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Leo F.
"We began using them in September 2009 when they installed new sod in our front and side yards. We were very satisfied with that service and have continued to use them ever since. " Five or six times a year they apply fertilizer and/or weed killers. Our lawn is one of the best looking in the neighborhood.
Rated by
"In 2013, we had this company do a landscaping plan, and then a bid for the work. They bid things in such a way that we could pick and choose what we wanted done, which was pretty awesome." They also knew that we weren't going to have the work done until the next summer, and were good with that as well. We have a 1/2 acre of property, 1/4 acre of which was originally blackberry bushes. We had a low spot that was a bit boggy, and it was sloped in such a way that wasn't very usable. We wanted a park-like setting with grass and a plantings. This resulted in a plan of 10k sq ft of grass with plantings around the edgings, and a water garden/rock drainage feature for the boggy area. The initial work was done in about a week. Big machines were brought in, as well as several dump trucks worth of top soil and compost, which were all spread to make a cohesive back yard. Then the edging for the grass was put in, and the yard hydroseeded and the rock drainage feature put in. There were a couple of issues, and they sent guys out twice to get them fixed. Really responsive and willing to work to get it done so that we'd be as happy as could be. The owner was really hands on, which was great. Great company to work with and we'd happily use them again.
Rated by
Charlott W.
"These are wonderful people to work with. Unfortunately my idea of "natural" and that of my designer did not mesh real well and I did not discover that until after several" years' growth. There was some winter
of shrubs the first winter and they were very good about replacing the dead ones.

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Finding the right landscaper can help ensure your yard is taken care of to perfection. (Photo by Katie Jacewicz)

How to find the right landscaper

There are several things to look for when hiring someone to work in your landscape.


Landscaping your property can be a major undertaking, and a long-lasting one. Start with a clear plan of what you want to achieve, then decide what parts you want to do yourself and what would require a professional. If you're thinking of selling your home, a bit of landscaping can give it the 'curb appeal' it needs.

Follow these 15 tips to be a better you in 2015! (Illustration by Leslie McFarland)
Accountants/Tax Consultants, Landscaping, Massage Therapy, Organization - Home & Garage

Struggling to come up with a New Year’s Resolution you won’t abandon? Skip the diet, and resolve to be a better you. Check out our 15 ways to do so in 2015.

Landscapes in certain areas require more water due to their higher chance of drought.

You have to water your landscape more often in certain areas due to the higher chance of drought. Will watering restrictions mandate a new mindset toward our home landscapes?

It’s very important to identify the tree’s root flare, which must be left exposed to the air and not covered with mulch or dirt. (Photo courtesy of Heartwood Tree Service )
Landscaping, Tree Service

Proper selection, location, planting and watering of your new tree can give it a firm grounding for successful shade production. Learn how to plant like a pro.

winter view from inside a house
Landscaping, Lawn Irrigation

To winterize: Seal windows, have your furnace checked and gutters cleared. But don't forget to also look outside your home when preparing for the cold.

Inspiration & Ideas

Pan-Asian themed landscape
Pan-Asian themed backyard
wrought iron fence
tree service (Photo by Eldon Lindsay)

Angie's Answers

I don't care about lawns--I planted mine in clover and don't have to mow it. When I do need to mow I use a rotary Fiskars mower, which is great--or a scythe. That's right--a scythe (the European type, which is smaller, and it's very good exercise). Gas-powered mowers, chemical fertilizers and weed killers--all nasty stuff that gets into everyone's air, soil, and water. I'm sure my neighbor doesn't like my wildflowers, semi-wild pockets of fruit bushes, and unmown areas and yes, dandelions (I have 10 acres) but that's too bad. It's better habitat for wildlife, especially the pollinators on which our food supply depends. I think this obsession with the Great American Lawn is a waste of time and resources. Plant some food instead.


One of the more difficult issues facing you will be making sure you compare apples 'n apples while understanding the differences between apples 'n oranges.

Some things common to all:

How far from your (water) meter pit to the home?

Do you know what sort of water pressure you have?

Those two questions sortta drive the rest.  How many sprinklers you have is a piece of the puzzle but it is lower on the issues list than how much water pressure and gallons per minute of flow (gpm) you have.  Knowing the water pressure and gpm coming to the house is important because it is the info divided by the flow rate of the heads to tell you how many you can run at a time.

 That, plus the number of heads it takes to cover your yard will let them decide on how many zones to cut the yard into (each zone is X number of heads that run at the same time).

Will the different estimates be for systems that are all parts from a single manufaturer or will it be a collection of brands?  Some will tell you that the parts (controller, back-flow, heads and even specific heads) are better from different manufacturers while others will tell you that all from a single manufacturer will give you an optimized system.

And, are the contractors equally certified?  Not only education and experience but certifications from the various manufacturers who's parts they want to use.  And, will their installations be the same?  Will they open trenches all around your yard and be a week getting the stuff layed, connected and back-filled?  Or, will they pull the flexible pipe and be in 'n out in one day with water flowing to cover their intrussion before they leave that day?

Will your system need to be blown out with pressurized air at the end of the season to avoid winter freeze and bursts or will it drain automagically?

I know, I took your simple question and made it hard.

When I bought my system about 9 years ago, I had a variety of estimates and the differences sortta fell into the mess I listed above.  The low estimate was a person who seemed to be from the "get it in the ground and fix it later" school.

The highest estimate was from someone who seemed more concerned about my yard and the final result than I was.  The low person was using parts 'n pieces from a variety of manufacturers.  The high person was certified by the company that made all the parts he was wanting to use and he carried a fairly high rating from them for his past performance..  He would vary for me if I wanted but he had sound reasons from the controller to each of the heads as to why he preferred his "brand".

It doesn't look like you are a member of Angie's List.  Given the size of the investment you are looking at, this might be a great time to join and see how others in your community have rated the contractors you are considering or if there is one you should add to your list. 

My yard is between 12 and 15,000 square feet less the house, deck, two mini-barns and it is interrupted with a number of blocking (blocks the stream of water) evergreens and planting beds.

The low estimate I had was about $2,500 and would take three days to put in from the time they began to trench.  I don't recall how many heads he wanted to put in but if it was off, he'd be able to put another anyplace and tie it to the nearest zone to give me good coverage.  Uh, this was the get it in the ground 'n adjust later person.

The high estimate I had was around $4,500.  This proposal was for seven active zones each having 5 to 7 heads.  There was enough capacity (extra zone controllers and space within the system controller) built in to add drip irrigation at a later date for the planting beds without having to replace anything.  He drew the entire yard and gave me a copy with the heads marked showing the "throw" of each and the overlap he built in to avoid any missed areas.  And, they wanted to arrive in the morning and leave that evening with the system watering to cover their tracks throughout the yard.  One day and they would not leave until it was working as advertised!

I took the high estimate.  I have a neighbor who bought from the other folks.  Both of us are happy.  He is really happy because each time he calls his company for adjustments or corrections (yep, they got it in the ground and are still putzing with it) they are out within the week, they are really easy to do business with and their service calls' costs haven't gone up a whole bunch.

Sorry, you can't look at the price and divide by X number of heads and have a fair comparison.


1) IF you are talking the root crown - the portion where it is not one solid truck or "bole", but still a solid or near-solid mass of roots coming off the base of the trunk, then that has to come out on way or another. Typically, once you get beyond about a 3 foot circle then you are in the radial portion of the roots where they spread out laterally, and are a foot or more apart, and new roots can grow in that area fro the new tree OK. Of course, be prepared to have to trim some volunteers so the old tree can't come back, and be sure to fertilize the new tree per recommendations because the old roots will still be trying to extract water and food from the soil to support the tree that they do not yet realize is gone. Do NOT put stump killer or poison in the old tree - will kill new one too.

2) The proper commercial way to do this is to have the entire root crown and larger roots removed with a stump grinder - looks like this -

You need a tree service that can grind down at least two feet below ground level and remove the root crown and larger root segments. If you hve large roots running laterally quite a ways, he can grind them up too - ditto to "trippers" sticking up above ground. Just be sure to have it clear (spray painted) upfront how far he is going for what he quoted - typically about $150 for tree up to 1-2 feet in diameter, up to $500 for a massive sycamore or walnut or cottonwood or redwood with 6 foot diameter crown. While you can rent stump grinders at tooll rental places, I REALLY do not recommend it - the rental ones you can afford to rent for one use are pretty light duty, and they can chew a person up in no time flat if you lose control when it snags in the wood or hits a rock.

3) Another way is to go out to where the massive roots taper off to something you can reasonable cut - say 4-6 inches in diameter, and cut them all in a circle around the stump, then with a come-along or CAREFULLY (not more than a few hundred pounds) with a vehicle with a trailer hitch, put a steady pull on a good rope or strap or chain in a shallow notch cut around the top of the stump (so it does not pop off easy), then while it is being rotated up out of the ground walk around and cut any root you see still attached or trying to lift out of the ground. This works much better if the stump is left about 4-6 feet high so you get some real leverage on it with the pull, but if already cut down short run chain or strap over the top of it and around a large root on the far side of the stump. I use a Sawzall with foot long coarse tooth wood cutting blade for this - goes through roots really fast, and blade is only $1 or so apiece so ruining one or two hitting rocks is no big thing, and also reaches in under the stump better and safer than an axe. I helped a neighbor take out a back yard full of birches this way - took us about half a day to remove about 15 trees with about 6 foot diameter circle of crown and roots, leaving holes about 1-2 feet deep where each tree was. Remember this - whichever way you use to take it out, you will need maybe 1-5 wheelbarrow loads of good growth medium to replace the divot. 

4) Cheaper route - cut off flush with ground level (or leave some stickup as a planter or stool or feeder base or whatever), and plant new tree at least 4 feet away from old crown, in a spot between the old roots.

'Reasonable' is one of those words that means wildly divergent things to different people.  Check with your local high school to see if they have  any sort of agricultural program.  If yes, perhaps someone in that program could help you.  Being a landscaper myself, I must say it sounds like you want something that is - first and foremost - cheap.   This is NOT the best way to look for any service.  You would be better served looking for 'competant' than with 'cheap'.  The nicer you want your flowerbed to look, the more important it is to find someone who REALLY knows what they are doing.

Landscaping reviews in Lyndeborough


We had a somewhat complex project for the landscaping of our property. Nick took us to a property where he was landscaping a back yard. We were impressed with his work and decided to hire him. He also took us out to a nursery to pick out the trees and bushes. Nick and his crew were very professional, on time and hard working. Nick is an excellent landscape contractor with significant experience in landscape design and installation, and a flair for turning artistic expression into reality. He is very knowledgeable in the types and species of plants, trees and bushes, which look best and which will best survive in the summer heart and winter frosts. He and his crew did an excellent job of installation of the landscaping, which involved placement of rock and boulders, a beautiful dry creek bed in the front yard, irrigation valve, back-flow preventer, irrigation water lines, and the low voltage lighting fixture placement. He used the best materials, which will require less maintenance and will last longer. He installed 3 spaghetti irrigation tubes for each of the large trees (2 deep and one surface) and 2 spaghetti tubes for the smaller trees and some bushes. System testing of the automatic irrigation and lighting systems were successfully performed. A couple of minor adjustments were made to the design as the work progressed to improve the looks and functionality of the landscaping, including additional lighting. My wife and I highly recommend Scape Tech for the design and installation of landscaping.
Lyndeborough Landscapers Provider Name Locked
and Barb
Lyndeborough Landscapers Provider Name Locked

- Timothy M.

The job was done at a time I was at work, which was fine by me. They left a nice sign alerting us to keep off the grass, but it didn't say for how many days. There was a lot of fertilizer noted on lawn and the holes for aeration as well, but not many seeds I could see. Im not sure if the seeding will be done at a later date... I would use them again because they covered every available spot on my lawn with fertilizer.
- nicholette W.

The process was smooth, starting with finding time to meet at our home, then getting a quick reply with their estimate. The estimate was not just the cost but also the time it would take to complete. Then they followed up to let us know that they had an opening sooner than anticipated and would reduce the cost if we could work with their schedule....More /> The work was started within a few days, on the stated date, then the work was completed on time and they cleaned up the work site. After the work was completed Bill from
Lyndeborough Landscapers Provider Name Locked
walked me through their work, pointed out several features alon g things to watch for going forward.
A week or two later I followed about with a few questions. They were available immediately and answered my questions. I would definitely use them again for any landscaping needs and would recommend to anyone who was looking for outdoor work to be done.
- Elaine V.

From the first email to this organization requesting a quote on the work I wanted done to the last discussion after the work was done, the staff of
Lyndeborough Landscapers Provider Name Locked
Landscaping are the BEST. Doing our communication through email worked well. Their response to each email I sent was prompt and very informative. Every question I had was answered. Today they arrived to do the work on time and got the job done beautifully. They even went over the brick wall on the back patio so nothing would come through my home to mess it up. My patios look beautiful and around my townhome is mulched just perfectly. I'm so happy with the work.. Thanks so much to
Lyndeborough Landscapers Provider Name Locked
and all his wonderful staff for great customer service and excellent job delivery.
- Patricia Ann B.

I paid $1,000 to reseed and top soil my lawn, plant some bushes and flowers, and
Lyndeborough Landscapers Provider Name Locked
down some pavers 6 months ago. And I also hired the company to maintain the yard every other week. I now have big patches of dirt in my lawn, weeds galore, and half the plants they planted are dead despite the watering schedule he directed.
Over the last few months I have left multiple messages on the office number and owners cell number. I have texted him several
times. I have sent a note included in my monthly payment. I have even tried calling without displaying my telephone number thinking he might answer if he did not know who was calling. At first, I was actually trying to reach him thinking if all else failed he could just give me the name of the grass seed he used, I would go and buy it and reseed it myself on all the big areas that have no grass. And the weeds continue to spread.
But I am way over that now. The lack of response to my many attempts to reach him is unprofessional and tells me that he is not concerned about helping or keeping his current clients. It seems once I paid him the initial fee, he wrote me off. His workers
that mow the grass are very nice, but they cannot provide any help with my problems unless I speak with the owner, and he NEVER returns calls.
So I have ended his employment via a certified letter and will be seeking a new gardner for weekly maintenance.

- Marcia B.

It took a couple of calls to get in touch with them; had to leave messages and have them call me. They did call and let me know when they were planning on coming. Then they called and left a message when the date was finalized, which I appreciated. Their price was excellent, but it didn't seem like they used a lot of grass seed. I made sure to water the seed to give it the best
Lyndeborough Landscapers Provider Name Locked
of growth, but I noticed that the areas where I had added extra grass seed had a lot more grass coming in; some of the areas that were bare didn't seem to have a lot of seed on them and so not much grass has sprouted in those areas where I didn't add seed. But it WAS a really good price!
- Susan R.

Lyndeborough Landscapers Provider Name Locked
and his crew did an excellent job.
Lyndeborough Landscapers Provider Name Locked
was very easy to talk to, and offered good, reasonably priced ideas for the yards- both of which were a total mess. Weeds were almost knee high in places, there was almost no grass, and trees and bushes were growing way too close to the house and were generally in bad shape. In short- now the yards look great!
Lyndeborough Landscapers Provider Name Locked
and his crew removed all of the old topsoil/dirt, sod and weeds, as well as a lot of the overgrown bushes and trees. Then they installed some artificial turf in both yards, putting pet turf in the back yard (our daughter has three rather rambunctious dogs). To help curtail costs,
Lyndeborough Landscapers Provider Name Locked
suggested landscaping with rock around the turfed areas, which we readily agreed to.
Lyndeborough Landscapers Provider Name Locked
estimated 10 days for the job, but ended up taking a little longer only because of weather delays. He also repaired, at no extra cost, some minor damage done to the neighbor's gravel driveway (they had to access the back yard from the side yard - which butted up against the neighbor's drive). The neighbor was more than happy with the results! We would definitely work with
Lyndeborough Landscapers Provider Name Locked
- Jean E.

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