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Janet R.
"This was a nightmare!
is a great salesman, very sincere, convincing and 'down home'. He promised me when they were done, my cabinets would look" as smooth as glass and my kitchen would look like new. He also told me I could pay a down payment when the work was completed and pay the rest out over time. The first day they were here, I wasn't concerned. They took a great deal of time covering countertops, floor, blocking off access to other parts of the house, explaining what they were going to do, etc. It seems like they did paint the ceiling that day, but I don't remember now. It became late in the day and
said they would be back the next day to finish. (Initially he said they would finish in one day.) The next day they did paint the walls and cabinets. Not having any experience with high gloss enamel oil base paint, I had no idea of the fumes that would fill the house. (I think
put some sort of additive in the paint as well.) Part of that was due to their not covering a large AC return in the area where they were working. By the time we discovered that, it was too late. The whole house was filled with fumes and because I have COPD, I was having difficulty breathing. Opening the windows did no good. At the end of the day,
said they needed to come back to do 'touch up'. There were drips, runs, brush
, wall paint on cabinets, cabinet paint on walls, etc. Fast forward to day 5.....They continued to clean up, correct mistakes, etc, on days three and four. Some examples of mistakes they made included overspray on the floor and wooden plantation shutters, flaws in cabinet doors, when they moved the refrigerator back in place, they failed to plug it in and once we plugged it in, the water and ice did not work, they failed to reconnect the disposal and on and on and on. I still believed
was very sincere in making the job right and after all, his company had an 'A' rating on Angie's List. At the end of the day
asked if I could make a down payment because he needed to pay his team. I reluctantly wrote him a check for $1500. My gut told me no, but they were so nice and trying so hard.....I did it. After they left, I went over everything with a fine toothed comb. My heart did a flip flop. It was still a mess! I then went to double check the ratings on Angie's List. I had not done that since I had hired them to do the original work. There was F, after F, after F, all recent. I called my husband and told him I was putting a stop payment on the check. He said no, let me talk to
, I am sure they will make it right. He tried to contact
and when a day went by with no return call, he told me to go ahead with the stop payment. When my husband and
finally talked, he told him we placed a stop payment on the check and he needed to get back to our house pronto to fix everything that was wrong.
and his partner came back for day six; they were here all day. Here is how it ended up. We basically paid them $1500 cash to go away. I don't think they would have ever gotten the job right because they ARE NOT capable. We had to pay someone to fix our water and ice maker. We will have to pay someone to refinish the cabinets. We will have to pay someone to fix the crack in the ceiling. We will have to touch up the walls and woodwork. And finally,
was able to cash my check at PLS Check
. Once the check was returned to PLS Checking
for Stop Payment, they call me several times a day and have written a letter stating they are going to
me. So all in all,
got his $3000!
Rated by
Robin G.
"I can not speak more highly of Spectrum Paining,
or his team. I was introduced to Spectrum when I was re-doing my kitchen, I was re-facing my cabinets and" my contractor suggested I look at "spraying" my cabinet doors vs. the basic painting. SPectrum created a demo door that showed the difference between the two types and they were right - the spraying was much better/more professional look and thus,
and his team went to work. They were maticulous in the job and when the doors were finished and hung, I couldnt have been happier. I also have to say that they were the cleanest crew I have ever worked with. Every day I could come home and have to look around to see if they had been there. They cleaned up so well and left all of their materials in the corner of the garage. I kept telling them they didnt need to but that is just how they are. Once I was finished with the kitchen I realized the adoining family room needed updated and called
back. I had an idea of what I wanted but he suggested he bring his color consultant to help and that was the best idea.Together we came up with the vision I wanted.
was also able to point out other areas that I might think about at the same time - not to add on the a bill....but to get the polished updated look I wanted. We took down a ledge along the top of the room, added crown molding the the bookcase, etc. They also saw where a big picture I had would look better in a different
- something I would have never thought about but made a HUGE difference in the room. He really sees a vision for what a room can become and offers ides/suggestions for the client to think about. I then used him for my laundry room, hallway and entry way and now have him on the planner for my living room and dining room. Again he will be bringing his color consultant to help which to me is such a nice benefit. I cant not talk more highly or Spectrum and
. They take their jobs very seriously and take such pride in the end result while having fun along the way. If anyone is looking for a painter - these are the guys to use!
Rated by
Allison K.
"This company is awesome! I was in a bind and started calling cabinet makers to find someone to install euro hinges into some existing vanities in my house. I was in the middle of a" renovation project and needed it done quickly. When I spoke to
, explained what I needed, he told me he was in my area and would stop by to take a look. He came, gave me a quote and took all the cabinet doors at the same time. He completed the installation the next day. It was one of the best service experiences I've had.

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Angie responds to a member who is concerned about painting her kitchen cabinets. She explains that refacing and reglazing are two affordable options that can refresh the look of kitchen cabinets.

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Angie's Answers


Not really.  If the contractor is very careful and you are really lucky he might be able to pull them out and then reinstall them after the new cabinets are installed.  A lot of this will have to do with how well the counters were installed in the first place.  Also, the existing countertops may not line up with the new cabinets exactly in some areas as well as they do now.  The better option is to have the cabinets refaced, leaving the boxes and tops in place.  Unlless you have deteriorating particle board cabinets you should be able to get a carpenter to do this.  If you decide to remove the countertops and install new cabinets factor in new tops and be pleasantly surprised if they can be reinstalled afterall.  Realize you probably won't find a contractor willing to gurantee not damaging the tops.  If you do, dig in and research him well.  He likely doesn't have enough experience.


Todd Shell

Todd's Home Services

San Antonio, TX

IF dirty enough to make for a musty odor, then paint won't stick to them properly anyway. Paint is not your solution - you probably need a Deep Cleaning. Try to pin down what types of smell it is - if damp, mildewy; rotten food; or musty fabric - will help guide you to the source maybe. Another thing to do is keep all doors closed for a full day when outside temp is such that furnace and A/C can be turned off - then walk around the house, sniffing - preferably with 2 people - and see if one room is the major contributor. I have played this game, and found all the following as sources of musty smells: 1) linen in a closet without ventilation going slightly mildewy 2) water leak in walls or floors enough to cause mold but not drywall staining or visible water 3) carpets needing cleaning 4) water leak in bath or kitchen leaking under floor, causing mold there which is not pronounced in smell because under the flooring 5) attic mildew/mold from leaks or moisture condensation on insulation/wood 6) moldy plants outside - left in garden/flower bed in fall, so rotted in winter/spring 7) clothes in closets touching outside wall, so in very cold weather acted as insulator and let freezing front come to inside of wall, causing frost and moisture to buildup there from the inside moisture, eventually causing mildew/mold (same process as condensation/ice on inside of windows with curtains over them) 8) failure to clean behind kitchen appliances and under sink, or under washer/dryer/dishwasher at least when repaired or changed out 9) heavy lint accumulation in bathroom fan going mildewy 10) grease trap in kitchen exhaust fan never cleaned 11) washing machine going moldy - run a cycle of towels or such with bleach and Borax 12) the number one cause I have found - clothes stacked in closets or hope chests or such for decades get very musty even if clean and ventilated

     As long as the counter is big enough Corian is one of the easier ones to work with. Since it does not have the ground or crushed stone that some of the other material have you can work with normal woodworking tools. A saw with a fine tooth carbide blade and a professional grade router with the proper shaped carbde bit can be used if the edge needs finishing. A belt sander helps on cuts also. The only problem you might have is if you need the joint kits for seaming as I dont think you can buy them.

     When Corian first came out I could buy the slabs and fabricate my own tops and then Dupont went to a certified distributor system and would no longer sell to those of us that had been working with it for years. I will admit that they did have reasons for this as not all that were working with the product were doing it right.




Cabinet Refacing reviews in Florissant


Florissant Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
, with Kitchen Tune-Up, was very professional and a pleasure to work with. From the very first appointment, to the end of the job,
Florissant Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
was punctual and kept his committments.He kept me informed of what was being done and made the project manageable for me.
Florissant Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
subcontracted out the tile and counter work, however handled everything on my behalf. He was very detail oriented and easy to work with. Overall, I was pleased with the end results.

Florissant Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
Florissant Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
has worked on 2 projects for me in the last year. First, he refinished my walnut dining room table, which was a floor sample and scratched pretty badly against the grain of the wood.
Florissant Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
did such a fantastic, flawless job that I had him refinish my kitchen cabinets, which also turned out beautiful. So not only is the workmanship wonderful, but
Florissant Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
is very honest,down-to-earth, responsive, reliable, on time, and a pleasure to work with. I'd recommend him without question. In fact, I'd give
Florissant Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
10 stars, if I could!
- komal P.

If you don't want to replace or reface your kitchen cabinets, there is a perfect alternative for you. Call
Florissant Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
. The experience was phenomenal all the way through the process. Salesperson
Florissant Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
did a great job with her presentation and follow up. The crews were professional and highly skilled at their craft. Cleaned up everything and were very polite. In 5 days everything was completed. After you watch these guys in action, you realize very quickly that painting kitchen cabinets is NOT a job for the do-it-yourselfer. Would highly recommend this company.
Florissant Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked

- Vicki D.

Florissant Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
was great about fitting me in quickly, and the actual paining time only took a couple of hours. The cabinets look fantastic. You cannot tell where the touch up work has been done, and I am very happy with the way they look. Both times we have had
Florissant Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
come to our house he has been professional and nice to work with. I would really recommend
Florissant Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
. They did exactly what we wanted them to do, and we love their work!
- Lara B.

sales rep
Florissant Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
brought sample doors to be installed in old kitchen. Installer and carpenter
Florissant Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
began installing about 6 weeks later. I supplied backsplash for installer. New cabinets were beautiful, but existing cabinets, which had been built in 1960, still had all the rough wood and years of contact paper. The company said that they were only contracted to reface existing, but the interior looked horrendous, and I ended up painting them and re-cutting new shelves myself. With all I spent, I would have thought they could at least paint to match the new stuff and replaced the shelving. They even had to be told about leftover construction debris needing removal. I paid another painter to repaint kitchen when cabinet work was done, since evidently they did not include painting when finished.
- Tom W.

The owner and his crew members interactions from day one with the individuals on the job site were amazing and heart warming. They were professional and considerate at all times. They always had a smile on their faces and were polite. As for the painting and the skill of the crew, they were awesome. They helped us figure out our color scheme and came up with wonderful ideas. This wasn't an average paint job. We were designing a unique environment with a lot of color! These painters were very skilled with their straight lines and they payed very good attention to small details. There was a lot of unique painting done by the company. They were the best priced of any of the bids that we recieved.
Florissant Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
always went out of his way to make sure that we were happy.
We were so thrilled with them that we hired them to paint our home!
- Chris H.

Florissant Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
responded promptly to our request for an estimate. They were very professional in their presentation of options and in answering questions and responding to phone calls. The work was completed as scheduled, by
Florissant Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
. He did an excellent job, had great suggestions, and was a nice guy! We love our new kitchen!
- Laura H.

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