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Our house is in Morgantown, and we could not find anyone in Morgantown that could do this job. Because our house is "historic" (=old, built in 1928) we wanted it done by people who would do a good job. At first CW
(in Fairmont, 25 miles away) said that they would not do it, because they did not want to come to Morgantown for a small job. I emailed them photos of our crumbling porch, steps, walk and swale, and they said they would do it.
They agree to do it in August of 2012, and it did not get accomplished until August 2014. When they finally said they would be there, they were there on time. They did a very nice job. One hiccup was that they did not get the details of how far our property extended, so when they prepped the street and poured the concrete, they were several feet short, and we also wanted them to continue to our neighbor's driveway (another 8 feet or so that we would pay for). They were very agreeable, and did the job, but that "extra" 20 feet or so was an unexpected expense.
They were not the best at communication (nor were we, and communication is a 2-way street). I'm in the military, and we were corresponding long-distance, and that was part of the problem with the communication.
The end product looks great, and many people have stopped by and commented on how nice everything looks. We would use them again, and be more precise with communication and expectations.

- Marty W.

It went very well. There was a slight delay as they wrapped up their previous job, however
communicated with me and a one day delay is not unreasonable with the crazy weather we have in the Midwest.
(an owner) was there everyday working hard and overseeing the other workers. I had actually made some changes to how the front porch, stairs and sidewalk would be laid out and
really came through. It looks beautiful. The sidewalk comes out farther in one section then moves toward the house to meet up with the other stairs. They built a nice curve to it that makes it flow beautifully. The only thing that I would just call out to anyone getting driveway and porch work is that you will have landscaping to do afterwards. It's completely logical, just not something that I thought about prior to the machines getting out there to dig out the old stuff. Plus,
smoothed out the hill by the driveway so that I wouldn't have to even consider a retaining wall (which just has it's own set of hassles). Yet another little (relatively) item that he just did because it was the best thing for my home. Everyone is impressed with the work and it really makes an improvement in the overall look of my home!! It was well worth the wait and the price was extremely reasonable for the amount of work they performed. I can't say enough good things and I really feel I was lucky to find this great company.
- Audra O.

Locust Concrete Driveway Installation And Repair Articles

Concrete Driveway Installation And Repair reviews in Locust


Early this spring, after the harsh winter, we noted that the new driveway had a huge number of "pits" that had appeared.
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
came out, and diagnosed them as "pop-outs" caused by inferior aggregate being given to him by his supplier. He noted that he would have to talk to the supplier, and then would be looking at some kind of solution mid-to-late
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
. Several weeks later, he sent a brief e-mail that the supplier (who did not actually observe them, but may have relied on phone photos I sent
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
) blamed it on salt damage, for which they were not responsible.
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
noted that he would still take care of it, by applying an overlay.
I in response expressed concerns and asked for details about the overlay - longevity, etc. The only response was several weeks later, when
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
only stated that they would not be able to begin until late
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
I had two former concrete inspectors look at the drive, and both confirmed that the problems are due to inferior materials. One had heard that the particular supplier may be facing hundreds of such issues from last year. I noted this to
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
in an e-mail and expressed reservations about the overlay solution. I asked that he schedule a time with me ASAP (we will be leaving very soon for an extended vacation) to review it with me and/or propose another resolution. I invited him to bring along a representative of his supplier, if that would assist him in recovering costs from them. There was no follow up, except to state that he would schedule the work for mid-August. In early August I notified him of our return, and again asked to have some time to meet and agree on solutions. After a second call, he left a message that he would begin work the week before Labor Day. I, of course, returned the call questioning what the work was going to be. That week he did not show, but he then called, and promised to be out sometime over the Labor Day weekend to look at the drive again and go over things with me. Then they would start that next week instead. We went camping nearby, but were on call to meet him if needed. With no word, I left a message that we would be home for most of that Monday. He called later that day, noting that he had "forgotten" that our drive was one his supplier had agreed to replace (First we had ever heard that that had been agreed to!), but he needed to schedule the suppliers person to take a look and sign off, first. Another week passed with no word.
A week ago a new concrete contractor showed up, measuring the drive. They stated they had been ordered by the supplier to replace everything. I called
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
ASAP, who had no knowledge of this, but seemed relieved that he did not have to worry about the issue any more, and was quick to assure me that it would be done in a professional manner, even though he had never heard of the new contractor.
The new contractor did show up on the schedule they promised.
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
even called me an hour after they started tearing up the drive to tell me that they might be out that day or the next to start work!
The job was done, but not as professionally as
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
's original job and left problems, some permanent. - but that apparently is an issue with the new company and no longer
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
's concern.
All-in-all the original problem was not of
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
's making, he was as much a victim of poor service from his supplier as we were. Where he failed was in being able to manage clear, complete communication, time-organization, and the ability to keep track of multiple demands, and fulfilling commitments after making them. Customer care after a service failure was well intentioned but unable to be executed by what is essentially a one man operation.

- TED S.

The day of the work, their crew was in and out in one day (Thursday,
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
24th). Since the concrete form work still needed to be removed and damage to the adjacent ground repaired,
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
told me that he would be back on Friday,
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
25th to complete the work. No one showed up on the 25th. I called
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
on August 4, 2014 and left him a message to remind him that we were having a family reunion on August 8th and that we needed the work finished prior to that date. I also informed Mr.
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
that the concrete sidewalk did not drain and was functioning like a bowl, holding water in the middle of the sidewalk. It had been two weeks since
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
said someone would be on site to finish the work. I called
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
again on August 6th and August 8th and left two more messages.
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
finally called me back after the message of the 8th. He apologized for his crew not showing up. He told me that they could put a skim coat of product on the sidewalk to get it to drain properly and assured me that he would have someone on site by the end of that day to finish the work before our reunion the next day. No one showed up that day to finish and repair the work. I placed my final call to
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
on August 15, 2014 and left a message asking for a return call to schedule the completion and repair of the work. I never received a return call from the company and we still have form work around the sidewalk almost eight weeks after the work was suppose to be completed. Also, the sidewalk takes two days to dry out after a rain because of the depth of the pool of water in the middle of the sidewalk. This company is unreliable and unresponsive. They did not show up when they said they would, they did not return my telephone messages, they did not complete their work and they performed poor quality work on the concrete. At this point, I will have to hire another company to come and rip out their concrete work and install a properly drained sidewalk. I am hoping that the driveway does not develop problems as I am already noticing puddles where I saw wet conditions before the paving. They assured me that I would not see bellying at these locations, but that the soil would dry out over time. Also, my contract states that I do not get the second year of the warranty unless I hire them to come back and seal coat the driveway after one year. Given their poor performance, I will not be having them back on my property.
- Ronald L.

I called
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
Paving at the high recommendation of our home inspector. The receptionist was friendly, took our address, and said someone would call me back later that day or the next day to schedule a visit so they could give me a price quote.

The following day someone called with a quote, having already visited the house. I was impressed with the professionalism and prompt service, so I went ahead and scheduled the service. I was told they would be out the following week to do the work.
The week came and went, and no one arrived. I called them, they apologized and said another job was taking them longer than expected, but that someone would be out that week to do it. Another week came and went with no one stopping by to do the work. I called them again, and again they apologized. Again they told me someone would be out in a few days to take care of it. In the mean time we had a new tenant trying to move into our new two-family home, and they were bottoming out their car every time they drove in and out of the driveway.
Finally someone arrived to do the work. They were at the house first thing in the morning, laid the blacktop, flattened it, then they took off, leaving one truck at the house. A few hours later someone arrived to pick up the truck. I walked out to talk to him but he was on the phone, put up his hand to motion for me to wait a moment, so I did. A few minutes later he started the truck and drove off, with me still standing in my front lawn, without ever speaking to me.
I went inside to call the company. I needed to know when we could drive on it, what our final bill was, and find out who/how we pay. The receptionist was very friendly and told me she would call me back to let me know the answers to my questions. A few minutes later she called with the information about the driveway and said my bill would be in the mail. A week later I did receive the bill in the mail, for the exact price they quoted me.
I will say they did a fantastic job on the end of the driveway. They filled in a near foot deep dip so cars no longer bottom out. But, while I was impressed by their initial friendly professionalism, and was very happy with the work they did, I'm not sure I would use them again, due to their very slow service and lack of communication about when they would actually perform the job. Had they communicated better (calling me to let me know there was a delay), I would have no complaint at all.
- Vicky R.

Excellent work!
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
was the person in charge of the first visit and quotes, and he came out during the job to inspect and ensure everything was going properly. I modified the job slightly at the beginning (to widen the parking area and increase the amount of area to be paved) and it was readily handled at only a modest increase in cost.
The crew was great, and the site foreman kept us up to date as to plans and progress. We did have a 2-day delay in the middle of the project, but that was due to weather. The night after subgrade preparation and compaction, we had 2 inches of rain, which washed away several sections and made final compaction impossible until things dried out. Once things dried out, they were done in three days; one day each for subgrade repair and compaction, oiling and sealing, then finally paving.
The entire job took one week start to finish. The professionalism of the crew was outstanding. And there were extra things that they did that I would not have expected, including: having a road sweeper out to clean up the neighborhood street to remove excess dirt and debris; bringing in topsoil to dress the driveway edges; and a couple hours after I thought they were done and all the heavy equipment was gone, a water truck arrived to wash down the entire street in front of the house. .
Would recommend to anyone looking for a similar project.

- David G.

These guys are top notch - from start to finish,
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
provided a detailed quote of the work to be done, started the job on the monday he said he would, asked lots of questions (even texted me after hours) to ensure he was giving us what we wanted, He and brother
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
methodically moved through the project, explained to us step by step what they were doing and why, even though they could've cut corners to save us money we told them we'd spend the extra money to have it done right (which is what they delivered). The difference between what the yard looked like on thursday PM compared to how the finished job looked on Friday was dramatic, some of my neighbors commented it looked like a new house, several of them asked
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
for quotes on work they wanted done. And even though the work was completed on Friday, Saturday AM
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
stopped by to make sure we were happy, and then
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
showed up to seed and fertilize the front yard, something I thought we'd be responsible for. Oh yeah, only $300 over the original estimate BUT we got a 12x14 concrete patio (not included in original quote) and a yard that looks like a million dollars. I can't recommend
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
- Sheila B.

A ladder and paint brush do not make a painter. I hired
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
expecting to give a job to a group of college students but expected to see a team leader and basic training. By August the team that painted my house still had little experience in painting. Had I not been paint savvy and known what to look for I would have been completely ripped off. As long as the team was on the property they were very courteous and responsive to my criticism of their work. However once they left (and were paid) I got no response to my complaints or issues from either corporate or the franchise that did the work. As if school had started and the company closed. Some of the issues I had: used the wrong paint, didn't scrape or paint under the clapboards and missed painting huge areas. Failed to caulk or putty holes as per contract.Those issues were addressed to some extent at my insistence. Some of the things that were never addressed: slopping paint on other painted surfaces around the house, uneven paint coat/dry brushing, paint smeared on windows, excess paint dumped behind my garage on the ground, insufficient caulking around windows etc. They simply didn't know how to do these things properly. A complaint with pictures sent to the franchise owner and subsequent complaint to corporate have both gone unanswered.
- Glenn G.

I contacted AP
Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
after my neighbor had his driveway replaced with concrete. He forwarded an estimate to me within a week and responded to all my questions within a day. The job was started and completed within 2 days and exactly when it was promised. All of the workmen were professional and respectful and they did a good job. The new driveway is a great improvement over the cracked and faded asphalt we had.
- Julie J.

Locust Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew were outstanding. First, he was very flexible, changing dates for me when I had issues come up. Second, the price was fantastic. Third, the job went without a hitch. They came in, got everything tore out, poured the new driveway, and cleaned up the yard perfectly. They even changed the angle of the approach on one side to accommodate one of our cars which they noticed was a bit close when backing out. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone for any concrete project. If I could give them an A+++ I would.
- paul O.
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