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2013 we spent over $7,000.00 to have "
& Design" (the brand) install a new poured and stamped concrete walkway and a stamped concrete driveway. By mid September we noticed side to side hairline cracks in the driveway. We notified the owner, Ms.
, of the problem.
On September 19th 2013, Ms.
came to our home to see the issue. Upon looking at it she stated the following, in writing, on the company letterhead: "This is to refer and confirm that
has looked at this crack in Mr.
driveway. And at this time (September 19th, 2013) is not needing repairing. If in the future the customer decides that, it appears to get bigger
will fix this crack." That is the issue. We have a written commitment that if WE determine the crack is getting bigger it will be repaired. This commitment has not been honored. It was signed by
who added "(Owner) " next to the name.
In June of 2014 we noticed a significant expansion of the cracking. In fact pieces were beginning to break loose and the stamped concrete surface was coming apart from the underlying original driveway. We contacted Ms.
who came to our home to review the situation.
looked at the problem and agreed that the crack had expanded and needed to be repaired. She had initially sold us on the strength of the product. Stating it was 3/8th of an inch of concrete so strong 40,000 plus pound Motor Coaches would not even damage it. We measured the crumbling section and found the actual concrete poured as much thinner than that. She agreed with that assessment and added that her team of installers "Should have cut an additional expansion joint".
We discussed the way the repairs should be done. She agreed to have the repairs made while we were away. The repairs were scheduled to begin around
15th, 2014. Ms.
told us she had sold the company but she was working for them as a sales person and advisor. She indicated the new owners would honor the agreement and do the repairs. There was no discussion of any cost fo this to us.
In early August, while still away I contacted Ms.
and asked if the repairs were completed as committed. She indicated that no, they were not done. She said: "There has been so much rain we are very behind." She said she would get it done "in the next few weeks".
Upon returning home in mid August we found the work was still not done. We attempted to contact Ms.
. She did not respond. I then contacted
at Design at the number on the
and Design website. I called the number on the web site and left a message on the company voice mail. The new owner, a Mrs.
returned the call and scheduled a visit to our home to review the issue and make a determination as to how the problem would be dealt with. We scheduled a meeting at my home in
Head Plantation for the following week.
The initially set meeting date and time was rescheduled and ultimately Mrs and Mr
came to our home on Friday August 22nd. We showed the areas where the concrete had cracked, pieces had broken off and where the surface stamped concrete had completely crumbled. We discussed the commitments made by Ms.
on behalf of the new owners and their company. I mentioned the missing expansion joint and Mrs.
agreed with that.
I asked them why the repairs were not done as scheduled. Mrs.
said: "The first time we heard about this was when you called. You were never on the schedule." Later in the conversation Mr.
added that he and Ms.
had been to the property and looked at it. This series of comments makes me wonder who is telling the truth. Was it scheduled and canceled after Mr.
reviewed it? Was it never scheduled? Either way it had nothing to do with being delayed by the rain as Ms
had stated. Someone is being untruthful. It can't be all three ways.
still seemed amenable to doing something to resolve the issue. But Mr.
immediately became defensive and was clearly in no mind to do anything. He began showing his position when I mentioned the fact that everyone agreed there should have been another expansion joint. he said: "Who's everyone?" in a combative
. I answered: "Well, along with
) had just agreed it was missing". He then continued with statements indicating he was opposed to resolving the issues.
Specifically he said the following:
"Why should we fix this when we didn't make any money on the sale?"
He added that they were not responsible because:
"We purchased the assets of the business not the liabilities."
Then he added:
"This is
's problem not ours."
And finally:
"We spent thousands of dollars on new equipment. Why should we have to fix this?"
Mr. and Mrs.
, left after committing to discuss a possible resolution with
. Mrs.
still seemed to be amenable to some form of resolution. Mr.
seemed absolutely set against any. They committed to having an answer to us by Monday August 25, 2014. We felt that we would never hear from them again.
Their commitment to contact us on Monday was broken. Monday passed with no call from Mr. or Mrs.
, Ms.
or anyone else at the company.
On Tuesday August 26th I called them and left a message. They returned the call. Mr.
stated they were not finished with discussions with Ms.
and would have to get us an answer later. I asked when we could expect an answer. They committed to an answer on Thursday August 28, 2014.
Their commitment to contact us on Thursday was broken. Thursday passed with no call from Mr. or Mrs.
, Ms.
or anyone else at the company.
On Friday August 27th, my wife and I placed repeated calls to
and received no reply. We also made repeated calls to Ms.
and received no reply. In fact towards the end of the day calls to Ms.
from us went directly to voice mail. We were clearly being ignored.
Knowing that they did receive text messages I sent a series of them outlining exactly what steps we would take as a result of their ignoring us. These posts included my intention to post reviews such as this on social media, since it was clear they had decided not to respond as committed. Here is what I received in return by text from the current owners:
Text Messages: "Hhb services llc never did any work for you and therefore is not liable nor responsible for your repair. prior to these harrassing texts we were in discussion with the previous owner as to how she (end of text message)
(Next text message)Wanted to handle your situation. as of now we are no longer willing to be involved. (end of text message).
We replied: "Your choice" They responded with: "
and design is no longer in business and if you slander or
our company there will be legal consequences." (end of text message) We replied: "OK. it would have been less expensive to fix it." Their final text message to us was: "Hey
what church did you say you attend?" I elected not to rise to the bait.
They appear on their web site to still be operating publicly under a "Doing Business As" (DBA) of
& Design. While HHB Services LLC may or may not be correct in their legal position, we believe their decision to not honor the commitments made under the brand name they are using is ethically and morally wrong.
Whether you favor a legal or moral position, both or neither, the fact remains that we have the right to have an opinion on the transaction. We asked for a solution. They said nothing would be done. n todays social media driven world, to make a decision such as this with a basis of "Why should we fix this when we didn't make any money on the sale?" and a legal basis such as "Hhb services llc never did any work for you and therefore is not liable nor responsible for your repair..." rather than providing exceptional customer service by resolving an issue is questionable to me.
Their decision seems designed to allow them to hide behind a legal position. They have taken the position that due to "HHB Services LLC" having purchased only the Assets of the former company, they have no legal responsibility to honor commitments made by the former legal entity,
and Design, Inc. Legally this may be true or it may not be true.
But they take this position while two of the Assets they seem to have purchased are the name "
and Design" and the reputation associated with that brand. It may be legal to hide behind a new company entity. But to do so while leveraging the
and Design, Inc reputation and brand, is to me to what makes this a questionable moral position.
As you make a decision to choose a contractor to do stamped concrete or other concrete work for you, you should ask yourself this question: "If this is how they handled this transaction, what will they do if I have a problem after the work is done?"
Anyone in
Head, Bluffton,
County or
County, SC or in the greater
GA area should take note of this in making your decision to use this company. This includes those in Sun City
Thank you for reading.

- Peter K.

First and Foremost -- under the category "Hire Again?" -- our preferred answer would have been Not Applicable. First -- We don't anticipate needing this service again. Foremost - we believe homeowners are better served by defining their expectations and matching it against examples of the provider's work.
will be glad to show you examples of his work so you can decide if it's a match! We contacted
, owner of
the first week of June. We were so impressed with his knowledge, experience, and manner -- and his reviews on Angie's List -- that we hired him without interviewing other suppliers. Besides owning the company, he has over 20 years of hands-on personal experience.
also gave us a recommendation for a company that could re-surface and re-tile our pool (
's Construction), and that was a perfectly delightful experience. Every single member of
's crew was professional, responsive, prompt, and respectful. The two young men who removed the old product and prepped for the color process took special care in the preparation, the actual work, and the cleanup. They were respectful of our landscaping and adjoining paver patio. The gentlemen who did the concrete work were masterful. On a scale of 1-10, we would have given them a 15 at that point. We did have a problem with the color application process. After discussing it with
he devised a method of reworking the topcoat to deliver an acceptable product. With so many positive reviews of
's work on Angie's List, and a visit to one completed application, we believe our problem was an anomaly and we appreciate that
stood behind its promise and provided a satisfactory final product. The "B" rating simply reflects that in this case the work took longer than anticipated.
- Catherine W.

Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies

Ruffin, NC

Stamped Concrete reviews in Ruffin


Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
and his crew were highly professional ....polite. and skilled workers. They left the job each evening. Clean and organized. Would not hesitate to use them again. The result is as beautiful as promised.
- Lee P.

Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
concrete services in the
Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
area. He is not a licensed contractor, although we did not find that out until it was too late.
Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
failed to work with the contractor and resulted in a portion of the concrete pad having to be sawed out and repoured to meet code. To say the result looks bad is an understatement.
As a result of the original concrete pour, concrete splattered the side of our house. Mr.
Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
assured us he would clean/repaint, and he failed to do so.
By the time the issue with the contractor was resolved, it was early fall. We contacted Mr.
Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
numerous times to finish the staining and sealing of the cement because our hot tub was scheduled for delivery in early December, and each time he told us he would be right on it. The date is now August 26, 2014. The job still remains incomplete and I believe Mr.
Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
has no intent or desire to complete the job.
Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
is a very outgoing, likeable man who comes across as very responsible and knowledgeable. I am writing this review so that others do not find themselves in similar circumstances.
- David C.

Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
was quick to set up an estimate, set up an appointment to pick out the pattern, etc, and did a wonderful job on the patio, it's beautiful! My only complaint was the communication on when the job would be done. There were a lot of delays due to the rain, which was understandable, but I only heard about the delays from neighbors who were also getting patios. The day would come that they were supposed to start and no one would show or call, I'd call and if I got an answer they said they'd call at the end of the week with an updated schedule on when things would be done. The gentlemen who built it were nice and professional, but did leave a dead/dry path from the material and truck on my lawn. But again, the job was done beautifully and the price was fair.
- Jeannie M.

Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
and his team did a great job giving us exactly what we wanted.
Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
was very responsive to phone calls and text messages as we prepared for work to start.
Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
was very accommodating as he had to wait for the pool builders to get the pool installed. During the project
Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
was onsite overseeing all the work, and made sure we were happy with everything before pouring the concrete. He added extra no slip stuff to the concrete since it is around a pool so that it would be perfectly safe for us, and i am pleasantly surprised how well it works. Finally, the patio ended up being bigger than we initially thought, because the pool placement was a bit off from where we thought it would be when
Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
came out for the estimate. Rather that just tell me we owed him more,
Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
suggested i measure to see what size i got (after he measured twice). Our measurements were a bit off and we easily agreed to meet in the middle with no hesitation. We are extremely happy with our new pool patio, and glad we went with
Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
. We already recommended him to a neighbor who's patio hes doing right now! Thanks
Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
- Mike T.

We had a patio area with old, cracked concrete.
Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
helped us pick a design that would incorporate the existing cracks into a flagstone design with mottled colors. They pay particular attention to the preparation of the existing concrete surface. As the installer,
Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
, told us, "Many companies can make your concrete look pretty, but if the substrate is not prepared correctly, it can fail and it will take the new overlay with it." We were very happy with the results.
Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
and crew took special pains to paper and tape off our house's walls and cover the plants from over-spray. Very professional and friendly.
- Norman F.

Concrete was too thick when poured. They used a dull blade when cutting ridges in concrete for water run-off. Caused concrete to breakoff they tried to repair it really, really looks bad. Concrete is two toned had to get them to come back due to holes inside of concrete steps need to be filled in. This was caused by concrete not being thin enough when poured. It was suppose to take two days it took a week. They broke the Faucett off of our pump house we do not know how. They paid the repair but did not offer any explanation. They spattered concrete all over the side of my house and told me they could get it off. They could not....I could go on...just a mess.
- Cathy R.

I contracted with this contractor to perform wood fence install and wrought solar iron gate on 8/3/14 and paid the sum of $3000 over half of contractual services to be performed. The job was to start on 8/4/14 and conclude on 8/8/14. He never showed up on 8/4/14 and called each day thereafter with various personal excuses for the next 4 days. On 8/8/14, I called police and filed theft by services charge. After the police called him he came out and pulled down my fence, dug two holes (causing $182 in damage to sprinkler wiring and pipes), and planted poles and left. He left my property a mess and open with no regard for my safety and never returned and left me to hire an Irrigation specialist to make repairs to my sprinkler system. He informed me throughout the next week via text and a few phone calls (when he decided to answer) that he was on his way, but never came. When I threatened to take him to court, he said he would bring me the material that he allegedly purchased. He never did. This contractor (
Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
D. L' Minggio) took my money and refused to refund me. He is a liar and thief.
- Jessica W.

Trench drain:
The existing concrete that had to be cut out for the new drain was thicker than Mr.
Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
assumed. He charged me over $400 more to remove it. The concrete truck had to wait for hours before the form was in place and they could pour. And it turns out they didn't remove enough existing concrete, so the trench drain is uphill from the carport floor. The trench handles the water running down the driveway, but the carport floor ponds instead of draining - one of the problems the drain was supposed to cure.
The concrete was poured on 07.08.14. Mr.
Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
took measurements for the metal grating that is to go over the trench, saying it would be ready in a few days. He has been back twice since then to remeasure, but as of this date (08.24.14 - almost 7 weeks later) I still do not have the grating, and Mr.
Ruffin Stamped Concrete Companies Provider Name Locked
does not return phone messages.
They removed the old concrete and formed for the new without incident. But he didn't order enough concrete for both parts of the job, so they could only partially fill the form for the driveway the first day. That concrete had to be removed the next day and new concrete poured. That work turned out fine.
They dumped a substantial part of the concrete they removed on a rip-rap retaining wall on my property without consulting me beforehand. It is an eyesore, and when I found out about it, I asked them to remove it. Now, 7 weeks later, it still has not been cleaned up.
They left 2 wheelbarrow loads of broken concrete (some pieces as large as dinner plates) in the lawn adjacent to the two work areas, which I had to pick up before seeding the areas.

- Michael W.
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