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and his crew were a pleasure to work with during our complete kitchen renovation. We met him at the Southern Home Show in
where we scheduled initial appointments for bids from several contractors. Not only was he on time, but early to our appointments. Great first impression!

Throughout the process, we worked closely with
and his sub-contractors on every detail of our renovation. Everyone on his team was professional, friendly and talented. Our kitchen went from a drab builder quality to WOW! The best part is that the project came in on-time and on budget.

I highly recommend
and would not hesitate to work with
or any of his subs again in the future.
- Pamela W.

To begin with they were supposed to start on Tuesday 17JUL12 but never showed up until 0900 hrs on 18JUL12 and worked until 1700 hrs. This was only after they were called and asked when they would be here. We got no communication that they were not going to show up when scheduled so a good part of the day was wasted waiting on them.
Between 17JUL12 and 31JUL12 we could barely get them to tell us when they would be here and most days they wouldn’t spend any time at all working on our kitchen. They would not show up some days and most they barely stayed for half a day.
I documented everything with pictures and I will put them here once I figure out how. All the following is what they left my wife after the job was complete and before we made them come back to fix things.
Tiles were not flush
Where they put on the crown molding the nails punched
through the inside cabinets and they left it like that
You could see through the seams of the crown molding
that looked like it was cut with a butter knife. The crown mold just can't
be described as to how bad it was and only seeing can be believing
The whole grout job was terrible. They left gaps and in
other place there was way too much.
Tile was crooked
The new facing was cut poorly and overlapped in a
couple places
Corners of cabinets were not aligned with crown molding
Cabinet handles were not even
Cabinet doors were crooked
Decorative trim was recessed in the wall so outlet
plates have big gap on bottom half
Scratches on

Cabinet caulk very messy
Missing caulk at some corners and nail holes
They cut my window sill and left exposed wood
Laminate at corner stuck out and not trimmed off
I sent them a copy of my initial documentation of the work so they would have an idea as to what I was talking about over thephone when I spoke to them. 01AUG12 Initially I spoke to a guy who used to have his own business doing this kind of stuff and showed him the pictures. He said the work was the worst he ever saw and suggested I not pay the remainder but take them to court if they didn’t make it right. He mentioned that a lot of the tile would have to be pulled off to fix and that the workmanship on the cabinets was very poor
came and agreed that it was sloppy work and Luxury Bath would send
back out against my wishes. He said he is the only one and the best one they have to do that kind of work. He did say he would only send
and not
as to not distract him (Father and son team). It was made clear that I would have to be there all day with him to ensure he gets everything taken care
of. We agreed that we would have the repairs done on the 15th of August which means we would now have to come home early from our vacation to spend the day babysitting them. He kept focusing on the caulk which he kept telling me was a bad batch and that is why the job was so bad.
05AUG12 I put the new outlets and cover on and noticed that decorative glass tile trim was recessed in the wall and there was now a big gap at the bottom half of these covers. Now I see why they didn’t put the covers back on themselves. There was also so much sloppy grout around the outlet box and screws that I about had to chisel the outlets out. Every screw was filled with grout. In addition
while taking out the GFCI outlet they tapped into for the cabinet light the hot wires just came right out of their terminal. It was obviously never even tightened up. Now I have to get a licensed electrician out to evaluate the rest of their work so I can rest knowing my house will not burn down due to poor wiring of these lights the installed under the cabinets. When I finally cleaned the
, since they didn’t cover anything when grouting, there seems to be permanent scratches on the top due to the grout mess they left on it.
call me up and confirmed 15AUG12 for them to come and make repairs and see if they can get it right. He did say they could grout around the wall plates of which I told him I wasn’t sure about that but would evaluate it after seeing it.
15AUG12 from 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM they showed up and attempted to make repairs even though the son showed up with them when he wasn’t supposed to.
was late. It was very uncomfortable with these guys both showing back up after the mess the made of our kitchen and knowing that they knew of all our complaints and had been given the documentation I sent to Luxury Bath. After all the blaming of the caulk they showed up with the same caulk right down to the same batch number. Even
noticed that it was the same batch but they used it anyway. They would not fix the tile but only put grout around the outlet faceplates. I did pay them the remainder. The only reason I paid them was because they were adamant that the recessed decorative trim was unfixable and that is just the way those tile and trim are (They blamed us and Best Tile for picking that tile and them for selling it to us). I informed him we would look into this further with quotes and questions to other firms. At the time I really didn’t do a good job of looking at the cabinets due to the whole backsplash issue. From a distance and with the lights off it doesn’t look bad but upon further inspection by my wife we did find many issues still remained. After putting the TV back it was noticed that they put the some of the halogen light in the wrong spot. There are also other things we found once the lights were turned on and we looked closer which I will take up with him when we speak.
16AUG12 we contacted 6 other companies to come look at and talk about our tile job and verify what Luxury Bath was telling us about not being able to make everything flush with the decorative trim and tile. All those that we spoke with said that the trim should not be recessed and it should not be like that. They have also confirmed that it should be flush and they should not have had to fill in the gaps on the outlet covers with grout. Several of them were really in awe at the unprofessional terrible job they were seeing. They all
agreed that had the time been taken and attention given then the tile we ordered should be awesome.
The following is what they did not take care of from my original request.
All tiles flush or at least much flusher than they are
now. This includes the decorative trim around the bottom of the backsplash
that runs along the outlets. There should not be gaps at the outlet wall
plates. I only have approximately 5 spare tiles and maybe 3ft of the
decorative trim (may need more to fix all). Wouldn’t touch the tile
because “that is just the way that tile is” he said.
Crown molding replace and done properly. They only
replace some of the crown molding not all and then they messed up another
Inside of top cabinets laminate replaced where nails
punched through the top. They re-laminated but upon closer inspection it
is bubbling and has bulge where one of the nails punched through the top.
New caulk all around the cabinets. Caulk cleaned from
areas it isn't supposed to be. They did a better job with the caulk but
upon closer inspection there are still places that are a mess.
Kitchen window trim replaced or repaired like it was originally.
All nail holes filled in. Nail holes were taken care of
with laminate but one nail was not flush so now there is a bulge and it is
bubbling. In addition there are screws on the bottom that are showing
still when they were asked to take care of them.
90 degree corner at microwave fixed. Poorly because
they could not take it off and do it right. They tried to cover it up with
21AUG12 I spoke with
and asked for a complete refund for all damages and inconveniences. He stated that he talked with a few people (finally) and they agreed the tile job wasn’t done right. He wanted to send someone back out to fix the glass trim and it would take a couple hours. I told him I did not want him or anyone from his company coming back to my house and that they had done enough damage. He kept on as to the fact that I was good with the cabinet repairs. I told him I was more concerned with the tile at the time and didn’t inspect the cabinets good enough. It was also very uncomfortable with them there especially knowing that
had given them my first document where I had complained about their inability to do the job.
kept saying that he only gave pictures but that wasn’t true as they had the whole document with them (of which they gave us as we “X’d” items off that got worked on). He was adamant about letting them come back again to make more repairs but I said there was no way and we would find a different company to fix their mess.
I gave him until 31AUG12 to get me a complete refund of $6500 or I would pursue alternative actions.
30AUG12 he sent me an email offering $909 for the backsplash (this alone cost me $1600 to fix) and $1000 for the cabinets. In the end we couldn’t agree on compensation even though I came off the full refund price down to $4500 which was way less than the pain and damages I have had to deal with.
If it was them I was calling to do the replacement they would be quoting me 3 or 4 times the amount they want to reimburse me to get it done. At this point I am going to have to fight this in other ways that just adds to the overall aggravation with Luxury Bath and Kitchen.
I am now having to buy all new tile and pay another company to rip the messed up job off the wall, replace sheetrock, and install it right this time. As for the cabinets I do not have the money yet to pursue that so I will just have to live with them the way they are until another time.
We are still, as of the writing of this review, not in our kitchen and all the cabinet and kitchen stuff is still piled up in our living room.
We now have a bad taste in our mouth for people like them and have learned some very critical lessons in life.
- Diana A.

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Remodeling reviews in Garner


I'm extremely satisfied with quality and workmanship of homogenize., LLC. I would highly recommend them to family and friends. They pulled all the required building and electrical permits. All the work met or exceeded state and local construction and electrical codes.
- Fred F.

The Contractor and sub contractors did a very good overall job, The initial impression of the new Shower room is very good, and I have received more than a few compliments on the appearance of the room. I had the contractor remove the old tub and build a large walk in shower. He listened to what I wanted and did his best to provide. All workers showed up on time and worked very diligently everyday while on the job. The tiling was excellent along with the plumbing,the sub contractors that performed those tasks were highly appreciated. The painting sub contractors did an ok job in the room. Again, the overall look and feel of the job is very good, but I have trouble giving it an excellent rating because of the attention to detail which was some what lacking. ie: the vanity was left with a small piece of wood under one leg, and the frameless glass shower door is off center by 1\2 inch. Both of these items were addressed when the contractor was finished work. He said the reason for the Vanity not having all the feet on the floor was because of the age of the house and the uneven floor. again the same reason was given for the shower door being a little off center, the age of the house and the walls were uneven. I feel all of that should have been addressed while prepping the floors and walls for tiling. I also had to have an electrician rewire the vent fan and place all wires into an approved by code box. The wires which were located in the attic were just twisted together and taped. So once again, I am pleased with the overall job, but I believe the little details matter as well and are just as important. If these were addressed I would have given an excellent rating.
- Joseph A.

My husband and I noticed
Garner Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
while using Angie's List at our daughter's house while visiting. They seemed to have a broad knowledge base so we noted their information and gave them a call. We were contacted quickly and the owner
Garner Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Forrest set up an appointment to come to our home and discuss our needs. He requested that we condense our "wishlist" so all areas can be addressed during our appointment.
Garner Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
arrived on time and was very professional throughout the initial meeting. We communicated to
Garner Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
that we did not want to deal with multiple contractors for all the items we needed complete, he assured us that his expertise applied to the remodeling, roofing, and siding replacement projects we needed complete.
He provided an estimate quickly (within 24 hours ) for my husband and I to consider over a weekend. His quote was far and away the most detailed and complete. We understood the steps in the project planning from the very beginning and this is why we decided to choose
Garner Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
for our project.
Every aspect of the project was performed quickly with attention to detail and quality directly from Mr.
Garner Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, we did not have to deal with project a project manager but the owner himself. We like that part the most from this experience. It is apparent that with the warranties we have been provided, the attention to detail and craftsmanship, and the personal touch throughout the project that
Garner Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Forrest and
Garner Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
valued our business.
We had our bathroom remodeled, our roof replaced with nice architectural shingles, our Masonite siding replaced, the house painted, and the concrete driveway torn out and replaced. We are as happy as can be with the experience and with
Garner Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
- Laura B.
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