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Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
Toronto designed an excellent eye catching
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
for my business. All my customers appreciated about my new
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
. I have also noticed increase in my business volume and online sales after my new
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
is live. I contacted
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
3 times after they finished the job and they helped me all immediately all the times I contacted with them without any charge. Their technical persona are really experts in what they do and their customer service is exceptional available 24/7. I would strongly recommend
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
to every one. Thank your
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
for all your help and support with my business.
- Shams H.

She was so patient and did so much more than she was paid to do that I kept offering to pay her more than the fee we agreed upon, but she refused. Not only is she brilliant technically, but one of the kindest, most good-humored people you'd ever meet. And she teaches people how to fix things themselves if you're interested, which, of course, I desperately need. Leave it to Angie's List to recommend such a worthy person.
- bernard N.

I had a terrific experience with
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
. My website crashed due to an automatic Wordpress upgrade. I started losing my mind because this happened at 11 am and there were at least 50 users browsing the website. I called six different web development companies in New
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
and they all gave me outrageous estimates. Finally, I got in touch with
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
who offered me to repair my website at a very fair price. I asked
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
to fix my website as soon as possible and to my surprise within 30 minutes of my request the website was totally functional again.
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
is very caring, professional and his prices were the best among local web design companies. I then had them create me a whole new website that would be error free.
- Seymour G.

Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
is awesome! I would recommend him to anyone. My site is a WordPress site and he is a WordPress expert. We got several quotes which were all over $3,000. We found
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
on Angie's list and I called to get a quote. it was after business hours and he still answered and talked to me, asked me what I needed and told me he could easily do it for a lot less. He began working on it right away, suggested a plugin I purchase to do what was needed. He installed the plugin, did a little custom coding and we were up and running in no time.
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
even spent a few hours with me on the phone, again after hours, to explain how the plugin would work. If you are looking for help with your WordPress site there is no reason to call anyone else. Is prices are fair, he isn't going to try and up-sell you and does the work in a timely fashion.
- Kylene P.

Please see below e-mail form the President of the business giving me his word that he would refund all of my money and my attempts to get my full refund since he never completed the job. He disappeared, he would not return any of my e-mails. text messages or calls. I am in the process of disputing the charges and he was forced to refund 1 of the 2 payments I have made. Getting ready to
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
him if he does not keep his word.
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
is now Sunday,
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
27th and I am respectfully requesting my full
refund again after you gave me your word and personal guarantee if you
could not compete the work for the 3 websites by the set deadline which
had been extended several times. After missing the first deadline of
June 13 2014, I gave your several opportunities to complete the Job and
you continued to miss the deadlines that you set. After missing the last
few deadlines, I have to move on. You have already taken what had been
done of
down and is no longer available online so there is no active or fully
functioning website and you have full payment from me that needs be
returned per our agreement that is in writing. I have confirmed with
Godaddy that the site had been deleted a long with the
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
address of who
did it and they confirmed that there is nothing that can be done to
recreate the website. Please issue my full refund per our below email so
I can continue with what I need to do. I cannot continue to
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
and money any longer with this site not up. I also need to get my other
website fixed since you left it in an unprofessional manner and I will need to pay someone to fix it immediately.
I have tried several times to contact you regarding to no avail. Thank you and look forward to my full refund of $1,650.00, immediately.
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
------ Original message------
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
Date: Sat, Jul 26, 2014 2:20 PM
Subject:Re: Our Conversation
This is also noting that you have deleted
and it is no longer available to me as of Saturday
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
, 26th. So not
only did you not complete the job you promised, you took my payment and
the website away. I expect a full refund immediately.
Thank you.
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked

Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
------ Original message------
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
Date: Sat, Jul 26, 2014 9:21 AM
Subject:Re: Our Conversation
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
, Per your below email, I am requesting a full refund of$1,650.00 immediately, today is Saturday,
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
26th. Thank you in advance.
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked

Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked <
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked>
Date:Fri, Jul 25, 2014 8:33 am
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked <
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked>
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
Since the below agreement that you and I made to guarantee completion that you promised me
if I did you a favor and paid in full so you could pay you guys before
the job was complete. I am losing time and money and n missed anther
opportunity since the original promised go live date of June 13th, 2014.
You and I discussed that I was on a business trip and was going to role
this out and you assured me it would be ready to go on Monday
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
2014. The pay
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
info still has incorrect info and is not ready to go.
Since you have not addressed this in our ongoing text chain on when the items will be addressed, pleas confirm.
Please also note the deadline for AEM Hospitality is today as well.
Thank you, have a great day and I look forward to your response.
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked

Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
------ Original message------
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked

Date: Sat, Jul 19, 2014 10:35 AM
Subject:Re: Our Conversation Hello
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
is a follow up to the below previous messages and our ongoing text
message chains. Per your text, since there are other changes that you
need more time with which is why the site was not ready yesterday,
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
18th, you will have the below completed by Monday,
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked

Please confirm the following to assure the successful launch of a full functioning review site:
The profile pic and name will be posted to the right of the review box
and be clickable to show Hotel member profile as previously discussed.
The Paid
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
Members will have their names “clickable” (and Photo
with profile) that will bring up their profile with description of
experience etc; as previously discussed.
3. Font size will be corrected on the Home Page welcome.
4. Home Page reviews will be feeding the most recent 5 reviews that you have to be logged in to read full review.
Review tab will feed most recent review at the top of the page, while
showing the Hotel member, Profile Pic and name on the left of the review
and to the right of that will be the planner name “clickable if they
are a paid member” (profile pic does not need to be seen in review only
actual profile for the paid Planner member) and the actual review.
Every member will be able to add their profile pic to their member
profile that will be visible to all when posting a review.
Please confirm so that there is not a communication error if the above are not completed by Monday Morning, July21st.
Thank you
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked

Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
On Jul 19, 2014, at 8:18 AM,
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked wrote:
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
, Doesn't look like the review section had been finished? When will the site be done? please advise.
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
" <>
Date:Tue, Jul 15, 2014 5:32 pm
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
'" <
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked>
Subject: Our Conversation
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
In reference to our earlier conversation, if you pay the remaining balance
of $1000 today,
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
15, 2014, I give my personal guarantee that we
will have the ThirdPartEase website completed, with revisions, by
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
18, 2014. The revisions left that will be done in that time
are: a fully functional review feature, allowing Hotelier members to
login, post reviews, have their username and photo from their profile
appear in the review, with the review going live to the site once
approved by admin; the ability for Hoteliers and planners to upload
photos and have those photos post to their profiles as well as any
reviews written; and ordering of the reviews so that the most recent
reviews always show first.
If at any point you feel that the work has not been done or for some
reason you feel a refund is in order, I will happily discuss it with you
and if we conclude that it can’t be resolved between us, I agree to a
full refund of the total $1650 paid for the site in exchange for
forfeiture of the site by you.
Also, will be completed no later than Friday,
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
25, 2014 and the forum work on no later than Friday, August 1, 2014.
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked

Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked

- Shaun M.

I called once a friend had referred them to me. I told
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
what I wanted with my new website. He sent me some examples and I chose a few I liked. I also used some examples of other sites I liked. The site he came up with was fantastic! The only thing I changed was just one of the colors, which took no time at all. Very happy! I would definitely use in the future. I will probably do some of the text marketing too!
- Mitch P.

I found
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
on Angie's List and figured I'd give his company a call. His reviews were all positive. He was easy to deal with on the phone. He quoted me a price and then sent me an invoice over that detailed everything he would do. I really liked that it was a price that was all-inclusive. I paid half the money and sent some info and photos. He put together a preview and I made a few changes. He took care of the changes I wanted and I was extremely happy with the finished product. I paid the other half and he made my site public. I also like that he updates as I would like, if I ever want to add material. Impressed and happy! :)
- Ashley G.

I manage a website for a small syndicated radio show and while I maintain the site and manage the updates, my technical knowledge is somewhat limited to exactly what I need to know to get the job done. After discovering our website completely
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
(that's right - just a plain white screen) and trying all day for answers, I found
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
was extremely prompt in his reply to my message and offered to speak with me on the phone right away. He walked me through a few trouble shooting possibilities and stayed on the phone with me the entire time we tested different options. After some troubleshooting, we were able to get the website partially running, but it needed further repair. Knowing that cost was an issue for us,
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
recommended a company that specializes in WordPress issues at a small flat rate. We spent a good half hour on the phone and he did NOT charge me. He was helpful, patient, thoughtful, courteous and professional. He even asked me to follow up with him to make sure that the other company took good care of me. I was thoroughly impressed with
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
. A top-notch company and a stand-up guy! We will definitely call on him in the future and recommend him to other business associates and friends. Thanks!
- Mark M.

I hired
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
to update my professional web presence.
Because I have a busy schedule and don't have a big personal interest in social media and online marketing, I needed a coach who could help me identify the quickest and easiest way to look good online.
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
explained the importance of
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
for social media profiles and how to "optimize" my social media profile so that it looks and sounds good but is also easy to find. My views increased 50% and colleagues continue to comment on how great it looks.
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
also encouraged me to start networking online. I was reluctant to do it at first, but
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
helped me see how easy -- and even fun -- it can be.
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
is also a great resource. He is connected to photographers, graphic designers and other professionals you need to look good online. The photographer he works with is easy to work with and I love my new profile photo.
I'm giving them my best recommendation because they are professional and thorough, explains what is important in clear terms, saved me time and hassle and delivered a great product.
If you need help understanding how to look professional online, want
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
copywriting so your profiles are easier to find or need help with creating an overall online marketing or social media strategy, Ace is an excellent choice.
- Sanjay C.

The process of developing the site couldn't have gone any smoother.
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
provided pull down menus that were able to bring the user of the website to the exact places they wanted to be. She organized all the material we gave her and brought our thoughts out clearly and simply. She worked on our site as though we were her only clients and got us up and running in record time. We went live on
Ballwin Web Designers Provider Name Locked
22, 2014, and have had nothing but positive feedback. We have received numerous kudos and sign ups since we went live. Our customers love the ease of navigating the site and the quality of the site.

- Jessica S.
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Affordable SEO Services

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Brooklyn, NY
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Washington, DC
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Augur Marketing

6232 Nelway Dr
Mc Lean, VA
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Saint Peters, MO
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Bee Mobile

5233 Parker Dr Unit B
Saint Louis, MO
A one stop shop for all your mobility needs

Bordes Web Design

8340 Edgedale Rd
Baltimore, MD
Bordes design's diverse web design experience allows us to deliver professional, custom...

BounceBack Data Recovery, Inc.

1610 Des Peres Rd.
St. Louis, MO
We have been in the data recovery business for 13 years. we are the only data recovery...

Butler Web Bistro

717 Edwin Avenue
St. Louis, MO
Butler web bistro offers businesses professional and well-organized websites that are creative...

Captive8 Creative

10820 Sunset Office Dr
Saint Louis, Mo
Full service marketing firm

Carmichael Grafix, LLC

PO Box 1052
Mango, FL
Carmichael grafix, llc is based in the tampa bay florida area. we work with clients across the...

Catalyst Creative Design LLC

344 Village Creek Dr
Ballwin, MO
Catalyst creative design is a st. louis based graphic design company specializing in branding,...

Changescape Web

One Westbury Drive
Saint Charles, MO
Changescape, inc. is an inbound marketing agency in st. charles, mo. our business is helping...

CharityNet USA

2151 Consulate Dr
Orlando, FL
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Cheaper Than A Geek

Crofton, MD
We provide on site and in home computer and mac setup, repair, and maintenance. we are a small...

Chicago B2B Services

Hanover Park, IL
Chicago b2b services in an online marketing and web design, development company founded by...

Client Studio, LLC

2 Pinon Pine Court
Saint Peters, MO
At client studio, we hand-craft responsive web solutions with solid strategies, user-focused...

Clifton Designs

Castle Rock, CO
​clifton designs is the portfolio and business of designer sandy clifton.​ creating...

CMB Network Support

9139 Boulevard 26
North Richland Hills, TX
Cmb support is a provider of computer consulting and contracting services headquartered in the...

Cole's Custom Computers

Saint Louis, MO
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Comer Computer Services

2433 State St.
Granite City, IL
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1625 Lakes Pkwy.
Lawrenceville, GA
Commerce pundit is a full-service internet marketing company that specializes in website...

Compcustomz, LLC

51263 Fischer Park Dr.
Utica, MI
Compcustomz builds, services, and upgrades personal and business pc's. compcustomz is...

Computer Service Specialists of Missouri

412 Jungermann Rd
Saint Peters, MO
Css technologies, llc is a family owned computer and technology service provider that...

CompuType IT Solutions

4401 North Belt West
Belleville, IL
Computype it solutions is a locally owned business located in belleville, il since 1988....

Conquer Your PC

7701 Baymeadows Circle West
Jacksonville, FL
We are here to help you get the most out of your technology. when you contact us, one of our...

Curvve Media

868 Westbrooke Meadows Ct
Ballwin, MO
Based out of st. louis, curvve media goes beyond the traditional roles of a web design and...

Customer Launch Pad

8112 St Charles Rock Rd
Saint Louis, MO
We are the seo experts. we can help your company get seen on the internet. let us prove our...

Cyber Team Solutions

Columbia, MD
Cyber team solutions llc is a better business bureau-a rated veteran owned business committed...

Dave’s Computers

438 US Hwy. 206
Hillsborough, NJ
Dave's computers provides computer repair in hillsborough nj. we are located in hillsborough,...

1029 Washington Street
Saint Charles, MO, a branch of aarron mintert creative design, llc, offers graphic design,...

DOTCOM Secrets Sacramento

Roseville, CA
As professional internet marketing experts we specialize in driving new leads and clients to...

Drive Social Media, LLC

906 Olive Street
Saint Louis, MO
Drive social media takes a unique approach to developing plans for our customers. we not only...

Fiery Red Creative

801 Lepere Avenue
Saint Louis, MO
Creative graphic design & website design for passion-driven entrepreneurs


7401 Summerhill Road
Boston, GA
Forbenmedia is a web design/development & internet marketing company. we focus on web design,...

Geek Bolt

847 Vine St
Festus, MO
We are a conveinent mobile phone and computer repair service that is located in the st. louis...

Glenda Eaton Web Design LLC

120 Red Pine Ave.
O'fallon, IL
Web design is personal and should be tailored to meet each customer's specifications. my...

Grantshire Technologies, L.L.C.

10805 Sunset Office Drive, Suite #300
Saint Louis, MO

Greencastle Web Design

676 Shannon Drive N
Greencastle, PA
We help service businesses create web presence through simply designed wordpress websites that...

Griffin Concepts

208 N 9th St
Saint Louis, MO
Griffin concepts is a marketing and design company that provides a number of services that...

Human Design Marketing & Technology

4630 Skyview Dr
Arnold, MO
Human design marketing & technology is a full service, full time agency serving st. louis, the...

HY-Viz Marketing

721 S. Vine St.
Ofallon, IL
Jeff ross and amy thompson are the owners. free consultation


1500 Madre Dr.
Foristell, MO
Integritivity can create a professional, customized website for you at a great value. features...


4600 Touchton Road E, Building 100, Suite 150
Jacksonville, FL
Need better seo ranking?? inverselogix is the right place to market your business and make...


St Louis, MO
Jaccatech is a two-employee operation based out of st louis. all major credit cards, most...

JC Design

1774 Broadway
Spring, TX
Web designer open to all trades. 10 years of design and development experience.

KRJ Marketing Communications Inc.

122 N. Kirkwood Road
Saint Louis, MO
Krj marketing communications is a strategic marketing, pr and creative services company...

Lampwood Studios, LLC

1625 Fairmount Drive
St. Louis, MO
Lampwood studios, llc is a small marketing agency that packs a big punch. we specialize in...

Leap Clixx

1535 S 8th St
Saint Louis, MO
Leap clixx is an innovative marketing company based in st. louis that helps small and medium...

Logos Creative

Florissant, MO
The word logos (“lah-gah-s”) is the greek term for “thought, reason, or word.” it is a...

Maine Bytes Computer Repair & Web Design Services

82 Main St
Bucksport, ME
Maine bytes is a full service computer repair and web design company located in bucksport, but...

Marketcom LLC

POB 4721
Saint Louis, MO
Marketcom is a complete one-stop for affordable web, print, and powerpoint services that gets...

Mascot Agency

1901 Locust St
Saint Louis, MO
Mascot agency is a st. louis based multimedia advertising agency and media production company....

Matrix Graphics & Printing Co

Fort Lauderdale, FL
Owner operated. charges determined by services provided. may contact via website form.

Mind Active

7803 Clayton Rd
Saint Louis, MO
Cost is determined by the job.

Mind Magnet Creative

6022 weldon springs parkway
Saint Charles, mo
Mind magnet creative is a full service creative marketing company with a focus on web...


16024 Manchester Rd
Ballwin, MO
Mobile website and mobile app development and implementation.we accept mc, visa, discover,...

Modern Media Designs

Saint Louis, MO
Modern media designs is a st. louis based design company. we provide a wide range of design...


7277 Autumn Crossing Way
Antioch, TN
We help medium to small businesses compete with the big guys. it starts with a professional,...

MV Design & Photography LLC

38 Spring Borough Ct.
O Fallon, MO
Mv design is a full service graphics firm, offering everything from business cards to websites...

National (f)lashback

San Francisco, CA
Owner operated. headquartered in san francisco with international clientele. see website for...

NewAge Computers

7823 Mexico Rd
Saint Peters, MO
Newage computer repair is a privately owned business located in st. peters, mo. our...

OlyOly Marketing

1033 Corporate Square Dr
Saint Louis, MO
St. louis-based internet/mobile marketing company. we focus on helping small business owners...

PC Graphix

110 Windy Mill Drive
North Augusta, SC
Remote computer support is available to anyone in the usa. get immediate support 7 days a week...

Peppersville Strategies

4256 Juniata St
Saint Louis, MO
We are a small business offering a full line of website design, development, hosting, &...

Performance Media Placement

23172 Plaza Pointe
Laguna Hills, CA
Today, over half of your new customers are searching for your products and services on a smart...

Pesca Design

P.O Box 11683
Indianapolis, IN
Pesca design is a web design & development and graphic design firm with a focus on...

Pixel Vector Graphic Design + Printing Co.

7750 Clayton Road
Saint Louis, MO
Pixel vector is an independent creative solutions company servicing business creative needs.


689 Craig Rd
Saint Louis, MO
At precision, we believe technology is the foundation for the healthcare industry of tomorrow....

Precision Vein & Vascular

689 Craig Road
Saint Louis, MO
If you’re a physician considering entering the vein practice market, or if you’re looking...


1033 Corporate Square Dr
Saint Louis, MO
97% of consumers search for local businesses online. our internet marketing experts will...

Riggins Design

435 E. Magnolia Street
Jesup, GA
Riggins design is owned and operated by leslie webb riggins. services extend worldwide....

200 West 3rd St
Alton, IL is a local portal and community website created to bring renewed interest to...

SalzMedia Web Design

One Carol Court
Brewster, NY
Salzmedia specializes in "custom designed websites" and "search engine optimization" to help...

Sellmeyer, Inc.

3332 Walworth Way Drive
Saint Louis, MO
I design and build personal and commercial websites that will attract your customers – from...

Show Me Webcenters

1345 Southgate Dr.
Saint Charles, MO
St. louis web design company providing affordable professional website design, search engine...


371 Consort Drive
Ballwin, MO
Snapcom360 is excited to offer a variety of services that enhance business communications for...

St Louis Websites That Work

Arnold, MO
If you’re the owner or manager of a local st louis business and you want to have more...

Studio C5 LLC

15 Sunnen Drive Suite 101
Saint Louis, MO
St. louis based inbound marketing agency focused on driving relevant traffic to websites,...

T. Brooks Web Design, LLC

3111 Rt. 38 Ste 11
Mt. Laurel, NJ
T. brooks web design, llc designs hand-coded, quality websites and mobile sites. we also...

TDH Web Design

16317 Crackerneck Rd
Independence, MO
I can create your site from a template, customize a template to give your site a unique look,...

Tegrity Tech

3515 Highway 162
Granite City, IL
On site service available. cost of services depends on the job performed. there is a $30...

The Clix Group

9338 Olive Blvd
Saint Louis, MO
The clix group, or simply clix, is an online marketing firm located in st. louis, mo that...

The PDM Group LLC

4727 East Bell Road
Phoenix, AZ
The pdm group llc specialize in website design and online marketing, their expert team of...

Vertice Web Creations

16 St. Mark Dr.
Saint Peters, MO
Professional web design and development

VMG Enterprise

11766 Lusher Rd
Saint Louis, MO
Vmg enterprise our mission is to provide the best service at the best price and build a strong...

VNP Technologies

St Charles, MO
Vnp technologies llc is a technological company providing services such as networking, server...

Webb Design

PO Box 690661
Tulsa, OK
Webb design is a professional web and graphic design company located in tulsa, oklahoma. we...

Fairfield, CT
Additional email:

Websites On Us

11 Cornell Drive
Wyandanch, NY
We are a web design, web hosting and creative branding company. in this digital world having a...

Wilson Monnig Creative

5839 Suemandy Dr.
Saint Peters, MO
Wilson monnig creative is dedicated to making our clients stand out with creative and current...

WP22 Consulting, LLC

5716 Staely Ave
Saint Louis, MO
Wp22 consulting, llc provides custom website and local search engine marketing services to st....

Your Edge for Success (YES) LLC

4101 Cathedral Ave NW
Washington, DC
Your edge for success offers award-winning writing services to get you to yes. we've helped...

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