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"They were wonderful. They did two designs for me then allowed me to mix and match the designs. Most importantly, the designer,
, really listened to what I" wanted and delivered. The plants and trees were healthy and clean. They did job in timely manner. We love the results.
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is very eager to do what the customer wants and do it when he wants it done!! I have fired four lawn services in the past seven years for quality in lack of" responsiveness. When
leaves our place it looks the way it should look. He also does the little extras such as blowing the debris off the front and rear porches - he did not put any of it there but it makes the place look professional when he is finished. He never gets grass in the pool -- that has been a sore spot with prior services. He also does the job on the day I ask for it to be done. The last guy said I do your area on this day and if you don't want it done then, too bad!! I fired him too. And his office was only 0.7 miles from my house!! (That was JTL Lawncare.) Earthly Imaginations appears to be a startup company eager to serve and professional in their work. Highly recommended!!

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Mulch and Topsoil

Mulch can be a lot of different things, but at its core it exists as a material that is applied to landscaping, walking paths and flower beds for aesthetic purposes, to suppress weed growth, retain moisture and supply nutrients to soil through decay. Topsoil is the nutrient-rich, uppermost layer of soil that is ideal for gardening and planting.

Dark mulch by deck
Mulch & Topsoil

Adding mulch to your landscape design plan can help plants grow, but how much does mulch cost? Should you buy mulch by the yard or the bag? Read to find out.

You should check your mulch for compaction about once a month, says McWilliams. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Robert P. of Boston)
Mulch & Topsoil, Landscaping

Before you put down fresh mulch around your plants, there are a few steps to take. One highly rated provider shares 10 steps to prepare for fresh mulch.

pros and cons of rubber mulch
Mulch & Topsoil

Dear Angie: I recently put down recycled rubber as mulch for my front flower bed. How reliable and sturdy is the rubber mulch compared to wood chips?

Landscapers mulch to moderate soil temperature, conserve moisture, suppress weeds and to add organic matter to the soil as the shredded bark breaks down.
Mulch & Topsoil

Looking to add some mulch to your landscaping? Highly rated mulch pros from across the country talk about the different types of mulch.

Angie's Answers

I don't care about lawns--I planted mine in clover and don't have to mow it. When I do need to mow I use a rotary Fiskars mower, which is great--or a scythe. That's right--a scythe (the European type, which is smaller, and it's very good exercise). Gas-powered mowers, chemical fertilizers and weed killers--all nasty stuff that gets into everyone's air, soil, and water. I'm sure my neighbor doesn't like my wildflowers, semi-wild pockets of fruit bushes, and unmown areas and yes, dandelions (I have 10 acres) but that's too bad. It's better habitat for wildlife, especially the pollinators on which our food supply depends. I think this obsession with the Great American Lawn is a waste of time and resources. Plant some food instead.


One of the more difficult issues facing you will be making sure you compare apples 'n apples while understanding the differences between apples 'n oranges.

Some things common to all:

How far from your (water) meter pit to the home?

Do you know what sort of water pressure you have?

Those two questions sortta drive the rest.  How many sprinklers you have is a piece of the puzzle but it is lower on the issues list than how much water pressure and gallons per minute of flow (gpm) you have.  Knowing the water pressure and gpm coming to the house is important because it is the info divided by the flow rate of the heads to tell you how many you can run at a time.

 That, plus the number of heads it takes to cover your yard will let them decide on how many zones to cut the yard into (each zone is X number of heads that run at the same time).

Will the different estimates be for systems that are all parts from a single manufaturer or will it be a collection of brands?  Some will tell you that the parts (controller, back-flow, heads and even specific heads) are better from different manufacturers while others will tell you that all from a single manufacturer will give you an optimized system.

And, are the contractors equally certified?  Not only education and experience but certifications from the various manufacturers who's parts they want to use.  And, will their installations be the same?  Will they open trenches all around your yard and be a week getting the stuff layed, connected and back-filled?  Or, will they pull the flexible pipe and be in 'n out in one day with water flowing to cover their intrussion before they leave that day?

Will your system need to be blown out with pressurized air at the end of the season to avoid winter freeze and bursts or will it drain automagically?

I know, I took your simple question and made it hard.

When I bought my system about 9 years ago, I had a variety of estimates and the differences sortta fell into the mess I listed above.  The low estimate was a person who seemed to be from the "get it in the ground and fix it later" school.

The highest estimate was from someone who seemed more concerned about my yard and the final result than I was.  The low person was using parts 'n pieces from a variety of manufacturers.  The high person was certified by the company that made all the parts he was wanting to use and he carried a fairly high rating from them for his past performance..  He would vary for me if I wanted but he had sound reasons from the controller to each of the heads as to why he preferred his "brand".

It doesn't look like you are a member of Angie's List.  Given the size of the investment you are looking at, this might be a great time to join and see how others in your community have rated the contractors you are considering or if there is one you should add to your list. 

My yard is between 12 and 15,000 square feet less the house, deck, two mini-barns and it is interrupted with a number of blocking (blocks the stream of water) evergreens and planting beds.

The low estimate I had was about $2,500 and would take three days to put in from the time they began to trench.  I don't recall how many heads he wanted to put in but if it was off, he'd be able to put another anyplace and tie it to the nearest zone to give me good coverage.  Uh, this was the get it in the ground 'n adjust later person.

The high estimate I had was around $4,500.  This proposal was for seven active zones each having 5 to 7 heads.  There was enough capacity (extra zone controllers and space within the system controller) built in to add drip irrigation at a later date for the planting beds without having to replace anything.  He drew the entire yard and gave me a copy with the heads marked showing the "throw" of each and the overlap he built in to avoid any missed areas.  And, they wanted to arrive in the morning and leave that evening with the system watering to cover their tracks throughout the yard.  One day and they would not leave until it was working as advertised!

I took the high estimate.  I have a neighbor who bought from the other folks.  Both of us are happy.  He is really happy because each time he calls his company for adjustments or corrections (yep, they got it in the ground and are still putzing with it) they are out within the week, they are really easy to do business with and their service calls' costs haven't gone up a whole bunch.

Sorry, you can't look at the price and divide by X number of heads and have a fair comparison.


1) IF you are talking the root crown - the portion where it is not one solid truck or "bole", but still a solid or near-solid mass of roots coming off the base of the trunk, then that has to come out on way or another. Typically, once you get beyond about a 3 foot circle then you are in the radial portion of the roots where they spread out laterally, and are a foot or more apart, and new roots can grow in that area fro the new tree OK. Of course, be prepared to have to trim some volunteers so the old tree can't come back, and be sure to fertilize the new tree per recommendations because the old roots will still be trying to extract water and food from the soil to support the tree that they do not yet realize is gone. Do NOT put stump killer or poison in the old tree - will kill new one too.

2) The proper commercial way to do this is to have the entire root crown and larger roots removed with a stump grinder - looks like this -

You need a tree service that can grind down at least two feet below ground level and remove the root crown and larger root segments. If you hve large roots running laterally quite a ways, he can grind them up too - ditto to "trippers" sticking up above ground. Just be sure to have it clear (spray painted) upfront how far he is going for what he quoted - typically about $150 for tree up to 1-2 feet in diameter, up to $500 for a massive sycamore or walnut or cottonwood or redwood with 6 foot diameter crown. While you can rent stump grinders at tooll rental places, I REALLY do not recommend it - the rental ones you can afford to rent for one use are pretty light duty, and they can chew a person up in no time flat if you lose control when it snags in the wood or hits a rock.

3) Another way is to go out to where the massive roots taper off to something you can reasonable cut - say 4-6 inches in diameter, and cut them all in a circle around the stump, then with a come-along or CAREFULLY (not more than a few hundred pounds) with a vehicle with a trailer hitch, put a steady pull on a good rope or strap or chain in a shallow notch cut around the top of the stump (so it does not pop off easy), then while it is being rotated up out of the ground walk around and cut any root you see still attached or trying to lift out of the ground. This works much better if the stump is left about 4-6 feet high so you get some real leverage on it with the pull, but if already cut down short run chain or strap over the top of it and around a large root on the far side of the stump. I use a Sawzall with foot long coarse tooth wood cutting blade for this - goes through roots really fast, and blade is only $1 or so apiece so ruining one or two hitting rocks is no big thing, and also reaches in under the stump better and safer than an axe. I helped a neighbor take out a back yard full of birches this way - took us about half a day to remove about 15 trees with about 6 foot diameter circle of crown and roots, leaving holes about 1-2 feet deep where each tree was. Remember this - whichever way you use to take it out, you will need maybe 1-5 wheelbarrow loads of good growth medium to replace the divot. 

4) Cheaper route - cut off flush with ground level (or leave some stickup as a planter or stool or feeder base or whatever), and plant new tree at least 4 feet away from old crown, in a spot between the old roots.

'Reasonable' is one of those words that means wildly divergent things to different people.  Check with your local high school to see if they have  any sort of agricultural program.  If yes, perhaps someone in that program could help you.  Being a landscaper myself, I must say it sounds like you want something that is - first and foremost - cheap.   This is NOT the best way to look for any service.  You would be better served looking for 'competant' than with 'cheap'.  The nicer you want your flowerbed to look, the more important it is to find someone who REALLY knows what they are doing.

Mulch Delivering reviews in Amherst


Amherst Landscaping Mulch Provider Name Locked
was doing work in our area, noticed our driveway needed repair and offered to do the work at a discount since they already had equipment in the area on the other job (other job was walkway/retaining wall). Original price was $3180, they'd reduce it to $2880 because the equipment was already there. I offered them $2700 and they accepted. We had previously been given a price of $1500 by another company but they turned out to be disreputable and never did the work.
Total area of the driveway is about 600 square feet and the last third of the driveway was raised and buckled from tree roots. They tore out the bad section (about 200 square feet), dug out the roots (they were extensive), backfilled and laid a stone base. Over that they put 2 inches of asphalt base level with the existing driveway. Then overlaid the entire driveway with asphalt ranging from 4 inches at the garage to 2 inches at the road portion. The extra thickness was necessary because the ground had settled a great deal by our house since the original driveway was installed years ago. A vibratory roller was used to compact and smooth the surface to a nice finish. When done all of the debris was cleaned up and hauled away.
Amherst Landscaping Mulch Provider Name Locked
was professional, punctual, provided excellent communication, did everything they said they would, and did an excellent job. The price was a good bit more than what we were offered from the other company but as I've found after the fact, that company has many complaints and does poor work or even only partially finishes jobs so it was a lowball price. Checking with other neighbors who've had asphalt work done I think we received a fair deal, especially considering the demolition needed for our job and extra thickness of asphalt that was applied. This new driveway should last many years, I would not hesitate to hire this company again and recommend them for driveway / hardscape / patio work.
- James B.

The pine needles came and were installed within 1 business day of payment. I don't know if they are usually so prompt, the site asks that you allow a few business days, but they were extremely fast in delivery. The crew installed with no fuss and did a good job.
- Linda S.

Provider forgot his appointment time, but after I called, he rescheduled for later in the day. He arrived, and he discussed the project with us until he properly understood what was fully desired. He realized that he needed more equipment than he had available, but he indicated that he would contact someone who could provide what he needed. He left without providing an estimate, but left us with the expectation that one would be provided. We did not hear from him again.
- John & Carol M.

I was very pleased with the service that I received from
Amherst Landscaping Mulch Provider Name Locked
. I found their price on Premium Triple Shred Hardwood Bark Mulch to be competitive and I am quite happy with the product so far (only had it about 2 weeks). The fact that they offered a reasonable price on the installation was one of the reasons I choose them. Rich was very helpful in explaining my options and delivered the mulch on time. He uses a sub-contractor for the installation. I was quite pleased with both and must add that the installers did a great job. I was pleasantly surprised when the installer lightly edged by beds before doing the installation as I hadn't expected that. I think that was a nice touch and it definitely enhanced the look. Assuming the color holds up well, I will order from them again.

- Jason S.

Had 4 yards of shredded oak delivered in the spring. Called around, other places would not deliver for a few days.
Amherst Landscaping Mulch Provider Name Locked
's said they could deliver same day, and would also wave delivery fee because he was headed out to a consultation nearby. Very nice of him. Mulch prices are similar to most other places. Will use him again.
- Shaun M.

Same day
Amherst Landscaping Mulch Provider Name Locked
. Arrived on time as scheduled. Great service. Highly recommend
Amherst Landscaping Mulch Provider Name Locked
if you live in their service area!
- Teddy B.

Set a 10' x 20' cover on the driveway for the mulch to be dumped on. They did an excellent job keeping it on the cover. My wife stated delivery was around 13:00. Prompt, punctual, and excellent quality mulch. Easy ordering and scheduling of delivery.
- Randall H.

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