at new house and come back for the tools. I know that they left the old house because I could see their truck from my mother's high-rise window. About 5:30 they called to ask which bedrooms the furniture went in because he didn't see labels on the door frames. About 7:30 I received a call saying now that they were so many hours over did I still want them to put boxes in the rooms they went in. I said no, but put them on the right floor. (Basement & garage are below main floor with all other rooms. all boxes clearly marked) I arrive at my new home about 8:15 and they were still unloading. I noticed boxes labeled garage and basement in the living room and kitchen and boxes labelled for every main floor room in the garage. I asked what happened to putting them on the right floor and he said, "Yeah, main floor, that's kitchen, living room, bedrooms." I said, yes, and see right here are boxes marked garage and basement. He did not reply. Later the assistant said that other movers had come to help them and they must have put the boxes in the wrong place. Then they ask if I still want them to pick up the 2 tools. I said yes. While they were gone, I'm trying to make beds for myself and granddaughter to sleep in. 1 bed was assembled and I could put sheets on it. The other bed had frame and mattress but I couldn't find box springs. When they returned with the tools, I asked about box springs and they said they had it on the truck. Good thing I wanted those tools! A table had been damaged which they did fix, but the mover's attitude was rude. "Are you sure it wasn't like that?" If it had been like that, the shelf would have fallen off when you tried to move it. "Oh, it's just loose, I'll tighten screws." No, it's still loose, see this, it's stripped out. "No it's not, I'll just tighten it more." It seemed OK then and tired of arguing. So now they're finally done and time for the bill. 13 hours instead of 6 or 7 or 8. I expressed unhappiness that I wasn't properly informed of what was going on. He said his boss was supposed to have called me but I only received calls from the mover. I got the sense that maybe it had just been one of those days for the mover and things had gone wrong, but don't feel I should have to pay for that. And I told him I didn't like they way he had talked to me and he said he didn't act as I said. He ended up calling his boss and got 1 hour taken off. He said I had 80 boxes instead of 50 that they estimated. They left so quick, they didn't finish unwrapping furniture so many pieces still had plastic wrap and 3 still had the padding blankets.
I understand things can go longer than expected but feel I was not kept in the loop and the overage seems extreme. And I don't feel like I was treated with respect from the lead mover though his assistant was very respectful.

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Hillsdale, NJ

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Wharton, NJ

Certified Court Reporting,Inc.

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White Plains, NY

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149 st
Whitestone, Ny

Cleanout Service

PO Box 754
Keyport, NJ

Clear & Style

Brooklyn, NY

Clear It Out Contracting

211 Tecumseh Ave
Mount Vernon, NY

Coldwell Banker Riviera

222 Oak Avenue
Toms River, NJ

Concepts in Colors

288 Cardiff Drive
Morganville, NJ

COWs of Eastern Monmouth

59 Main Street
Eatontown, NJ

Crofutt & Smith Moving And Storage Atlas Van Lines

(800) 524-1793 ext 263
Landing, NJ

Custom Image Design

Portland, OR Metro & New York City
Portland, OR

D customized organizing

21 Starr Dr
Narragansett, RI

David Kaplan Interior Design

302 W 12th St
New York, NY

Debra Kling Colour Consultant

200 E Garden Rd
Larchmont, NY

Decluttering Solutions Now!

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Dobbs Ferry, NY

Design For The Times LLC

8 Timbers Court
Somerville, NJ

Design Works

30 Main Street
Chester, NJ

Down to Basics

the Galleria-2 Bridge Ave
Red Bank, NJ

DynamicEdge Realty

61-43 186th Street
Fresh Meadows, NY

Easy Breezy Cleaning Services

43 Lloyd Dr
Brentwood, NY

Easy Moving & Storage Inc.

1 North 12th Street
Brooklyn, NY

Elite Restaurant Equipment

153 21st St
Brooklyn, NY

Ella's Design Studio, LLC

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Exquisite Designs

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United Kingdom
New York, NY

forbes home consulting

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Gaskin Feurich Designs

193 Clinton Avenue
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P.O. Box 159
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Brentwood, NY

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Heather Pierce, Professional Organizer

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Home Style Makeovers LLC

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Highland Lakes, NJ

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Boston, MA

Horizon Window Treatments

133 W 24th St
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Hospitality Computer Solutions

PO Box 24
Sussex, NJ

House Doctors

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Colts Neck, NJ

I and I Designs LLC

4 Country Club Lane
Marlboro, NJ


2 Overlook Rd 2C1
White Plains, ny

In Home Style

132 East 43rd Street
New York, NY

Infinity Wood Design

89 River Wood Drive
Toms River, NJ

Interior Door Upgrade, LLC

Metuchen, NJ

Interiors by Dafna Adler

306 Maple Street
West Hempstead, NY

Interiors by LJ

Bohemia, NY

Jan Cohen Property Management, LLC

470 Grantwood Boulevard
Palisades Park, NJ

Jane Brown Interiors

355 8th Avenue
New York, NY


Freehold, NJ

Jared Sherman Epps

Brooklyn, NY

JAZ Designs

86 Park Avenue
Madison, NJ

Jeannie's Designs Inc

3 Astro Ct
Holtsville, NY

Jodie O Designs

1 Schindler Court
Whippany, NJ

Jonathan Alexander & Sons Moving

94 Franklin Street
Stamford, CT

Joseph Stabilito Interior Design Inc.

10 Bleeker St.
New York, NY


Kings Hwy
Serving Ny And Nj, NJ

Kaluna Creations

106 W 117th St
New York, NY

Karen K. Ma Landscape Design Studio

61 Quintard Avenue
Norwalk, CT

kat interiors group

200 water st
New York, NY


50B US Highway 9 Ste 101
Morganville, NJ


Bedminster, NJ

Lance Aaron/ Professional Online Portrait Artist

208 Nancy Lou Drive
Missoula, MT


203 Irving place

Level Square Plumb

607 Randal Way
Matawan, NJ


Englewood Cliffs, NJ


727 New Jersey 440
Jersey City, NJ

Lucky Rabbit Estate Sales

4852 196TH ST
Fresh Meadows, NY

Luxe Home Studios

154 Grand Street
New York, NY

M Square Design Group

45 Harrogate St
Long Beach, NY

Maggies Organizing

84 parce parkway
Pearl River, NY

Mahwah Movers LLC

80 Voorhis Ln
Hackensack, NJ

Maxi Moving Inc.

186 Highlawn Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

Mayflower House Interiors

P.O. Box 4568
Greenwich, CT

Mellody Cleaning Service

18 Gerdes Ave
West Orange, NJ

MM Home Staging

Clark, NJ

MNM Design Studio, Inc.

1201 Hylan Blvd., 2nd Floor
Staten Island, NY


PO Box 341068
Brooklyn, NY

Morris Organizers

95 W. Main St.
Chester, NJ

My Interior Creations, LLC

P.O. Box 301
Katonah, NY

National Business Furniture

735 N Water St
Milwaukee, WI


15 College Ave
Nyack, NY

NMC Consulting

409 Tompkins Ave Apt 1a
Brooklyn, NY

NYC Interior Design

155 East 23rd Street
New York, NY


Massapequa, NY

NZN Design

PO Box 743
Asbury Park, NJ

Ofifteen Design

Scotch Plains, NJ

Olsen Design

P.O. Box 66
Far Hills, NJ

Organization Central

Union Beach, NJ

Organizing With Final Touches LLC

159 Ryan Ave
Stratford, CT

OT Construction

8520 Elmhurst Ave
Elmhurst, NY

Packing Pals

169 Main St
New City, NY

Perfect Project

6141 Delafield Ave
Bronx, NY

Peter A. Lombardi Architect

162 West 56th Street, 1505
New York, NY


Brick, NJ

PMDP Painting

52-77 73 street
Maspeth, NY


10800 Foothill Blvd
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Ray's Organizing

21 Layton Ave
Pine Beach, NJ

Relocator Service Inc

233 Robbins Ln
Syosset, NY


300 Gorge Road
Cliffside Park, NJ

S & S Exquisite Dzynes

11718 125th St
South Ozone Park, NY

SBC Interiors

Short Hills, NJ
Short Hills, NJ

Shane Scoville Painting and Wallpapering

33 Skidmore Rd
Pleasant Valley, NY

Shore Homes & Staging

2051 Highway 35
Belmar, NJ

Signature Clean, llc

159 Brushy Hill Road
Danbury, CT

Simply Decorate, LLC

300 East 57th Street
New York, NY


Corona, CA

Space Composer

Jersey City, NJ


Brooklyn, NY

Table Cloth Factory

1141 Roosevelt Way, Westbury, NY 11590, USA
Westbury, US

The 3rd Floor Lab, LLC

126 N Broadway
Tarrytown, NY

The Clutter Whisperer of New York City

250 East 39th St.
New York, NY

the RZ connection

75 Giles Hill Road
Redding, CT


154 Prospect St
Greenwich, CT


PO Box 993
Piscataway, NJ

Turner Transformation Design

970 kelly st
Bronx, NY

VDS Home, L.L.C.

P.O. Box 321
Little Silver, NJ

Vintage Hip Decor

89 Hampton House Rd.
Hampton, NJ

Wainwright Move Management Inc.

Staten Island, NY

WARD REALTY Real Estate Sales & Summer Rentals

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ


3530 Lincoln Highway
Kendall Park, NJ

Well Staged Home

11 Cliff Dr
Englewood, NJ
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