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James G.
was quite professional and thorough in his efforts. He cleaned up after he completed his work and was friendly throughout the process. I highly recommend...my wall looks brand new.
Rated by
Mary W.
is a very good communicator and extremely professional in setting up services. I had a conflict on a date we had scheduled and he graciously moved the day for" me.
showed up right on time and proceeded to prep both of the rooms. He is extremely clean, thorough and also a great communicator. He was able to get the work done within the time I had purchased even with two coats in both rooms. He put everything back and left our home in better order than when he arrived! I will definitely use this company again.
Rated by
Dennis Q.
"This company was great and I would hire them again! Bill came out quickly and explained what could be done to make some pretty extensive repairs in my garage and home. Several" sheets of
had to be hung and a couple of existing ones had to be replaced. They completely retextured my ceiling in the garage and patched a couple of spots and retextured them in my home. The price was reasonable. He was fair and honest. He and the crew arrived on time for the work. They did a great job of protecting my floors by putting paper down and covering items in my house with plastic.. They stayed late to finish the work inside my house in one day, so that I could get the house put back together. They again arrived on time the second day and completed the work in the garage. Bill did a great job managing the business and his crew and checked up on the work to make sure I was satisfied. He answered all of my phone calls, even if they were after hours. The crew was very polite and professional. I was impressed with the quality of the work.

Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors

Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Drywall Contractorsare in Hasbrouck Heights

Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors are TOP RATED

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Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his team have done an excellent job. To me they are one of the best (if not the best) in
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
job in this area. Only thing is that he is too busy and you have to be patient with him.
- A D.

The job was not completed as contracted as a result of the invasion of privacy I experienced with this crew in my home. I requested that the General Contractor terminate their involvement on my project and this crew never return to my home.
- Jaron S.

Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
came over very promptly after I called to take a look at the project and give a quote. He then offered to pick up the tiles at Home Depot himself that day. He and his son came over the next morning and completed the project very quickly. Both were incredibly polite throughout, and even made sure to clean after themselves thoroughly.
I had a very positive experience working with them and will be using them on any future home improvement projects.
- Tamar L.

I first contacted
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
via email in June 2014 to gauge pricing for my budget. He provided me the price based on my emailed planned specs and off I went. I fully intended to use his services based on reviews and budget but then when I contacted him in September about a month before I needed the work to start he informed me that he does not "pre book" appointments. I also told him my project reduced to 1,100 sq ft of space and asked about revised pricing. After a little bit of time, he responded that he could view the space after framing so we were in discussion to set that appointment up. I was awaiting confirmation when he informed me that he just booked another job for my timeframe (a commercial job) and that he could still do the work but not in my timeframe.
To be fair, he forewarned me that he did not prebook but then he did go ahead and book another (likely larger) job in the time I had already requested. I understand business and this is how it goes but it was disappointing to me as it put me back at square one to find a new drywaller with now an even shorter timeframe.
All in all, the pricing quote was around the same as others (maybe a little higher as he wanted $$ for a dumpster and no one else did) and he doesn't want to confirm your dates. As a homeowner, I wanted a little more assurance.
- Kia O.

First, I should say that the work has not been completed yet but that I did hire him to do the work~ I will update once it's done..
I am very particular in terms of questions and details and
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
was a complete professional. I appreciated that he was so well organized in his "7 day process" and that he answered all my questions ~ even when I solicited his thoughts on matters unrealted to
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
I have received 3 bids and
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
's bid fit the rest which I'm told via a contractor friend were all high but please recognize that I am just a homeowner with this one job not multiple jobs, I have a short timeframe, and given all bids were in the same family, his must be on par.
I selected
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
because he is insured, he was organized, professional, he was flexible with my schedule (I am due with a baby very soon!), and he seemed to have a well run operation. Of course, the work has not begun but I am excited to get this part of the project complete and look forward to working with
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
came to the house on the selected day and even arrived early to accomodate my schedule and provided a bid after his review and measure. I appreciated the quick turnaround and thus far every experience has been A+.
- Kia O.

How'd it go? Not great. We had high expectations and felt confident after I met Ed. He is quite proud of his many As here on Angie's List, and I felt we were in good hands. Perhaps we might have been if Ed had done the work himself, or had more closely supervised
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
, his employee who did the work at our house.
...More /> The quality of the mudding work was poor and had to be redone at least twice in each bathroom, causing several delays. Numerous areas that needed to be mudded were missed in our master bathroom. We were on vacation and entrusted our lead contractor and the subcontractors to perform quality work while we were gone (I actually hadn't wanted any work done while we were gone, but we were already behind schedule). When we came home and saw how bad the master bathroom looked, I asked the lead contractor if it was only the first coat of paint and if it hadn't been sanded yet. He told me both coats of paint were done. We were extremely upset. There were ripples in the
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
near the shower, numerous large, raised bumps, air holes in the mud, clear outlines where one of the old medicine cabinets used to be. It had neither been properly mudded nor sanded. There were problems with the ceilings as well. The painters were not experienced enough to know it wasn't ready for painting (I would also not recommend Sun Painting, the company our lead contractor subbed that work out to, because they should know if walls aren't properly prepped). It was obvious that none of the contractor company owners had inspected the work at any point in the process. All three came out at my request to see what the problems were, but the painters had already begun patching a lot of it with 20-minute mud (not the recommended mud for a final coat) before they arrived. They could clearly see there were a lot of issues. Ed directed them to a few areas, and we had taped some ourselves.

After it was re-mudded, sanded and painted, we found several areas the painters had missed, including some we'd specifically talked about and marked. None of the contractors had inspected again. I had to go out just as they finished and didn't know no one was coming to inspect their work; I assumed they would, especially after so much had to be done. It was the painters' fault for not getting it all, but at least one of the contractors should have inspected. My husband and I took a look before the third coat of paint went on, and it seemed like they got it all, but unless you feel along every spot, you can't easily tell. Once that third coat was on, we could see what they missed and were NOT happy. So Ed sent his employee,
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
, out to redo the big issues that remained. They decided to do all the way around the shower again.
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
was sloppy and slapped the mud on, getting it into the custom-colored grout. As he was ready to leave, I inspected and found some spots he didn't cover well enough, so he hit them again. But he was spreading it on really thin in areas that needed solid coverage. He still managed to miss a large spot below the rippled area, but since the walls are dark brown and that area is near the floor in shadow, it's hard enough to see that I didn't make an issue of it. By then, I was tired of dealing with it and wanted our bathroom to be completed. It's still not what I'd call quality work, and there are one or two spots I wish we'd had them redo, but I didn't want them to have to repaint a whole wall for just a few spots. So to recap, they had to do mudding and sanding three times in our bathroom and still didn't quite get it right. The dark brown paint
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
some issues but illuminates others.

Fast forward a few weeks to bathroom #2. Again, there was significant
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
work to be done, as we were also removing narrow medicine cabinets and installing new ones in a different place. We again had to be out of town when the first coat of paint was done, and we all agreed to only have one coat of paint done before we, the homeowners, inspected it. We again found numerous mudding issues, along with some paint issues (for which Ed is not responsible). Around the outlets and light switches, the
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
was 3D. It was heavily mudded, more than it needed to be, and not sufficiently sanded.
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
got mud into one of the outlets, and he completely coated one of the wire end caps for a light fixture. We could see the outline for the medicine cabinets again and a few of the other
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
seams. Corners were uneven and not straight, and either not mudded much at all or sanded too much. There were sharp points from mud that hadn't been fully sanded.

This time, I didn't take chances that anything would be missed, and I pretty well taped the h*** out of those walls. With no windows and only spot lights for lighting, it was tough to see in there unless you picked up the lights and shone them around the bathroom carefully. I put lots of little pieces on the sharp points, but I was also trying to make a point with all that tape: they needed to pay closer attention to the details.
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
came in, took pics with his cell phone of all that tape; those pics were eventually forwarded to the lead contractor when I brought up lingering
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
issues. They all seemed to think I had impossible standards. But
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
took down that tape and STILL missed a lot of major
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
issues, which two of the other contractors readily agreed were big issues (they also agreed we were not being at all unreasonable to expect them to be fixed). We didn't realize he'd missed as much as he did until the walls were painted again (it actually can be hard to tell). He must have taken off all the tape at once, rather than a section at a time, because he missed so much. I took over a dozen pics of the major issues (one of the outlet covers isn't even flush with the wall because there's so much mud around it), and I emailed them to the lead contractor after receiving a smarmy text message with the pics
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
had taken. I told him to tell Ed their services were no longer needed. My husband got out the spackle and repaired most of the issues himself, but we still need to do something about the areas around the outlets.

There are so many rave reviews for Ed that I felt like I wasn't dealing with the same company. Unless he came out while we were out of town, Ed came out only once himself for the second bathroom, to apply a second coat of mud after our initial inspection. He did not notice all the things
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
missed or didn't sufficiently cover. He managed to drop a glop of it on the bathroom floor, step in it, and track it down the hardwood stairs and halfway into my kitchen. I believe if Ed himself had either supervised
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
or done the entire job himself, the quality would have been much higher (the contractors were all working on a much bigger renovation at the same time, and I felt like we got the B teams from many of them). But
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
does not pay attention to detail and is sloppy. He needs better training. He's a nice guy, so I hate saying that, but the
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
and mudding issues significantly delayed both renovations and were a major source of aggravation and stress for us. Ed's company was supposed to do some ceiling repairs for us after the bathrooms were done, but we've hired someone else.

If we had the ability to upload pictures to go with our review, I would upload the images showing the poor quality of
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
' work to show you that there were major issues. Trust me when I say we were not being unreasonable or had ridiculous expectations. Ed himself assured me of his company's excellent reputation and set high expectations that
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
was not able to meet. I truly wish I could give them a glowing review, but trust me when I say that if you choose to hire Ed, ask who will actually be doing the work. Our experience with this renovation was so bad, largely because of the
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
issues, that we don't ever want to do another renovation again.

Note: I'm not sure why the company has responded with a note saying they never contracted with me to do work. While we did not have a direct contract,
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
WAS the subcontractor that my lead contractor (
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
Construction) hired to do our
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
work. Ed himself handed me his business card, told me how proud he was of his Angie's List rating, and he and his employee
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
both wore
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
shirts every time they were here. They may not have my name on their contract, but they were the company that did the work. Very strange response.
- Carole K.

I bought my house in early 2010 and did extensive renovations prior to moving in. I wanted the stained and dated popcorn removed and the ceilings refinished. Knowing that water is sprayed to soften and remove popcorn and that drywall repairs, primer, compound, and paint all take time to dry thoroughly and properly, I asked
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
how many days it would take to complete the job.
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
told me he pays "a lot of money" for fast drying materials and would complete the entire job in one day. I trusted that he knew his business and hired Quality to refinish my ceilings.
Within a few months, several large "
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
" of material were falling from the kitchen ceiling. I called
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
and he sent a crew to make repairs stating that the failure was likely due to the primer having not been fully dry. Sound familiar? The repair was made under warranty but the knock-down pattern does not match well and the repair is conspicuous. It's now four years later and there are several large
Hasbrouck Heights Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
of material falling form the ceiling, as well as several cracks forming. The ceiling needs to be completely refinished.
This is why you've subscribed to Angie's List, folks. You simply can't spray a ceiling with a garden hose, repair taped joints with drywall compound, apply primer, apply knock-down and apply a finish coat of paint all in one day. The materials don't have time to dry thoroughly and the result is what I'm now living with. The original popcorn might have been unsightly and stained from years of cigarette smoke, but it was still completely intact and properly adhered to the drywall.
- Brad K.
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Brandsema Builders

1005 Mauna Loa Drive
Forked River, NJ

Brian's Home Repair LLC.

Forked River, NJ

Brick Brothers Construction

125 East St. George's Ave.
Roselle, NJ

Brighter Image Construction Inc.

111 East 14th Street #294
New York, NY


Sparta, NJ


41 Algonquin Ave.
Lincoln Park, NJ

Brunelleschi Construction

218 Central Ave # 2
Jersey City, NJ

Bruno's Construction llc

3 Ridgedale ave
Morristown, NJ

Brush & Hammer Co

Park ave
Hoboken, NJ

Brush Magic Painting & Decorating, LLC.

232 Paterson Ave
Little Falls, NJ

Brushed Interiors

101 W 85th St
New York, NY


Haworth, NJ

Builders of NY

Van Nest Ave
Bronx, NY

Builders of NY

Bronx, NY


1031 E. GRAND ST
Elizabeth, NJ

Building2Perfection LLC

Mount Vernon, NY


East Rutherford, NJ


Bergen County
Washington Township, NJ

Burrell drywall and Carpentry

2005 Camp St
Bronx, NY

BWB Contracting LLC

109 California Ave
New Milford, NJ


Dumont, NJ

C and D Home Repair

103 Moore Ave
Freeport, NY

C E General Contracting LLC

44 Lexington Ave
Montclair, NJ


Union, NJ

C.L.I.D General Contractor, LLC

PO BOX 1227
Milford, NJ

Caceres Home Improvement

Ridgefield Park, NJ

Cahaba Scapes

2130 11th avenue north
Birmingham, AL

California Closets

16 Saw Mill River Rd
Hawthorne, NY


27B Marion ave
Cliffside Park, nj

Can Do All

147 Rafkind Rd
Bloomingdale, NJ

Cannon Construction Company, Corp.

117 7th Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Canto Corp Construction

PO Box 1083
Maywood, NJ

caper home improvement

78-43 64 th pl
Ridgewood, ny

capital one home improvement

3040 edwin ave
Fort Lee, nj

Capstone Painting Contractors

66 Fulton Place
Hazlet, NJ

Carlos T Contractor, LLC

36 Washington Ave
Danbury, CT


Florham Park, NJ

Carpenter Brooks

800 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY

Carpets & More

696 Rte 18 N
East Brunswick, NJ

Carriere Construction LLC

672 Bergen Ave
Jersey City, NJ

Castle Home Maintenance SVC

27 Autumn St
Lodi, NJ


36A Smithtown Polk Blve
Centereach, NY

Caulfield Home Contracting

4 Brigade Ct
Bedminster, NJ

CCI Interiors

28 Hamilton Drive East
Caldwell, NJ

CEK International

600 West 115 Street
New York, NY

Celton Corp Contractor

147 Pacific St
Newark, NJ

Centrix Construction LLC

543 Reading Avenue
West Reading, PA

CEP Services LLC

151 Rock Spring Rd
Stamford, CT

Cerniglia Construction Electrical Contractors, Inc

2558 Plainfield Ave
Scotch Plains, NJ

CertaPro Painters of Clifton

130 W Pleasant Ave
Maywood, NJ

CertaPro Painters of North Bergen County

19 W Prospect St.
Waldwick, NJ

Certified Court Reporting,Inc.

1600 Calebs Path ext
Hauppauge, ny

cesar ortiz construction inc

423 69 street
West New York, NJ

Cesar's Genaral Construction

121 Summer St
Orange, NJ

CGM Drywall Construction

1560 Redondo Ln
Lakewood, NJ

Charles H. Miller d.b.a. Carpentry Plus

P. O. Box 1014
Montague, NJ

chase construction & Son, Inc

525 Awosting Rd
Pine Bush, NY

Chris Constructions

104-29 38th Avenue
Corona, NY

Chris Lynch Artistries LLC

802 Belvidere Ave
Plainfield, NJ

chris pillers

Irvington, NJ

Cirino Brothers Construction

958 State Rt 208 North
Hawthorne, NJ

Citiscape Construction

1400 Avenue Z Suite 302
Brooklyn, NY

City space remodeling llc

60-13 62nd Ave
Maspeth, NY

CKDC Construction, LLC

164 Lafayette Ave
Dumont, NJ

CLA Commercial Cleaning, LLC

347 W 36th St Rm 502
New York, NY

Clark Concepts LLC

PO Box 348
Rogers, CT

Classice Construction Service, Inc

2 Hickory Rd
Summit, NJ

Clauss Construction Company

Hewitt, NJ


Brooklyn, NY

Clockwork Construction, Inc

5 Gate Hill Co-op Road
Stony Point, NY

Cloverleaf Contracting & Renovations

402 Main St
Metuchen, NJ

Cm Martínez corp

109 59 54 Av.
Corona, Ny

CnS Contracting LLC

31 Woodland Manor
Eatontown, NJ

cns home repair

418 esplanade
Hackensack, nj

Coastal construction group llc

2435 Hwy 34 ste 254
Manasquan, NJ

coastal state contractors

West New York, nj

Collins Contracting Inc.

130 west 42nd street
New York, ny

Color My World Inc.

585 Pleasantville Road
Briarcliff Manor, NY

Color Time Painting

32 Gaston Ave
Garfield, NJ

Compass Contracting, LLC

21 Fieldstone Drive
Long Valley, NJ

Complete Improvement

4 highland ave
Stanhope, nj

Concetti Contracting Corp.

347 Fifth Ave
New York,, NY


2335 Steinway St
Astoria, NY


116 2nd Ave
Westwood, NJ

Construction Oriented Corp

8420 20th Ave
Brooklyn, NY

CONSTRUCTIVE Building & Remodeling

1135 Ratzer Rd
Wayne, NJ

Contempo Construction

200 Parkview Boulevard
Toms River, NJ

Contract Action LLC

284 Rockland Avenue
Westwood, NJ


40 colorado str
Clifton, NJ


Sound Beach, NY

Cooper Contracting

147 beach 127 st.
Belle Harbor, NY

Cornerstone Maintenance Group Inc

1979 Marcus ave
Lake Success, NY

Corniel Construction LLC

4111 bergenline av
Union City, NJ

Cortes Brothers Co.

211 Monticello Street
Jersey City, NJ

Costa Construction & Son LLC

PO Box 1281
Andover, NJ

Costas General Contracting

POBOX 1531
Yonkers, NY

County Home Crafters

102 Lyon Pl
Lynbrook, NY

Courage construction Inc.

PO Box 253
Greenlawn, NY

CPR Home Improvements LLC

6 Ralston ave
Piscataway, NJ

CRA Site Lawn and Land Development

241 Chelsea ave
Long Branch, NJ

Craftsman 57

7111 66 Drive
Middle Village, NY

Craftsmen Brothers

1 franklin st
Belleville, NJ

Craig Buksar Painting & Wallpaper

11 Ballard Place
Fair Lawn, NJ

Crawford Crafters

1249 Columbia Ave
Plainfield, NJ


Little Falls, NJ

Creative Design Concepts LLC

788 Bloomfield Ave
Verona, NJ

Croce Builders Inc

PO Box 1200
Mountainside, NJ


Old Bridge, NJ

Crown Palace Cleaners

56 2nd street
Keansburg, NJ

Culligan Concrete and Masonary

283 Ursinus Court
Pemberton, NJ

Curb Appeal Design, LLC

12 Walsh Way
Morris Plains, NJ

Custom Care Contracting

PO Box 241
Holtsville, NY

Custom Painting By Septak Inc

54 Lincoln Ave.
Jamesburg, NJ

Customized Home Improvements

71 Duke Street
Deer Park, NY

CVG Remodeling, LLC

387 Stuyvesant Ave 1A
Irvington, NJ

D & J Carpentry and Restoration LLC

PO Box 103
Avon By The Sea, NJ

D & M Tile and Marble

3439 82ND STREET
Queens, NY


9022 krier pl
Brooklyn, NY


Newark, NJ


Long Beach, NY

Da Silva Painting & Remodeling LLC

11 Maurice Ave
Ossining, NY

Dainius Ligeika Painting

46 Burnham st.
Bridgeport, CT

Darkside Development

7090 Amboy Road
Staten Island, NY

Dasa Design Build LLC

1135 Clifton Ave
Clifton, NJ


Shirley, NY

David Restoration

389 E Rte 10
East Hanover, NJ

David Sorsby Construction

Wyndmoor drive
Morristown, NJ

David's Home Improvement Inc.

19 Myrtle Ave.
Caldwell, NJ

Davids Construction

130-42 Van Wyck South
South Ozone Park, NY

Davidson Carpentry LLC

PO Box 1132
Montague, NJ

DC Construction

Suite 96 Catherine Lane
Bridgewater, NJ

DDF Construction

79 bay 20th street
Brooklyn, NY

De Laurot

115 Montague St
Brooklyn, NY

De Russo Painting

834 Palmer Avenue
Middletown, NJ

DeAngelo Home Improvements

50 Forest Avenue
Ramsey, NJ

Decker & Strama Builders, LLC

PO Box 3
Gladstone, NJ

Decorating etc of NJ LLC

55 Wendt Ln
Wayne, NJ

Dedicated Junk Team LLc

74-16 65 st.
Ridgewood, NY

Degen Tile LLC

61 Delawanna Ave
Clifton, NJ

Deinteri-Your Tecks

Brooklyn, NY

Delmoro Builders

11 Brook Valley Rd
Towaco, NJ


Newark, NJ

denika painting co.

1517 73rd street
North Bergen, NJ

dennys drywall llc

Plainfield, NJ

Design & Implementation Construction Co, LLC

392 Greenwich St
Bergenfield, NJ

Design And Reason

879 Broad St
Bloomfield, NJ

Dexie Home Entertainment

1536 riverside station blvd
Secaucus, NJ


67 pier lane
Fairfield, NJ

DFS In-Home Services

15 Great Pasture Road
Danbury, CT


P.O. Box
Newark, NJ

Diamante General Construction Inc

62 Miller Rd.
Cranbury, NJ

Diamond Systems Inc

New York, NY

DiBenedetto Construction Corp

348 Broadway
Staten Island, NY

Dicob Industries

Irvington, NY


Ridgewood, NY

Dinah Electric

21408 Hill Side
Queens Village, NY


Staten Island, NY

Distinctive Designs Remodeling Corp.

107 Dartmouth Rd
Massapequa, NY

DJ Homes LLC.

415 Gilmore Ln
Lexington, VA

Dk Painting And Renovation

22 Cherry St
Darien, CT


619 west ,144 street
New York, NY

Do It All Remodeling, Inc

9201 Foster Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Dominick P. Construction, Inc.

Serving within 25 miles of
Levittown, NY

Doniko Construction

8 Battle Ridge Tr
Totowa, NJ

Double Eagle Construction

Pequannock, NJ

Douglas Custom Carpentry

260 East Crescent Ave
Mahwah, NJ


1450 Jean Terrace
Plainfield, NJ

Dream Home Builders, LLC

2209 Taylor Avenue
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Dream Homes Ltd.

PO Box 627
Forked River, NJ

Dreamstar Construction

248 Clubhouse dr
Middletown, NJ


85 Notre Dame Ave
Staten Island, NY

Drywall Solutions Inc

88 Diana Dr
Mastic, ny

Dsc Construction Group LLC

PO Box 9106
North Bergen, NJ

Dun-Rite Inc

9054 Fort Hamilton Pkwy
Brooklyn, NY

Dunrite Contracting

150-16 11th Ave
Whitestone, NY

Duo Design Home Improvement LLC

39 Montross Ave
Rutherford, NJ

Dutan Home Improvement

48-29 54th Road
Maspeth, Ny

DW Construction

3530 Corsa Ave
Bronx, NY

Dykes Lumber Company

1218 Rte 34
Aberdeen, NJ


Brooklyn, NY

Dynamic Renovations

124 Estrada Rd.
Central Valley, NY

Dynamik of Orange County Inc.

7 Vogt Lane
Middletown, NY

E&C Painting

342 Quaker Church Rd
Randolph, NJ

E&K Remodeling LLC

Bloomfield, nj

E&N Enterprises, Inc.

856 Curie Road
North Brunswick, NJ

E. DePietro Construction Company

53 Indian Trail
Greenwood Lake, NY

Earley Home Construction

10 Sycamore Ave
Ho Ho Kus, NJ

East Coast USA Construction, Inc

110-01 101 Ave
South Richmond Hill, NY

Ecostruct LLC

214 7th St
Brooklyn, NY

ECS Construction

40 College Rd
Netcong, NJ

Ed Domowicz Home Improvements

92 N.Belair Ave.
Cedar Knolls, NJ

Edifice Renovations, Inc.

48-15 59th Pl
Woodside, NY


New York, NY

EFC Home Improvement & Design LLC

9 Malcolm St
Morristown, NJ

EJK Handyman Services

PO Box 811
New York, NY

Elegant Home Improvement

122 Beverly Hills Ter Apt D
Woodbridge, NJ

elite choice construction

834 townley ave
Union, NJ

elite ness usa inc

244 5av
New York, ny

Elite Painting Professionals

77 N 19th St
East Orange, NJ

Elite Property Specialist of NJ

75 Dewitt Ave # 2
Belleville, NJ

Elite Restaurant Equipment

153 21st St
Brooklyn, NY

Elite Tech USA Inc.

2040 E 22nd st
Brooklyn, NY


10205 86TH AVE
Richmond Hill, NY

EM Milne Carpentry

Mendham, NJ


40 Arnot street
South Orange, NJ

EMILCO Handyman, LLC

22 Washington Dr
Little Falls, NJ

Empire Custom Homes

581 Middle Neck Road
Great Neck, NY

Empire State Builders & Contractors Inc

200 Hamilton Ave
White Plains, NY

Environmental Services

600 Third Avenue, Flr 2 - D
New York, NY

Enzo Di Re General Contracting LLC

38 Spring Ln
Long Valley, NJ

Eric Metrock Sr Co

221 LaRue Rd
Newfoundland, NJ

Eric Yourish Carpentry

401 Highway 22 W
Plainfield, NJ

Eric's Painting

Monroe Township, NJ

Erik & Son

2286 Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Erner Painting

233 Pasadena Ave
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Estate Class Remodeling

13 East Moonachie Road
Hackensack, NJ

Euro Craft Design & Construction LLC

3072 37th Street
Astoria, NY

Euro Finishing LLC

5 Pritchard Ln
Lake Hopatcong, NJ


Long Branch, NJ


69-85 229TH ST
Oakland Gardens, NY

European Plastering

11 Hanover Sq
New York, NY

Exclusive Painting LLC

26 Winged Foot Dr
Englishtown, NJ


51 Haypress Rd.
Cranbury, NJ


25 Morris Ave
Garfield, NJ


253 Boulevard Ste 3
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Extreme Builders

9 Emerson Rd
Clark, NJ

extreme remodeling

507 bloomfield ave
Caldwell, nj

Ez Restoration

8411 Liberty Avenue
North Bergen, NJ


230 South 7th Street
Newark, NJ

EZ-HIRING Home Improvement Contractor

320 pacific avenue
Newark, NJ

F & D Home Improvment

634 wyoming ct
Toms River, NJ


Lodi, NJ

F.D.R. Home Improvement, LLC.

28 Toms Point Lane
Lincoln Park, NJ

Fair Trade Carpentry LLC

8 Amsbry St
Binghamton, NY

Fairlight Construction

83 Hart ave
West Babylon, NY

Faith Cottage Construction

244-26 137th. Road
Rosedale, NY

Fantasy Construction, Inc.

341 New Bridge Rd
New Milford, NJ

Fastlane Renovations LLC

7014 13Th Avenue Suite 202
Brooklyn, NY

Faustino Renovations, llc

Monroe Township, NJ
Monroe Township, NJ


Southampton, NY

Fernandez Construction Corporation

467 Valley St
Maplewood, NJ

FG Home Services LLC

211 Meadowbrook Drive
North Plainfield, NJ

Fiducia Home Builders & Design Inc

113 Main St
Sayreville, NJ

Final Touch Home Remodeling

1008 west st
Plainfield, nj

Fine Restoration

520 Mercer Street
Jersey City, NJ


New Rochelle, NY

Fireplace and Grill Solutions

310 Palmer Ave
Mamaroneck, NY

First Class Contracting

838 bellis Pky
Oradell, nj

Fisco Enterprise, Inc.

244 5th Ave.
New York, NY

Fittin Construction LLC

2243 Edgar Rd
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

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