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On June 19th, the sale of our property was to close. During the early morning walk-through, it was discovered that the hot water heater had leaked for about 7-9 days. As a result, the entire finished lower level was water damaged and had mold. My realtor called
to quickly act to remediate the situation.
I can't say enough good things about their timely response, their professionalism, their understanding of an intense emotional experience for us as sellers and for the buyers. They immediately stepped in to begin controlling the situation. They provided very detailed documents about the extent of the water damage and mold and provided extensive photographs.
In addition, they interfaced with our insurance company regarding any claims that could be covered. They actually came to the house and met with our agent to go over details about the damage. They made the work easier for our agent by preparing ahead of time the required documentation..which he appreciated greatly.
Their office support,
, was extremely helpful with providing information, answers, and updates.
made the whole process bearable with their professionalism.
I would not hesitate to recommend
, and especially the staff in the Feasterville office. You can trust them to get the job done in a timely, efficient and professional manner.
Kudos to the entire team!
- Kathy D.

My bathroom toilet leaked and on December 26 I contacted my insurance agency who approved the use of this company H20. The entire floor had to be ripped out and dried. The drying aspect went fine, although it was pricey, and my insurance covered it. That was $1709.47.
At this point I made the error of using H20 for the reconstruction of the bathroom. lorne came into my home and said to me that they would do the very best job for me that they could. I believed him.
It went on and on and on and on for several weeks. The tile demo began on February 27 and the day of completion was April 7. The the people who did the tiling were chronically late or absent. They would text me.....15 minutes prior to arrival time, and say that they would be hours late or not coming at all. This caused the project to drag on and on. I still have the texts.
I purchased the materials myself from one of the insurance checks. The tile should have been included in the final price, but by the end of it all, I didn't have any stomach for it. Read on, and you'll see why. I was told that the vanity which would be built would be within the allotted budget.
I began to get nervous because I was not kept informed in any way about the costs and whether it was in budget. The project manager,
was rude when questioned. A real smart aleck. I have a text where I let him know that the plumbing fixtures were still leaking and he texted me back a profanity. I still have it saved in my texts. Very unprofessional. I should have pulled the plug at that time but felt stuck. I am a single mom and the entire crew of workers made me very uncomfortable.
One of the tile guys would walk through my bedroom into my private bathroom and use it. And then he would leave the toilet seat up! I spoke with lorne and asked that it be stopped. I also began to close and lock all of the doors in my upstairs. They removed an old toilet and left it sitting in my driveway for a week until I made another stink and they finally removed it.
The way that they collected the final payment was intimidating. lorne called me and wasted no time in threatening to have a
placed against my property. And this was the very first phone call that he made to me after the project was completed! I explained to him that my ex-husband had the money and I did not have the means to pay him. After balking, he did speak with my ex-husband ~supposedly ~ and he called me back and said that the ex was "questioning" the bill. Then lorne began to question me and because I felt so intimidated I gave him 2 credit cards in order to just get the bill paid and get rid of him.
I now wish that I had stood my ground and told him to get the money from my ex husband, whose name is on the mortgage.
In my opinion, they are a rip-off company. I would never, ever use them again. Find another company. Save yourself the unpleasantness. I don't even like walking into the bathroom because it reminds me of the awful experience with this company.
- Cynthia W.

Florissant Water Damage Restoration Articles

Water Damage Restoration reviews in Florissant


We called
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
to come out because we had a large amount of standing water in our basement after a pipe broke. They were quick to respond and where out here in only 1 hour. When they arrived they explained the entire process to me and even called my insurance adjuster for me. The project took a total of 5 days because they had to leave drying equipment because everything was so wet. When they started working the supervisor began to inspect everything very thoroughly. In the process he discovered mold behind the sheetrock under where the pipe had broken. Evidently we had a small leak for some time. I was shocked how much mold was growing behind my walls. They explained that if they had used drying equipment on the molded areas without first doing an inspection that it could have made it spread and even become air
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
. I am so glad we chose a company that knew how to handle both the mold and the flooded basement! Overall the customer service was superior and everyone within the company was great to work with! Will recommend to all of my friends!
- Barbara M.

The roof replcement went well, and they never finished the dryer vent. Till current it is still unfinished with many phones calls and never a return call to finish the job. I paid the contractor in full after the roof was complete with the knowledge of the job going to be finished in a few days time, no one has called me till this day.
- Mary M.

We had water enter the basement of our home when
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
, Utah experienced a "100 year storm" last September. After checking with our insurance company, we were referred to
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
. We spent many hours vacuuming carpet and removing as much water as possible.
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
technicians came the next day to assess the situation and set up their equipment.
It is my opinion that
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
is in the business of inflating their total bill as quickly as possible. They loaded our premise with air movers (aka large fans), which they charge approximately $25/day to leave at your premise. We ran up a bill of over $1500 the first day the equipment was there.
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
did nothing to shorten the amount of time that their equipment was there. They said that they were going to put up a zip wall to isolate the affected area. They never put up the wall. They placed two dehumidifiers to pull the water out of the area. Unfortunately, one of the units was defective and never worked. They never brought another dehumidifier. They never attempted to extract any more water from the carpet using their truck mounted vacuums. They waited three days before they decided that the carpet pad should be removed. They just put their expensive fans in and let them blow the humid air around, while charging you thousands of dollars and telling you that your area is drying slowly.
They originally gave us a verbal price estimate. After we learned that the claim was not going to be covered by insurance, we asked what they could do to help minimize the bill. They were able to remove over half of the air movers after the first day (suspicious?). We agreed to perform much of the manual labor that they included in their original verbal estimate (removed the carpet pad, vented the sheet rock, removed portions of the sheet rock, and re-positioned the air movers to dry the area) and their final bill was still 70% over their estimate. We tried to dispute their billing with several levels of the company, but they were unreasonable in every manner.
Please if you do happen to be in a situation where
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
is your last option, get a written price estimate. The law says that they must get your approval if their price is going to exceed the estimate by over 10%. Even if you are up to your ankles in water, get a written estimate. It will make your life so much easier in the future.
- Andrew J.

They showed up within an hour of my emergency call. Set up all necessary equipment to dry out damaged areas. The best part is that all repairs including carpet cleaning and correctly installing my washing machine which caused the damage, was completed while I was away on vacation. I came home to a "new house"!
- Errol T.

Hooray!! Finally! Someone who -cleans- and -repairs- good shutters! I have
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
shutters throughout my home. And a couple very large windows, as well. 3 leviers needed to be re-attached to the up/down rods, as well. I searched and called for months- even left a "band of neighbors" message here on the list. No-one would touch my request. I was so very frustrated; what's the deal? This isn't rocket science! It's fixing and cleaning shutters and I have the checkbook ready!! I had called in others for estimates- most of whom I found here on Angie's List. They either passed me off to someone who they thought would take the work, but then didn't. Another contact asked me to un-hinge the shutters and bring them in. (Are you kidding me?? These are over 8 feet in some places!!) Use a cleaning service for this? No- I suspect that's how those leviers were broken- lots of shutters- most housecleaners won't do those. ***I am so happy
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
took up my task! He brought in additional help to clean while he repaired the leviers. They were finished in 3 1/2 hours. Right on!! The previous homeowner never cleaned the shutters. They still had "construction dust" on them that was not coming off with a
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
dust or vacuum. They went over each and every
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
, hinge point, top and bottom frames and sides, front and back by hand. They also cleaned up my wood blinds in the laundry room for good measure. Awesome!!*** The price was perfect, not cheap, however certainly not ridiculous (one estimate from elsewhere was over $1200- don't think so!). So- yes- my experience with
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
was excellent: great work, very fair pricing (takes credit cards, too), and a professional, positive demeanor. I'll be calling them again for my other window services soon! This review isn't phony- they really did do it right!

- Mary B.

Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
called me back shortly after I left a message, and
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
came out that day to provide an estimate. After seeing the great reviews on Angie's List, we had
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
start the clean up/dry out process. We thought (*hoped*) the water was contained to a smaller area, but
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
confirmed that the water had actually seeped further into the bedroom and hall closet, including to the wood floors in the hallway (tear, tear).
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
and his co-worker then removed the damp baseboards and soaked portions of pad; pulled back the wet carpet; treated portions of sheetrock; set up fans/dehumidifiers in the bathroom, bedroom, and hallway; checked the moisture levels daily; and then removed the fans/dehumidifiers. They also walked through the damage, including what work they had performed, with the insurance adjuster.
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
was excellent to work with -- responsive, punctual, courteous, and patient -- he made a stressful situation a bit more bearable.
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
's co-worker (never got his name) was also great to work with. We would highly recommend using
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
- Rachel D.

Started off great with the crew showing up promptly and working with us to diagnose the extent of the damage using moisture meters and removing sheetrock and keeping moldings intact. Damage was limited to ceiling and walls as we cut off water to the house soon after we discovered the leak the night before. Reconstruction was also well done. The problems began with the cleanup. The company states that they use green products.
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
Green and Pledge Wood Floor Commercial cleaner are not green products as they contain numerous volatile organic compounds and proprietary formulations. We found this out afterwards the as the crew insisted at the time that the products are environmentally friendly. Both parties thereafter attempted to remove the aroma and the film with vinegar and water without success. My wife and I contacted the manufacturers to discover how to best remove the products (ammonia solution / rubbing alcohol) while the vendor left an air purifier with a
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
filter in the then semi-sealed space. That
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
cleaner was not going to do anything to remove the contamination as it is the wrong filter for chemicals. You would think a restoration company would know that. They applied the rubbing alcohol / dish soap solution as per SC
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
's instructions. Unfortunately, I am now dealing with chemical sensitivities (eustacian tube dysfunction) in the aftermath.
- Hillel A.

They refused to start until I paid them my deductible up front from my home owners insurance. That took a week so the house sat. Everything had to be removed and cleaned. They damaged furniture and broke personal items. Other items were lost or stolen. When brought to their attention they offered to fix but was hard to keep them to their word. I had to call them constantly and was often told they were too busy and would get back with me. The insurance company paid them when the work wasn't finished and when i was advised by the insurance company and family and friends to not sign the check
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
said they needed the money i sympathized being a small business myself. I reluctantly signed the check and now 9 months after the fire they now refuse to finish. They returned all of our stuff in a million taped shut boxes with no
Florissant Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
or reason. We had silverware in with alarm clocks and took forever to find screws to put our beds back together. TV cords were all shoved in a box. We had no idea what went where. It has been traumatizing. It was devastating to have to move out of our home and then even more so when the restoration company destroys our trust. I am heart broken that a local company would be so sloppy and unprofessional.
- autumn F.
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2344 Weldon Pkwy
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106 Victorian ct.
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Mr. Handyman of St Louis - West County

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8 Casey Rd
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Maryland Heights, MO

Pillar To Post Professional Home Inspection

814 S. Sappington Rd.
St. Louis, MO
Pillar to post home inspection is the leader in home inspections in the usa and canada. if you...

Premier Restoration Services, LLC.

132 Workman Court
Eureka, MO
Premier restoration services is proud to be a family owned and operated business for over 24...

Prestigious Painting Co

1 Robert Terrace Ct
O Fallon, MO
Prestigious painting company is a full service painting company dedicated to providing the...

Pride Cleaning & Restoration, Inc.

2437 Lemp Ave
Saint Louis, MO
We are a small but growing business that can immediately make you a top priority. quality and...

Pro Built Restoration

2362 Hwy 94 S Outter Rd
St Charles, MO
Pro built restoration has locally run offices all over the mid-west. pro built restoration was...

ProClaim Public Insurance Adjusters

4651 Roswell Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA
Proclaim is one of the fastest growing public insurance adjusting firms in the nation because...

Professional Coatings

west pine st
Jerseyville, IL
Residential, commercial, and industrial painting, power washing, and cleaning services.

Promax LLC

100 Chesterfield Business Pkwy
Chesterfield, MO


5750 Pernod Ave
Saint Louis, MO
Puroclean, a leader in property emergency services, helps families and businesses overcome the...

PuroClean Emergency Restoration Services

1934 N. 81st Street
Caseyville, IL
Puroclean, a leader in property emergency services, helps families and businesses overcome the...

PuroClean Restoration Professionals

1168 W. Gannon
Festus, MO
We are a restoration and remediation company servicing homes and commercial buildings in the...

Python Plumbing LLC

8019 Pembroke Dr
St. Louis, MO
Python plumbing llc is a second generation, family owned company with over 30 years experience...

R&A Contracting

1480 Mid Rivers Industrial Drive
St. Peters, MO
R&a contracting has been in business for over 25 years in the st. louis area. we offer...

R.H.S. Design & Home Remodeling

3114 St. Nathan Ln.
St. Ann, MO
R.h.s. design is a family/friends business that dedicates it's self in providing superior...

Radical Painting

106 Mill Pond Dr
O Fallon, MO
Radical painting company... great prices on paint and labor!! affordable, and the...

Rainbow Intl. of St.Charles

2566 Forst Dr
O Fallon, MO
Rainbow international is an emergency services contractor available 24/7. rainbow of...

Renners Pro Remodeling

Imperial, MO
We are a full service carpentry firm. invoices go out in quarters. starting with the initial...

Rent A Handy Husband

420 Oakmont Cir
Ballwin, MO
My company provides exactly what the name says. a handy husband who will come to your home and...


Saint Louis, MO
Cost determined by job.

RingCo Construction L.L.C.

5224 Autumnwinds Dr
Saint Louis, MO
Everything construction... from top to bottom we do it all..

Rivercrest Restoration

102 Branding Iron Dr
Waxahachie, TX
A company of individuals who are passionate about what we do. couple that passion with the...

Ron Janis Home Remodeling

909 Burgos St.
Saint Louis, MO
4 employees. billing procedures differ acording to jobs, small jobs, payment when job is...

Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service

3041 Elm Point Industrial Dr
St. Charles, MO
Roto-rooter plumbers in st charles provide full service plumbing maintenance and repairs and...

Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services

2671 Washington Ave
Saint Louis, MO
Additional dbas - roto-rooter group inc, roto-rooter. additional phones - (800) 438-7686,...

Rubbish Works of St Louis

2025 Zumbehl Rd
Saint Charles, MO
Rubbish works of st louis- new cleanup alternatives to rubbish removal, hauling & recycling. ...

Sams Carpet Cleaning & Repairs

1602 N 4th St
Saint Charles, MO
What should you expect from sams carpet cleaning? you should expect honesty, excellence and...


Camino Dos Rios
Thousand Oaks, CA
Schneider kennedy design (skd) is an award winning interior design firm dedicated to...

Schneider Roofing and Remodeling

521 Crown Passage Drive
Saint Charles, MO
Schneider roofing and remodeling was founded on a two part pledge to our customers; first, to...

Schulz Painting - Remodeling Company

433 Foote Ave
Saint Louis, MO
Activity bulletin: as of: 3/20/2014. my mission is for you to experience the immediate...


Fenton, MO
25 employees. no subs. charges flat rate. .

Sentinel Plumbing

4403 Tennessee Ave
St. Louis, MO
My name is bill ramsdell and i have 18 years' experience in any and all plumbing or sewer...

ServiceMaster Of St Charles

137 Compass Point Drive
Saint Charles, MO
Addiitonal contact name - (888) 590-9640. additional contact name - mike jones.

Servpro of Monroe,Randolph & Washington Cos

PO Box 566
Columbia, IL
Restoring your home after a flood or fire can feel like an overwhelming task. when your walls...

SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville

5640 B Telegraph Road Box 281
Saint Louis, MO
When fire and water take control of your life, we help you take it back. servpro of...

Servpro of S.Chesterfield / Wildwood

167 Lamp & Lantern Village 290
Chesterfield, MO
Whether you need emergency restoration or top-to-bottom home cleaning following fire, water or...

Servpro of West Kirkwood/Sunset Hills

PO Box 270504
Saint Louis, MO
Servpro is the nation's leading provider of emergency restoration services with over 1,500...

SkunkWorks OST

1675 Fairmount Dr
Florissant, MO
Skunkworks ost, "the odor elimination specialists." we use ozone shock treatment to...

Snyder's Construction

3930 Randall St
Saint Louis, MO
We run a small business with 4 to 8 employees. i david snyder not only run the business, i am...


Ballwin, MO
We specialize in helping families achieve a better indoor air quality. 90% of our clientele...

Spectrum Cleaning and Restoration Inc

1505 Fenpark Dr
Fenton, MO
Spectrum cleaning and restoration is a licensed, insured, iicrc-certified, and cri-approved...

Stanley Steemer

2205 Forte Ct
Maryland Heights, MO
Stanley steemer has been providing cleaning and restoration services for both residential and...


Saint Louis, MO
Steamatic of st. louis has been serving st. louis families, businesses and corporations since...

Stonebridge Roofing

12520D Olive Blvd 133
Saint Louis, MO
We are stonebridge roofing & construction. we keep homes and buildings dry from the roof to...

Surface Guardian Inc.

19 Grantwood Lane
Saint Louis,
When purchasing new flooring, new granite counter tops, new stainless appliances, or restoring...


St.Louis, MO
T and t contracting is a residential and commercial construction company serving the greater...

The Crack Medic

235 Spring Borough Dr
O'fallon, MO
Additional dba - abh solutions llc additional website: abhsolutions.com

The Flood Company

1 Balaji Ct
Ballwin, MO
Special discounts for angie's list members and senior citizens. we are a family owned and...

The Flood Team

12935 Gravois Rd
Saint Louis, MO
Water clean up and drying service. 15+ employees. insured, professional, mold remediation...

The Spot Man

638 St Louis Ave
Valley Park, MO
All of our technicians are employees. we do not use subcontractors. we are an iicrc certified...

Touch of Class Auto Detail

737 Dale Ave
Webster Groves, MO
We provide full service auto detailing and indiviual services a la carte. call or come in...

Tru Construction & Remodeling LLC

524 Briar Meadows Ct.
Wentzville, MO
Tru construction & remodeling is located in wentzville, mo. we are a small christian owned...

True American Contracting

Florissant, MO
True american contracting is a family owned business with high standards and personalized...

True American Contracting

Florissant, MO
We are a family owned business with high standards and personalized service. you set the...

Valley Home Improvements

380 Raymond Dr
Florissant, MO
We are a residential general contracting company by definition.we use subcontractors when...


1216 Ranworth Dr
Godfrey, IL
Webb family contracting provides home improvement and remodeling services performed by...


Saint Louis, MO
Environmental services

Windows R Us

384 Barcelona Ct
Saint Peters, MO
Windows r us offers a wide variety of services. call us to see if we can be of service to you.


Saint Louis, MO
Established in 1933, the woemmel name has been synonymous with fine workmanship for three...

Woodard Cleaning & Restoration Services

9308 Manchester Rd
Saint Louis, MO
Family owned & operated. cost is determined by the job. award winning. additional contact...

Woods Basement Systems Inc

524 Vandalia St
Collinsville, IL
It's been more than 27 years since rick and anna lee woods founded woods basement systems, and...

Young Innovations

5235 Butler Hill Estates Drive
Saint Louis, MO
We are a general contracting, lawncare and landscaping company. we are reasonable priced and...

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