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Chris R.
"The inspector missed critical items in his report. He went over the house thoroughly over a couple of hours, and then went through the report in detail with me. But when I took possession" a few weeks later, I discovered that he had noted several inconsequential items- a small crack in a tile, a stiff faucet- but had overlooked major water damage to the foundation and floor under the service porch, an obvious place to check. I am now faced with an unsafe condition and hundreds of dollars in repairs, the exact result I had tried to avoid by hiring them. I won't make that mistake again.
Rated by
Kim R.
was very thorough and he was very good at explaining what he was doing to a
person. On top of searching for deficiencies, he was able" to make suggestions to me for various ways to save money on energy bills and to avoid repairs in the future. He pointed out potential future issues so that I would be aware of costs that may arise in the future. He was also very friendly and accommodating: he did a radon test for me at the last minute, even though the inspection was an hour from his business office and it meant he would have to meet me to pick up the radon equipment at a later date! He really went above and beyond to ensure I was happy with the inspection and the service I received.
Rated by
Gabby N.
"He found a lot of issues with the property. We decided to go ahead, but it was with our eyes open. I think getting a really independent guy like this to look at a property before you" buy is a must; the person the realtor gives you has a lot of incentive to give a "good" report.

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home inspector

Home inspection

For most of us, our home is the biggest investment we will ever make. For those preparing to buy, a quality home inspection is key. An inspection is usually required for a home purchase. A highly rated home inspector will look at every nook and cranny to gauge structure stability, present and potential dangers. But remember, a home inspection is not a guarantee or a warranty - it may not find everything.

LEED-certified green houses must meet ventilation standards to reduce indoor pollutants. (Photo courtesy of the USGBC)
Heating & A/C, Home Inspection, Lung/Pulmonology

Experts say a push for energy efficiency carries a cost to human health, in some cases, like when sealed houses exacerbate asthma. How to go green and be well.

Being at the home inspection allows you to see your "dream home" from the inspector's unbiased viewpoint, says Sherwood. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Diwata F. of Buffalo, New York)
Home Inspection

You may never believe the things a home inspector will discover unless you're there, too. Being at your home inspection lets you see any problems firsthand.

An exhaust fan pulling warm moist air from the bathroom and distributes the air to the attic could lead to mold growth and wood rot, says Jimenez. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member James C. of Los Angeles)
Home Inspection

Bathroom exhaust fans are installed to remove moisture from the bathroom to the exterior of the home. If yours isn't working, don't ignore the problem.

Egress requirements are designed to ensure home occupants can safely exit their homes, meaning nothing should be blocking the path, says Jimenez. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Dave L. of Los Angeles)
Home Inspection

One highly rated provider shares five things your contractor may have forgotten during a home inspection and why you should look to a qualified inspector.

Angie's Answers

It really depends on where you are and the type of work.  In Texas most home inspectors are only trained in general areas of interest and have no detailed knowledge of construction practices.  Some do after having carrerrs in other fields including engineering or as general contractors/home builders.  If you are wondering if a completed job was done in a professional manner appearance wise and have minor concerns an inspector can help you.  If it is more extensive hire professionals from the different fields to inspect the respective work.  Plumber for the plumbing, electrician for electrical, etc.  An experienced GC or inspector can do an initial inspection and advise you whether you should have the concerns further investigated by the trades.  Remember, they can't tell much about what they can't see so framing and insulation concerns will be hard to verify.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services
San Antonio, TX
It's a little unusual to do this except in cases of fixer-upper properties but you should call a local general contractor with experience renovating/remodeling homes in the neighborhood.  They'll know the typical problems with the homes there and what to look out & budget for.  For example, here in San Antonio many of the homes built in the mid-fifties to 60's have lead drains that were not put in properly or were installed in such a way that repairs are not quick or cheap.  Many homes even older have the same drains but seem to be less hassle to repair.  Homes in my neighborhood have a problem with improper supply lines (wrong type of copper) which break due to corrosion.  Just make sure the contractor you hire to go over the property with you has done significant work on homes in the area on similar homes.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services
Are the heat pumps commercial or residential units?
Are the heat pumps Package or Split System?
Are there actually 33 PTAC units?
Are you an EPA certified person( refrigerant )?

Here is my suggestion, break it down into manageable portions(ie one heat pump and a few PTAC units every other month) to keep from being overloaded.  
Clean/Replace filters
Check/inspect electrical wiring and connections
Check amperage draw of compressors/motors 
Check capacitance of start and run capacitors
Check contractors/relays for wear/pitting
Check refrigerant levels and record superheated/subcooling
Check external static pressures across air handler(s)
Check deltaT (return and supply air temps) 
Lubricate motors( if applicable)
Inspect Belts/Pulleys( if applicable)
Clean outdoor coils
Clean indoor coils

Start there and HAVE FUN!!! 

Home Inspecting reviews in Bayville


Only issue was
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
ran late due to a family issue. He called me to let me know and we were able to meet about an hour later than scheduled. We had a especially wet day which helped
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
identify a number of water related issues with the property. Overall he spent about 4 hours going through the 3500sqft house from top to bottom. He quickly turned around(24hrs) a 50+ page report which went through in great detail all the issues with the house. I would highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home who wants to know the status of the property.
- Ryan L.

Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
were both great to work with.
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
arrived about 15 minutes early ready to work. He was extremely detailed in his inspection and took time to help educate and point out little things. The inspection lasted about 2 1/2 hours and by the time he was done I was sure that we would have no surprises in the future about the condition of the house. On Fri. Oct 17th
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
provided us a 36 page detailed report of all the findings with recommendations. I would strongly recommend
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
for home inspection services.
- Roger F.

UPDATE October 28th- reply to providers response -
We are very aware that
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
denies any liability due to his use of the American Society of Home Inspection Standards.

However, there was not only rust in the unit where he DID inspect, there was also rust on the outside of the unit. This was an area that clearly needed no "technical exhaustion" to see. Further, we have a walkout basement, fully finished with ductwork and HVAC venting. This is not a musty damp basement, but actually one that is remarkably dry and even dusty, making his assertion that the rust in our unit came from dampness even more foolish. The rust in the attached photos are the furthest thing from superficial one can imagine. I will state again, that 5 separate HVAC contractors came to our house, and without prompting, asked why this was missed on a home inspection. Say what you will about contractors getting paid or not getting paid, none of them have a financial incentive to make you look bad,
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
, only to point out the obvious.

Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
also only likes to focus on points he can control and not address issues such as his removal of my posts from other public forums such as his FB page. Nor does it seem he wants to discuss how he left a family with a baby in the heat and never even bothered to reply in a timely fashion for a follow up inspection , once he was put on notice of the issue. I do not think that he does empathize with our problem or our efforts to remedy the problem. But I do believe he wants our bad reviews to go away. He publicly has to state that he does, but his inactions thus far say otherwise. He also does not want to discuss how he was very rude to my pregnant wife, who was just following Mr.
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
's instructions on how to notify his company of issues.

We hired
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
to be our advocate and catch any and all issues, not simply tell us if our unit was working or not.
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
obviously made a judgement call that the rust in our unit was "superficial", yet that has proven to be woefully incorrect and has cost us lots of money.

October 8th- Oh hey
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
thanks not addressing the removal of my Facebook
review and for essentially posting a copy of the letter you sent to us a month
after you promised it. Perhaps it took that long to carefully craft every reason as to why you have no responsibility. The more this issue goes on the
more I think your delay in responding was a big screw you to my wife, to whom
you were very rude and to force a family with a baby and no air conditioning/in
a heat wave into a repair before you could conduct your inspection. And we both
know how that inspection would've gone right???
Here is where you and I differ. Two of the pictures that can be seen on my Yelp review are where you removed
the front access panel. There was rust inside and more to my point there was
rust on the outside of the unit. So the horror show that was lurking in my unit
aside, these are two very large red flags you missed. I know you like to think
that this was not existing when you did your inspection but it was. Five
different contractors with no vested interest in making you look bad all
independently said so.
By definition, Iron and steel rust when they come into
contact with water and oxygen. Both water and oxygen are needed for rusting to
occur. Given SUFFiCIENT TIME oxygen, and water, any iron mass will eventually
convert entirely to rust and disintegrate. The key here is water
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
, water
that was coming from the unit. Apparently my home must exist in some water
soaked time warp where things rust at rapid speed. FYI, my basement is bone
dry, well except where we have water damage now from the unit failing.

So here we are, you refusing to accept even the smallest bit of responsibility
except to tell us that we should've had a fund set aside for such issues. I've
purchased numerous homes over the years, never had an issue like this. But
thanks for the financial lesson Suze
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
. I would advise you to stick to your
core competency which is supposedly inspecting homes, but we see how that is working.
Further, why do I need to follow my home inspector around? I hired you to do a
job and it was not done. The assertion that I or my wife should have followed
you from room to room is just absurd.

Update October 6th-
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
had my review removed from his Facebook page. I guess
he only wants feedback that he can control. Sort of when he asks customers to
please say kind words about his company right after service. Nothing like
pandering for positive feedback.

We used
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
Early and
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
for our home inspection last year.
Unfortunately, it is now a year later and we are facing a huge HVAC
repair/replacement bill on an issue that, was fairly obvious in hindsight. Long
story short, our ac coil was fully rotted from the inside out. This is not
something that had happened overnight, nor over the past year. There was
obvious water staining all around the unit and near the blower motor. Further,
we had numerous HVAC technicians out to the home when the unit finally died and
all were not only appalled at the condition of the unit, but honestly perplexed
at why this was not caught on a home inspection.

Following the procedures outlined in his own contract, my wife sent a formal
letter to
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
Early. He responded to my wife, basically telling her that she
has no tact or common decency to send a formal legal letter, when his contract
plainly outlines this approach. His reply was not only insulting but totally
uncalled for.

I t is now October 1st, we finally received a "formal" response from
his company telling us that the interior of the unit was out of the scope of
inspection. While I do not argue that point, my issue was the obvious water
staining all around the outside of the unit, as well as rust and water damage
on the part of the unit he did inspect. Every HVAC contractor we had come to
our home had never seen a unit in such disrepair. How does something like this
get missed? Perhaps a more competent inspector would have put all of the pieces
together and saved us a huge expense.
- eric K.

Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
did a great job! As a former appraiser, agent and inspector I sometimes come off as a "know it all". When it comes to investing in a home, I'm more than happy to spend the money.
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
picked up on a lot of things I would have missed. His work was done with great detail, questions were answered quickly and without doubt. I've worked with 20-30 inspectors in the past,
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
will always be my first choice. I have 15 years in the business, I'll hire
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
every time! The review on A.L. was spot on.
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked

- Michael W.

Great Service. Initially I purchased a treatment package on Angie's List and later found out the packaged that I purchased was restricted only for those with no active termites. They continued to worked with me only charging me a very small diifference and the overall cost still remained less that half of the original cost for treatment. Very pleased with the outcome of the service. They went above and beyond my expectations for service and for this reason I would reccomend their services to others.
- Jason R.

The gentleman was punctual and polite. He went straight to work inspecting the crawl space. Then he came in to deliver the bad news.
1. He could not install the external termite traps because of recent rain
2. He could not treat the home because he found areas of wood rot that would require repair first
3. Previous termite damage was found and possible recent damage, but no active
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
4. $1800 to treat the home
This is the second time I used this company because of their Angies List rating, and I have been disappointed both times.
The first time was to find the source of my rodent damage under my house and treat for it. They didn't find anything even though the evidence was noted during my recent home inspection and from the one when I bought the house a year ago.
The second time was to install external termite traps (Angies List special deal). Of course they found evidence of damage that kept them from installing what I paid for. By the way, damage not mentioned in either home inspection report.
The people are polite, punctual and professional. And what they found in both visits was technically correct, but they failed to meet my expectations as a customer.
We have since treated and eradicated the rodent problem, and we are back under termite bond with the previous termite/pest control company.
- Ken T.

Excellent. This is the second time I have worked with
Bayville Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
. The first time was when I was selling a home and this time when I am buying a home. He is regarded as "the best" in town which is why it takes a while to get on his calendar. He is very thorough and spends about 3 hours doing the inspection. He is very willing to answer questions. I highly recommend him.
- Melissa S.

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