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Sales staff was knowledgeable about their product and eager to please. They promptly turned around an initial concept after taking measurements at our house & were very willing to make modifications per our request. I felt the construction material and methods were top of the line, however, the few points that caused me to go with another company were the use of salt technology in the pool (personal choice for me, I was concerned about the potential corrosion & damage to pool surfaces) and they were a bit disparaging and misinformed about their competition (this might have been an effect of me being very up front about soliciting multiple bids from other local companies).
If I were looking for a salt-pool, or had a close contact ask for recommendations, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
- Michael B.

Fantastic. Very professional. Superb results. The whole experience was fabulous. Started on the Tuesday done the following Monday. Just Awesome!!
- Pamela S.

On 09/04/12 I purchased The
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Beige II Collection Sectional and extended protection plan from the VCF store in
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Twp. Pittsburgh, PA. After a few weeks I noticed that some of the stitching started to unravel and the cushions where we preferred to sit sunk considerably, no big deal. In April 2014 when attempting to take apart the sectional to clean the living room my worst nightmare began. The sectional unhooked properly however it would not pull apart. The reason for this was a metal rod poked threw the bi-cast leather from the left side of the sectional and straight into the right side. I contacted VCF in Monroeville, PA and a technician was sent to my home to check the problem. I was told by the technician that the issue could not be fixed and that I would need new bottoms for both pieces of the sectional and that I would be contacted when the parts arrived. After one month with no contact from VCF I called and was told that the parts are considered a special order and it takes 8 weeks to arrive. After 8 weeks I still had not heard from VCF therefore I called again and was told a manager needed to look into the issue and would call me the next morning. No call was received. I contacted VCF again and spoke with the Manager (
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
) and was told she needed to speak with the technician who came out to the house. When
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
called back she stated the parts were never ordered as no one knew what the technician wanted ordered when the referral was received. Makes me wonder why no one bothered to ask the technician what needed to be ordered 8 weeks prior and why 4 weeks ago when I called I was told the parts were ordered and would take 8 weeks to arrive.
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
informed me the parts would be ordered immediately and I would be contacted when they arrived to have a technician come to my home to fix the couch. Two weeks later I received a call and set up an appointment for the technician to come to my home. The day before the technician was to arrive I received a call from VCF and was told they would need to come and take my furniture back to the warehouse to be repaired. I did not want this to happen as I did not trust the company to return my furniture after the experience I already had. After speaking with a male manager I was finally offered a complete new sectional which was delivered on 08/16/14. The delivery guys were great. My current experience with the new couch is awful. The new set smells badly of chemicals and now my eyes and throat burn. I can't stop sneezing and I am not able to sit or be in the same room as the furniture. I am unable to contact the store as I was informed since I received a new set of furniture my extended warranty is no longer effective. Now the
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
is on for a new set of living room furniture. I will not be returning to VCF in the future. The sad part is the sectional is beautiful and the one I received in Sept of 2012 did not off-gas like this one. UPDATE: I also posted this same review with the BBB and was contacted by VCF. The company offered to send me a replacement sectional couch which is scheduled for delivery next week.
- John C.

Everything went better than expected. The sales person,
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
was very helpful in explaining the process. We were told it would take 4 to 6 weeks to have the furniture made and shipped to the store. It actually took less than 4 weeks. We were called 15 minutes prior to arrival of the truck. The furniture arrived in new, undamaged condition.
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
and his assistant were polite, considerate, and very efficient. They set up everything exactly as we asked. I was completely impressed. We have seen less than good quality product from another store that sells a lot of furniture, and we sent it back. This furniture costs about twice as much, but the quality is so much better.
- Timothy B.

Well the merchandise is still sitting in the parking lot. I was told that a donation company will pick it up. I am a new tenant and hope I do not have issues with the property management. I also hope it will not be stolen since it looks like it was dumped and free for the taking. Hopefully they keep their word and my refund will be issued shortly.
- Hacel F.

It couldn't have gone any better. Once we chose the cabinet design and the color we wanted, we made the commitment for the measuring service . We were measured up in a few days by a kitchen specialist contractor. Once it was confirmed that the kitchen design, layout and size was all good, we ordered. The cabinets arrived on the day we expected them to. I would say we were very worried about the whole process but it really worked out well. Any concerns we had were discussed with
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Hunter from
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
or the Customer Care team and their responsiveness was first class.
The end result was excellent. We chose a contractor during this process and once the cabinets were delivered he started work within a few days. The process to fit the kitchen and have the granite measured up and fitted and all of the finishing actually took a total of 3 and 1/2 weeks.
Dos...Listen to
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
and/or the consultant team, they really know their stuff and they will accommodate you.
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
never pressured me to sign anything at anytime, I never got phone calls on whether I made a decision yet. I always felt she wanted me to end up with exactly what I wanted, even if she didn't get the deal. I think that's why we picked them because of her great attitude.
Dos...Obviously pick the contractor carefully. I did have multiple quotes and also requested a quote from the guy who measured us up for
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
. I did some checking on the web, and he had good credentials and was the most competitive. Therefore I picked his company and I could not have found a harder working, professional team. I will be separately recommending them on Angies List.
Dos....prepare yourself that there may be an issue or two during this process, but when you have an issue these guys will sort it out for you.

- Robert G.

Unbelievable customer service, never pushy and better pricing then I found at some box store companies in
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
. The quality and workmanship is fantastic and my wife loves the work. All the doors are soft close, we have our
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
wood mixer magically appears from under the countertop for easy storage and pops up ready to go and plugged in under our island, we have a bakers draw with
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
and flour ready to be scooped up, customs cupboards and the pantry and even a slides our draw for the dogs food. We could not be happier. All the bathrooms look great too
- Christopher J.

We saw a couch we liked, and the salesman told us that particular model and color were in stock, and always in stock. It was a larger couch that we had thought about purchasing, so we went home to check if it would fit. Two days later when we returned, we were told by another salesperson that the couch was not in stock and there would be a 4 month wait. We were ready to just leave, but the salesperson checked and found the couch in a warehouse in Missouri, which would only be about. 6 week wait. After discussion between ourselves, we decided to buy the couch--and also a chair (which we understood would take longer to arrive). Well, the sofa did not arrive when we expected it, but eventually it showed up with the chair. We went to the warehouse to inspect the furniture before delivery (this company hires another company for the delivery), and we were not satisfied with the appearance of the chair. It did not look like the either the one on the sales floor that we had selected, or like similar chairs that were in the warehouse for another customer. Our salesperson insisted that the chair was "fine," and when we persisted in pointing out its flaws, she just walked away from us. A guy in the warehouse said he thought he could fix the problem. We said we were willing for him to try. He said he would phone us when it was ready for us to inspect. No one called. After two days, we called them, and the chair had been ready for us for two days. It's appearance was improved, and we accepted both the sofa and the chair. These pieces are attractive and functional and fit our budget. The store has many nice pieces as well as many interesting accessories. But we not happy with the way we were treated, by the confusion surrounding our order, and even the time it took to get something from Missouri to Indiana. We will not use them again.

Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
helped us pick an appropriate fabric for the sectional, and was great at answering all of our related questions. There was not much in the way of status updates while we waited for the furniture to arrive. The crew who delivered it and set it up were great. Overall, we were pleased with the company, the service, and the product.

Back in
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
my husband and I purchased a dining set from
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
. At first I went to the store on Main Street looking for a specific set, and when they didn't have it they called up to the store on
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Road to see if they did. They told me that the
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Road store did have it and to ask for
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
. I got to the
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Road store and told them I was advised to ask for
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
, the salesman, told me that
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
had been fired two months prior. I told him the set I was looking for and he informed me that they did not have it but that I was free to look at other sets, so I did. He showed me one with a table, six chairs, and a bench. I told him I was not interested in any set with a bench. He then tried to convince me that I did in fact want the bench. When I told him I really didn't and that the only way I would purchase that set was if there were two chairs in place of the bench (totaling 8 chairs), he said he would go talk to the manager to see if he could do that for me. The list price was $998. He came back 2-3 minutes later and said it would be no problem. I put it on layaway so my husband could come look at it. He did, and we decided to purchase it. A couple days later we paid it off ($1073 all together). We went to go pick it up Wednesday, August 13th. My husband rented a U-Haul truck to get it since we only have two small sedans. Wednesday night we assembled the chairs without a problem, and then we opened up the box with the table to find that none of the hardware, the instructions, and a large storage piece under the table were included. The next day at exactly noon (opening time) I called
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
said he would look into it. Over an hour later I called back because I had not heard from anybody.
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
, the manager, told me that
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
had set the box with the missing pieces up front for me to come pick up. No one called to tell me this. I informed her that I could not come to pick it up since I could not fit the box in my car with the car seats I needed in there for my young children, who were home napping. I then told her I did not feel it was appropriate to ask the customer to correct a mistake that they had made. They failed to give us all the pieces when my husband picked it up, so they should bring the missing pieces to us, not force us to come get them.
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
told me that "usually in these cases the customers come to pick the items up." I guess
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
finds themselves in this situation often. I informed her I needed those pieces so I could set up my table as I was having a big family gathering that night. I didn't hear from anyone. I called back and spoke to
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
again who told me I could have the pieces delivered, but only if I paid the delivery fee. I informed him that was unacceptable as I should not have to pay to fix their mistake. He said he would call me back and never did. So I called again and he told me that the delivery personnel would be out "sometime after 4:00" to deliver the pieces. I was out of my house from 4-6 and told him I needed to know when. He could not specify. The gentlemen called me around 6:00 and told me they were there to deliver, and I convinced them to leave the box behind the fence in our backyard. When we got home and tried to put it together, the screws were too short and did not fit, and the caps to cover the large pilot holes did not fit. I now had to cancel my event as I had no dining table at which to feed my guests.
I called corporate the next day and left a voicemail for a woman named
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
(I believe) to call me back as soon as possible. I made it clear I was very upset. She called back and asked me what was wrong with the table. I began to tell her the entire story and she constantly interrupted me, telling me she needed to know what was wrong with the table. I told her exactly what was wrong with it, but that I also wanted to tell her about my terrible customer service experience. She proceeded to yell at me and tell me that I had received a $300 discount, so I got fine customer service, and that the personnel at the store told her I was aggressive and nasty. I told her I did not care about the discount since I never asked for it, and that shouldn't mean that I don't get the same quality of product or service as everyone else. She then told me that they did not forget to give us the other pieces since they delivered them to us. Yes, they did, only because they FORGOT them to begin with, and they made me BEG to have them delivered without a charge. She then told me it was my husband's fault because he should have opened up every single box (there were 5 large boxes) and gone through all of them to make sure every little piece was present before leaving the store. She was SCREAMING at me at this point, telling me she would not be disrespected. I hung up and called back, telling the receptionist I wanted to speak to someone else besides
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
. She sent me back to
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
. I told
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
I wanted to talk to someone else. "NO. YOU WILL TALK TO ME AND YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME," she screamed. She promised me that the pieces would be delivered (meaning the screws and caps). I asked when. "YOU WILL GET THEM WHEN YOU GET THEM," she screamed.
I wrote a review on the BBB page and someone (I can only presume
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
) wrote this:
"This customer complains of poor customer service when she received a
$300 dollars discount on her merchandise. Any missing pieces they
believe were not in the box have been delivered, although all was intact
when our warehouse crew pulled out this table nonetheless the screws
and pieces bag will be delivered again, today 8/15/14. This customer
was extremely verbally abusive and so foul! This customer began to
bully people demanding service immediately. This customer disrespect
was freightening! We will not do business with customers of this
nature. The screws and piece bags will be delivered today and all
business will be done with this customer!"
So now the story has changed. Now apparently they are saying all the pieces were present when we picked up the boxes and we "believed" they weren't there. I never verbally abused anyone. I was assertive in expressing that I was extremely disappointed with the service and that I had paid a lot of money for something defunct to be sitting in the middle of my home for two days. I never bullied anyone, never demanded anything, and if anyone was treating anyone with disrespect, it was the employees to the customer. It should be noted that nothing was ever delivered to my home on August 15th or 16th. I will NEVER do business with
Nashua Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
again and I would strongly caution anyone who is thinking of doing so.
- Allison S.
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Nashua, NH
2nd contact laura richardson.


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Bona Fide Designs

14 Nightingale Ln
Tewksbury, MA
We are a very personalized service that really listens to our customer's. we off something...

Boston Consignment

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Boston consignment, located in metro west boston, is a high end, upscale furniture consignment...

Boston Interiors

2 Chrysler Road
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Buy & Consign

1250 Main Street
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440 Great Road
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58 Shoreline Drive
Foxboro, MA
Manufacturer's represenatative for hospitality furnishings.

Christina Marie Interiors

3 Christin Way
Woburn, MA
Christina marie interiors offers consultation and full-service interior design for projects...


Somerville, MA
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D & L Billiards & Barstools

377 Atwells Ave
Providence, RI
Family owned & operated. cost is determined by the job.

Debbe Daley Designs LLC

491 Dutton St - LOFT 411
Lowell, MA
Professional interior design and decorting services. project management on renovation and new...

Dick Arpin Antique Restoration

200 Rockingham Rd
Auburn, NH
We are a complete restoration company servicing all of new england. from glueing and clamping...

DirectBuy of Indianapolis

8450 Westfield Blvd
Indianapolis, IN
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Dornin :: Designs

135 Ocean Street
Lynn, MA
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Marblehead, MA
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34 Lawndale Ave
Nashua, NH

Elza B Design Inc

100 Powdermill Rd
Acton, MA
$200 off projects of $2000 or more


Raynham, MA
At emond brothers we pride ourselves on providing homeowners complete remodeling services from...


Manchester, NH
Empire pools has been in business in new hampshire since 1994 servicing our swimming pool and...

Exquisite Designs

47332 Sterdley Falls
Sterling, VA
We are a full service interior design firm. we also obtain a re-sale license which allows us...

Factory Direct Mattresses

1951 Lakeview Ave
Dracut, MA
We are small business that provides individual service to each cutomer. we accept cash and...

Factory Discount Warehouse

6 Brussels Street
Worcester, MA
Quality mattresses and furniture at 40-80% below retail prices. by keeping our overhead low...


7 Cross St
Malden, MA
Furniture concepts is a custom furniture manufacturer and upholstery company dedicated to...


Nashua, NH


Nashua, NH

Gardner Mattress Co

99 Commerce Way
Woburn, MA
Factory direct retailer of mattresses and related products

Generations Woodworking

3 Easy St
Rowley, MA
Our core focus is cabinetry for the home, including kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment...

George Costopulos Auctioneers & George & Co Estate

9 Cerqua St
Woburn, MA
Additional dbas - george & co estate sales,--- george & co gold & sterling buyers.-- george...

Go Red Rooster

123 First Street
Leominster, MA
Red rooster is a family owned third generation business. my wife and i are fortunate to be...


Waltham, MA
Since 1910, griff furniture has been serving waltham and the surrounding communities with fine...

Gulliver general contracting

43 lakeshore drive south
We are a full service general contractor. we have 6 employees, all experienced in building and...

Half Price Sinks and Faucets

5711 NE 14th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Half price sinks and faucets was founded on the belief that our customers deserve to have all...

Harrison Removal

24 Thornton Park
Winthrop, MA
Harrison removal is a locally family owned, professional company focused on delivering...


Cambridge, MA
New england's best wooden furniture design and construction including hardwoods, natural...

Homemade Design

41 Monument Ave
Boston, MA
Homemade design (hmd) is america's leading online interior design service providing a...

Infusion Furniture

49 Victoria St.
Milton, MA
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595 Worcester St
Natick, MA
Innuwindow has been serving greater boston homeowners since 1989, offering a wide variety of...


20 Vernon St
Norwood, MA

Jack The Liquidator

291 Shasta St.
Manchester, NH
We buy and sell new and pre-owned office furniture, workstations and cubicles. if you're...


Nashua, NH

Jordan's Furniture

50 Walker's Brook Drive
Reading, MA
Jordan's reading offers a huge showroom of quality designer furniture, a 500-seat imax movie...

Jordan's Furniture

327 Daniel Webster Highway
Nashua, NH
Browse 54,000 square feet of quality designer furniture at our new hampshire store. free...

Jordan's Furniture Avon

100 Stockwell Drive
Avon, MA
Home of the jordan's furniture colossal clearance center, mom (motion odyssey movie ride) and...

JPK Woodworking

720 Park St.
Stoughton, MA
Custom design furniture, fine funiture, architectural millwork, furniture repair, restoration,...

Just Daybeds

800 Boylston St
Boston, MA
Accepts payment via paypal. dba's: csn stores, llc, accent furniture direct, dining rooms...


198 E Main St
Georgetown, MA
Kay's has been in business for 18 +years. we have many commercial and residential...


Nashua, NH

Le Fort Fine Furniture

293 Winter St
Hanover, MA
We at lefort fine furniture are designers, makers and restorers of heirloom quality fine...

LeBlanc Design

Waltham, MA
Tiffany leblanc is the founder and owner of leblanc design, a boutique interior design firm...


PO Box 45745
Somerville, MA
Lifecycle: diverse experience in elder transitions. since 2006 we have specialized in elder...


Seekonk, MA
We have over 100 dealers and over 200 consignors so you never know what you'll find.. fresh...


Nashua, NH


Nashua, NH

Maven Audio Visual

172 Pollard st.
North Billerica, MA
Let us make your life hassle-free at home and in the office by providing you with the most...

MDM- Million Dollar Mattress

586 Nashua Street unit 16
Milford, NH
Million dollar mattress sells only american made mattresses, made from american materials....


Nashua, NH


505 University Ave
Norwood, MA
Manufacturer of frameless and inset cabinetry and fabrication of stone, engineered stone,...


Nashua, NH


279 Worcester Rd.
Framingham, MA
Neo interiors has been in modern furniture business in the boston area for over 10 years. neo...


165A New Boston St
Woburn, MA
Additional e-mails - additional dbas - new england transport. refrigeration...

New Beginnings Furniture Consignment

10 Lawrence Road
Salem, NH
Upscale furniture & home décor consignment & sales

New England Joinery

85 Southern Ave
Essex, MA
New england joinery specializes in handmade farm tables, reclaimed wood dining tables and...

NewVo Interiors

200 Gay St.
Manchester, NH
At newvo interiors we realize that our customers' styles are very unique. that is why we...

NH Furniture Direct

48 Bridge St
Nashua, NH
Cost is determined by the job.

Phillips Design

95 Commonwealth Ave
Concord, MA


Nashua, NH

Precision Estate Sales

26 Howley Street
Peabody, MA
Whether you are moving or downsizing; whether you are a family member or executor liquidating...

Sage Market + Design

Bedford, MA
{the market} sage market + design is an online store bringing you the very best in design +...


Lexington, MA
As you step through our doors at seasons four, you will be amazed at the expansive collection...


Boston, MA
20th centruy modern and contemporary italian furniture and lighting for residential and...


Nashua, NH


Franklin, MA
Simon's is a local furniture, mattress and appliance store. we have been family owned and...

Stuart Swan Furniture Company Inc

103 Central St
Wellesley, MA
Cost is determined by the job.


Sudbury, MA
Full service kitchen, bath, and remodeling design/build firm offering one stop shopping from...

Sudbury Rug And Home

15 Union Ave
Sudbury, MA
Additional contact names - jay, nancy, additional emails-,...


Madison, WI

The Bedder Way Co

3450 Developers Rd
Indianapolis, IN
Ships any where within the continental united states. additional emails -...

The Office Manager Inc.

250 Canal Street
Lawrence, Ma
Lawrence, ma business specializing in new and used office furniture and office cubicles


52 Railroad Ave
South Hamilton, MA
Timeless interiors timeless interiors offers all types of furnishings from their location...


Nashua, NH

Warehouse Provence Antiques

Shetland Park 45 Congress St
Salem, MA
Family business owned and run by harry bartlett and kim andrews brother and sister


Nashua, NH

Wayfair LLC

4 Copley Pl Ste 700
Boston, MA
Wayfair is in the business of giving our customers easy online access to the world’s home...


PO Box 216
Wayland, MA
We are an interior design and project management firm serving clients throughout new england.

Windfall Cove

Attleboro, MA
During a trip to northern maine, while spending a great deal of time on flagstaff lake, we...

Windfall Cove Custom Furniture & Photography LLC

45 Heritage Drive
Attleboro, MA
During a trip to northern maine, while spending a great deal of time on flagstaff lake, we...

Witch City Consignment & Used Furniture

301 Essex Street
Salem, MA
Witch city consignment, located in the old jerrys army & navy building in salem is not only a...

WOODSTUFF Too Furniture

Waltham, MA
Welcome to woodstuff too. your source for all wood furniture, cabinets and shelving. we are...


Post Office Box 731
Framingham, MA is an established online vintage furniture gallery with custom services...


1245 Worcester St
Natick, MA
Yogibo provides all types of lounge and bean bags such as bean bag chairs, covers, sofas,...
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