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Tope L.
"These guys are the best. I live in Western
County and they did my windows 7 years ago. They have really held up and when we did have an issue a few years ago" with condensation in one of the windows we called them and it was real easy and they were very prompt in addressing the issue. They replaced the problem window and we've been good since. So it was an easy decision when it was time to do the roof. Just to keep them honest I did get two other estimates and they were in the middle but I knew what I was getting with them and they did not disappoint. The salesperson was extremely knowledgeable and professional. I didn't know there was so many things involved in installing a new roof! When they came out to install, the installers were like machines. I couldn't believe that they finished my roof (it's over 4000 sq. foot house) in 1 day. I watched my neighbors get their roof done over the summer and it took them over a week and their house is smaller. These guys were coordinated and were very efficient. They all had on uniforms and were courteous. The foreman on the job was very professional and really seemed to be the maestro of the project. I have recommended
to several family and friends in the past and they've always delivered. I cant sing their praises high enough.
Rated by
Ross V.
"Ever, the technician, showed up on time. Went about his job in a professional manner. Understood what needed done, completed the job within the quote. Would definitely us Ever again on future work.
Rated by
Adriana F.
"Update: Originally, I gave them a bad rating for customer service. Apparently the salesperson that was handling my job had lost both of his parents suddenly. That caused the company" to kind of drop the ball with my order. They hadn't contacted me the entire time the windows were being made. They rectified the situation by giving me a $750 credit and they also came out and installed the windows sooner than what was expected. They also had the foreman for the job that came out and personally checked the installation work himself. I received an apology phone call from the director of operations from the company apologizing for the inconvenience for not being contacted throughout the processes of manufacturing my windows. They did a great job to rectify the situation. I love my new windows.

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worker handling lead paint risk
Painting - Interior, Windows, Remodeling - General

If you live in a pre-1978 house, be aware of the dangers that lead paint poses, even in the tiniest amounts. Children face the greatest risk. Follow these tips:

Windows can deteriorate faster on one side of the house due to differences in sunlight and weather exposure. (Photo courtesy of Pella Window and Door)

Typical residential windows can cost $600 to $1,000 per window to replace - evaluate your windows for these 3 replacement signs before committing to a replacement investment.

Angie's Answers


Hello - I hope my answer will help point you in the right direction.


The reason you're having a hard time getting clear information is because there are hundreds of companies saying their window is the best. There are probably millions of different features you can choose to have for your windows and in price ranges from $169-$1200 (per double-hung window).


I've been in the business for 15 years and have seen many different window products from many different dealers and manufacturers. This all comes down to: "what's important for you and your home?" If you want a strong warranty from a company who has a full-time service department to give you piece of mind and service your windows should needs be, or are you looking at only those companies who offer true wood interior windows that you can paint or stain to match the home decor? Whatever is your hot-button, then that's where you want to start.


I would recommend you first choose how you want your new windows to look. Wood-interior with vinyl clad is only offered by certain companies, while there is a vinyl woodgrain finish to give you similar results without the maintenance. If you're only looking for a white interior and don't want the maintenance, a fiberglass or vinyl window would be the best choice from what is offered in the market today (vinyl will be less expensive - not necessarily cheaper quality). If you are going to change out a window to a french door and a door to a window, then you WILL NEED to find a contractor with some carpentry experience. Some companies will tell you upfront that they do not handle those sorts of remodeling projects due to the complexity and time it would take to get it complete.


Unfortunately, we won't be able to personally help you with your project as we work in the New England Area. However, if you wish to talk further, please feel free to email me at: and I'll be happy to let you know our prices for what we offer so you can compare and hopefully find a similar company to do the work for you near the Austin area.




Get your roofer back out there.  Course of shingles above the window need to be pulled, self sealing flashing, drip caps, and counter and step flashing are going to be required here. 


This is a flashing issue as the window connects to the mansard roof surface. 


Condensation and a leak are two different and very noticeably different (i.e. volume) things.


Flashing and roofing on Mansards can be tricky but is sounds very much like a roofing issue. 




Much easier to scratch and typically not as good a finished quality as compared to glass.


Benefits are the resistance to breakage as mentioned by LCD.  Any glazing shop should be able to re-create that panel. 


For a broken window (or leaking seal in multi-pane unit), for a standard roughly 2x3 foot window, can run from low of about $75-125 for single pane to more like $200-300 range for triple pane, depending on construction and any special ultraviolet or heat reflective coatings. If a removeable window unit, of course cheaper to remove it and take to replacement glass place then have them come out, measure glass size, order glass unit, then come back to install.


If taking in yourself, commonly they can do single-pane in an hour or two, but count on a week or so typically for sealed double or triple pane unit to come in, so you will have to seal the opening in the interim. That is an advantage of having them come out - they measure and determine type of unit on first visit and can seal with tape and plastic sheeting (if you have not already done that), then come back with new unit and install a week or two down the road - but you are not stuck with an opening in the wall for a long time.


Thermal numbers look okay when looking at the NFRC.


Do you have any other data on them?  Air infiltration, Design Pressure, Visible Transmittance, and Condensation Resistance are all good evaluators.


Air infiltration rate is way high at 0.21.


It may look nice in person but the performance numbers are below average. 

If you are being sued and/or counter suing, then you should hire a lawyer.  While you can do small claims court and sue without a lawyer, the Contractor's insurance will provide him a lawyer to defeat you.  Plus, odds are good the Contractor has more court experience than the average Home Owner, especially if this is his standard opperating procedure.  If you go against a lawyer, you will lose, even if you are right (Saying the right thing at the wrong time is very bad in court rooms.  Get a lawyer who knows the processes).

Once you decide you are suing, there should be no further contact or access to the property with the contractor.  If you have already been told you are suing, you should stop all access to your property (you are allowing them to gather evidence AGAINST you.  Your lawyer may be able to reach an agreement outside of court to allow the contractor to fix the work within a specific time period, but even then make sure you are not in contact with the contractor.  Anything you say, will be turned against you ("The Home Owner said it was okay.")

A building official has no legal obligation in court; his job is safety and minimum construction requirements as allowed per Code.  He has no say over materials and methods, and cannot assess damage. (IRC doesn't have a requirement that the door you mention exceed 35", so he won't care it isn't 36" as an example).  What he CAN do is state if the work is unsafe or causing other conditions which are unsafe.  Let your lawyer decide; but it is not in your best interest to have the Building Offical inspect with the contractor.

To sue you need to show damages.  Get another contractor (get some references or hire an architect to help ensure you get what you need) to inspect the work and give an estimate to repair.  The amount the contractor(s) estimates becomes what you seek in court (plus court fees) from the contractor.  If his work caused problems, you should be suing, not sued.

Also, be aware that no door manufacturer makes an actual 36" door (as an example).  They each have their own frame sizes, so a "36 door" in reality will be 35 7/8" to 35 3/8".  Each door maker has slightly different sizes (go online, you can see Pella, Anderson, Kolbe-Kolbe, etc. have their actual sizes available for PDF downloads).  If you replace a Pella 36" with an Anderson's 36" they won't fit perfectly.  In fact, the different styles within the same manufacturer are sometimes even different.  The purpose of trim is to hide the gap between the wall and door frame, so your door may be perfectly fine in size and method of installation. 

When you have this work corrected (and for any future work) utilize the services of a lisenced Architect.  They will oversee the work, review requests for payments and document existing conditions and conditions found during construction to prevent the situation you are now in.  They will also ensure the proper permits are filed and the inspections called for.  Because they are a third party to the agreement, they can be the 'bad guy' and make the contractor perform, where you just have to pay the invoices they approve.  The contractor deals with the Architect (and vice versa) and you get the project you wanted. The cost of the architect would have been around $3,200 and is minimal compared to what you are dealing with now, the peace of mind is worth it and architects often find cost savings that go directly back to the Home Owner.  When you account for time alone, you will have spent more than this on just preparing and attending the court case.

Because this is headed to court, stop all communication with the contractor and get yourself counsel.  Good luck.

Window Replacement reviews in Milford


Milford Window Installers Provider Name Locked
does 'outstanding' work..... He was 'always' on time.... He gave us some great idea's, as we started the work, which we implemented. I was only going to do a few windows, but after seeing his work, I had him do the entire level...
Milford Window Installers Provider Name Locked
also cleaned up after himself....which made this experience even better.... Also, his prices are very fair.... I plan on using
Milford Window Installers Provider Name Locked
now for the rest of my house....(the list is growing....) Do not hesitate using
Milford Window Installers Provider Name Locked
.. Angie's list comes through again..!!
- Lou A.

Milford Window Installers Provider Name Locked
came out to our house on 09-27-2014. After looking at the area where we needed the door replaced we sat with him for over 1 1/2 hours reviewing all options. He was very knowledgeable and very well prepared with catalogs, pieces of different type of materials used to make doors. We were so impressed that we did not contact any other contractors. Based on his impeccable reviews in Angie's List and our meeting with him we did not feel that it would be necessary. We ordered our door and
Milford Window Installers Provider Name Locked
told us it would take approximately 3-4 weeks until they received it. I put it on my calendar to follow up with him but he called me first.
Milford Window Installers Provider Name Locked
Milford Window Installers Provider Name Locked
came to install my door on 10-27-2014. They worked almost all day. They took great care to cover the floor and surroundings and clean up when they left. The door looks great. I would definitely recommend him to others and use him again should the need arise.

11-10-2014 - I have changed my rating from B to A something I never do because no matter how amazing a contractor is I always feel that no one is perfect and there is always room for improve. This is not fair to
Milford Window Installers Provider Name Locked
because I don't know that there is anything he could have done better. Everything about this job was as close to perfect as it could be. They are a wonderful company and did a wonderful job.
- Linda O.

Ever showed up on time, reviewed what needed done and went to pick up the necessary materials. He started the project and worked cleanly and efficiently. Clearly he understood what needed to be done and did not waste any time in completing the job. When completed he cleaned up, went over the project with me which I approved. Ever knew what he was doing and I would have him back for similar jobs that I may have.
- Ross V.

From start to finish we found
Milford Window Installers Provider Name Locked
to be an easy company with whom we could work. They responded quickly to e-mail and phone communications as well as making the whole process as stress free as possible. We were amazed at how quickly this work was completed. We were equally impressed with the installation process, the friendliness of the crew and the clean up they did.
- Karon R.

We obtained 4 bids/estimates from various companies.
Milford Window Installers Provider Name Locked
Milford Window Installers Provider Name Locked
sales rep, was the only one that actually opened/looked at our current windows to assess all issues and make recommendations. All other sales reps just wanted to sell us windows. I was impressed with that.
Milford Window Installers Provider Name Locked
had a window deal going on at the time - buy 5 windows and get one free - which helped to keep costs down. We liked the type of window that
Milford Window Installers Provider Name Locked
recommended. The window installation went very smoothly.
Milford Window Installers Provider Name Locked
, the window installer, was great! He was very courteous and professional. He was detail-oriented and worked hard to insure the windows were installed correctly. He also did a good job repairing the wood rot. He put tarps down to protect the floors and cleaned up the work area at the end of the day. He took down all of the window blinds and put them back up after the new windows were installed. The only issues we had were: 1) a long lag time between the windows being installed and scheduling the painting of all repairs/window trim. There was some confusion over the scope of work to be done between the painting company and
Milford Window Installers Provider Name Locked
which caused additional delays; 2) incorrect billing. The final bill did not show a credit for the amount we put down when the contract was signed/windows ordered.
Milford Window Installers Provider Name Locked
, the sales rep, was able to resolve both issues to our satisfaction. Overall, we were pleased with the project.
- Lori S.

We decided to purchase
Milford Window Installers Provider Name Locked
Ultra versus
Milford Window Installers Provider Name Locked
based on quality of product and what we deemed improper shortcomings in the
Milford Window Installers Provider Name Locked
installation at a neighbor's home. We also felt quite uncomfortable with knowing the proper price as it kept dropping over time invoking substantial sums of money. This was a ballpark $50,000 job.

From the first meeting there is heavy pressure to sign an exclusivity contract. PCS actively canvasses neighborhoods where storm damage has occurred. I did not feel comfortable with the high pressure tactics and choose another firm for my $50,000 window job.

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felker consulting

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Glass Doctor of Seward

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Handyman Remodeling

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12610 Waverly Rd

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6030 Havelock Ave

JAM Contracting

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Larsco Enterprises

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Level Headed Guy


Lincoln Replacement Windows

3900 S. 6th St. #7


2410 Adams St

Lion Rinnovations Inc.

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Marshall Custom Construction

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835 N 59TH St

Reese Construction

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TCM contracting

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The Palace Glass Company

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Waddle Exteriors

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PO Box 80866



Willet Construction Inc

4535 Pagoda Ln

Window World of Lincoln

2940 Cornhusker Hwy

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