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I had to move furniture in three rooms to the garage to install unfinished hardwood floor.
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
and crew came in the time range they committed to. Moved the furniture quickly. Arranged the furniture in the garage nicely. In fact he moved an extra furniture. The price is reasonable. He is the guy he wants your business. I would definitely hire him again
- Venkat R.

Thank you,
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
! Even though I couldn't afford to go with your quote, you saved me from a scam. I highly recommend
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
Moving for all people who can afford their high quality services. They saved me from being scammed and possibly being robbed.
- L Jeanne D.

I had found out about
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
at an organizing workshop I attended in 2013. I realized that I was unable to carry my stuff upstairs and load the storage containers and I was unable to find anyone I knew who wanted to do this type of work. I made inital contact with
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
via the Internet and then conducted the rest of the scheduling via telephone.
Based on my description fo the type and amount of material to be moved, I was told 2.5 hours for 2 hunks should complete my job but if it was done in less I would be charged for the minimum 2 hours. I was happy to know that the workers are all bonded and tested and TRAINED. They knew how to carry heavy loads and how to load these storage containers optimally.
On "the day"
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
and "Croc" called to let me know they were on their way. They arrived on time and surveyed the work and the requirements before going on the clock. After discussing a plan of action, they started in. Croc carried boxes,etc. up the stair and
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
loaded the containers. I stayed in the basement to help direct what materials needed to be stored and what needed to be thrown away. I am a
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
and many of the boxes were tubs of fabric which are heavy. Croc was carrying 2 at a time!
The work was completed in 2 hours. Everything was moved out of the basement to my satisfaction and placed where I wanted it. The extra change for
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
off the extra cardboard boxes was well worth not having to deal with that myself.
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
and Croc were very pleasant young men and made this part of the project easy on me.
Work on my basement is proceeding. When complete, I plan to have
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
return and moved my storage items back into the basement.

- Monica S.

Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
had been highly rated on Angie's List, I figured that it was best to have the best packing service to ensure a smooth move. The
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
moving team did a great job packing and transporting with no breakage and a timely delivery! Very satisfied with the service.
- Laurence W.

First let me first tell you that this was our 8th professional move... 7 of those were long distance. So we've been through this ordeal and know how much stuff we have and how much work it is. Fortunately this one was not long distance, as I am sure everything they packed would have been destroyed. This time we moved less than ten miles. ...More /> The packers arrived on time bringing five men instead of the arranged four. We only paid for four. Things started a little odd when signing the starting paperwork and the head packer suggested tips be given in cash and not added to the paperwork! The packers were EXTREMELY slow and their work just as poor. (Thank goodness we did the kitchen.) The first box I unpacked was a dish pack (an expensive box to be used for HEAVY items) had pillows stuffed in it and at the bottom a dried flower arrangement ... which I had to pitch since it was now crumbs. The latest box I unpacked had an antique vase with fine sand, barely wrapped in paper and stuffed upside down in the box -- needless to say sand everywhere. The delicate handmade items made by my grandfather, not wrapped, just dumped in the box now broken. Items in a shadow box were not removed and packed, delicate items now damaged.
We had hired two trucks and six men for the move as we didn't want to be moving until midnight .. we didn't ... it was 10:00 pm :-( The movers worked much harder and faster than the packers. We had a couple of items scratched but didn't report it as the driver took an hour off the cost. (They must get penalized for damage.) By the end of the day they were putting anything anywhere. Many of the boxes were not marked by the fabulous packers. I was told by the estimator and the head packer that they handled sleep-number beds and our beds would be taken down, boxed, moved and set up. The movers did NOT box mattresses but dragged them across the floor, did not
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
the boxes with the pumps and said they didn't set up sleep number beds anyway. So after two grueling days of moving we had no place to sleep! It took us two days to find the pumps.
I wasn't going to write a review on Angie's List because after opening that first box, I called
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
, the owner and explained all the problems we had with the move. He asked what he could do to make it right and let me chose two men to come back and help me do whatever needed to be done. I really appreciated that and the two guys that came back were wonderful... as long as I was watching them. It is only because of
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
's response that we did not rate F. If you do decide to use
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
, I would make sure you requested the employees other reviewers have named.
- Richard B.

The move was set up weeks in advance. I discussed what items we were moving from the house to the retirement community with the coordinator. I was admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery scheduled the day we were supposed to move. I called and they were accommodating and agreed to move the date to the following day. On Friday they wee scheduled to show up at noon. Sometime after 1pm I got a call saying they were running a little late. They finally arrived at the house at 4:30. They came in to see what was to be moved since we were not moving everything in the house. When my hubby pointed out the keyboard and antique glass front cabinet the guys said they couldn't move it, it was too heavy. I had discussed the items with the coordinator when I set the move up. My hubby called me to say they were refusing to move the items and they wee complaining that they were tired and that they had already put In an 8 hr day. He told them that he needed those two items to be part of the move. They said they couldn't do it. They went and called their boss, got in the truck and left. I called the office and was told we had not discussed the items. That was not true. It was one of the main reasons we did not do the move ourselves. Finally he agreed he'd come back Monday. I then had 2 80 yr old people that would be stuck in a hotel all weekend while we tried to get them moved and I was sitting in a hospital bed.

I called my daughter. She reminded me that she had talked to You Move Me and they had said they could do the move. She'd called them before knowing I'd already set up the move with
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
You Move Me said they could come out the very next day. they did and did an excellent job including moving the antique cabinet and keyboard. The move with You Move Me went great. I texted
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
on Sunday saying the move was complete and we no longer needed their services.
- Jan M.

My daughter had seen one of the
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
trucks on the street and contacted them for info about moving my MIL. She did not know I had already contacted My Three Sons and set up the move. The day before our scheduled move I was admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery. I contacted My Three Sons and pleaded for the move to be switched a few days. They were accommodating and moved it to Friday afternoon. On Friday around 1pm I got a call saying they were running a little late. They were due at 12:30. I was trying to coordinate the move from my hospital bed with my hubby and helpers. I relayed the delay on to them. They kept waiting and waiting and waiting. Finally the movers showed up at 4:30 came into the house took a look at an antique cabinet and said they couldn't move it. They also said they were tired from already putting in an 8 hr day and were griping about being there. They also said they would not be able to move a keyboard. My hubby said well if you can't move what needs to be moved you can't help us. So they got in their truck and left. I had discussed both pieces along with the others things we were moving. We were not moving the entire contents of the house. I'd been told they could handle it. I had my 80 yr old in laws in a hotel so we could move them without a lot of confusion and our movers bailed on us. I was sitting in a hospital bed trying to figure out what in the world we could do. I called My Three Sons and was told there was nothing they could do and that we had not talked about the cabinet or keyboard which was not true. I called my daughter and she reminded me about her talking to
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
. I called not expecting them to be able to help. I was pleasantly surprised! I explained to
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
what had happened with My Three Sons and how they'd bailed on us and how we were stuck.
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
was so nice and calm. he said he could get a crew out there the very next day. The guys arrived a few minutes before the scheduled time. my husband and sister who were in Bethalto at the in laws house said they were cheerful, professional, caring and very efficient. They did a fantastic job of moving every item they identified. Not everything was being moved to the condo. My daughter brought me from the hospital to the condo upon release I sat in a chair and directed traffic on what was to go where. The moving crew were so pleasant. Over the years I have moved many times with the
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
. I can say this move with
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
was the best by far. The guys did a great job! At the end they wanted to make sure everything was in the right place and just as we wanted it. I was really impressed. They were funny and joking and happy tThe whole time. Nothing like the grumpy crew from the other company. I told the retirement community coordinator that she needed to add
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
to the mover provider list. They did an absolutely fantastic job! I would recommend them to anyone needing help. And in the end they were even cheaper than the other guys would have been. Thanks
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
for doing such a great job!
- Jan M.

I chose Fry-
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
thinking I was going to get a good experience. I had a free estimate, a man came to the house and was very detailed about what would be moved and packed. He got back to me immediately with the estimate, within hours. Moving day came (
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
29) and I was told of a time frame between 9am-11am being on the closer side of 9am. I had to drop off my rental keys by 5pm, if not sooner. At 9:50am I got a call from the coordinator saying the truck had broken down. She then tried to schedule the truck to come out the next day. I told her this was unacceptable, since we were closing on our new house in a different city the next day. My keys were due THAT day, I had to move out. She later called back to tell me the packing company was almost there, but the truck was still delayed. She told me that they would be able to pack today but maybe not the truck loaded. I got the feeling they had given up, and I refused to take any other option. A truck had to be there that day. 3.5 hours and two more trucks later, they arrived. The second truck didn't meet the requirements at the weigh station and had to go back, they sent another truck immediately and the plus side was they sent 3 extra men to "speed" things along.
First, let me get to the packing services provided for me. They showed up soon after I was told they would, and I got an immediate negative response. They said they were quoted for about 30 boxes, and with all this stuff, they would need 130 boxes. They were also slightly irritated with my estimate claiming "they should send us out here instead of a guy who doesn't know anything". Things were very poorly labeled. Upon unpacking I found a box in my garage labeled "misc" only to find my entire closet of shoes, and only shoes in it. Another box, labeled "tea sets" upon being opened was full of mason jars individually packed, even though they were already in their respective boxes. I would have found that as trying to keep things in tact from breakage, except it looked like they gave up wrapping each jar individual because there was a full box, in its original box (just as the other 3 boxes of jars had been). All in all, they used 45 boxes, not 130. There were several items they flat out refused to pack, and told me I would have to put it in my car. Some of them I understood; paint, flammables, etc. But I could not understand why they'd not pack my computer. They seemed put out when I told them to bubble wrap my tv (after refusing to pack it) and put it in a frame box. When they were done, they left a lot of trash for me to clean up. I picked up empty tape rolls, extra paper, and they even left unused boxes which would have been billed to me. I sent the unused boxes with the moving crew so that I would not be billed.
The moving crew, when they did show up, seemed quite efficient at their job by starting on the garage since it was packed and ready. However my husband was not impressed with how rough they handled his fishing poles, so he asked to take them with him instead. After about 2 hours, they took a break for lunch. I am sure there is a labor law stating to only work so many hours, but they had JUST gotten there and I was in a major time crunch due to their delays. By 8pm (much later than when my keys were due) they had finally finished. We closed on the new house the following day, and on
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
31, they showed up at 9am to unload. Most everything going into our new house was going either to the garage or the basement. Because of that, I had the upstairs carpets cleaned at the same time. If they did walk on the carpet, they were asked to wear booties. Only one crew member did, but then continued to walk on the dirty concrete as well, so I am not sure what good that did. They wheeled out our stainless steel
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
, for us to find they had put a major
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
in the top of it somehow. We pointed it out right away, and they noted it. Another issue, one of my closet doors in the basement was knocked off its slider and they could not get it put back on, because they dented up the rail. Upon more looking around, our smoker's leg was bent and the smoke stack smashed. We did a final check off, to make sure all the items made it, and
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
and behold there were two things that did not. A set of very expensive flood lights didn't make it on the truck and a camcorder tripod. (Later on, I found out that the lights were left in the driveway, and then as you would suspect, taken since the old house was now vacant) During the move-in, a man came out to let me know they were checking in, had heard about our
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
and would take care of the claim. The crew left trash for me to clean up, some things I found a month later (booties that one of the members wore). My husband came home from work early to keep an eye on them as he felt they were quite unprofessional.
I received a call from the move coordinator, checking with me the following day and promising to send me a survey and claim form to be filled out. By August 13, I had waited long enough and sent an email to the coordinator. I waited another 3 days, and called instead. She claimed she never got my email but sent the claim form out that day. I filled out the claim form and returned it. Two months after my move, and I haven't heard a single thing from anyone there after August 16 when the form was sent out. I was told an adjuster would be out immediately back on
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
31. I still haven't gotten word back. I don't know if I just have crappy luck, or this was a
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
couple of days, or if this company is really that unreliable. Since I am not moving again anytime soon, I cannot give them another
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
to see if it was in fact a
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
. All I can go by is my one time experience and the events that happened to me, and that was not so awesome. I wish I could give a nicer review.
- Dustin R.

I contacted
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
about a week prior to our move after talking to three companies .
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
was in the middle of another move but answered the phone and requested to call me later that evening. He called me as promised, asked for specific information regarding my belongings, size of home etc. and gave me an estimate without going through much hassle (e.g. other companies requested me to fill out detailed forms). His quote was the best of all the other companies I had checked. I requested that I would confirm the exact dates a couple of days later and he was very accommodating.
The team of 3 (per my request) showed up a few minutes early and after introducing themselves, got straight to work. I was very impressed with the professionalism and etiquette of each member of the team. They shrink wrapped several pieces of furniture and took excellent care of everything, including fragile items. The 20 foot truck they brought with them was very clean. Everything was very well organized in the truck.
We were moving to a newly constructed home and per our request each member took special care not to bump into walls, scratch the floors etc. - each one reminding the other time and again to be careful. I thought that was very impressive! Everyone was happy to accommodate our last minute requests such as moving items to other rooms/floors as needed.
The men completed the move in in very reasonable time and they hardly took any breaks (other than the drive to the destination). Overall I was very pleased with the service
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
's team offered and would recommend
Saint Charles Movers Provider Name Locked
to anyone!!
- Sameer R.

This was done through my husband's company who paid to move us. They did a good job. They were thorough and asked if there was anything else or different that they could do to make the experience better for me throughout the process. They were nice, courteous and professional. If necessary I will use them again in the future.
- John & Becky B.
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