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"In just one year, I have had 3 separate
agents in my home. They are fairly technologically savvy, but they don't know everything. One" agent actually changed some settings on my speakers which resulted in them not working while on DVD mode. I had to hire them again in order for them to fix the issue. The 3rd agent explained to me that I should not have been charged for the service the third time because my issues were the fault of the 2nd agent...which brings me to my biggest problem: Whenever an agent leaves you their business card, immediately ask them if they actually plan on responding to any of your follow up questions. Like I said, I've had three (3) agents in my home in the last year alone. Each one has handed me their business card and said for me to feel free and email them or call them with any follow up questions. All three agents NEVER REPLIED ONCE to a single voicemail message or email. Their goal, it seems, is to make you hire them again in order to get them back out...regardless of any warranty you have. They simply won't honor any warranty. My questions for these agents were so
, too! But never a single reply to any of my voicemail messages or emails. Each agent received one email or voicemail over the last year asking them about a single,
question. For example, I asked one agent if he could tell me how I calibrate the speakers. I saw him do it when he was at my home, and I was just curious if he could tell me which button he pushed on the remote. No replies!!! Oh, and here's something every homeowner should definitely be aware of: Make sure that if the agent ever takes out his cell phone that he doesn't take any pictures. One of the agents that came out to my house,
, brought with him a trainee named
and I were talking about some of the issues on my stereo when all of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I caught
behind me talking a picture with his cell phone of some art work I had hung on a wall. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? I'm not sure if the cell phone was even his because it had a
print casing over it, and I noticed him pull out a different cell phone from his pocket at one point. I don't think this kid realizes how much he just incriminated himself by taking that photo without my permission. If my house ever gets broken into, I'm having the police track that kid down! Oh, and their regional manager,
is just some young kid who is a total grump. He won't even bother listening to your problems. His number one concern is just making sure that every customer pays again and again for any repeat services...REGARDLESS OF ANY WARRANTY YOU HAVE OR IF IT WAS ACTUALLY THE AGENT HIMSELF WHO CASUED A SEPARATE/NEW ISSUE!...Hence, the reason for my 3 agents in less than a year. Your better off just googling your issues and taking the time to trouble shoot yourself. There's so many help forums online now a days. Why risk having some young kid in your home who may just be there to "size" up your belongings. It seems like this business could run better if they had better management.

-ryan J.

"It was a mess which amounted to very poor communication and customer support. sort of like dealing with Comcast. i bought the unit on 03/02/15." it was inspected by the repairman on 06/23/15. the
America replacement unit arrived on 07/28/15. by the way, my last phone call to
was answered by a person that i could barely understand (English was her second language.). i thank
America for replacing the refrigerator/freezer, but suggest that they revise their online manual to make it easier for repairmen to locate, identify, and order parts. they may also want to designing a freezer-temp control less prone to freezing up. the plastic knob broke off, once the control froze in place.


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Angie's Answers


Personal opinion but I will not buy another front load washing machine again.  They simply do not clean clothes as well as the old agitator style washers do.  In the summer when I am hot and sweaty I have to wash shirts at least twice, sometimes up to four times to get the stink out.  Also, while they may save water per load washed, they run a lot longer.  My old washing machine took about 20 minutes to wash a load of clothes.  The front loader takes about an hour.  What it saves on water it more than makes up for in electricity I'm sure running three times as long.  Our front loader has not leaked but it doesn't do the job for my clothes.  Maybe someone sitting in an office all day has fewer problems having to rewash clothes.


As for appliance brand recommendations I have no particular favorites.  They all seem to be disposable these days, often costing as much to repair as to replace.  Samsung has made some good appliances as of late I've heard a lot of good reviews about from customers.  I've got a customer who bought a Kenmore refrigerator when they built the house.  The ice maker has gone out and the replacement part isn't any better since it's a known defect according to the appliance repairman they had look at it.  It was just past the warranty so they didn't pay for another part to be installed that was going to fail again.  Since Kenmore is made by other companies I'm sure they aren't the only one with this problem.  We live in a disposable society.  I look at how well it works, the warranty and cost and weigh the last two of those after kicking out the ones with bad reviews on that model.


Todd Shell

Todd's Home Services

San Antonio, TX


Depends a lot on your current configuration. Rough numbers, $4-7,000 for the generator including autostart and automatic load transfer circuit box and master breakers (usually all come on the generator).

Installation (with pad already inplace and gas hookup - about $500-1000.

Electrical about $800 minimum, to maybe $2500. The $800 will get you a simple transfer switch installation but if you want some household circuits to run on the generator but others not, depending on how your current wiring is run, can run to $2000 to pull existing circuits to a new panel.

The problem is that all circuits that are going to be on the generator, unless you are planning to carry the entire household load, have to go to a separate circuit breaker panel which is fed off the automatic transfer switch, so they get power from either the power company or the generator, depending on which is providing power at the moment. That means the circuits running off either source have to be disconnected from your current breaker box, extended (commonly) over to the new box, and hooked up. All other circuits stay on your current breaker box, to run only off the public power when it is on. If the generator is large enough capactiy for your entire house load of course it costs more, but this circuit termination point moving is not needed, so electrical work drops way off to basically a connection box with the transfer switch.

A couple of words of advice - pay attention to weather protection, fire barrier between the unit and the house (including issues of overhead decks that can catch fire), automatic fire shutoff/suppression, and trickle charging from house power to generator battery. Also read CAREFULLY your power comopany rules on generator installation (commonly requires their signoff), any code restrictions on generators and noise in your area, and if your insurance rate will go up. (It definitely does if you have a fuel tank, I don't know if it does with natural gas-fired generators.)


Appliance Store reviews in Jackson


My husband and I purchased a hood vent for a kitchen remodel. The hood has a one year warranty.It was installed by our contractor. The first time we used it the motor burned out. My contractor contacted Standard Appliance and we ended up dealing with an appliance repair contracted by the manufacturer of the hood. The appliance repair tech has been here 3 times over the last 6 months and still has not fixed the vent due to either misdiagnosis or bringing the wrong part. So I called Standard this Monday and left a message with customer service...the recording said they would get back to me by 4PM but didn't get call till Wed. afternoon. I was told by the person who called that because I live in
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
State, they can't do anything to help me replace the hood, that I will have to sort it out with the appliance repair company or the manufacture. So I live in the Portland metro area and I know they sell to customers on the WA side of the river. If they can't stand behind their products for ALL of their customers then they should disclose that when the item is purchased. So, buyer beware. We will not buy another appliance from this business.
- Suzanne R.

The salesman was very professional in letting us choose what we wanted and being there for any questions we had.
The price of delivery included disposal of the old fridge , which was to us a particular advantage.
The delivery was prompt and the service man was very efficient.
Good business and very good price for us.
- leo S.

I'm so disappointed with
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
& Appliance. I'm a huge supporter of local businesses and for the past 10 years, I've gone to
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
& Appliance for all of my major appliance purchasing. I've typically received great service from the sales associates at the store, customer service via phone and delivery personnel. Not so this time. I went into the store twice, asking about availability of kitchen ranges and received great information about options. When we started talking price, I felt like I was working with a used-car salesman. I asked the sales person for their best price and while he was doing research, I looked online at competitor prices. He also researched competitor offers and came back with a less-than competitive offer. I had to point out what a competitor was selling the range for and only then were they willing to negotiate. We agreed on a price and he let me know they had to order the range and that it should be available for delivery in 7 - 10 days, but that I would be contacted when the range came in. Not so. After over 2 weeks of hearing nothing, I finally called to get an update. Customer service (who was less than friendly) said delivery was already scheduled (and scheduled for a date that I wasn't available). I asked if someone was supposed to call me to discuss the date and customer service (very impatient) said probably but she didn't know why I hadn't been called.
- Karin H.

Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
has been difficult. You stay on the line forever when you finally reach someone there is a long wait for scheduling the repairman. The repairman comes and decides you need a part and again a long wait to receive the part. No
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
of scheduling until part arrives then again a long wait. Express frustration and ask to speak to a manager and of course he/she not available but will call you back tomorrow. No return call from manager. Have tried to reach manager on several occasions with no luck. When repairman is a no show you ask to be given first appointment next day told that he is fully scheduled for tomorrow and can't do it but will check with manager. No response!!!!!!!!!!
Purchased from
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
because expected better service from a small company. Was willing to pay more for the service. Never again will just do business with the big box stores.

My first contact was by phone to
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
customer services where I worked with a very good customer service rep (
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
). We walked through selection, she made recommendations and provide very good input. So I purchased the item(s).
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
was the installer. He called, as promised, between 7-9AM to give me my 2hr window, and I told him fine - but if early that would be fine as well. We
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
was early, and he did an excellent job! The space for the new oven was not exact to to old oven, but
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
was able to get it leveled, and looking great in the space.

- Martha M.

We purchased three appliances from
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
, spending approximately $5000.

We immediately noticed that the
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
refrigerator had different features than what was displayed on the
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
website. There were various defects noticed as well, such as dents and bubbles on the inside plastic walls of the refrigerator, and dried white glue from the manufacturing process stuck on the outside of one of the door handles. I spoke with
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
, the owner of
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
, about these issues. He said that he would try to get the distributor's rep to address the problems when he makes his bi monthly visit to the store.

Shortly after this conversation, I cut my thumb on the unusually sharp metal
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
of the freezer door handle when grasping it to get into the freezer. I apprised
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
of this new development via email.

Weeks went by without any word from
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
. At that point, I saw no other recourse but to put the item into dispute on my American Express card.
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
then offered to remove the refrigerator, and refund the money. He was completely aware that the cabinet space was designed and built to house this particular size and model of refrigerator. He is aware that there is no other refrigerator that will fit in the space. I asked that the refrigerator be switched out for a new one.

I have never heard of a refrigerator handle cutting someone's finger.
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
said that he is afraid that a new one will be the same!

Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
told American Express that I did not get back to him when he asked that I call him. I did contact him, via email, and have sent copies of the emails to American Express. I advised both
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
and American Express that I prefer to have a paper trail of our communication.

American Express wrote that
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
stated that they will pick up and replace the refrigerator and that I should contact
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
to arrange this.

I emailed
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
two weeks ago confirming that we agree to have the refrigerator picked up and replaced with a new one. We have not had any response from him at all.

I ask that
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
stand behind the product that they sold us and replace the defective item with a new refrigerator without any defects. Our primary need is to get the replacement of this refrigerator and put closure to this long drawn out process.

I have been using
Jackson Appliance Stores Provider Name Locked
previously ACE appliance to purchase my appliances for over 15 years. They have always had Fast Courteous service. We recently purchased a new Ice maker from them for one of our houses on the property last month. I called them to service one of the older appliances and they advised we are now located outside of their service area. They were here last week servicing appliances and now they advise they are no longer servicing in my area. If you live in the 70706 zip code or an area near there they are telling customers they will not service what they sell. Please be aware that you may be on your own if you need repairs from them.
- Henry L.

I was told they would return either the next day or the following week. Neither of which happened. When I called I got almost no response from them, and they never showed up to fix the highly unsafe problem.
- Christopher B.

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A-1 Appliance Inc

444 S Pearson Rd


5464 HIGHWAY 80 E


16501 Ventura Blvd Ste 500

Bienvenu Heating & Air

117 Kensington Dr

Cahaba Scapes

2130 11th avenue north




1313 Harding St





DirectBuy of Indianapolis

8450 Westfield Blvd


7181 Eagles Perch Dr

Geek Squad - Best Buy


Geek Squad - Best Buy



415 Hwy 49 S





Sears Hometown Dealer

381 Hwy 51



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