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In 2006 my family purchased the Sterling II
home. We purchased the
over the local -still in business- competitor Classic Homes. We weighed the options between the two builders, the styles, the floor plans, the lots and decided on
purely due to the 10 year warranty that
offered on new home purchases. The price of our home was around 350,000, Turn key was the end of December 2005. Today the house is almost 9 years old. I am writing because I want you to know how disappointed I am that an American company would provide a product and a warranty and then within 2 years fend bankruptcy yet continue to build in other places. I really love my home and location. What I don't love is what you did to us. The majority of the people on my street ( 9
's were built during the same period) I would say approximately 75% are still the original homeowners. In this time, my cement has cracked in numerous places, my stucco is beginning to crumble, my oversized deck that I paid $7,200 dollars for was made with (untreated lumber)which is now rotting and splitting underneath the TREX decking (which was also recalled) and we have already had to replace half of the deck and the supports. However TREX did what
did and everything they claimed was subpar they also claimed was not under warranty. The oversized back deck should have had TREX steps as well however someone opted to construct the steps out of large (once again untreated ) lumber 2 1/2 " x10 1/2 instead of the proper TREX steps that would have gone with the decking. And the steps too are now rotting and splitting. My AMSCO windows also with a lifetime warranty to the original homeowner are now warping and some are so hard to open and close anymore that I fear for our safety in the event of a fire. I have contacted the local AMSCO window dealer (ProBuild) who sounded like a friend of
stating we can't help you so call so and so and they will fix the windows at a cost. I called the regional AMSCO window distributor and I am awaiting a District Managers visit next week. The bottom line is what you told us and what you did to us was wrong. I am telling you in advance of my frustration because I am going to share this with others. I have had it. I am a kind good person by nature and I don't want any other non suspecting excited new homeowners to be taken in by your promises. My new husband is a carpenter and has shown me where you used secondary pieces to fit together door trims, molding, doors, front decking that was used as saw horse and then mounted as the header board on my front porch with the TREX logos visible for all to see. The wood staining was done very haphazardly and there are many places where you can see the drips that the laborers apparently became complacent and it is obvious. My house came with a sump pump that was not initially installed and I had to go back to
within the first two years and have that installed. In addition during that time my back porch steps (remember the large pieces of untreated lumber) consisting of about 12 steps was pulling away from the primary decking.
maintenance staff came out and put some metal straps on my steps to attach them to the deck. Boy that is some quality workmanship. I am so sad that I did not buy the Classic home as they have retained their value and guess what they continue to build and grow in my city. Too bad my neighbors and I were swindled.
- Debbie G.

Let me state from the beginning - YOU CAN'T GO WRONG USING
for your building project. From start to finish , the project took about 15 weeks, and it couldn't have gone better. Before I looked for bids on this project, I had a full detailed set of plans made up by an outside designer - I strongly recommend doing this so that everyone is bidding on the same thing and there are no questions once the job is started.
wasn't the low bid, but I was really impressed with the thoroughness and detail of their proposal, compared with the "open ended" contracts I received from the others. 2 weeks after the contract was signed on May 1, they broke ground for the foundation and didn't stop working until the job was done August 15. Kudos to
, who managed this project. All the various phases of construction were scheduled so that there were no stoppages, or crews getting in each others way. All the various subcontractors did their jobs well and on time. All questions were addressed promptly. Everyone on the job, without exception, was cooperative, courteous and helpful. Thanks,
for a great job!
- Brian A.

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Very unprofessional Company, I was forced to leave due to Poor work conditions, and numerous safety hazards that were
brought to the attention of supervisors including the owner. Numerous employees are not properly certified. Countless roof leaks that i have personally seen myself caused by the employees careless mistakes. I had numerous items stolen from me by employees that were under the influence of illegal drugs... Im posting this to warn homeowners or customers that may be interested in this business.
- Joshua L.

We needed a complete overhaul for a kitchen and baths. They were seriously outdated so we decided on gutting them out and starting over again. It was a huge job but the
Mineral Springs Home Builders Provider Name Locked
team always reviewed all the details with us and completed everything to perfection. They were here ready to work everyday and always made sure that we were happy with the work as it was getting completed. They provided great design ideas for the new kitchen and bath layouts and everything was done exactly as described. I would definitely recommend this contracting team to everyone.

After years of hard work, saving, & planning we selected
Mineral Springs Home Builders Provider Name Locked
to build our family Home. We saw
Mineral Springs Home Builders Provider Name Locked
's work around town & at the parade of homes & loved his style & good ideas for a modern home. We planned our dream home, finalized our house plan, style, & interior choices, signed a contract & he started our build. The first two months went well then it seemed the construction schedule was lost. Minimal work occurred over the next 3 months. Mind you, most construction loans are for a period of 6 months then you pay more to extend basically paying mortgage & not being able to live in a home. By month 6 we started noticing things were not being done according to the plan or design of the home. We were excited for this home obviously and stopped by almost every day after work to see how things were coming along. There were subcontractors there doing things incorrectly and when we would tell them that what they were doing was wrong or not to plan most of them could not speak English. Which is fine, but
Mineral Springs Home Builders Provider Name Locked
was never there supervising these crews to make sure things were done correctly. He had 5 other homes going at the same time but refused to hire a superintendent so it left only him and 1 man cannot build 5 high end homes at the same time and possibly be paying enough attention to detail to make sure things are done correctly everywhere. Here is a list of half of the issues that took place at our Dream Home and what we found out after doing some research and contacting the sub-contractors he hired!
-Our beautiful concrete floors were not covered with paper or cardboard the entire time during construction. Since this is what we would be seeing every day and would be our finished product it was dissappointing that there were many deep long scratches all over our living room, dining room, and kitchen from nails dropped and stepped on, subs dragging equipment through the house, subs dropping things on the floor etc. Once completed even after buffing and waxing many of these horrible scratches never came out and I ended up having to buy two large area rugs to cover them and make it an acceptable living space.
-Electrical - Our kitchen pendant lights started smoking and the wire cords turned black from the lights being on. I called the electricians and they told me they would be out immediatley to shut off power to that area, that it was a fire hazard. After they came out they told me that the pendant lights were not UL certified. DB would not replace these becasue he
Mineral Springs Home Builders Provider Name Locked
we picked them out. He had told us to pick pendant lights out on ebay or lighting universe. We picked them out but he ordered them. When I asked for a receipt for returning the lights so I could get some sort of credit he would not give us one. We had to pay $1000 for 4 new lights and $450 to the electricians for their labor. Sound right to you?
-Sheetrock/Framing - We paid extra, a lot extra for sound proof sheetrock in our home. On one of our visits during construction I noticed the sheetrockers were not using acoustical glue which is needed for sound proof sheetrock. I asked the crew if DB had been there that day or if he didnt tell them they needed this special glue. THey said they hadnt talked to him in a couple of days. I asked if the sheet rock was the "sound sheet rock" and they said no. I contacted
Mineral Springs Home Builders Provider Name Locked
that night expressing my concern and he assured me it was sound proof and that he provided the special glue for the subs. I had him meet me at the house the next day. The entire house was sheetrocked. He asked me if I wanted him to cut a hole in the middle of my newly sheetrocked home and he would show me the metal in the "sound sheet rock." To his surprise I said yes please cut it and show me. He obvisouly thought I would not want to damage the wall. So he cut a nice big hole in the new wall and sure enough regular sheetrock, no sound proof sr. The next week it was tore out and the correct sr was installed. Then we noticed our walls in our home were not straight and had waves to them. This was due to bad framing! I contacted the head framer and he told me that they were within the standard building code. He knew they didnt look good good but said he didnt care becasue
Mineral Springs Home Builders Provider Name Locked
shorted their company 2K so they didnt have to do quality work.
-Appliances/Finish work - We had picked out all of our plumbing fixtures in advance & they were included in our contract price. When it was time to order our master bath tub that was $2000
Mineral Springs Home Builders Provider Name Locked
said he forgot to include that in his pricing & if I wanted that tub I would need to pay for it out of my pocket. But its listed in my contract??? This was the first of many "whoops" he forgot to include in his private cost breakdown ( We were not able to view this.) SInce this was the first occurance I gave him the benefit of the doubt and paid the $2K out of pocket. Next it was time to do the interior (counter tops/stone) etc. I get an email out of the blue letting me know that if I want the countertop thickness that I liked and selected prior to building I would need to pay an extra 3K. All of the other homes we viewed of DB had the thick counters, and the contract was not specific about thickness but we has always discussed these and DB said those would be the ones we would get. Now DB was not going to do this until I dished out 3K more, so I had no choice. At this point we felt so badly taken advantage of. To make matters worse he said he "forgot" to include our master bath countertop when we figured our counter price in the contract. We had to put our foot down and say NO! How could that possibly be our fault when a builder does not accurately measure for counter tops based off of your floor plan prior to building. DB became very unprofessional after this occurrence because I didn't get my wallet out & dish out more $to him. At this point & over the next 2 months we noticed NOBODY (subs) were working on our house. DB knew we were making mortgage & this new construction morgage payment at the same time since 6 months had come & gone. He basically backed us into a corner & drug out our building time. Many other incidents happened during this time. The exterior stone was not done according to plan (he had less put on the house than what was shown on our drawing. Obvisoulsy cutting corners to save $$ on almost every item in our home. We had to pay $10K for a built in bookcase/cabinetry piece that was the main focal point of our living room. This was not specifially listed in our contract but we were assured at least 5 times prior to the contract that he had included 10K for a wow feature in the main living room and we trusted him. Next was the tile backsplashes, grout, & counters. DB tile guy did a great job on my kitchen backsplash but when he got to my bathrooms it looked sloppy. Crooked tiles, sloppy grout, uneven lines, 1 of the bathroom countertop tile was done so poorly that the drawers below the counter couldn't open because the tile mud was not put on evenly. Later, tiles had to be filed down to get the drawers to open. So im left with a very ugly visual in that bathroom. And one last thing with grout, Our concrete floor had saw cuts in it to make it look like very large tiles. When it was time to grout these 1.5" deep saw cuts all through the house DB said the grout is not included. Your cost does not include grouting these??? DB was happy with leaving these exposed for all dirt/food/dust to fall in there?? Can you imagine sweeping your floor? I guess you wouldnt need a dust
Mineral Springs Home Builders Provider Name Locked
. This scenario did not work for us so again we had to pay $1800 to grout our floor.
*Safety-A 20 lb wood panel fell off dishwasher on my 1 yr old son the first week
By this time I am not a happy buyer & tension was high! We did not trust DB or anything he said or did and it was the worst feeling I've even experienced especially since we were going to live in this home. In total we paid in excess of 55K out of pocket above and beyond the contract for mistakes or adding in the items that were "suppose to be" included.
Mineral Springs Home Builders Provider Name Locked
is not an honest builder, took advantage of many situations, & was totally and completely unprofessional.
Total time to build ended up at10 mos and 2 wks & 7K in extra loan fees .
To end the experience at month 11 I had a list of things needing to be repaired per the contract. DB said that I owed $3800 and that if I paid they would have the items fixed. I asked for information/details of this $ I owed & recieved nothing! The list of things to fix included: plumbing in the one of the bathroom tubs was broken, I contacted the plumber & he told me
Mineral Springs Home Builders Provider Name Locked
did not pay him for they work that was done on a different job so he would not fix it. There were areas where the base trim had seperated at the corners of a room, the outdoor water spiket didnt turn the water off completely so it dripped & after time my walkway sank in that area about 4" so it was a tripping hazard, the metal cap piece around my roof line had lifted & needed to be secured down, 2 of my doors to outside wouldn't t open AT ALL! 5 of the window casings had separated from walls, ex. doors handles rusted &the list went on. We ended up paying way over $3800 to fix these items and I had a gut feeling that if I would have paid him this misterious money I owed that none of these items would have been repaired either.
we've since had everything fixed & items repalced so we could still call this our dream home and we now enjoy it very much. I wished I would have done my research and contacted previous buyers and got an attorney to review the contract. We know of 6 other families that had horrible experiences with DB and similar occurrences. My advice would be to buy a spec house if you love his design, then you know what you are going to get, hopefully! He makes $$ by cutting corners on custom homes.
- Cassie C.

Our home needed alot of exterior updating and
Mineral Springs Home Builders Provider Name Locked
gave us a very competitve price considering all the work that they had to do. The work was completed expertly and beautifully. The new siding and roof made our home look brand new. We also have a huge back deck in the back yard and an attractive new patio area and walkway in the front of the house. Great work and highly recommended!!

We needed some extra living space and decided to get our basement finished.
Mineral Springs Home Builders Provider Name Locked
provided the perfect layout and design for our needs. Now we have plenty of room to entertain with the new family living space complete with a bar, full bathroom and a kitchenette for convenience. Everything was completed perfectly and to our satisfaction.

It was a great experience working with the
Mineral Springs Home Builders Provider Name Locked
team. Everyone was very professional and experienced in every facet of the job. My renovations look great and they were done in the time frame discussed. I would highly recommend
Mineral Springs Home Builders Provider Name Locked
to anyone considering any home renovation project.

Mineral Springs Home Builders Provider Name Locked
did a great job in planning and completing my kitchen and bath remodeling project. It was a stressful time but the
Mineral Springs Home Builders Provider Name Locked
team always put me at ease and finished the job efficiently and everything was completed to perfection. i would highly recommend
Mineral Springs Home Builders Provider Name Locked
for any renovation project!

We are completely satisfied in every respect with
Mineral Springs Home Builders Provider Name Locked
's work. The work site was always orderly. Lots of compliments from neighbors and visitors. No complaints from neighbors whatsoever.
Work quality is outstanding. Contractor communicated his schedule on a daily basis.
I recommend
Mineral Springs Home Builders Provider Name Locked
without reservation.

- Tim M.
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Legacy Roofing

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Locust Lumber Co Inc

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Lowe's - Franklin Square

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M & J Stucco

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9325 Charlotte Hwy
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M.L. Walker & Co

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Master Building

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MC Construction

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MI Electric

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Pineville, NC

MIG Renovations

5530 Lancelot Dr
Charlotte, NC

Mike Fusco Builder

1201 S Crescent Dr
Smithfield, NC

Milligan Construction, Inc

500 Johnsfield RD
Shelby, NC

morgan carpet-construction

8356 Kendrick Rd
Jonesboro, GA

Morgan's Custom Builders

1149 Cameron Rd
York, SC

Morris & Moffitt Inc

8421 Old Statesville Road
Charlotte, NC


Marion, SC

Muse Residential Inc

548 Church St N
Concord, NC

NAVMAK Enterprises, LLC

6025 Blakeney Park Dr
Charlotte, NC

Nelson Coble Construction

3842 Willow Grove Ln
Concord, NC

Nelson Southern Construction LLC.

349-L Copperfield Blvd.
Concord, NC

New Dimension General Contracting

1023 Rolling Park Ln
Fort Mill, SC

New Leaf Construction

11500 Falling Leaves Dr
Charlotte, NC

Newcraft Construction, Inc.

8425 Hills View Rd
Oakboro, NC

Newton Custom Homes & Realty, Inc.

6012 Hemlock Dr
Indian Trail, NC

No Excuses Construction & Remodeling

401 Hawthorne Ln
Charlotte, NC

Nova Homes Inc

719 Gladedale Lane
Monroe, NC


11700 Plaza American Dr
Reston, VA

Odom Builders

Highway 21
Statesville, NC

Ohm Glass & Showers Inc.

10404 Granite st
Charlotte, NC

Ontrack Restoration and Construction Services, Inc

2400 Crownpoint Executive Dr
Charlotte, NC

P M Caskey Construction

1763 Craig Farm Rd
Lancaster, SC

Pacific Builders

604 Ideal Way
Charlotte, NC


302 Valley Stream Rd
Statesville, NC

Palm State Contracting

104 Fawn Court
Lexington, SC

Palmer Custom Builders

1008 Shippon Ln
Waxhaw, NC

Palmetto Exterminators Inc

5716 Stockbridge Dr
Monroe, NC

Paramount Roofing

2536 Shenandoah Ave
Charlotte, NC

Parquet Company Inc.

9535 Arborview Court
Charlotte, NC

Paul B. Clark, Architect PLLC

314 Center Dr
Davidson, NC

Paul Davis Restoration of East Charlotte

272 C Unionville Indian Trail Road
Indian Trail, NC


825 Herrin Ave
Charlotte, NC

Peak Contractors, Inc.

1419 Oak Grove Lane
Salisbury, NC

Philir R Thomas Construction

1125 E Morehead St
Charlotte, NC


6825 Potter Road
Matthews, NC

Pineneedles Renovations

1022 Vista Lane
Lancaster, SC

Pjs Designs Inc

9864-B Rea Rd
Charlotte, NC

Pless Construction

3282 Cederhurst Drive
Kannapolis, NC

PLS Custom Builders

2835 Emerald Meadow Ln
Charlotte, NC

Plumb Cents, LLC

PO Box 1163
China Grove, NC


Davidson, NC

premier improvements

1564 brookbend ct
Fort Mill, sc

Price Custom Construction

7427 Matthews Mint Hill Rd
Charlotte, NC

Pride Contractors

4516 Tom Starnes Rd
Waxhaw, NC

Prime Classic Restorations Inc.

5416 Nations Ford Rd
Charlotte, nc

Pro Building & Electric

324 Picketts Cir
Indian Trail, NC

Pro Green Co

5104-B Oak Park Rd
Raleigh, NC

Profitt Custom Homes, LLC

242 Bee Lake Dr
Salisbury, NC

ProForm Solutions, LLC

PO Box 551191
Gastonia, No


3811 Armitage Dr
Charlotte, NC


Lancaster, SC


Indian Trail, NC

R and S General Contracting

2509 Kempsar Ln
Monroe, NC

R M Banning Roofing

7635-B Fullerton Rd
Springfield, VA

Radcliffe Construction Inc

209 Tyndale Ct
Waxhaw, NC


Charlotte, NC

Randolph Johnson Construction

4015 Dearborn Place
Concord, NC

Red Ivy Construction

201 Hudson Dr
Harrisburg, NC

Remington Homes Inc

7427 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd
Charlotte, NC

Remodel Charlotte

1733 Tamworth Dr
Charlotte, NC

Remodeling Second Opinion

106 W Sunnybrook Dr
Royal Oak, MI

Renaissance Roofing Inc

2306 Lemp Ave
Saint Louis, MO

Renovations Specialist LLC

6113 Lansing Dr
Charlotte, NC

Rhyne Land Surveying

7023 Streamside Dr
Charlotte, NC

Ri-Mark Builders LLC

7621 Nicolette Ct
Charlotte, NC

Right Now Contractors Inc

2763 E Hwy 150
Lincolnton, NC

Robert Hopkins General Contractor, LLC

637 Beaten Path Rd
Mooresville, NC

Rooker Renovations

3016 Sheets Cir
Charlotte, NC

Ross Signature Cleaning Services

1710 Galleria Club lane 303
Charlotte, NC

Russo Dumpster Service

P.O. Box 1088
Pineville, NC

RVN Carpentry

Charlotte, NC


Albemarle, NC


Charlotte, NC

Scandinavian Log Homes

1861 NE 146 Street
Miami, FL

Sealy Builders Remodeling Service

107 Sloan St
Belmont, NC

Second Look Inc

11534 Lemmond Acres Dr
Mint Hill, NC

See It N 3D Design & Technical Illustrations

500 Los Faroles , Carr 861
Miami, FL

Segue Builders

423 Clarice Ave
Charlotte, NC

Sharon Builders, Inc

2518 Plantation Center Dr
Matthews, NC

SHEA HOMES of Charlotte

8008 Corporate Center Dr
Charlotte, NC

Simplex Industries

1 Simplex Dr.
Scranton, PA


Charlotte, NC


Matthews, NC

SouthEnd Home Improvement

101 Freeland Drive
Charlotte, NC

Southpark Printing

2115 Rexford Road
Charlotte, NC

Stairs custom glass

Charlotte, Nc

Stately Homes LLC

1114 Churchill Downs Drive
Waxhaw, NC

Stevens Construction Group Inc

713 Eagle Point Ct
Matthews, NC

Stonehaven Remodeling Services

Carrowinds and hwy 51
Fort Mill, SC

Sturdivant Innovations

1205 Brirhill RD
Mooresville, NC

Superior Construction & Remodeling llc

341 Northgate Blvd.
Concord, NC

Syphard Construction

2876 Beulah Church Road
Matthews, NC

T & J Handy Work

128 Jeran Ln
Gastonia, NC

Taylor Made for You LLC

716 E 35th St
Charlotte, NC

TBA Home Improvement

Greenville, SC

The Arbor Construction Group, LLC

9635 Tresanton Drive
Charlotte, NC

The Carpenters Way

PO Box 453
Norwood, NC


14825 Ballantyne Village Way
Charlotte, NC

The Home Group Of Carolinas Inc

6329 Honegger Dr
Charlotte, NC

The Novak Group

7845 Colony Rd
Charlotte, NC

Thomas Pruitt Builders Inc

4600 Kavanaugh Dr
Charlotte, NC

Tim Owen Construction Inc

1300 Marlwood Cir
Charlotte, NC

Tomberlin Inc

PO Box 925
Locust, NC

Total Home Concepts Home Improvements

`0906 kingfisher drive
Charlotte, NC


1906 E Blvd.
Charlotte, NC

Trimmers Construction

435 Corriher Gravel Rd
China Grove, NC

Trull's Bizzy Bees

1428 Trull Pl
Monroe, NC


Indian Trail, NC

Twin Creeks Millwork LLC

4013 Flagstone Dr
Lancaster, SC


PO BOX 450
Mineral Springs, NC

Union Force, LLC

720 E Hwy 218
Monroe, NC

Urban Building Group

342 Circle Ave
Charlotte, NC


2400 Crownpoint Executive Dr
Charlotte, NC

Velizaroff Handyman Multiservices

6833 goldenwillow dr
Charlotte, NC

Venus Construction Inc.

13517 Idlewild Rd
Matthews, NC


1920 E 7th Street
Charlotte, NC


Fort Mill, SC

Viking Enterprises Inc

2752 Pleasant RD
Fort Nill, SC

von Bargen Construction

410 Whitesides Rd
Bessemer City, NC

von Bargen construction

Huntersville, NC

Weather Shield Construction Inc

1556 Union Rd
Gastonia, NC

White Electric Co

1025 Watts DR
Charlotte, NC

Windsor Log Home Restorations

PO Box 1963
Ellijay, GA

Wood-Tex Products

3700 Rt 14
Himrod, NY

Zar Custom Homes

PO Box 77413
Charlotte, NC

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