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The manager explained the type of windows they have, how they work, and did measurements at the first appointment. Another worker came out a few days later and remeasured all windows prior ordering them. The order was ready for installation in just a little over 4 weeks. The installers arrived promptly on time. They were very polite and very thorough. The install was scheduled for two days but they finished everything in one, long day. They even mixed cement to match our home's mortar to put around the outside of each window. The caulking inside is superb. The windows are such an improvement in our home's looks and
appeal! One unexpected surprise for us is that they have substantially cut down the street noise heard inside our home; we even sleep better because of this. We highly recommend them!
- Ken M.

Sales rep was slightly pushy and "sales-man" like, but we did haggle price from originally quoted 9700 to 9300.
Measuring and install crews were on time.
Install crew was in and out in one work day.
No problems with installation, other than the following:
Left "goop" (probably silicon sealant) on some windows and frames. I called our sales rep a week later; he was completely unhelpful and said they don't wash the windows. Really? You leave the windows dirty and with silicon adhesive on the glass and frames?
Also, there was a drip
inside the double-pane window on the door wall. Impossible to clean since it was inside the glass.
I called the service department. They said someone would call me back. No call back. I called again, left a second message. They called back. Scheduled service. Repair guy came out, switched out the bad glass in 30 minutes.
However, he didn't come with tall ladder or right tools to clean up the windows. This was annoying, since I made the problem clear on the phone.
I called again, scheduled another service appt. They came out, with razor blades, Goo Gone, Windex, and tall ladders, and finished the job.
Time from installation to final cleanup: 2 months.
Overall, unbeatable price, quick and quality installation, poor cleanup, poor follow-up service.
- Kyle M.

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Window Replacement reviews in Ridgeland


Pleased with the work and product. Only complaint is that the workmen arrived 2 hours late and didn't call that they' be late. In addition, the company rep did not come to an appointment we had to see the product prior to contract signing; we had to reschedule it.
- Richard K.

Well first I was walking through the home and garden show in
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
and I noticed there display and I had some questions. The Rep at the home and garden show was very helpful I said I was in need of new siding on my home due to the cheap material used when it was first built. The Rep said that they would be happy to set an appointment with me and come to my house to discuss the concern. I called them on a Mon morning and asked if they would be able to come out that week and the woman who answered said that she was sure they could be out by Wed. morning. I said is there anyway they could come out later Fri. evening or sat she said let me check. I was on hold for maybe 20 sec and she came back on the line and said that one of there Sales Associates would call me later that day to set up a time to meet with me. The Rep that contacted me 10 min Later was
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
he said that he would be happy to stio out on Sat and discuss our options for siding I said great what time will you be there so I can make sure to be home. He said I'll be there between 8-9am. I said that will be fine I'll make sure I am home and we will see you then. On Sat. morning
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
Called at around 8 to say he might be a little late there was a meeting that morning and it might take a little longer than expected due to the new type of siding I was thinking about they needed to get more info form there Regional Manager. I said that's no problem I will go do the few thing I need to get done just call me a 1/2 before you are going to arrive and I'll get right home.
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
called back at 8:55 and said that he would be at my home betweem 9:20 and 9:40 I said great I'll meet you there he arrived at 9:25am. I said hello and he replied with its nice to meet you. We walked around the property and I showed him what I was concerned with and what I would like done. He was writing down all of the items I llisted while we were looking at them. It made me feel at ease that someone was just as concerned with what I was made the initial experience awesome. Then
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
and I discussed the different types of siding that they offered and what I was concerned with about each one. I decided to go with there new product called Timberstack. Then we went back outside and measured the outside of the house so that they could start the process of getting the product made. He then asked me if we had a
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
or if wee needed approval for the siding I replied yes we have a
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
and need to get approval for the new siding. He said that's ok we can handle all of the
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
paperwork and getting the permits and everything. I was very happy to hear that they could take care of that whole mess for me. We then discussed the color options that they offered. I decided to go with the Smokey Ash and Mountain Lake combo. He said that those would look really good together. We sat down and discussed the cost and all of their financing options so that there was no huge out of pocket to get started. I was happy to hear that they had financing to get the siding done. He wrote down the whole cost and everything that was going to be done so that it was clear as day to see how the siding was going to work. Then after the cost he told about all the benefits of the new siding that it would add R4 value to the exterior walls which would help lower energy costs. It also has a 30 year no fade warranty. I was happy to hear that they had a warranty on the coloring cause I hate painting. The new siding also has a 5 year no cost replacement if something does go wrong. He also said after the 5 year no cost that there would be a 1x fee to come look at something if we needed but that there would be no cost for any material needed to fix anything. I said that is nice that its like having a 30 year warranty that actually is 30 year warranty not limited. He then asked if I had any questions about anything. I said not at this time.
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
Said well here is some of my business card just incase you have any and that he would be in contact as soon as the
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
approved new colors and when the products we ready. I said that's great just call me and let me know if I don't answer leave me a message.
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
said no problem I will let you know as soon as
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
approval is ready and when the products are here.
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
called about 2 days later and said that the
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
needed a sample of the new siding and that he would drop it off but that the colors were approved. I was very happy to have such a fast response on anything about the new siding. A few days later
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
Called again and said that the new siding was approved and that they would get it ordered right away. I said thank you for keeping me up with whats going on cause that make customers very happy to hear back as soon as possible on things. He said its no problem and that he would let me know
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
the product will be shipped to their location. About a week goes by and
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
calls and says that they are going to be shipping the product then next morning and it should be here in 2 days and then they will be able to get started. I said fantastic this is by far the best service I have had in a long time. He replies with I am glad to hear that. Then
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
calls 2 days later and says that the product is here and all of the approvals are done they will be out on Monday to start removing the old siding. I said great how long will this take.
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
said about 5 days to tear down old 5 days to put up new siding and a few days to do any touch ups. I said so like 3 weeks
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
said yes about that I said no problem just wondering. That following Monday they arrived at 8am and started removal. Then 4 1/2 days later they were done removing old siding talk about efficient. Then that next Monday they started to do the new install.
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
stopped by several times during removal and install to make sure things were going smoothly.
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
would call me almost every day or I would call him for any updates on the siding. Three weeks pass and the new siding was completed on time and I was very happy to see the new exterior.
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
calls and says that we need to do a final inspection with him and the installers to make sure everything is done according to my directions. We walked around and inspected everything and found some minor touch ups that needed done and we wrote then down so that they could be addressed. The regional supervisor needed the crew to travel to Denver and would not be back for 1 week to finish touch ups. Like I said before ir was very minor touch ups and I said no problem. The Regional Manager calls me and says that they will be here on Thursday 7/23/2014 to finish up touch ups. They arrived at around 9 am 7/23/2014 and finished the touch ups. I am very satisfied with the whole process and will highly recommend Champion to everyone that needs work done but I will refer to
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
to call him.
- John M.

It went great.
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
came to the home to conduct a free estimate and measured the 9 windows I was inquiring about. They took the time to explain how they prepped the areas with drop clothes before conducting the work. How they would be removing the windows, how the window master frames are replaced if there is rot present before the windows are put in. After the window is installed, the outside of the window frame is capped with vinyl coated aluminum coil. They then answered all of our questions regarding the work and I felt as though they were very knowledgeable in regards to the product and the install side. I then signed a contract for them to perform the work.
The windows took about 13 days to arrive and they were installed just a few days later.
After the windows were in, the areas worked in were cleaned up very well. Then the installer brought us to the windows installed and showed us how each operated; showing us the sashes moving up and down, tilting in, security lock operation and also the regular lock function.
Then they showed us the section they installed the radiant
Ridgeland Window Installers Provider Name Locked
. Looked clean and tight.
They also had us fill out a Quality Control sheet to go over everything that they had done and made sure we were happy with the installation, and we were!
- Dolores M.

The workers were clean, efficient and knowledgable. They had an inside worker and an outside worker. The inside worker set up a floor to ceiling see-through "tent" around him so NO mess spread around the room! They send out an expert measurer and make the new windows to exactly fit in the old opening--which means we did not even have to remove the blinds or the hardware from the frames! All that we had to paint were small quarter rounds. The whole "ordeal" was painless! I would definitely use them again
- Anita A.

idThe Pace Follies….
December, the salesman comes and gives his song and dance. I didn’t settle for Pace due to his presentation – I did based on “reputation”.
Approximately 8 weeks later 14 windows are installed by two workers over the course of 2 days. Depending on which guy was using the saw to tear out the old windows, the window sills were either in not too bad of shape but a few were hacked up. Using caulk, they did their best to repair the bad spots but it’s not very good.
The caulking around the windows themselves (again, my guess is depending on which one of them did it) – is as amateur as it gets.

They cleaned up the job site pretty well though, I'll give them that.
Beginning around April we notice that on 5 of the 14 windows the bottom sashes will not open all the way up. They stick about ½ way up and are almost impossible to close once they are opened.
We place a call and they send someone out to assess and agrees new bottom sashes are needed. They were going to remake the 5 bottom sashes a tiny bit smaller to accommodate the sticking issue.

In the meantime we noticed additional 6 windows were also beginning to experience the same opening / closing issues as with the first 5.
About 7 weeks later – I’m told the sashes are ready so an install appointment is made. When the installer comes, he realizes that though the correct items were measured and ordered, they remade the top sashes instead of the bottom sashes. Which means nothing but time was wasted (Pace’s time and money on the remake doesn’t concern me).
While the installer was here, he assessed the additional 6 windows and agreed that these could benefit from a slightly smaller bottom
At that point new bottom sashes for all 11 windows were re-measured and ordered. Was told it would be about an additional 6 – 7 weeks for all of them to be completed.
About 8 weeks later I receive a call for an install date for the 11 bottom sashes.
Installer shows up at the door and ASKS ME if I knew what windows these are for???? I told him ALL of them except two small ones of noticeable different sizes. He tells me he only has 5 windows in total - not 11.
After a heated conversation of me expressing my dissatisfaction he goes to put them in. About 10 minutes into the job, he tells me that the 5 sashes he has are the wrong size and that they need to be remade.
We paid large money for this job and after almost 8 months into it – it’s still not done!!!!
Windows is their business and they can’t get it right. Not like ordering a pizza from a steak house. Ordering windows from a window
place and they fail miserably to deliver.
Fortunately I’ve been able to share our experiences with a few who have also had windows and doors recently done. These folks have all hired someone else without giving Pace a call.
I will continue to update this as time moves along. I'm not convinced Pace is competent enough to bring this to a satisfactory resolution. I'll let them prove me right or wrong.
- David M.

Crew arrived on time, even called prior to arrival to let me know they were on their way. Explained the process and worked with me because I have a dog and the noise level at times was very loud. Got to work and quickly finished well before the promised time. Cleaned up all debris and were personal.
- Terri E.

It took a bit of time for them to come out and measure the windows that needed to be replaced. We did not have any urgent need for replacement, so the wait time was no big deal. They called when to schedule installation. Were prompt and did a wonderful job. Would absolutely use them again. In fact we took several of the screens from our windows for them to rescreen. Great work with that as well.
- Mark S.

Took me several attempts to reach any one in their shop. Was told that their minimum work was for $1000 even though I needed only one window replaced. Tried to convince me to replace all windows. The one broken window is a very common size and shape, but they would not even consider the job unless I paid them $1000. I asked them why they didn't indicate this minimum cost job on their website so that i didn't have to waste my time in several attempts to reach them. They would not even recommend a provider to me who would do the small job. In effect, with this provider, it's all (my windows) or nothing.
- Sumner M.
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